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The Getaway ETO (id:#58710)
Sherry Enterprises (Schwerpunkt # 1 ID:SP8)
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Designer: Randy Thompson
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
Early in October 1943, the German 196th Infantry Regiment occupied a defensive line in a forest about 20 miles north of Kiev. The Russians selected a special group of veteran fighters whose orders were to mount four tanks, drive into the enemy rear area, gain information about German positions, create fear and terror behind enemy lines, then withdraw as swiftly as possible. At 1600, the tanks penetrated the center of the German lines. Taking to a road, they overran two trucks and proceeded south to a road crossing in a clearing. There they dismounted and set up a defensive perimeter. . .
Attacker: German (196th Infantry Regiment)
Defender: Russian (60th Army and 3rd Guard Tank Army)  
Turns: 4     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
North of Kiev, Russia 1943-10-15
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:6.0 D:4.0
AFVs: A:2
StuG IIIG x 2

T-34 M43 x 4

Guns: A:1
5cm PaK 38 x 1
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: KGP SSR3 Light Mist, Russian tanks not subject to Recall
Map Board(s): 34 37
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
hoxson1 Modified the location2019-01-04 00:30:43
jwert02 Added a playing2016-11-28 20:40:13
hoxson1 Modified the misc. rules2016-09-14 18:25:20
dmareske Added a playing2016-09-05 16:39:05
jrwusmc Added a playing2016-07-18 09:02:31
Last Played:
2016-11-28(A) Jason Wert vs Gabe Wert Russian winWe played with the German balance based on the number of recorded wins for the Russians. Funky scenario that you have to grasp first. Enjoyable little romp for a quick evening game.
2016-09-05(D) Dave Mareske vs Ryan Ellett Russian winExited two Russian AFVs on first turn break-a-ways, then found my way for one more after immobilizing a German Stug and created a breakout.
2015-06-14(D) Jeff Waldon vs Will Willow Russian winVASL
2010-03-05(D) Ian Willey vs MacRob German winI don't like exit VC on the whole and had just finished another. It was over very quickly and I never felt like I was into it. More a failing of me than the scenario
1999-02-19(D) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee Russian win
1998-10-03(D) Fred Ingram vs Rich Summers Russian win
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Avg Rating: 4.29Votes: 7
Views: 1188
To-Play list count: 2
Estimated Play time: 2.4 hours
Recorded Games: 6
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ROAR Data:
The Getaway [Confirmed]
[A] German 17
[D] Russian 26
Sunday 20 January 2019 07:33:16 AM  (c)dramsey 2019