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AH:ASL Annual `92
Published by: Avalon Hill
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While decidedly a primarily ASL forum at this point, this issue did include a purely Squad Leader campaign game, which included a bunch of 'mini' scenarios to play through.


Soldiers of the SunCharles MarkussReference Material5 - 16
Series Replay: A41 - Op HillPat JonkeAfter Action Report19 - 32
Pigi-PigiSteven C. SwannReference Material33 - 35
The Doomed BattalionsCharles MarkussReference Material53 - 60
And Here We Damned Well PlayedMark NixonAnalysis65 - 69, 77
Guilt by Accusation?John H. Farris, Jay Kaufman, and George WindauRules and Strategy76 - 77
The Commando Campaign Game: A New Challenge for SL PlayersRex A. MartinRules and Strategy37-49


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play count
A 39: Showdown at Tug Argan Pass0 6.00Tug Argan Pass, SomalilandDTOItalianBritish (Indian)11.3 hrs6%
A 40: Ad Hoc at Beaurains0 2.00Beaurains, FranceETOBritishGerman22.2 hrs2%
A 41: OP Hill0 5.50Near Mawlu, BurmaCBIJapaneseBritish9.8 hrs3%
A 42: Commando Hunt0 6.00Ramelau Mountains, Timor, the Lessor SundasPTOAustralianJapanese4.6 hrs8%
A 43: Probing Layforce0 6.00Babali Hani, CreteMTOGermanBritish7.7 hrs2%
A 44: Blocking Action at Lipki0 6.75Near Borisov, USSRETORussianGerman7 hrs21%
A 45: Chakila Sunrise0 Chakila, New GuineaPTOAmericanJapanese9.9 hrs3%
A 46: Rattle of Sabres0 6.00East of Milawa, PolandETOGermanPolish5.2 hrs7%
A 47: White Tigers0 7.25Ningthoukhong, IndiaCBIJapaneseGurkha (British)11.9 hrs8%
A 48: Best-Laid Plans0 5.00Leskovic, AlbaniaETOGermanPartisan (ELAS)18.5 hrs2%
A 49: Delaying Action0 8.25West of Libau, LithuaniaETORussianGerman2 hrs4%
A 50: ...and Here We Damned Well Stay0 5.0014 miles west of El Alamein, EgyptDTOGermanBritish4 hrs2%
AD 9: Royal Marines0 7.00Langrune-sur-Mer, FranceETOBritishGerman5.4 hrs9%
AH 2: The Commissar's House0 8.75Behind the Barrikady, Stalingrad, USSRETOGermanRussian9.9 hrs22%
AD 10: The Tiger of Toungoo0 Toungoo, BurmaCBIJapaneseChinese10.9 hrs3%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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