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Escape from Velikiye Luki ETO (id:#56515)
Avalon Hill (Classic ASL ID:H)
Prior Publication: SL 6, AH: The General 24-1 ASL H(Revision: MMP Website (Download))
See Also: Escape from Velikiye Luki by Avalon Hill
Designer: Unknown
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
As in Stalingrad, many pockets of Germans had been encircled. At Velikiye Luki, artillery and armor punctured through the German perimeter and as the headquarters was overrun, orders went out to save yourselves if you could. At night, isolated groups of Germans tried to breakout. The weakest part of the Soviet corridor lay to the southwest in the area of the 129th Rifle Regiment.
Attacker: German (Company 1, Battalion II, Infantry Regiment 277)
Defender: Russian (3rd Battalion, 129th Rifle Regiment)  
Turns: 9.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: Yes
Velikiye Luki, Russia 1943-01-12
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:5.0 D:13.0
AFVs: A:0 D:0
Guns: A:0 D:0
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: Night rules, Ground Snow, all units have Winter Camouflage
Map Board(s): 2 3 4
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
hoxson1 Modified the location2019-01-08 16:49:33
hoxson1 Uploaded the Board image2018-04-18 17:05:04
hoxson1 Deleted the scenario board image2018-04-18 17:04:35
Yarlis Rated the scenario2018-03-18 13:06:40
Yarlis Added a playing2018-03-18 13:06:35
Last Played:
2017-10-21(D) LOUIS PADOL vs Garry Kaluzny German winMy first experience with snow, night rules and dummy stacks. Great experience. Just a plain ol' good challenge with a good friend. This scenario is a bit like golf. You hit a couple of great shots and think to yourself, "If I could do that a few more times a round I would be great!" In the end, you know you'll never be a pro, but the game has you hooked. As others have said, setup is crucial. I did okay, just lost the last race down the north side of the board. Great fun!
2016-10-12(D) Jeff B vs Scott Sherer German winGermans managed to sneak off a half squad to hit 8 VP after the Russian high command miscalculated their quarry. Good, tight game.
2015-12-20(D) Michael Dorosh vs Colin Emerson German winLearning night rules. Set up critical. Mine was revoltingly bad. Russians too boisterous.
2015-12-20(A) Colin Emerson vs Michael Dorosh German winSetup is SUPER Critical. Germans ran past all Russian defenses without firing a single shot. Russians were too busy consuming large amounts of Stolichnaya. Positive was we learned night rules, straying.
2015-04-12(D) Dan Best vs Paul Works German win
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MMP download web page containing Classic ASL scenarios (opens in new window)Jim Rupp
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An Old-Timer's Favorite Scenarios by Modulerichfam
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ASL H Map (ASL H Map.jpg)ImageBigAl737468
Russian soldier January 17, 1943. Velikiye Luki (v luki.png)Imagehoxson1236
(night germ-sov.png)Map Imagehoxson198

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Russian soldier January 17, 1943. Velikiye Luki
Avg Rating: 7.00Votes: 25
Views: 5010
To-Play list count: 4
Estimated Play time: 5.9 hours
Recorded Games: 16
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ROAR Data:
Escape from Velikiye Luki [Confirmed]
[A] German 19
[D] Russian 13
Sunday 24 March 2019 09:23:12 PM  (c)dramsey 2019