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134 Results

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J185The Haunted Castle7.06Russian11/0/0German12/0/11941-06-22 ASL Journal #12
WO21Bolder Than Before6.50Russian18/3/0Partisan (Ukrainian)17/0/01941-06-23 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2017
BoF04About His Shadowy Sides5.50Russian12/2/0German12/4/01941-06-24 Best of Friends
AP 122Mechanized Sacrifice6.57Russian0/14/0German1/9/01941-06-24 ASL Action Pack #13 Oktoberfest XXXII
AASL AP93Best Think Again6.71Russian15/4/0German12/3/11941-06-24 ASL Action Pack #10
125First Crisis at Army Group North6.72Russian8/7/0German4/6/21941-06-25 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
WO22The Cost of Non-Compliance8.00Russian14/12/0German8/6/31941-06-26 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2017
U25Breakout from Borisov7.67Russian54/12/0German24/17/31941-07-02 Turning the Tide
127Land Leviathans7.00Russian0/11/0German6/5/01941-07-03 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
128The Defense of Luga7.63Russian41/12/0German13/0/61941-07-19 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
J93The Porechye Bridgehead7.00Russian54/7/0German28/15/41941-08-05 ASL Journal # 6
J78Fast Heinz7.33Russian6/2/0German17/1/11941-08-07 ASL Journal # 5
167Breakout From PrääzäRussian28/1/0Finnish12/0/01941-08-08 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
129Slamming of the Door6.82Russian17/6/0German11/3/01941-08-17 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
130Debacle at Korosten7.20Russian18/0/0German8/7/01941-08-30 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
ASL 220They Fired on OdessaRussian14/0/1Romanian11/0/31941-09-22 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
J105Borodino Train Station6.62Russian18/0/0German11/2/01941-10-16 ASL Journal # 7
AP63The Nutcracker6.75Russian14/7/0German12/2/31941-12-07 ASL Action Pack # 7
J187In Deadly Combat7.25Russian24/6/0German17/5/31941-12-30 ASL Journal #12
WO06The Heat is On6.88Russian20/5/0German11/4/11942-01-17 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2012
U27A Winter Melee8.00Russian / Partisan42/0/0German12/3/01942-02-17 Turning the Tide
O6Third Time's The Charm6.33Russian14/6/0German11/0/01942-06-08 Special Ops 3
WO12Heart of Wilderness7.00Russian30/4/0German16/0/21942-08-28 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2014
J106Marders not Martyrs6.72Russian10/4/0German5/2/01942-09-10 ASL Journal # 7
VotG5The Specialists' House5.00Russian30/3/0German16/2/01942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG4The Last Fifteen7.50Russian20/0/1German14/0/01942-09-15 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG6Enter Dragan8.50Russian18/0/0German20/4/11942-09-15 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG8Hammer and Nail7.20Russian16/0/2German12/0/01942-09-16 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG20Terror At Twilight6.50Russian16/3/0German14/0/21942-09-18 ASL Journal # 8
VotG9Eviction Notice6.60Russian11/3/0German11/0/11942-09-18 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG11A Dangerous Possibility7.15Russian17/0/0German11/0/01942-09-22 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG12Siberian Shockwave8.50Russian48/0/4German37/4/21942-09-23 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG13Escape from Komsomol Park5.29Russian8/0/0German8/2/01942-09-24 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG23Heroes of the Soviet Union7.50Russian1/0/0German2/0/01942-09-26 ASL Journal # 9
VotG25Urban NightmareRussian6/0/0German7/2/01942-09-28 ASL Journal #10
Mission r1Assault on the Assembly HallGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r2BreakoutGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r3Hold the FactoryGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r4Assault on Red BarricadesGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
VotG15Perfected in Battle6.25Russian19/0/2German16/0/11942-10-24 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
RO3Defenders of Stalingrad7.50Russian26/0/0German13/0/01942-10-25 HASL10b - Red October
RB11Oh Joy!6.00Russian8/3/0German9/4/01942-10-28 HASL10a - Red Factories
J 22Oh Joy!6.33Russian8/3/0German9/4/01942-10-28 ASL Journal # 2
RB9Ghosts in the Rubble5.00Russian17/0/0German16/0/01942-10-31 HASL10a - Red Factories
VotG16Under Murderous Fire5.94Russian13/0/0German11/0/01942-11-24 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
J 49Desperate Dash6.00Russian20/0/1German8/2/11942-11-28 ASL Journal # 3
OA 2Skirmish In The Snow5.91Russian10/3/0German4/0/11942-11-30 Out of the Attic
RB7The Red House6.00Russian15/0/0German14/0/01942-12-05 HASL10a - Red Factories
RO CGIIIA Party in our StreetsRussian0/0/0German0/0/01942-12-15 HASL10b - Red October
RO6The Playing Field7.25Russian17/0/0German14/0/21942-12-15 HASL10b - Red October
AP45Reaping Rewards6.85Russian21/3/1Romanian17/0/51942-12-20 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
ASL 223Reaping RewardsRussian23/3/1Romanian20/0/51942-12-20 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
AP18Village of the Damned6.00Russian11/1/0Italian / German10/0/01942-12-25 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
RO7Stone Age Caves5.00Russian20/0/1German12/0/01942-12-26 HASL10b - Red October
RB14Anchoring the Line4.75Russian17/0/1German16/0/11942-12-31 HASL10a - Red Factories
U29Night Battle at Noromaryevka7.33Russian17/6/0German8/6/01943-01-01 Turning the Tide
AP19Winter of Their Discontent6.78Russian15/5/0Italian / German15/4/31943-01-04 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
AP21Red Don6.54Russian20/0/0Italian11/0/01943-01-16 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
AP23Agony at Arnautovo7.38Russian / Partisan17/2/0Italian15/0/31943-01-24 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
169Night Fans5.50Russian12/9/0Finnish9/0/01943-01-28 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
VotG17On the Verge of Extinction6.14Russian39/6/0German41/0/41943-01-30 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
ASL 224Beachhead at Ozereyka BayRussian21/2/1Axis15/0/21943-02-04 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
OA27Long Range Recon5.57Russian / Partisan 8/3/0German7/8/01943-07-03 Out of the Attic #2
J 52Dress Rehearsal6.91Russian24/6/2German (SS)10/9/21943-07-10 ASL Journal # 3
KURSK CGBroadway to Prokhorovka8.50Russian/0/0German/0/01943-07-10 ASL Journal # 3
J 54Showtime4.50Russian16/13/0German (SS)14/15/01943-07-12 ASL Journal # 3
SoSB1Badanov's Boys6.25Russian0/0/0German0/0/01943-07-13 ASL Journal #10
ASL AP95Operation Kutuzov7.70Russian16/8/1German8/4/11943-07-19 ASL Action Pack #10
J 23Kampfgruppe at Karachev6.64Russian12/4/0German10/1/11943-07-28 ASL Journal # 2
J168Katyusha's Embrace6.55Russian15/5/0German/Romanian20/2/11943-08-08 ASL Journal #11
J188Grab and Go7.58Russian22/0/0German13/2/11943-08-20 ASL Journal #12
J169Few and Far Between8.00Russian14/4/0German12/0/31943-08-30 ASL Journal #11
U32Disaster on the Dnieper Loop7.00Russian31/0/0German9/12/01943-09-24 Turning the Tide
U33The Bukrin Bridgehead10.00Russian20/2/3German11/11/31943-09-24 Turning the Tide
O7Broken Wings6.25Russian16/4/0German (SS)14/2/21944-01-17 Special Ops 4
ASL WO15Liberation Day7.71Russian21/4/0German17/3/11944-01-27 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2015
J120Ishun Tank Traps7.20Russian10/7/0German7/0/11944-04-11 ASL Journal # 8
ASL AP96Food Fight6.00Russian Partisan12/0/0Ukrainian Partisan11/0/11944-04-29 ASL Action Pack #10
ASL 116 (AOO2)The Sixth BlowRussian24/8/0Axis26/9/21944-05-12 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
ASL 117 (AOO2)With Tigers on Their TailRussian22/18/0Hungarian18/12/01944-05-23 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
J170Red Churchills7.25Russian16/6/1Finnish17/2/21944-06-20 ASL Journal #11
J98Lend-Lease Attack6.50Russian5/6/0German4/2/01944-06-28 ASL Journal # 6
J 8Block Busting in Bokruisk5.50Russian19/5/1German12/2/21944-06-29 ASL Journal # 1
133Block Busting in Bokruisk7.00Russian19/5/1German12/2/21944-06-29 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
AP11Swamp Cats7.00Russian18/7/0German11/6/01944-07-03 ASL Action Pack # 2
J 56A Burnt Out Case6.63Russian7/7/0German7/1/11944-07-06 ASL Journal # 3
116The Sixth Blow8.00Russian / Partisan26/8/0German / Hungarian23/8/21944-07-12 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
174Lagus Assault Guns6.95Russian14/4/0Finnish10/2/11944-07-12 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
AP70Sons of Slava6.54Russian12/6/0German (SS)10/3/11944-07-18 ASL Action Pack # 7
BoF09Pursuing Frank5.33Russian7/8/1German11/0/21944-07-27 Best of Friends
7Dash for the Bridge6.04Russian6/6/0German (SS)8/0/21944-09-12 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
O16Forced CrossingRussian15/0/1German8/1/01944-10-08 Special Ops 8
AP117Second City6.20Russian16/4/0Hungarian / German13/4/11944-10-11 ASL Action Pack #12 Oktoberfest XXX
ASL AP98Last LaurelsRussian20/7/0German12/3/11944-10-12 ASL Action Pack #10
WO13All the Stops6.30Russian14/3/0German (SS)7/3/11944-10-14 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2014
J141Riding with the King6.92Russian20/9/0German11/4/21944-10-25 ASL Journal # 9
J110The Prelude to Spring6.30Russian10/5/0German7/3/11944-12-08 ASL Journal # 7
J157Rage Against the Machine7.65Russian16/8/0German14/3/11944-12-21 ASL Journal #10
FB 1Uncles and Pups6.96Russian13/5/0Hungarian / German (SS)8/0/31945-01-01 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
9To the Square6.00Russian20/4/0German14/0/21945-01-17 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
FB CGIPearl of the Danube6.40Russian0/0/0German / Hungarian 0/0/01945-01-19 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB CGIIThe Swept Away City5.00Russian0/0/0German (SS) / Hungarian 0/0/01945-01-19 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB 2The Devil's Free to Have a Try6.17Russian19/5/0Hungarian / German (SS)17/0/31945-01-19 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB 4HKL 2596.45Russian15/0/0Hungarian / German (SS)12/0/01945-01-24 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB18Red Banner Days6.43Russian15/4/4Axis22/8/01945-01-26 ASL Journal #10
J111Prussia in Flames5.00Russian12/6/0German10/1/21945-01-28 ASL Journal # 7
FB 5Siesta Time6.00Russian10/0/0Hungarian8/0/01945-01-29 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
J75My Lonely Valentine6.00Russian6/6/0German6/8/11945-01-31 ASL Journal # 4
FB 7The Terror of the Castle7.00Russian12/2/0Hungarian12/0/01945-01-31 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB 8For Want of Either Crust or Crumb6.43Russian9/0/0German (SS) / Hungarian10/0/01945-02-01 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB 9The Shooting Gallery6.75Russian14/4/0German / Hungarian 11/1/21945-02-02 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB CGIIICity of Eternal Heroes8.40Russian0/0/0German / Hungarian 0/0/01945-02-02 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB10Return of the Black Company6.75Russian17/5/0German (SS) / Hungarian 11/3/11945-02-03 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB11Boy Soldier6.00Russian19/4/0Hungarian13/0/21945-02-04 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB12The Black Ravens are Flying7.69Russian9/3/1German (SS) / Hungarian 9/3/11945-02-05 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB13Don't Economize5.00Russian17/3/0German (SS) / Hungarian 18/0/01945-02-07 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB14At the Narrow Passage7.64Russian / Hungarian19/3/0German (SS) / Hungarian 19/0/01945-02-07 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB15The Taking of Object 598.00Russian21/4/2German (SS) / Hungarian 16/4/21945-02-07 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB16Crossing the Bloody Meadow6.00Russian15/2/0German (SS) / Hungarian 18/1/31945-02-08 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
FB17Stalingrad Redux7.33Russian15/3/0German8/1/11945-02-09 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
WO20Sealing Their Fate7.40Russian10/3/0German (SS)9/1/01945-02-15 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2016
OB13A Hotly Contested Crossroads7.00Russian14/6/0German9/6/01945-02-18 Out of the Bunker
J 33The Slaughterhouse7.17Russian20/6/0German17/0/21945-02-22 ASL Journal # 2
J 27High Tide at Heiligenbeil5.80Russian14/4/0German8/1/21945-03-24 ASL Journal # 2
J 1Urban Guerillas7.40Russian / Partisan18/5/0German (SS)10/3/11945-04-09 ASL Journal # 1
J 65Brave Little Emchas5.00Russian8/4/0German (SS)9/2/11945-04-10 ASL Journal # 3
AP 9Red Storm6.67Russian26/10/0German18/9/01945-04-16 ASL Action Pack # 2
OA15Shattering the Line6.00Russian26/4/0German21/3/11945-04-16 Out of the Attic
BB6Shattering the LineRussian26/4/0German21/3/11945-04-16 Backblast # 1
136The Agony of Doom5.93Russian13/7/0German14/6/11945-04-19 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
OA28Where Iron Crosses Grow8.25Russian23/9/0German13/2/11945-04-21 Out of the Attic #2
AP119Konev Cross7.50Russian20/10/2German15/1/71945-04-27 ASL Action Pack #12 Oktoberfest XXX
J89Himmler's House6.45Russian35/6/0German(SS)20/0/41945-04-29 ASL Journal # 5
J125Everything Is Lost6.38Russian12/2/3German10/0/11945-04-30 ASL Journal # 8

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