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ASL Journal # 5
Published by: Multi-Man Publishing
Published date: 1990-01-01
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The ASL Journal is a magazine published in 2004 by Multi-Man Publishing targeted specifically to ASL players. It contains strategy articles, explanations, after action reports, and, last but not least, a number of ASL scenarios.


Acts of DefianceMatt ShostakAnalysis42-45
A View Down the RoadMMPReview45
Heads Up! Heads Down!: AFV Passengers and CrewsIan DaglishRules and Strategy46-47
DebriefingMMPReference Material2
A Line In The SandPete ShellingRules and Strategy4, 33
History and the Game: Frontal AssaultIan DaglishReference Material5-6
The Jungle Isn't Neutral: Up Close and Personal in the PTOMark PitcavageRules and Strategy7-11
Hunting DUKWs and Buffalos, Scenario Analysis: HS17, "Water Foul"Oliver GiancolaAnalysis12-15, 6
Poor Bloody Infantry: An Analysis of the Riley's Road CGOliver GiancolaAnalysis16-18, 31-33
Bay Games 1994: ASL Team Tournament ScenariosJim StahlerAnalysis34-41, 11


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J78: Fast Heinz7.33Roslavl, USSRETORussianGerman6.4 hrs1%
J79: Rommel's Remedy6.86Alam Halfa , EgyptDTOGerman/ItalianNew Zealand6.2 hrs6%
J80: Egypt's Last Hope6.25Alam Halfa, EgyptDTOGermanBritish6.6 hrs3%
J81: Twisted Knickers7.00Point 102, EgyptDTOGermanBritish3.5 hrs3%
J82: Pavlov's House5.89Stalingrad, USSRETOGermanRussian3.1 hrs19%
J83: Bloody Nose8.00Kransnokutskaya, USSRETOGerman / RomanianRussian7.9 hrs8%
J84: Makin Taken7.00Butaritari, Makin AtollPTOAmericanJapanese3.5 hrs8%
J85: Ptichin' In6.00Glusk, USSRETOPartisanGerman6.2 hrs4%
J86: Frontal Assault7.00Near Presles, FranceETOGerman (SS)British10.1 hrs2%
J87: Flames of UnrestOld Town, Warsaw, PolandETOGermanPartisan5.5 hrs2%
J88: Escape to Wiltz6.23Kautenbach, BelgiumETOAmericanGerman4.8 hrs15%
J89: Himmler's House6.45Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman(SS)12.8 hrs29%
LitS CG: A Line in the Sand6.33Alam Halfa, EgyptDTOGerman/ItalianBritish1%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 Grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

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