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Franc-Tireur #14
Published by: Le Franc Tireur
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This issue focuses on the Italians, from the invasion of France to the Greek mountains, from Eritrea to Abyssinia or Somalia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, but also Sicily and even China. Also included, two countersheets and 32 scenarios, thus a thicker issue than regular LFT magazines with, this time, 104 pages.


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play count
LFT225: Blue Hell at P.A. ABRIES0 WTOItalianFrench0%
LFT226: Veni Venezia!0 MTOItalianGreek7.1 hrs0%
LFT227: Damsels in Distress0 MTOGreekItalian0%
LFT228: Last Charge at Umbrega0 6.00Umbrega, EretriaE AFRFrenchItalian2.7 hrs6%
LFT229: A Push in the Bush0 DTOBritishItalian2.5 hrs6%
LFT230: Italian Behemoth0 E AFRItalianSouth African0%
LFT231: Cub Cub Hills0 Near Cub Cub, EritreaE AFRFrenchItalian2.4 hrs0%
LFT232: Heart of Darkness0 E AFRSouth AfricanItalian2.7 hrs0%
LFT233: Surprised Gideon0 selected=sItalianAllied0%
LFT234: Meat Meats Attack0 selected=sBelgianItalian5.8 hrs0%
LFT235: Once More Into the Breach0 selected=sGerman / ItalianBritish39%
LFT236: Ethnic Cleansing0 selected=sItalianPartisan6.5 hrs0%
LFT237: Roma Victor0 ETOGerman / ItalianRussian0%
LFT238: El Himeimat Ridge0 DTOFree FrenchItalian7.7 hrs0%
LFT239: Armored Probe at Sidi-Nsir0 DTOGerman / ItalianFrench6.7 hrs0%
LFT240: Commando Beach 10 MTOBritishItalian0%
LFT241: Commando Beach 20 MTOBritishItalian0%
LFT242: That Bridge Again0 MTOItalianBritish0%
LFT243: Send More Pigeons II0 MTOAmerican / BritishItalian6.4 hrs0%
LFT244: Venturi Effect0 MTOAmericanItalian0%
LFT245: Ciao Cina0 Tianjin, China CBIItalianJapanese6.1 hrs0%
LFT246: Gladium Pro Patria e Rege0 selected=sGermanItalian0%
LFT247: Roter Mann0 AlbaniaMTOGerman / MilitiasItalian / Partisan0%
LFT248: Hunting High0 YUGOSLAVIAETOBulgarianGerman7.6 hrs0%
LFT249: Winter's Fury0 Barga, ItalyMTOGerman / ItalianAmerican5 hrs0%
LFT250: Decimation0 Tarnova, SloveniaETOSlovenianItalian10.3 hrs0%
LFT251: The Last Drive0 ETOAmericanGerman2.1 hrs0%
LFT252: Fratelli....0 selected=sItalianGerman / Italian0%
LFT253: Axis & Allies0 Pontremoli, ItalyMTOAmerican / PartisanGerman / Italian0%
LFT254: Insurrection at Cividale0 Cividale, ItalyMTOItalianGerman (SS)0%
LFT255: Paper Tigers0 selected=sPartisanGerman (SS)50%
LFT256: Radio X-MAS0 MTOItalianAmerican / Partisan6.6 hrs0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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