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168 Results

(Showing 1 to 168)
41Commence Hostilities6.17Polish8/0/0German11/0/01939-09-01 Dezign Pak 4
ASL News 19First Contact, First DefeatGerman12/5/0Polish9/0/21939-09-01 ASL News Pack #1
EP19First Contact, First DefeatGerman12/5/0Polish9/0/21939-09-01 Euro-Pack # 1 - Early War Actions
BFP-109Training Day6.00German25/15/2Polish13/0/91939-09-01 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE81SmialyaGerman20/15/0Polish15/6/41939-09-01 Blitzkrieg Pack
PA CG 2Poland Aflame: Flesh and SteelGerman/0/0Polish/0/01939-09-01 Poland Aflame!
FE82Mokra Melee6.00Polish12/3/0German8/7/01939-09-01 Blitzkrieg Pack
LASSH 1Opening Fire6.45German (SS)7/3/1Polish14/0/01939-09-01 Leibstandarte Pack 1 - Blitzkrieg!
DB018DASL Series #3: Special Delivery9.00German (SS) / Partisans20/2/0Partisan12/0/01939-09-01 Dispatches from the Bunker # 9
FoW 1It Ain't EasyGerman18/10/0Polish18/0/21939-09-01 Frog of War Magazine # 1
WCW02Saving Outpost PromGerman6/0/0Polish14/0/01939-09-01 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
FE83The Fifth Column7.50German9/0/0Polish5/2/01939-09-01 Blitzkrieg Pack
PK 37.1Into the TrapGerman/3/0Polish/3/01939-09-01 Rare Vehicles Scenarios
WCW01Feuer Frei!German6/0/0Polish24/0/81939-09-01 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
43Into the Fray7.25German16/5/0Polish27/0/21939-09-01 ASL 6 - The Last Hurrah (2nd Edition)
PK 39.1The Fifth ColumnGerman9/0/0Polish5/2/01939-09-01 Rare Vehicles Scenarios
WCW04On the WaterfrontGerman1/0/0Polish4/0/01939-09-01 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
U14Sacrifice of Polish Armor6.88German15/12/0Polish14/10/21939-09-01 Turning the Tide
BFP-105The Winter City5.88Slovak17/0/0Polish10/0/01939-09-01 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
WCW03Main Line of DefenceGerman1/0/0Polish1/0/01939-09-01 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
CH100Dawn of a New Age7.00German12/10/0Polish9/2/21939-09-01 Critical Hit # 5.2
BFP-106Going Postal6.00German (SS)17/3/2Polish12/0/01939-09-01 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE78The Birth of BlitzkriegGerman0/10/0Polish5/0/21939-09-01 Blitzkrieg Pack
1Lions of Westerplatte7.00German10/0/0Polish7/0/01939-09-01 ASLOK XX 20th Anniversary Scenario Pack (2005)
SL 201Sacrifice of Polish Armor8.00German15/8/0Polish14/4/21939-09-01 Hit the Beach # 4.4
RP13Opening FireGerman (SS)7/3/1Polish12/0/01939-09-01 WASLC's Rally Point! # 4.3
NEWS19First Contact, First DefeatGerman12/5/0Polish9/0/21939-09-01 ASL News # 12
CH135The River Dance4.00German12/6/0Polish12/0/21939-09-01 Critical Hit # 6.2
BFP-107Costly Baptism7.53German9/3/0Polish6/3/01939-09-01 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE79Motorcycle Probe8.00German18/0/0Polish8/0/01939-09-01 Blitzkrieg Pack
NFNH 1Mlava Stronghold5.00German (SS)17/6/0Polish17/0/11939-09-01 Waffen-SS III: Neither Fear Nor Hope
BFP-108Ceramic City7.18German (SS)24/0/0Polish21/0/01939-09-01 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE80The World AflameGerman22/15/0Polish14/0/21939-09-01 Blitzkrieg Pack
PA CG 1Poland Aflame: Code Name Edelweiss5.00German/0/0Polish/0/01939-09-01 Poland Aflame!
WCWCGWesterplatte 1939 Campaign GameGerman1/0/0Polish1/0/01939-09-01 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
FT 57Wysoka MountainGerman25/10/0Polish22/0/21939-09-02 From The Cellar Pack #1
BFP-110Polish Panzerjagers5.50German24/16/3Polish17/5/61939-09-02 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
WCW05Stuka Wave - The Second DayGerman0/0/0Polish0/0/01939-09-02 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
A 46Rattle of Sabres6.00German15/0/0Polish17/0/01939-09-02 AH:ASL Annual `92
BFP-111Before the Blunder7.56German15/0/0Polish9/0/01939-09-02 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-112Killer Carp5.40German19/0/0Polish18/0/21939-09-02 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE 176Defense of WyslokaGerman16/7/0Polish12/3/11939-09-02 Polish Campaign Pack
BFP-113Bunker Bash5.25German18/4/0Polish14/0/21939-09-02 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE 177First Invasion of GermanyGerman9/0/0Polish12/3/01939-09-02 Polish Campaign Pack
FF1Rabka-Mszana Road5.00German7/5/1Polish4/2/11939-09-02 Firefights!
VV29Les CavaliersGerman/2/1Polish/0/01939-09-02 Vae Victis # 42
SK 3Rabka-Mszana RoadGerman7/5/1Polish4/2/11939-09-02 Internet
138Rattle of Sabres8.00German16/0/0Polish14/0/01939-09-02 ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (3rd Edition)
WCW06Hell's Bells - The Third DayGerman1/0/0Polish1/0/01939-09-03 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
BFP-114Engineering Defeat6.56German20/0/0Polish18/0/01939-09-03 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-115Turned Back at Tylicz5.67Slovak22/4/2Polish12/0/41939-09-03 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
2Bydgoszcz Coup6.33German20/0/0Polish10/0/11939-09-03 ASLOK XX 20th Anniversary Scenario Pack (2005)
RPT29The Sound of Hoof Beats6.00Polish12/0/0German7/0/11939-09-03 Rally Point # 3
WCW07Trial by Shellfire - The Fourth DayGerman1/0/0Polish1/0/01939-09-04 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
J113Maczek Fire Brigade7.53German10/7/0Polish9/6/01939-09-04 ASL Journal # 8
FrF53Raid Into The Reich6.54Polish12/2/0German9/0/01939-09-04 Friendly Fire Pack 7
VV-106Un Pont sur la WartheGerman0/0/0Polish0/0/01939-09-04 Vae Victis # 133
FrF2Maczek Fire Brigade7.21German10/7/0Polish9/6/01939-09-04 Friendly Fire Pack 1
BFP-116Stop, Turn, Fight6.55Polish10/7/1German5/7/11939-09-04 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
139The Weigh In8.00German20/16/0Polish14/2/51939-09-05 ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (3rd Edition)
BFP-117Silent Bayonets5.88Polish12/0/0Slovakian16/0/01939-09-05 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
WCW08The Stand Continues - The Fifth DayGerman1/0/0Polish1/0/01939-09-05 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
BFP-118Kazina Klash6.43German10/8/3Polish7/6/21939-09-05 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-119Real Steel7.00German14/18/0Polish11/12/31939-09-05 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
J 25The Weigh In5.50German20/16/0Polish14/2/51939-09-05 ASL Journal # 2
AP112First Ally6.60Polish13/0/0Slovakian9/0/01939-09-05 ASL Action Pack #12 Oktoberfest XXX
BFP-120Defiant Resistance6.00German38/0/0Polish25/0/21939-09-05 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
83An Uncommon Occurrence6.41Polish0/9/0German0/10/01939-09-05 ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (2nd Edition)
WCW09Off the Rails - The Sixth DayGerman1/0/0Polish1/0/01939-09-06 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
OB01Riding the Coattails5.92Slovakian12/0/0Polish9/1/01939-09-06 Out of the Bunker
DB040Riding the Coattails6.33Slovak12/0/0Polish9/1/01939-09-06 Dispatches from the Bunker #18
U15Battle for the Warta Line7.89German (SS)16/3/1Polish13/0/01939-09-06 Turning the Tide
VV21Alcazar!German12/8/0Polish10/3/21939-09-06 Vae Victis # 26
BFP-121Old Friends6.38German24/15/3Polish16/10/41939-09-06 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-122At Sword Point8.00Polish20/4/3German21/10/51939-09-06 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE 178Crushing Polish VictoryGerman0/10/0Polish0/6/21939-09-06 Polish Campaign Pack
FT259Alcazar!7.50German12/8/0Polish10/4/21939-09-06 From The Cellar Pack #9
SL 21Battle for the Warta Line7.75German (SS)16/3/1Polish13/0/01939-09-06 Internet
WCW10Thundering Away - The Final DayGerman1/0/0Polish1/0/01939-09-07 Westerplatte: Case White 1939
AP 8A Bloody Harvest6.40German (SS)12/0/0Polish9/0/01939-09-07 ASL Action Pack # 1
LASSH 2They Stop Here!6.87German (SS)12/5/0Polish10/0/21939-09-07 Leibstandarte Pack 1 - Blitzkrieg!
G40Will To Fight...Eradicated6.40Polish17/0/0German (SS)15/0/01939-09-07 AH:The General # 31.5
BFP-123Asphalt Soldiers6.00Polish32/6/2German (SS)28/2/31939-09-07 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
WCW 1Will to Fight...Eradicated7.60Polish17/0/0German (SS)15/0/01939-09-07 ASL Open `96 Scenario Pack
FT26220 Years Later7.33French6/0/0German9/0/01939-09-08 From The Cellar Pack #9
VV4120 Ans ApresFrench9/0/0German6/0/01939-09-08 Vae Victis # 64
FT197Spoiled Afternoon7.33German4/4/0Polish3/2/01939-09-08 Deluxe Pack #1
FE38Run from the DevilPolish8/6/0German10/6/01939-09-08 Fanatic Pack 3
ESG #63Armor Tactics 1017.00German9/11/0Polish10/0/21939-09-08 Dezign Pak 5
84Round One6.95German17/11/0Polish13/0/51939-09-08 ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (2nd Edition)
86Fighting Back5.14Polish26/10/0German12/0/21939-09-09 ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (2nd Edition)
BFP-125A Wave Breaking with the Tide5.50Polish31/0/0German23/0/21939-09-09 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
ASL News 25Under FireGerman15/0/0Polish7/0/01939-09-09 ASL News Pack #1
EP25Under FireGerman15/0/0Polish7/0/01939-09-09 Euro-Pack # 1 - Early War Actions
BFP-126Give 'em Some Flak6.00German17/10/1Polish13/0/11939-09-09 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
WP 4Stripped and Ready for WarFrench13/0/0German9/0/01939-09-09 Winpak #1
DB068Exit PolePolish12/0/0German20/0/21939-09-09 Dispatches from the Bunker #27
TD 4Meet the FlaKPolish0/3/0German0/0/01939-09-09 Trench of Death #1
85No Way Out6.71Polish16/4/0German11/3/11939-09-09 ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (2nd Edition)
NEWS25Under Fire5.00German15/0/0Polish7/0/01939-09-09 ASL News # 15
VV 83Wojna Blyskawiczna?German14/2/2Polish16/8/01939-09-09 Vae Victis # 109
CHDB2Flight of the PhoenixGerman/10/0Polish/6/01939-09-09 Doomed Battalions
BFP-124The Tanks of Warsaw6.67German23/13/2Polish20/7/31939-09-09 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FrF45Totensonntag7.03Polish12/0/0German8/0/01939-09-10 Friendly Fire Pack 6
BFP-127The Road to Warsaw6.13German (SS)10/3/0Polish9/0/11939-09-11 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE 179Jakacking AssGerman7/4/0Polish3/0/11939-09-11 Polish Campaign Pack
BFP-128The Devil's Armpit6.00Polish23/0/4German19/4/21939-09-12 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
CH 78The Outskirts of LembergGerman0/5/0Polish0/0/01939-09-12 Critical Hit # 4.1
BFP-129A Bitter Day6.57Polish21/0/0German17/0/01939-09-12 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
U16Under Cover of Darkness4.00Polish16/0/0German16/0/01939-09-12 Turning the Tide
FE 180Andrzejewo AflameGerman20/7/0Polish18/0/21939-09-13 Polish Campaign Pack
PA CG 3Poland Aflame: Black Plague - Against all OddsGerman (SS)/0/0Polish/0/01939-09-13 Poland Aflame!
FE13Defeat at SeroczynPolish14/8/2German10/4/11939-09-13 Fanatic Pack 2
BFP-130The Spearhead6.50Polish14/9/0German12/0/41939-09-13 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
DB002Sochaczew7.83German (SS)16/7/0Polish15/0/11939-09-14 Dispatches from the Bunker # 1
FrF26A Polish Requiem6.80German9/6/0Polish9/8/01939-09-14 Friendly Fire Pack 4
140Round TwoGerman (SS)17/7/0Polish16/0/11939-09-14 ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (3rd Edition)
FE 181Gardens of the CitadelGerman11/6/0Polish7/4/01939-09-14 Polish Campaign Pack
RBF-39They Really Know How to Die9.00German15/6/0Polish17/5/21939-09-14 Recon by Fire! #4
J 26Round Two5.88German (SS)17/7/0Polish16/0/11939-09-14 ASL Journal # 2
BoF02A Polish Requiem6.78German9/7/0Polish11/8/01939-09-14 Best of Friends
BFP-131Zboiska Heights5.00Polish28/6/1German16/0/31939-09-14 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
AP 121Along the Vistula7.00German24/2/0Polish18/0/21939-09-15 ASL Action Pack #13 Oktoberfest XXXII
BFP-132Steel Garden4.60German16/11/0Polish13/8/11939-09-15 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-133Over the Hills6.67German17/3/0Polish11/0/01939-09-16 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-134Hell at Kiernozia7.00German21/12/0Polish15/0/51939-09-16 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
CH 23Suffer the Children...German18/5/2Polish12/0/21939-09-16 Critical Hit # 2
O99.2The Bloody SaberPolish15/0/0German9/0/31939-09-16 On All Fronts # 99
FE186Hell at KiernoziaGerman20/12/0Polish18/0/41939-09-16 Fanatic Enterprises: Internet
ITR-12Sosabowski Slapdown6.50German26/0/0Polish26/0/11939-09-16 Into The Rubble 2
FE 182ShredkowiceGerman10/5/0Polish8/0/21939-09-17 Polish Campaign Pack
BFP-135No Shortage of Determination6.80Polish16/4/0German9/0/11939-09-17 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-136Boiling Kettle of Fire and Blood7.50Polish23/12/0German21/12/21939-09-18 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
SAM 1Poles ApartRussian7/2/0Polish3/1/11939-09-18 Swedish ASL Magazine
BFP-137Death Throes7.00German18/0/0Polish11/0/01939-09-18 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-138Outgunned6.80Polish18/8/0Russian12/8/01939-09-18 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
GJ036A Saar SoireeGerman20/1/4French12/6/41939-09-18 Grumble Jones
FE188The World is Against UsRussian11/6/0Polish12/0/21939-09-19 Fanatic Pack 5
13Hands Across the Slaughter7.00Polish27/14/0German12/4/11939-09-19 Dezign Pak 2
ESG86BB Gun at the Baby Parade6.00Polish12/3/0German7/0/11939-09-19 Dezign Pak 7
FE14Stab in the BackPolish15/9/0Russian13/4/01939-09-19 Fanatic Pack 2
BFP-139Cockroaches Against PanzersGerman20/13/2Polish17/7/41939-09-19 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
SP48Orlik and the Uhlans7.50German12/12/0Polish10/3/41939-09-19 Schwerpunkt # 4
BFP-140Iron Greeting6.44Polish13/6/0Russian11/6/11939-09-19 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
BFP-141Belorussian Brawl6.00Russian24/6/0Polish18/0/11939-09-20 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FrF27Cocktails for Molotov7.07Russian6/7/0Polish13/0/01939-09-20 Friendly Fire Pack 4
CH 16Out of Luck5.00Polish0/6/0Russian0/5/01939-09-20 Critical Hit # 2
33Mutilation Station6.80Russian13/0/0Polish9/0/11939-09-20 Dezign Pak 3
#4Of Volunteers, Boy Scouts and PoliceRussian25/6/0Polish19/2/41939-09-21 Major Upham Scenario Pack
BFP-142The New Eagles8.00Russian22/11/0Polish18/0/21939-09-21 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE189The Tragedy at GrodnoRussian16/4/0Polish11/0/01939-09-21 Fanatic Pack 5
BFP-143Gun ShowRussian19/10/4Polish13/0/61939-09-22 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
AP56Quagmire7.17Japanese35/0/2Chinese32/0/51939-09-22 ASL Action Pack # 6 A Decade of War
BFP-144Forest of Death6.00German24/0/0Polish24/0/01939-09-22 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE 183Take the Flag!German9/0/0Polish16/0/01939-09-23 Polish Campaign Pack
FE 184Hurrah!Polish18/0/0German17/0/01939-09-23 Polish Campaign Pack
BFP-145Rock and a Hard PlaceGerman18/11/2Polish15/0/41939-09-23 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
FE84Black MondayGerman18/7/0Polish14/0/21939-09-25 Blitzkrieg Pack
PK 41.1Black MondayGerman18/7/0Polish14/0/21939-09-25 Rare Vehicles Scenarios
VV23Le Mors aux DentsPolish12/2/0German9/0/01939-09-26 Vae Victis # 28
MM24Fort IX9.50German30/0/4Polish29/0/21939-09-26 March Madness `12 - Double-Blind Pack
50Age-Old Foes5.50Polish19/0/3Russian20/4/01939-09-27 ASL 6 - The Last Hurrah (2nd Edition)
#7The Liberation MarchPolish25/5/5Russian15/5/01939-09-28 Major Upham Scenario Pack
FE 185Assault on Fort IXGerman9/0/0Polish7/0/01939-09-28 Polish Campaign Pack
BFP-146Szacked6.00Polish14/0/0Russian9/0/11939-09-28 BFP 5: Poland in Flames
SP164Tanks But No Tanks6.43Russian20/5/0Polish14/0/31939-09-28 Schwerpunkt #14
NFNH 2The Last Fort5.00German (SS)26/0/0Polish23/0/01939-09-29 Waffen-SS III: Neither Fear Nor Hope
BFP-147The Commissar's Folly7.00Russian18/0/2Polish11/0/01939-09-30 BFP 5: Poland in Flames

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