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AH:ASL Annual `95 Winter
Published by: Avalon Hill
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ASL Annual 95 promised a lot, but failed to deliver. 1993 saw two “annuals” and promised an increase in ASL related releases. 1994, however, saw no publication at all. We all waited on the return of the Annual in ’95.
At 95 pages long the 1995 Annual was the largest to date, and 24 scenarios set a new standard.
The magazine also included some long awaited DASL overlays.
Unfortunately, as I said, the Annual disappointed, often being regarded as the worst of the annuals.
The problems started at the beginning. The DASL overlays were to small.
The articles started well, with an interesting piece on Japanese paratroop forces. Also included was a well presented review of the routing rules, and a well written series replay of a KGP scenario, Festung St Edouard.
The rest were of an ordinary standard. Two covered tournament scenarios used at different tournaments, one covered scenarios associated with the landings in Normandy 50 years earlier, and another tried to rehash the leader campaign from the original SL. A lot of writing with little really to say.
The scenarios covered the classic, such as Wintergewitter A70, to the slightly odd, such as Cutting out a Strongpoint A90, which has four boards defended with one and a half squads, two guns, four Italian Tankettes and a captured Matilda being attacked by a larger British force in the desert.
Many of the scenarios need errata, so look up the individual scenarios.

Bill Brodie


Airborne SamuraiSteven SwannReference Material4-7
Annual Crossfire - Defeat in JavaRobert Banzoic & Mark NixonAfter Action Report8-14
Warriors AllDavid PayneRules and Strategy16-18
The Chestnuts of NormandyJim StahlerAnalysis20-26
En Garde!Chuck GoetzAnalysis28-33
Gentle Art of RoutingSteve TinsleyRules and Strategy64-67
The Scenarios of NormandyJim StahlerReference Material69-79
Series Replay - KGP2 Festung St. EdouardSteve Petersen, Brian Youse, & Chuck GoetzAfter Action Report80-93


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play count
A 68: Acts of Defiance0 7.10Breslau, GermanyETOGermanRussian7 hrs15%
A 69: Broich Bash0 6.64Broich, GermanyETOAmericanGerman3.7 hrs9%
A 70: Wintergewitter0 7.70Verkhne-Kumsky, Russia ETOGermanRussian3.9 hrs35%
A 71: Patton's Prayers0 6.50Warnach, BelgiumETOAmericanGerman4.5 hrs0%
A 72: Italian Brothers0 7.17Near Brihuega, SpainMTOItalian RepublicanItalian Nationalist5.2 hrs6%
A 73: Not Out of the Woods Yet0 6.50Foret de Mont Castre, FranceETOAmericanGerman5.8 hrs0%
A 74: Valhalla Bound0 6.20Central HungaryETORussianGerman (SS)10.7 hrs2%
A 75: Medal of Honor0 6.00Nijmegen, The NetherlandsETOGerman (SS)American6.7 hrs3%
A 76: Night Drop0 Near Cauquigny, FranceETOAmericanGerman15.1 hrs2%
A 77: Hide & Seek0 Near Saint Come-du-Mont, FranceETOAmericanGerman6.8 hrs1%
A 78: Prelude to Breakout0 6.00Near Saint Jean-de-daye, FranceETOAmericanGerman6.3 hrs1%
A 79: Mike Red0 5.00Near Courseulles-sur-Mere, FranceETOCanadianGerman6.8 hrs3%
A 80: Commando Schenke0 7.29Liepaja, LatviaETOGermanRussian4.3 hrs6%
A 81: They Fired on Odessa...0 7.00Grigorievka, USSRETORussianRomanian4.5 hrs2%
A 82: Orange at Walawbum0 8.00Walawbum, BurmaCBIJapaneseAmerican4.6 hrs0%
A 83: Last of Their Strength0 7.00Charpate, BurmaCBIAmericanJapanese3.7 hrs0%
A 84: Endless Struggle0 5.00Near Turia Velyka, USSRETOPartisan (UPA)Russian / Partisan (NKVD)4.8 hrs1%
A 85: Airborne Samurai0 6.00Near Menado (Manado), CelebesPTOJapaneseDutch5.2 hrs3%
A 86: Fighting Sparrow0 5.00Northeast of Koepang, Timor, the Lessor SundasPTOAustralian / DutchJapanese6.3 hrs2%
A 87: The Grand Canal0 8.50Taierzhuang, ChinaCBIJapaneseChinese14 hrs3%
A 88: A Surprise Encounter0 6.75Near Tolvajärvi, FinlandETOFinnishRussian3.9 hrs1%
A 89: First Day of Diadem0 7.33Near Castelforte, ItalyMTOGermanFree French4.6 hrs5%
A 90: Cutting Out a Strongpoint0 7 miles south of Halfaya Pass, EgyptDTOSouth AfricanItalian / German B6.6 hrs1%
AD 13: The Mailed Fist0 Jandrain, BelgiumETOGermanFrench9.2 hrs0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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