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132 Results

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6Red Packets6.20German1/3/0Russian3/6/01941-06-22 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
AP12Cream of the Crop6.80German11/3/0Russian10/4/01941-06-23 ASL Action Pack # 2
U24Traverse Right ... Fire!6.05German0/4/0Russian0/5/01941-06-23 Turning the Tide
W1Traverse Right ... Fire!5.50German0/4/0Russian0/5/01941-06-23 Internet: MMP
ASL 34 (AOO2)A New Kind of FoeGerman19/0/4Russian / Partisan21/0/11941-06-24 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
10The Citadel8.05German26/3/0Russian32/0/31941-06-25 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
AP41The Meat Grinder6.46German10/6/0Russian8/6/11941-06-25 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
AP42Frontiers and Pioneers6.95German9/6/0Russian8/4/11941-06-26 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
126Commando Schenke7.08German15/0/0Russian14/0/01941-06-28 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
BoF05Adolf's Amateurs7.29German (SS)12/2/0Russian7/2/01941-07-01 Best of Friends
113Liberating Bessarabia6.21Romanian14/6/0Russian11/4/01941-07-05 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
ASL 113 (AOO2)Liberating BessarabiaRomanian14/6/0Russian11/4/01941-07-05 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
OB05Clearing Kamienka5.67German21/9/2Russian20/0/31941-07-05 Out of the Bunker
114Cautious Crusaders7.25Slovakian20/8/0Russian25/2/21941-07-23 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
AP 123Busting in Balta4.00German23/0/1Russian25/3/21941-08-03 ASL Action Pack #13 Oktoberfest XXXII
J 29The Capture of Balta7.29German/Rumanian32/1/0Russian31/4/21941-08-03 ASL Journal # 2
AP43Escape from Encirclement6.80German12/0/2Russian28/3/01941-08-03 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
54Bridge to Nowhere7.18Italian17/0/4Russian12/1/21941-08-12 ASL 7 - Hollow Legions (2nd Edition)
AP 124Lunch in Luga6.57German (SS)16/0/0Russian13/0/01941-08-24 ASL Action Pack #13 Oktoberfest XXXII
1Fighting Withdrawal7.22Finnish16/0/0Russian14/0/01941-09-02 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
168Forest Bastion6.92Finnish15/0/0Russian13/0/01941-09-08 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
U26Bald Hill2.00German13/14/0Russian16/0/51941-09-11 Turning the Tide
J102The Yelnya Bridge6.38German (SS)9/4/0Russian11/0/11941-10-13 ASL Journal # 7
J103Lenin's Sons6.74German (SS)14/0/0Russian8/0/01941-10-14 ASL Journal # 7
J104Flanking Flamethrowers6.62German13/2/0Russian8/0/11941-10-15 ASL Journal # 7
J115Last Push To Mozhaisk6.60German16/6/0Russian14/0/11941-10-17 ASL Journal # 8
O2Breaking the Ishun Line5.33German17/0/0Russian13/0/01941-10-19 Special Ops 1
AP13Shielding Moscow6.29German7/0/0Russian14/2/01941-12-03 ASL Action Pack # 2
ASL 221Mountain Hunters7.75Axis (Romanian/German)19/2/1Russian16/0/31942-06-29 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
J129Mountain Hunters7.05Romanian/German18/2/1Russian13/0/31942-06-29 ASL Journal # 9
BoF06Cavalry Brigade Model6.60German11/2/0Russian13/1/11942-07-02 Best of Friends
115Huns of Steel5.75Hungarian20/16/0Russian18/9/11942-07-18 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
ASL 115 (AOO2)Huns of SteelHungarian20/16/0Russian19/9/11942-07-18 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
131The Penetration of Rostov6.74German16/3/2Russian10/0/01942-07-24 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
J130The Art of Dying7.42Italian11/5/0Russian15/2/21942-09-01 ASL Journal # 9
WO 25The Replacements6.57Italian19/6/0Russian13/0/11942-09-01 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2018
VotG1The First Bid9.50German81/21/2Russian100/13/101942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG 18In Sight of the Volga8.75German23/2/0Russian15/0/11942-09-14 Operations Special Issue #1
VotG2Russe! Drown in the Wolga!6.76German15/0/0Russian13/0/11942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG CGIIDrive to the VolgaGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
5In Sight of the Volga6.97German25/0/0Russian20/0/11942-09-14 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
VotG3Khopka's Crossing6.50German13/3/0Russian19/1/01942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG CGIVSavage Streets of Stalingrad7.67German0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG CGIThe Central Railway Station5.75German0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-15 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG7Storming the Station7.25German35/10/3Russian31/2/01942-09-16 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
AP44The Burial Mound5.75German17/0/0Russian16/0/21942-09-16 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
VotG19Cellar Dwellers5.20German8/0/1Russian10/0/01942-09-17 ASL Journal # 8
VotG26Bad Day for the Luftwaffe7.75German5/3/0Russian12/3/01942-09-20 ASL Journal #11
VotG10The Darkest Day7.67German38/7/2Russian27/0/21942-09-21 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG21Defending The Voentorg6.00German12/4/0Russian12/0/01942-09-22 ASL Journal # 8
VotG CGIIIBattle Along the RiverbankGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-23 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG27Drama, The Park, and Deadly Things6.33German10/4/0Russian9/0/11942-09-23 ASL Journal #11
VotG22Bark You Dogs!6.00German6/3/0Russian4/0/01942-09-26 ASL Journal # 9
BoF07The Fields of Black Gold8.00German (SS)12/6/0Russian14/7/21942-09-28 Best of Friends
Mission r1Assault on the Assembly HallGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r2BreakoutGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r3Hold the FactoryGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r4Assault on Red BarricadesGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
VotG24Raid on Rodimtsev8.00German48/0/6Russian54/0/61942-10-02 ASL Journal # 9
VotG14Pavlov's House7.31German16/4/0Russian13/0/11942-10-15 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
RB CG01Into the FactoryGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-10-17 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB1One Down, Two to Go7.33German 32/3/0Russian51/1/21942-10-17 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB CG03The BarrikadyGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-10-17 HASL10a - Red Factories
J82Pavlov's House5.75German9/2/0Russian5/0/11942-10-20 ASL Journal # 5
RB2Blood and Guts5.75German34/3/0Russian33/0/11942-10-22 HASL10a - Red Factories
RO1Blood on the Tracks7.00German23/2/0Russian29/0/21942-10-23 HASL10b - Red October
RO CGIX-TagGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-10-23 HASL10b - Red October
RO2Second Step7.00German19/1/2Russian24/0/11942-10-23 HASL10b - Red October
RB CG 4Bled WhiteGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-25 ASL Journal # 1
RB CG04Bled WhiteGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-10-25 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB3Bread Factory #26.33German14/0/0Russian14/0/11942-10-25 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB4To The Rescue7.00German15/0/0Russian18/0/11942-10-26 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB8Fire on the Volga6.00German21/0/0Russian24/0/21942-10-27 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB10The Commissar's House7.00German25/0/0Russian25/0/01942-11-09 HASL10a - Red Factories
4The Commissar's House7.06German25/0/0Russian25/0/01942-11-09 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
RB CG02Operation HubertusGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-11-11 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB13Sandbanks of the Volga8.00German22/3/0Russian21/0/01942-11-11 HASL10a - Red Factories
RO CGIIOktyabr's HubertusGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-11-11 HASL10b - Red October
RB5The Last BidGerman90/25/7Russian111/3/91942-11-11 HASL10a - Red Factories
RO4The MartinofenGerman19/0/3Russian18/0/11942-11-11 HASL10b - Red October
RF CGIRed FactoriesGeman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-11-11 HASL10b - Red October
RO5Men of Steel8.00German90/10/9Russian78/6/121942-11-11 HASL10b - Red October
RB6Turned Away6.25German7/0/0Russian7/0/01942-11-15 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB12The 138 of the 138th8.50German23/1/1Russian18/0/11942-11-17 HASL10a - Red Factories
U28Sowchos 797.38German18/18/2Russian29/26/11942-12-08 Turning the Tide
ASL 222Bloody Nose7.00Axis (Romanian/German)21/5/2Russian21/0/21942-12-16 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
J83Bloody Nose8.00German / Romanian20/5/2Russian17/0/21942-12-16 ASL Journal # 5
BB8Castello FatatoItalian20/0/2Russian9/0/01942-12-20 Backblast # 1
AP17The Valley of Death5.93Italian / German19/2/2Russian12/0/21942-12-24 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
AP20Victory is Life6.00Italian / German19/2/0Russian15/5/01943-01-15 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
AP22Ghost Riders7.26Italian / German16/3/2Russian15/3/01943-01-22 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
AP24Tridentina Avanti!6.00Italian / German17/6/0Russian17/0/21943-01-26 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
AP25The Last Day of the Cuneense8.00Italian14/0/0Russian20/2/01943-01-27 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
AP60Nishne, Nyet!6.67German22/15/0Russian15/6/31943-02-10 ASL Action Pack # 6 A Decade of War
ASL AP94Show of Force7.25German6/11/0Russian7/4/11943-03-12 ASL Action Pack #10
AP46Red Comrades5.93German7/5/0Russian4/0/11943-03-20 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
AP66Cat's Cradle7.00German23/12/0Russian13/6/21943-07-05 ASL Action Pack # 7
J118Elephants Unleashed7.09German9/6/0Russian8/7/01943-07-05 ASL Journal # 8
132Hill 253.57.48German12/5/0Russian11/3/31943-07-09 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
J94Kempf at Melikhovo6.63German7/2/0Russian7/1/11943-07-10 ASL Journal # 6
J 53Setting the Stage6.43German (SS)12/7/0Russian10/4/21943-07-11 ASL Journal # 3
AP47Insult to Injury7.28German (SS)14/13/0Russian17/12/31943-07-12 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
AP48Up Inferno Hill7.20German12/11/0Russian11/8/11943-07-14 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
U31The Front in Flames6.22German5/0/0Russian8/0/01943-08-22 Turning the Tide
W2The Front in Flames6.10German5/0/0Russian8/0/01943-08-22 Internet: MMP
OA 6Mounted Extraction5.00German6/4/0Russian16/0/01944-01-05 Out of the Attic
J119Sovkhoz Haystacks6.90German13/14/1Russian5/10/21944-01-28 ASL Journal # 8
17011th Company Counterattack5.73Finnish8/2/0Russian6/0/01944-06-23 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
171Retaking the VKT Line7.00Finnish23/11/0Russian19/6/11944-06-26 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
172The Last AttackFinnish / German19/5/0Russian18/0/31944-06-27 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
173Father Sunshine6.17Finnish5/8/0Russian5/3/01944-06-29 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
117With Tigers on Their Tail6.00Hungarian18/16/0Russian22/29/01944-07-23 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
J 24Smashing the 3rd6.63German15/10/0Russian11/10/11944-08-03 ASL Journal # 2
134Counterattack on the Vistula7.03German8/9/0Russian10/1/11944-08-06 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
3The Czerniakow Bridgehead6.36German15/0/0Russian / Partisan (AK)27/0/01944-09-22 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
OA22After the Disaster7.00German17/12/0Russian15/4/21944-10-05 Out of the Attic #2
J 59Friday the 13th6.93German10/3/0Russian9/0/11944-10-13 ASL Journal # 3
OA18Parry and Strike6.08German11/4/0Russian7/10/11944-10-29 Out of the Attic #2
AP50Panzergeist6.23German8/5/0Russian10/7/11944-10-30 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
122Extracurricular Activity6.21Hungarian14/4/0Russian10/2/01944-12-25 ASL Journal # 7
ASL 122 (AOO2)Extracurricular Activity7.33Hungarian16/4/0Russian10/2/01944-12-25 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
FB 3Furor Hungaricus7.00German / Hungarian18/4/0Russian11/1/11945-01-20 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB19War BrotherhoodGerman/Hungarian24/8/0Russian16/0/61945-01-25 ASL Journal #11
FB 6Came Tumbling After5.80German / Hungarian 18/3/0Russian10/0/11945-01-29 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
AP62Shouting Into The Storm7.61German (SS)16/8/0Russian10/4/31945-02-08 ASL Action Pack # 6 A Decade of War
135Acts of Defiance7.88German20/2/0Russian15/5/01945-02-27 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
BB12The Awakening of Spring6.17German (SS)16/10/0Russian16/6/21945-03-14 Backblast # 2
J 63Silesian Interlude6.89German12/4/0Russian8/4/11945-03-19 ASL Journal # 3
SB6Eviscerating Vienna5.80German0/0/0Russian0/0/01945-04-08 ASL Journal #11
AP52Into Vienna Woods6.62German (SS)11/0/0Russian15/2/01945-04-17 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
J146Ragnarök6.62German (SS)10/2/0Russian9/3/01945-05-02 ASL Journal # 9
8The Fugitives6.61German18/8/0Russian15/1/11945-05-03 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)

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