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ASL 13 - Rising Sun
Published by: Multi-Man Publishing
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Box Cover


play count
59: Smertniki0 5.006 miles north of Mutanchiang, Manchukuo PTORussianJapanese10.3 hrs2%
60: On the Kokoda Trail0 6.00Deniki, Papua New GuineaPTOJapaneseBritish7.8 hrs6%
61: Shoestring Ridge0 5.00Damulaan, Leyte, The PhilippinesPTOJapaneseAmerican8.5 hrs3%
62: Bungle in the Jungle0 5.00Payagyi, BurmaPTOBritishJapanese10.8 hrs3%
63: The Eastern Gate0 5.0011 miles northeast of Maungdaw, Burma PTOGurkhaJapanese10.2 hrs4%
64: Hazardous Occupation0 5.00Tamparan, Mindanao, PhilippinesPTOJapanesePartisan (Muslim) 5.7 hrs2%
65: Red Star, Red Sun0 5.008 miles southwest of Nomonhan, ManchukuoDTORussianJapanese12.5 hrs0%
66: The Bushmasters0 8.5012 miles southeast of Sarmi, New GuineaPTOAmericanJapanese16.4 hrs4%
67: Cibik's Ridge0 6.25Bougainville, Solomon IslandsPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)3.6 hrs10%
68: The Rock0 5.50Corregidor, PhilippinesPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)13.1 hrs3%
69: Today We Attack0 5.006 miles north of Toungoo, BurmaPTOChineseJapanese15.8 hrs3%
70: KP 1670 3 miles east of Mauban, BataanPTOPhilippineJapanese19.7 hrs3%
71: Jungle Citadel0 Bhamo, BurmaPTOChineseJapanese11.4 hrs3%
72: Sea of Tranquility0 9.00Peleliu, Palau IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese7.6 hrs2%
73: Hell or High Water0 8.00Cape Torokina, Bougainville, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese14.8 hrs2%
74: Bloody Red Beach0 Guam, the MarianasPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese23.9 hrs2%
145: Shanghai in Flames0 7.14Shanghai, ChinaPTOJapaneseChinese5.4 hrs6%
146: The Drive For Taierzhuang0 6.50North of Taierzhuang, ChinaPTOJapaneseChinese10.2 hrs2%
147: A Stiff Fight0 7.00Asun, MalayaPTOJapaneseGurkha3 hrs11%
148: Ramsey's Charge0 8.00Morong, PhilippinesPTOAmericanJapanese4 hrs2%
149: Grabbing Gavutu0 Gavutu, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese17.1 hrs1%
150: Tanambogo Nightmare0 Tanambogo, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese11.6 hrs0%
151: Take Two 0 Tanambogo, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese10.5 hrs1%
152: Munda Mash0 7.33Near Laiana, New Georgia, Solomon IslandsPTOAmericanJapanese5.6 hrs1%
153: Totsugeki!0 7.40Near Kantau, BurmaPTOJapaneseChinese4.3 hrs1%
154: Orange at Walawbum0 5.00Walawbum, BurmaPTOJapaneseAmerican4.7 hrs0%
155: Smith & Weston0 7.38Near Warong, BurmaPTOJapaneseAmerican5 hrs7%
156: Broken Bamboo0 5.00Maelu, BurmaPTOGurkhaJapanese3.4 hrs4%
157: OP Hill0 Near Mawlu, BurmaPTOJapaneseBritish9.8 hrs2%
158: Last Of Their Strength0 8.00Charpate, BurmaPTOAmericanJapanese3.7 hrs0%
159: White Tigers0 Ningthoukhong, IndiaPTOJapaneseBritish11.9 hrs5%
160: Battlin' Buckeyes0 4.50Tacondo Barrio, Luzon, PhilippinesPTOJapaneseAmerican7 hrs7%
GT CG: Sand & Blood0 Gavuta-Tanambogo, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese229.3 hrs0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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