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Coastal Fortress
Published by: Coastal Fortress
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play count
AFV DataRatingLocationTheatreAttackerDefenderLengthPopularity*
BB 1.1: 8740 0/13Hythe, EnglandETOGermanBritish / Polish10.4 hrs0%
BB 2.2: Rescue My Friend0 0/0Gran Sasso, ItalyMTOGermanItalian0%
BB 3.1: Cherry Pickin0 0/0Longvilly, BelgiumETOGermanAmerican0.5 hrs0%
BB 4.1: Stopping the Cavalry0 0/7Near Manila, Philippines PTOAmericanJapanese10.2 hrs0%
BB 5.1: Revenge on Go Chan Hill0 0/3Near Cebu City, Philippines PTOAmericanJapanese1.2 hrs0%
BB 6.4: Tigers on the Hill0 0/5Near Arry, France ETOGermanAmerican3.5 hrs46%
BB 7.2: Blockbusting the Meatgrinder0 0/11Cassino, ItalyMTONew ZealandGerman7.4 hrs0%
BB 8.1: Street Sweepers0 0/0Vosages Region, France ETOAmericanGerman (SS)0%
BB 9.1: Suffer the Consequences0 0/3Near Point Cruz, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands PTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese1.2 hrs0%
BB19.1: Hope for Relief0 0/4Arnhem, HollandETOBritishGerman (SS)1.1 hrs0%
DD 1.1: The Abucay Line0 0/2Matabang, Bataan Peninsula, Philippines PTOJapaneseFilipino0.6 hrs0%
BB 10.1: Beyond the Oder0 0/6Kustrin, GermanyETORussianGerman6.6 hrs0%
BB 11.1: Grain for the Taking0 0/0Stalingrad, RussiaETOGermanRussian8%
BB 12.1: Hangman's Hill0 0/0Cassino, ItalyMTOGermanGurkha31%
BB 13.2: Last Man Out0 0/19Vienna, AustriaETORussianGerman (SS)5.7 hrs0%
BB 14.1: The Unfriendly Welcome0 0/6Berdorf, BelgiumETOAmericanGerman1.9 hrs0%
BB 18.1: Bridges at Leipzig0 0/0Leipzig, GermanyETOAmericanGerman0%
BB 20.1: I Never Thought To Endure Worse0 0/0Monte Girodano, Italy MTOFree FrenchGerman0%
BB 21.1: Awaiting Orders0 0/0Dornot, FranceETOGerman (SS)American0.5 hrs0%
BB 22.1: Less Than Expected0 0/4Osterbeek, HollandETOBritishGerman / Nederlandsche SS (Dutch)1 hrs0%
BB 23.1: Fields of Valor0 0/7Studzianki, PolandETOGermanRussian2.1 hrs0%
BB 24.1: Land of Milk and Honeys0 0/3Duropa Plantation, New GuineaPTOAustralianJapanese2.9 hrs0%
BB 25.1: The Unholy Mission0 0/3Vossenack, GermanyETOAmericanGerman5.2 hrs0%
BB 26.1: Bridge at Remagen0 0/13Remagen Bridge, Rhine River, Remagen, Germany ETOAmericanGerman7.3 hrs0%
BB 27.1: Achtung! Panzer!: Gunner! Armor Piercing!0 0/65.00Somme, FranceETOGermanFrench1.4 hrs15%
BB 28.1: Zu Wenig, Zu Spaet0 0/10Cambrai, FranceETOGermanFrench11.6 hrs0%
BB 29.1: This Place Sussex0 0/6Quevauillers, FranceETOGermanBritish11.6 hrs0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Sunday 22 July 2018 02:29:36 AM  (c)dramsey 2018