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Ace in the Hole ETO (id:#56236)
Multi-Man Publishing (ASL Action Pack # 2 ID:AP14)
See Also: Ace in the Hole by Multi-Man Publishing
Designer: Pete Shelling
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
When the 9th Panzer Division arrived in the Roer Plain sector on February 24th, it was but a shadow of its former self. Only twenty-nine tanks and sixteen assault guns remained in what three months before was one of the most feared formations on the Western Front. General von Zangen needed all that 9th Panzer could muster to stop the U.S. Ninth Army in its bid to be the first across the Rhine. Meanwhile, his counterpart, General Rose, divided the U.S. Third Armored Division and attached units into small task forces in an effort to spread the German Fifteenth Army even thinner and force a breakthrough somewhere along the Erft River. Combat Command B, along with elements of the 13th Infantry Regiment, assembled directly in front of Elsdorf during the evening of the 24th and attacked the next morning with an infantry battalion and a company of tanks, including one of the new T-26 experimental heavy tanks on combat trials.
Attacker: American (Combat Command B, 3rd Armored Division and the 13th Infantry Regiment)
Defender: German (Panzer Division 9 and Panzergrenadier Division 3)  
Turns: 7.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Elsdorf, Germany 1945-02-27
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:16.0 D:10.0
AFVs: A:6
M26 x 1
M4A3(76)W x 2
M4A3(75)W x 3

PzKpfw VIE (L) x 1
PzKpfw IVJ x 2
StuG IIIG (L) x 1

Guns: A:0
M2 60mm Mortar x 2
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: Ov1. A: 1 secret Sherman Gyro w D: all AFVs have Schuerzen
Map Board(s): 4 17 46
Overlays: B3
Errata (source)
Add a BAZ 45 and a Gyrostabilizer (see SSR 2) to the American OB.J11
The Gyrostabilizer reference should be to SSR 3, _not_ SSR 2.Yanks 2
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Latest Updates:
hoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2019-06-04 20:08:54
hoxson1 Modified the overview2019-06-04 20:07:49
ppalma Added a playing2018-06-14 20:23:05
CTKnudsen Added a playing2018-02-21 13:06:48
hoxson1 Uploaded an Image2017-12-19 19:08:55
Last Played:
2018-06-14(D) patrick palma vs Jack Boyle American win
2014-04-01(A) Chuck Dye vs DavidS German win
2009-03-26(A) Aaron Sibley vs Ian Willey American win
2009-03-09(D) Ian Willey vs ? American winI lost this one early, good play and low rolls was the death of me
2001-09-06(D) Thomas Lynch vs Mike Licari American winOne of my first ASL games. Totally schooled by Mike on how the American's use of smoke and WP work.
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Italian AAR with great Illustrations (opens in new window)Fre20741
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Positions at end of GT8
Avg Rating: 5.89Votes: 9
Views: 2775
To-Play list count: 6
Estimated Play time: 7.5 hours
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ROAR Data:
Ace in the Hole [Confirmed]
[A] American 49
[D] German 66
Monday 18 November 2019 08:16:56 AM  (c)dramsey 2019