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From The Cellar Pack #5
Published by: Le Franc Tireur
Published date: 2010-09-01
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France based Le Franc Tireur continue to enhance their reputation as a reliable producer of well researched and developed ASL materials. This pack also includes a replacement for the misprinted LFT2 Released in the last Franc Tireur mag. This pack contains mostly 'extra' scenarios that didn't get into the various themed issues of LFT. Released in Oct 2010.

A short article in the pack discusses three scenarios featuring the battle for La Horgne (15-16 May 1940) with elite French Spahis trying to hold off an assault from the 1st Panzer Division. Two of the La Horgne scenarios are included in the pack: FT 148 "La Horgne" and FT 149 "Tombés Pour La France". FT 90 "Sans Esprit de Recul" was published earlier.

This release also features the winning scenario from MWT3 FT156 "Leonov's Hill" by with some introductory text by author Norman DeLaura II


The Battle for La HorgneHugues PaugetReference Material3-8
Monkeys With Typewriters 3Norman De LauraReview9-11


This publication has been rated: 8/10 by 1 users. Write a review
LFT continues to roll
nathan wegener: 8.0 out of 10. [Review score: 1] [Agree] [Disagree]

Played my first battle from this pack tonight FT150 "Storm Over Champagne" and it reminded me why I feel that LFT are at the top of the TPP list. High quality scenario cards, interesting situations, and loads of action with high replay value. (I also have to admit I am a sucker for early war and this pack has it with 9 of 14 before the end of 1942.

Nice to have LFT fix the board issue... Read full review...


FT146: Bridge of Life5.00Luding Bridge, Sichuan Province, ChinaCBIRed ChineseGMD2.5 hrs2%
FT147: Flight of the IntrudersOlankhuduk, MongoliaCBIJapanese/ManchukuoanMPRA6.8 hrs1%
FT148: La Horgne6.00La Horgne, FranceETOGermanFrench6.5 hrs13%
FT149: Tombés pour la France8.00La Horgne, FranceETOGermanFrench11 hrs3%
FT150: Storm Over Champagne7.00Souain, FranceETOFrenchGerman7.7 hrs7%
FT151: Get Them Out!6.75Millançay, FranceETOGermanFrench2.8 hrs10%
FT152: Avanti!6.86Near Jasnaja Poljana, RussiaETOAxisRussian4.4 hrs28%
FT153: Nailed to the Ground5.00Volkhov Front, RussiaETORussianSpanish Blue2.4 hrs4%
FT154: First Defeat7.00Milne Bay, New GuineaPTOJapaneseAustralian8.4 hrs2%
FT155: Once Upon A Time ... In The East6.50Novoia Vodolaga, RussiaETORussianGerman (SS)7.4 hrs5%
FT156: Leonov's HillCape Krestovyi, FinlandETOGermanRussian6.1 hrs2%
FT157: The Lost Column6.00Near Assy Montboint, FranceETOGerman (SS)Canadian6 hrs21%
FT158: Close Combat Teams8.00Near Mutanchiang, ManchuriaCBIRussianJapanese7.2 hrs1%
FT159: Tangled at TsangkouTsangkou, ChinaCBIGMDRed Chinese15.5 hrs1%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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