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981 Results

(Showing 1 to 981)
OF1Stalin's Shadow6.50German11/3/0Russian7/5/01941-06-22 Ost Front Pack
O53.1The Struggle BeginsGerman8/13/0Russian16/11/01941-06-22 On All Fronts # 53
RBF10Tip Off at Tauroggen7.25German15/16/0Russian15/6/31941-06-22 Recon by Fire! #2
XK1Encounter at Checkpoint Chapkevskoy6.00German/2/0Russian/3/01941-06-22 Forgotten Counters
FF3Armor Clash7.00German1/7/0Russian1/8/01941-06-22 Firefights!
JW 3Going Ashore5.67German13/0/0Russian8/0/01941-06-22 Assurbanipal
FT162Assault on District Rovno7.00Partisan16/0/0Russian10/3/01941-06-22 From The Cellar Pack #6
WG 3Attack on the FrontierGerman16/0/0Russian14/0/01941-06-22 Wargamer # 2.10
SK 4Armor ClashGerman1/8/0Russian5/7/01941-06-22 Internet
ON13To The Soldiers of the OstfrontGerman14/0/0Russian17/0/01941-06-22 On Top Scenarios
SP101Jura JuggernautGerman20/16/0Russian20/7/21941-06-22 Schwerpunkt # 9
JAVA03The Storming of Tauroggen8.00German33/37/4Russian72/10/141941-06-22 ASL For Fun
O49.1Victory at PratulinGerman12/4/0Russian10/4/01941-06-22 On All Fronts # 49
FrF4Barbarossa D-Day6.65German7/4/0Russian6/6/01941-06-22 Friendly Fire Pack 1
6Red Packets6.16German1/3/0Russian3/6/01941-06-22 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
DB059Grind Them To DustGerman16/8/1Russian14/0/01941-06-22 Dispatches from the Bunker #24
SP222Ivan and the Three Bears6.00German12/5/0Russian8/5/11941-06-23 Schwerpunkt #19
ESG #67Keep 'Em SeparatedGerman19/14/1Russian35/4/21941-06-23 Dezign Pak 5
FT28First Annoyance7.00German15/1/0Russian18/0/11941-06-23 Franc-Tireur #7
SP185Von Renesse's Recon5.00German0/5/0Russian0/4/01941-06-23 Schwerpunkt #16
GJ055Die gepanzerte BestieGerman8/2/4Russian4/1/01941-06-23 Grumble Jones
U24Traverse Right ... Fire!6.05German0/4/0Russian0/5/01941-06-23 Turning the Tide
DB101A Willingness To Die9.00German18/9/2Russian13/0/11941-06-23 Dispatches from the Bunker #35
W1Traverse Right ... Fire!5.50German0/4/0Russian0/5/01941-06-23 Internet: MMP
AP12Cream of the Crop6.80German11/3/0Russian10/4/01941-06-23 ASL Action Pack # 2
KE 2The Dreadnought of RasyeinyiaGerman4/4/4Russian0/1/01941-06-24 March Madness `97 Pack
ASL 34 (AOO2)A New Kind of FoeGerman19/0/4Russian / Partisan21/0/11941-06-24 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
RetroPak#8Daugava DrubbingGerman12/17/0Russian17/19/11941-06-24 Retro Pak I
HP13Radio Wars7.00German/Lithuanian10/3/0Russian12/2/11941-06-24 Hero PAX 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest
OAF10The Struggle Begins: Panzers at RasienaiGerman8/13/0Russian16/11/01941-06-24 OAF Pack 1
RBF11Gut Check5.00German14/22/2Russian14/4/21941-06-24 Recon by Fire! #2
34A New Kind of Foe6.33German17/0/4Russian / Partisan20/0/11941-06-24 ASL 4 - Partisan!
O110.2The DreadnoughtGerman0/0/5Russian0/1/01941-06-24 On All Fronts #110
OF 17Murai State Farm6.50German5/3/0Russian16/0/21941-06-24 Ost Front Pack 3: Operation Barbarossa
ESG #74Scorpions in a Bottle8.25German18/6/0Russian21/3/21941-06-24 Dezign Pak 6
RR#3Knights In PlywoodGerman10/10/0Russian6/6/31941-06-24 Russian Rarities 1
FT 51Harmless SteelGerman14/6/0Russian10/6/01941-06-24 From The Cellar Pack #1
RR-12Rocket RiverGerman20/36/2Russian32/5/51941-06-25 Russian Rarities 2
10The Citadel8.05German26/3/0Russian32/0/31941-06-25 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
AP41The Meat Grinder6.46German10/6/0Russian8/6/11941-06-25 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
50Sucker Punch7.00German17/8/0Russian21/5/21941-06-25 Dezign Pak 4
ESG89Blunt Force TraumaGerman17/5/0Russian16/2/21941-06-25 Dezign Pak 7
O94.2Desperate Measures (V.2)German8/4/0Russian6/0/11941-06-26 On All Fronts # 94
AP42Frontiers and Pioneers6.95German9/6/0Russian8/4/11941-06-26 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
FE117Sanok ActionSlovakian/German18/16/0Russian12/0/41941-06-27 Oblivion Pack
HP Bonus 2Brandenburger BridgeGerman13/5/0Russian27/5/31941-06-27 Hero PAX 4: Mediterranean Theater of Operations
O54.1The RoadblockGerman6/7/0Russian3/3/11941-06-27 On All Fronts # 54
RP II 5bBrandenburger Bridge10.00German13/5/0Russian27/5/31941-06-27 Critical Hit # 7.2
Z 5Brandenburger Bridge8.17German13/5/0Russian27/5/31941-06-27 Rout Report # 4.3
RPII 5Brandenburger BridgeGerman13/5/0Russian27/5/31941-06-27 Rout Pak II
SP238Inherent Systemic Violence8.00German13/5/0Russian17/6/21941-06-27 Schwerpunkt #20
126Commando Schenke7.08German15/0/0Russian14/0/01941-06-28 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
SP184Cornered Beasts6.75German15/8/0Russian9/5/01941-06-28 Schwerpunkt #16
A 80Commando Schenke7.00German15/0/0Russian14/0/01941-06-28 AH:ASL Annual `95 Winter
RR-14Last Stand Of The TitansGerman6/16/0Russian8/8/11941-06-28 Russian Rarities 2
ATL 93.3Commando SchenkeGerman15/0/0Russian13/0/01941-06-28 ASL Digest # 3.09
TAC12Commando Schenke7.10German15/0/0Russian13/0/01941-06-28 Tactiques # 2
FrF10Assault on Wielki Dzial8.00German24/3/2Russian24/0/41941-06-29 Friendly Fire Pack 2
FE41Northern LightsGerman14/0/0Russian10/0/01941-06-29 Fanatic Pack 3
FE108No WalkoverGerman13/0/0Russian8/0/01941-06-29 Barbarossa North Pack
O105.2A Gleam of BayonetsGerman10/0/0Russian9/0/01941-06-29 On All Fronts #105
FrF47Cutting Off a Hydra's Head7.20German4/6/0Russian16/1/01941-06-29 Friendly Fire Pack 6
SP194Requiem for a Dreadnaught7.70German17/9/0Russian12/6/01941-06-30 Schwerpunkt #17
RPT117Requiem for a DreadnaughtGerman17/9/0Russian12/6/01941-06-30 Rally Point #12
FF4Walk in the Woods4.80German8/0/0Russian7/0/01941-07-00 Firefights!
BoF05Adolf's Amateurs7.29German (SS)12/2/0Russian7/2/01941-07-01 Best of Friends
M3The Crossroads7.00German/0/0Russian/0/01941-07-01 Rout Report # 1
Mission 1First ContactGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-07-01 Barbarossa
FE109SallaGerman12/0/0Russian9/1/01941-07-01 Barbarossa North Pack
FAW1Osasto FossiFinnish / German10/3/0Russian9/0/21941-07-01 Finland At War Vol 1
FrF62Dryga Lärpengar7.00Finnish9/0/0Russian11/1/01941-07-01 Friendly Fire Pack 8
ABS 1Ivan's RoadblockGerman6/2/0Russian4/3/11941-07-01 Special Edition '96 - Tanks
CA!2Jungle Fortress Of SallaGerman (SS)20/11/0Russian16/4/31941-07-01 Counterattacks 1
FrF20Adolf's Amateurs6.12German (SS)12/2/0Russian7/2/11941-07-01 Friendly Fire Pack 3
SL 20Breakout From Borisov7.50German24/17/3Russian54/12/01941-07-02 Internet
EP79Teutonic KnightsGerman11/0/2Russian15/0/21941-07-02 Euro-Pack # 5 - The Eastern Front
HP15Moldavian Massacre5.89Romanian11/0/0Russian7/0/01941-07-03 Hero PAX 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest
OF3Fortune Favours The Bold7.50German6/5/0Russian7/3/01941-07-04 Ost Front Pack
RBF-20Amateurs at War6.38Romanian0/5/0Russian0/12/01941-07-05 Recon by Fire! #3
FE95Branzini Brouhaha7.00Romanian12/6/1Russian8/8/01941-07-05 Blitzkrieg Pack
GD 6Great Elan6.00German20/6/2Russian18/0/71941-07-05 Grossdeutschland Pack 1 - The Early Years
ASL 113 (AOO2)Liberating BessarabiaRomanian14/6/0Russian11/4/01941-07-05 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
DB016Groossdeutschland Series #2: Clearing Kamienka6.00German20/7/2Russian24/0/21941-07-05 Dispatches from the Bunker # 8
113Liberating Bessarabia6.21Romanian14/6/0Russian11/4/01941-07-05 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
OB05Clearing Kamienka5.67German21/9/2Russian20/0/31941-07-05 Out of the Bunker
FE111French CastoffsGerman16/5/0Russian13/7/01941-07-06 Barbarossa North Pack
O98.3The Stalin LineEnemy (German (SS))3/6/0Friendly (Russian)2/1/11941-07-06 On All Fronts # 98
GJ063Through the Summer GrainGerman14/2/0Russian12/0/01941-07-06 Grumble Jones
NFNH 7Siberian Woods5.00German (SS)22/9/0Russian10/4/21941-07-07 Waffen-SS III: Neither Fear Nor Hope
RR #27Swamp DragonsGerman (SS)17/1/3Russian11/3/21941-07-07 Russian Rarities 4
CH 94The Ulla CrossingGerman12/0/0Russian20/2/01941-07-07 Critical Hit # 5.1
PJ1.5Stalemate at ShlobinGerman10/12/0Russian22/4/31941-07-07 Playtester's Journal # 1
DB023Leibstandarte Series #3: Recon Blitz at Sarnowka7.00German (SS)12/13/0Russian13/0/21941-07-07 Dispatches from the Bunker #12
LASSH 9Forest Through the Trees6.33German (SS)19/0/0Russian12/0/21941-07-08 Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa
O83.1Motorcycles at ZjitomirGerman13/2/2Russian14/2/01941-07-08 On All Fronts # 83
Mission 2Busting the Stalin LineGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-07-08 Barbarossa
O104.1Klim and PunishmentGerman3/1/0Russian0/0/11941-07-08 On All Fronts #104
ASL News 8Motorcycles at ZjitomirGerman13/2/2Russian14/2/01941-07-08 ASL News Pack #1
EP8Motorcycles at Zjitomir5.00German13/2/2Russian14/2/01941-07-08 Euro-Pack # 1 - Early War Actions
JAVA01Securing of Senno8.00German15/24/2Russian32/14/61941-07-08 ASL For Fun
SP223Road Warriors7.25German13/4/1Russian9/5/01941-07-08 Schwerpunkt #19
NEWS 9Motorcycles at ZjitomirGerman13/2/2Russian14/2/01941-07-08 ASL News # 4
RR-22First EncounterGerman6/13/3Russian10/21/11941-07-08 Russian Rarities 3
NEWS31State Farm 41German0/5/0Russian0/3/01941-07-09 ASL News # 18
TM #1Along the Moscow Highway German14/5/0Russian15/3/21941-07-09 Lords of the Steppe
CH 179Across the BerezinaGerman12/5/0Russian14/4/21941-07-09 Critical Hit # 7.3
ASL News 31State Farm 41German/5/0Russian/3/01941-07-09 Scroungin' ASL News
FrF70An Estonian Interlude6.44Estonian10/2/0Russian7/0/01941-07-10 Friendly Fire Pack 9
T 4Shklov's Labors Lost6.24German9/2/0Russian7/0/01941-07-11 Classic ASL
VV-102Sur La Route de Leningrad German8/7/0Russian7/8/11941-07-12 Vae Victis # 128
SK 5Red WavesGerman/0/0Russian/0/01941-07-12 Internet
LASSH 10Baptism of Fire6.80German (SS)22/3/1Russian16/3/21941-07-13 Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa
SP24Forest Fighting in Latvia5.81German9/0/0Russian7/0/21941-07-13 Schwerpunkt # 2
RBF-21Massif Assault5.50Romanian13/4/0Russian11/0/01941-07-14 Recon by Fire! #3
KV7ImperviousGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-07-16 Klementi Voroshilov Blog Scenarios
RBF-22Breaking the Massif5.00Romanian14/4/0Russian11/0/11941-07-16 Recon by Fire! #3
ESG103Objective UmanGerman13/24/0Russian25/10/21941-07-20 Dezign Pak 9
VV 81Un Ami Dans le BesoinHungarian23/6/3Russian10/9/21941-07-21 Vae Victis # 107
OF 15Stop That Train6.00German10/17/2Russian41/0/01941-07-21 Ost Front Pack 3: Operation Barbarossa
MM26Gallant Mogilev8.00German19/0/1Russian23/2/01941-07-21 March Madness `13 - Commissar Pack
TAP #11Pescara on the BugHungarian10/4/0Russian7/0/11941-07-21 Total Axis Pack I: Eastern Front Firestorm
Mission 4Unknown ResistanceGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-07-22 Barbarossa
114Cautious Crusaders7.25Slovakian20/8/0Russian25/2/21941-07-23 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
O109.4Taking PopelevoGerman12/0/0Russian15/0/01941-07-29 On All Fronts #109
DB033PaKing a PunchGerman9/2/2Russian10/0/01941-08-01 Dispatches from the Bunker #16
ESG #64Hack and Mangle6.00German13/0/0Russian12/0/01941-08-02 Dezign Pak 5
AP43Escape from Encirclement6.80German12/0/2Russian28/3/01941-08-03 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
AP 123Busting in Balta4.00German23/0/1Russian25/3/21941-08-03 ASL Action Pack #13 Oktoberfest XXXII
TT 1Take the ChanceGerman9/0/0Russian13/0/11941-08-03 ASL Digest Postscript Scenarios
CH 2The Capture of Balta: August 1941German / Romanian26/0/1Russian32/3/11941-08-03 Critical Hit # 1
S16-15The Seizure of BaltaGerman / Romanian0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-08-03 Sweet 16 4-Pack 4
J 29The Capture of Balta7.29German/Rumanian32/1/0Russian31/4/21941-08-03 ASL Journal # 2
SP225Sunflowers Along the KodymaGerman10/0/1Russian7/2/21941-08-03 Schwerpunkt #19
O68.1Battle at Lake LadogaFinnish8/0/0Russian10/0/01941-08-04 On All Fronts # 68
FE63Our LandFinnish18/0/2Russian16/3/11941-08-05 Leningrad Pack
Mission 6The Kamela CruiseGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-08-05 Barbarossa
PJ3.8Plugging The HoleGerman15/6/0Russian26/4/01941-08-05 Playtester's Journal # 3
VV95Tiedusteluoperaation [Recon Operation]Finnish / German11/3/0Russian11/0/21941-08-07 Vae Victis # 122
FE112Old Tactics, New VictimsFinnish9/0/0Russian8/0/01941-08-07 Barbarossa North Pack
MP18Marsh Madness4.00German10/1/2Russian11/0/11941-08-08 Melee Pack III
JAVA04eLeft HookRomanian16/0/0Russian12/0/01941-08-09 ASL For Fun
JAVA04fHurry, Hurry!Romanian18/3/0Russian12/0/41941-08-09 ASL For Fun
JAVA04aPrelude5.00Romanian12/0/0Russian9/0/21941-08-09 ASL For Fun
JAVA04bRight Foot ForwardRomanian12/3/0Russian11/0/21941-08-09 ASL For Fun
JAVA04cA Heavy CostRomanian19/0/0Russian19/0/21941-08-09 ASL For Fun
JAVA04The Road to Odessa5.00Romanian72/10/8Russian70/9/121941-08-09 ASL For Fun
JAVA04dCatch-UpRomanian8/6/0Russian9/0/21941-08-09 ASL For Fun
FT 56Primo Contatto6.00Italian21/0/0Russian9/2/11941-08-11 From The Cellar Pack #1
JATK5Forests of the North5.00Finnish / German (SS)16/0/3Russian11/1/21941-08-11 Jatkosota
Q6Per L'Onore Di Roma5.89Italian16/0/0Russian10/0/01941-08-12 Quick 6 Scenario Pack
54Bridge to Nowhere7.18Italian17/0/4Russian12/1/21941-08-12 ASL 7 - Hollow Legions (2nd Edition)
Mission 7Recon the CityGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-08-12 Barbarossa
FT152Avanti!6.50Axis16/0/0Russian10/2/01941-08-12 From The Cellar Pack #5
TAC54Nel Nome Di Roma6.25Italian23/0/1Russian12/0/11941-08-12 Tactiques # 7
CA!10Help From BenitoHungarian/Italian18/9/0Russian18/5/01941-08-13 Counterattacks 2
FE 165Hill 916.00Hungarian12/2/0Russian6/0/01941-08-13 Son of Oblivion Pack
PA#9In The Thick Of It!7.50German10/2/0Russian8/4/01941-08-14 Panzer Aces #2
RetroPak#14Ivan's HideGerman (SS)0/2/1Russian5/4/01941-08-14 Retro Pak II
TM #2Confusion at DjergljetzGerman (SS)2/1/1Russian6/3/01941-08-14 Lords of the Steppe
PJ1.2On the Road to Kanev (Part 1 and 2)German/0/0Russian/0/01941-08-14 Playtester's Journal # 1
O90.2aOn the Road to Kanev Part IGerman12/0/0Russian8/0/01941-08-14 On All Fronts # 90
ASL News 37A Bush Across the StreetGerman (SS)3/2/1Russian5/4/01941-08-15 Scroungin' ASL News
NEWS37A Bush Across the Street6.00German (SS)3/2/1Russian5/4/01941-08-15 ASL News # 21
FT100Hajra!8.00German (SS) / Hungarian21/3/0Russian19/3/21941-08-16 From The Cellar Pack #3
KV8Once More Into the BreachGerman0/23/0Russian21/5/21941-08-18 Klementi Voroshilov Blog Scenarios
RBF-24Meeting Again6.50Romanian28/6/0Russian16/0/31941-08-18 Recon by Fire! #3
FrF89Red Tears Shed on Gray6.33Rumanian16/3/0Russian16/2/21941-08-18 Friendly Fire Pack 11
Frf63Maximum7.09German8/3/0Russian9/1/21941-08-19 Friendly Fire Pack 8
LASSH 11Sea Battle5.00German (SS)20/3/2Russian29/0/21941-08-19 Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa
Mission 8Assault the CityGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-08-19 Barbarossa
21Dying to Kill6.22Romanian9/3/0Russian11/1/11941-08-24 Dezign Pak 2
AP 124Lunch in Luga6.57German (SS)16/0/0Russian13/0/01941-08-24 ASL Action Pack #13 Oktoberfest XXXII
FT 55Finnish BlitzkriegFinnish17/3/0Russian15/0/21941-08-24 From The Cellar Pack #1
O52.1Toward TulaGerman15/11/0Russian20/0/21941-08-25 On All Fronts # 52
O41.1Encounter at PochepGerman8/4/0Russian6/0/11941-08-25 On All Fronts # 41
KV9NamesakeIranian0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-08-26 Klementi Voroshilov Blog Scenarios
KE 13Scorched Earth5.00German9/5/0Russian12/1/11941-08-26 March Madness `99 Pack
TOTtCScorched Earth6.00German9/5/0Russian12/1/11941-08-26 Time on Target # 3
Mission 9Across the DnieprGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-08-26 Barbarossa
O97.1Road to Leningrad #1: Nasty BusinessGerman10/7/0Russian6/1/01941-08-28 On All Fronts # 97
RR-16Opening The WayGerman8/15/0Russian25/7/51941-08-29 Russian Rarities 2
O96.1Road to Leningrad #3: Chance EncountersGerman9/0/0Russian6/0/01941-08-29 On All Fronts # 96
SP31The Hills of Lagonovo5.00German9/15/0Russian20/0/41941-08-29 Schwerpunkt # 3
099.3Road to Leningrad #2 Ashes to AshesGerman8/3/0Russian16/0/11941-08-29 On All Fronts # 99
TEF1-5Panzer PioneersGerman8/10/0Russian37/2/31941-08-29 Total Eastern Front Pack I
SWE04The Starodub CommissarGerman6/4/0Russian7/1/11941-08-30 On Top Scenarios
FAW3The Bridges At TuntsajokiFinnish / German11/3/0Russian8/2/21941-08-30 Finland At War Vol 1
FE64The Iron Ring Is ClosedGerman44/9/0Russian42/0/61941-08-31 Leningrad Pack
1Fighting Withdrawal7.18Finnish16/0/0Russian14/0/01941-09-02 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
MM27Odessa Madness9.00German/Romanian34/0/0Russian25/0/21941-09-03 March Madness `13 - Commissar Pack
ESG123Talon's Grip7.00German14/2/0Russian12/0/11941-09-03 Dezign Pak 10
WG 5Setback on the Road to MtenskGerman11/21/0Russian13/5/01941-09-05 Wargamer # 2.10
EP84Battle for the Odessa LineRomanian20/0/0Russian12/0/21941-09-06 Euro-Pack # 5 - The Eastern Front
FE113Blood on the TimbersGerman15/0/0Russian13/0/01941-09-07 Barbarossa North Pack
FAW6Renewed Offensive5.00Finnish11/0/0Russian10/0/01941-09-07 Finland At War Vol 1
168Forest Bastion6.92Finnish15/0/0Russian13/0/01941-09-08 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
Mission 11The Kamenka CrushGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-09-09 Barbarossa
FE118Zaporohze IslandHungarian14/5/0Russian9/0/21941-09-09 Oblivion Pack
FE114Hide & SeekGerman11/0/0Russian11/0/01941-09-09 Barbarossa North Pack
U26Bald Hill2.00German13/14/0Russian16/0/51941-09-11 Turning the Tide
PA#8We Were Damed Lucky5.00German0/4/0Russian0/4/01941-09-12 Panzer Aces #2
O112.2Death in the AfternoonGerman (SS)10/4/0Russian5/0/01941-09-13 On All Fronts #112
MM28Sonderkommando Benesch6.33German5/0/0Russian8/0/01941-09-14 March Madness `13 - Commissar Pack
Mission 12The Kremenchoug ClearingGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-09-16 Barbarossa
TH 6Tom Repetti's Dream ScenarioGerman/6/0Russian/3/01941-09-16 Internet
FE65Straight to the FrontGerman16/7/0Russian13/6/01941-09-17 Leningrad Pack
CH 73The Stand OffGerman3/4/0Russian0/7/11941-09-18 Critical Hit # 4.1
#73The Stand OffGerman3/4/0Russian0/7/11941-09-18 Critical Hit Annual #3
LASSH 12Contact!6.67German (SS)11/0/0Russian10/0/01941-09-20 Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa
LFT237Roma Victor7.40German / Italian24/6/2Russian15/3/11941-09-23 Franc-Tireur #14
MM29Sorve PointGerman15/0/0Russian18/0/01941-09-23 March Madness `13 - Commissar Pack
VV31Inainte!Romanian13/0/0Russian8/0/01941-09-26 Vae Victis # 46
FE 166Classic Meeting EngagementRomanian18/8/2Russian14/7/01941-09-26 Son of Oblivion Pack
FT260Inainte!6.00Romanian13/0/0Russian8/0/01941-09-26 From The Cellar Pack #9
CHA6Operation BeowulfGerman20/0/0Russian19/0/71941-09-28 Critical Hit Annual #1
Mission 14The Melitopol PocketGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-09-30 Barbarossa
FO 3One Story TownFinnish24/0/0Russian18/8/01941-09-30 Forward Observer #2 - Fall 2001
FrF49One Last Mighty Hew7.13German11/4/0Russian12/4/11941-09-30 Friendly Fire Pack 6
JATK1Toast Victory with VodkaFinnish18/5/0Russian14/1/21941-10-01 Jatkosota
FAW8Karelian DreamFinnish14/9/5Russian16/2/31941-10-01 Finland At War Vol 1
27Typhoon's Vortex4.00German13/0/0Russian26/0/01941-10-04 Dezign Pak 3
FT182Rolling ThunderGerman9/0/0Russian8/0/01941-10-05 Franc-Tireur #13
SP255Anatoly's Ambush6.50German11/11/0Russian9/9/11941-10-06 Schwerpunkt #22
LASSH 14A Bird in the Hand5.50German (SS)6/4/4Russian9/2/21941-10-06 Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa
Le Pont Sur La RokovaiaGerman/8/0Russian/8/01941-10-06 Journal du Stratège # 46
VV114Un Clou Dans Le CercueilGerman11/3/0Russian12/0/21941-10-07 Vae Victis # 141
Mission 15RasputistaGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-10-07 Barbarossa
RP16Big SurpriseGerman (SS)12/2/0Russian10/3/01941-10-07 WASLC's Rally Point! # 4.3
NEWS 6Heroes of MtsenskGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-10-10 ASL News # 2
CH 33At the Point5.50German6/8/0Russian9/4/01941-10-10 Critical Hit # 3
J102The Yelnya Bridge6.38German (SS)9/4/0Russian11/0/11941-10-13 ASL Journal # 7
O123.2Do or Die!German (SS)10/4/0Russian6/0/01941-10-13 On All Fronts #123
FT31The Yelnya Bridge7.00German (SS)8/4/0Russian11/0/11941-10-13 Franc-Tireur #7
O123.4Close RanksGerman (SS)12/2/0Russian9/0/21941-10-13 On All Fronts #123
NEWS21The Shortest WayGerman16/11/1Russian15/0/51941-10-14 ASL News # 13
NFNH 8Wounded Three Times in One Day5.00German (SS)9/0/0Russian7/2/01941-10-14 Waffen-SS III: Neither Fear Nor Hope
J103Lenin's Sons6.74German (SS)14/0/0Russian8/0/01941-10-14 ASL Journal # 7
42Battle at Borodino6.33German (SS)5/0/0Russian10/0/01941-10-14 Dezign Pak 4
EP21The Shortest WayGerman16/11/0Russian15/0/51941-10-14 Euro-Pack # 1 - Early War Actions
FT32Lenin's Sons6.29German (SS)14/0/0Russian8/0/01941-10-14 Franc-Tireur #7
ASL News 21The Shortest WayGerman16/11/0Russian15/0/51941-10-14 ASL News Pack #1
RBF-45Lone Bridge over the VolgaGerman12/10/0Russian17/0/31941-10-14 Recon by Fire! #4
FF9Ghost of Napoleon6.10German (SS)12/3/0Russian12/6/01941-10-14 Waffen-SS II: The Fuhrer's Fireman
atp1The Shortest WayGerman16/11/0Russian15/0/51941-10-14 At the Point # 6
J104Flanking Flamethrowers6.62German13/2/0Russian8/0/11941-10-15 ASL Journal # 7
FT33Flanking FTsGerman13/2/0Russian8/0/11941-10-15 Franc-Tireur #7
O72.1Istya's BridgeGerman16/5/1Russian12/0/21941-10-16 On All Fronts # 72
FT35Last Push to Mozhaisk6.00German16/6/0Russian14/0/11941-10-17 Franc-Tireur #7
J115Last Push To Mozhaisk6.60German16/6/0Russian14/0/11941-10-17 ASL Journal # 8
RR #32Hot PanzersGerman24/6/3Russian26/0/51941-10-18 Russian Rarities 4
O2Breaking the Ishun Line5.33German17/0/0Russian13/0/01941-10-19 Special Ops 1
SP6Udarnik Bridgehead6.11Spanish Blue4/0/0Russian6/0/01941-10-19 Schwerpunkt # 1
Mission 17Stoï !German (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-10-21 Barbarossa
FT 80One Spanish Hero6.17Spanish Blue11/0/0Russian11/0/01941-10-22 Franc-Tireur #10
FE66Tedium2.00German16/12/0Russian14/0/41941-10-23 Leningrad Pack
FT268Spain's Crusaders8.00German (Spanish)12/0/0Russian16/0/01941-10-23 From The Cellar Pack #9
ESG127Torch and BlastItalian11/0/0Russian10/0/01941-10-25 Dezign Pak 10
LASSH 15Shot Off With Too Weak of a Bullet5.50German (SS)7/3/0Russian10/0/01941-10-26 Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa
SP251Kettenkrad BlitzGerman7/18/0Russian6/7/11941-10-27 Schwerpunkt #21
Mission 18Crazy KrynkaGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-10-28 Barbarossa
O48.1The BarracksSpanish Blue8/0/0Russian8/0/01941-10-28 On All Fronts # 48
FT 81Dubrovka7.22Spanish Blue20/0/0Russian21/0/01941-10-29 Franc-Tireur #10
SRN3Caurteles de DubrowkaSpanish Blue31/0/0Russian16/0/51941-10-29 Sir Roger Mercenario Online Magazine
CB1Tempête d'hiver sur Toula6.00German12/0/0Russian16/0/01941-10-30 Casus Belli
SP226Grave Decision6.25German13/7/0Russian16/4/21941-10-30 Schwerpunkt #19
O86.2No Name Russia (Finland)Finnish17/3/0Russian16/1/01941-11-01 On All Fronts # 86
Mission 19This Terrible Swift ChachkaGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-11-04 Barbarossa
#1Colona Chiaramonti8.00Italian17/0/0Russian16/5/01941-11-06 Roman Glory II
#3Head OnItalian25/2/0Russian27/4/21941-11-11 Roman Glory II
#3.1Head On (corrected)Italian25/2/0Russian27/5/21941-11-11 Roman Glory II
#4Midnight TrainItalian19/0/0Russian16/0/11941-11-12 Roman Glory II
RR #33End of the 21stGerman17/16/1Russian11/11/11941-11-15 Russian Rarities 4
WG 8The Storming of IvanovoGerman18/5/0Russian26/0/41941-11-15 Wargamer # 2.11
O73.1A Midnight StrollGerman15/0/0Russian12/0/21941-11-15 On All Fronts # 73
CA!3Blood Red SnowGerman (SS)18/4/0Russian18/0/21941-11-17 Counterattacks 1
LASSH 16A Grim Day at Krasny Krim5.50German (SS)14/11/0Russian12/3/31941-11-20 Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa
FrF93Wiener Walzer6.85German9/14/1Russian11/4/11941-11-23 Friendly Fire Pack 12
RR3 BonusPanzers on IceGerman / Finnish0/0/0Russian0/0/01941-11-24 Russian Rarities 3
FAW2Fire and IceFinnish / German10/5/0Russian13/2/21941-11-24 Finland At War Vol 1
BC5High TideGerman/0/0Russian/0/01941-11-26 Internet
RBF-42Keystone Before Moscow7.60German (SS)21/5/0Russian16/0/31941-11-26 Recon by Fire! #4
AP13Shielding Moscow6.29German7/0/0Russian14/2/01941-12-03 ASL Action Pack # 2
JATK6Mannerheim's CrossFinnish16/9/2Russian10/4/41941-12-05 Jatkosota
FE67A Cold Day in Hell3.50Finnish10/0/0Russian10/0/01941-12-06 Leningrad Pack
Mission 24Back on the MiusGerman (SS)0/3/0Russian0/0/01941-12-09 Barbarossa
CH 42Teryaeva SlobodaGerman7/2/0Russian5/0/01941-12-15 Critical Hit # 4
A 91The Road to Gora6.33Finnish14/0/0Russian16/0/01941-12-15 AH:ASL Annual `96
WTM #2Into The TrapGerman6/2/0Russian6/0/11941-12-15 Winter Lords of the Steppe
AAll-out EffortGerman17/5/2Russian9/0/31941-12-17 Combat History of the Schwere Panzerjager Abeilung 653
RPT110Theirs Not to Reason Why (3 player)8.00German vs Romanian15/1/2Russian9/2/01941-12-19 Rally Point #11
WCW 9Sweep Up5.50German9/1/0Russian6/0/01941-12-25 ASL Open `96 Scenario Pack
#5Avanti Savoia!German/Italian20/6/1Russian29/1/31941-12-27 Red Christmas II
FE119The Face of WarRomanian15/6/2Russian10/4/11941-12-29 Oblivion Pack
MM 34Yevpatoriya Mop Up9.17German18/2/0Russian15/0/01942-01-06 March Madness `17 - Hollis Pack
RGC 3A Cold Winter's DayGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-01-10 Internet
DB010Bunker Brasche5.00German7/0/2Russian8/0/01942-01-13 Dispatches from the Bunker # 5
FT185StuG of War4.60German0/5/0Russian0/6/01942-01-15 Franc-Tireur #13
MP19Ski PatrolSpanish Blue11/0/0Russian10/0/01942-01-17 Melee Pack III
MM01Ust-Usa8.00Partisan5/0/0Russian2/0/01942-01-24 March Madness `10 - Irregular Forces Pack
RBF13Neubauer Battalion5.00German17/0/0Russian12/0/01942-01-25 Recon by Fire! #2
TAC14Entre le Marteau et l'Enclume II5.00German16/0/0Russian22/0/01942-01-26 Tactiques # 2
FrF79Saving the Center6.40German16/4/0Russian12/0/11942-01-27 Friendly Fire Pack 10
FT KGS3Reclamation7.75German28/0/1Russian21/0/01942-01-27 Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm
RPT88Pape's Incursion6.50German11/6/0Russian12/2/11942-02-10 Rally Point # 9
SL 19Winter MeleeGerman/3/0Russian / Partisan/0/01942-02-17 Internet
GD 8Blood-Flecked Snow6.50German17/0/0Russian18/0/01942-02-20 Grossdeutschland Pack 1 - The Early Years
SV7Probing KorsusSwedish7/0/0Russian8/0/01942-03-04 Swedish Volunteers
FT KGS7Contested Canisters6.00German8/0/0Russian15/0/01942-03-11 Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm
FE68Beast Of PreyGerman (SS)16/4/0Russian14/0/21942-03-15 Leningrad Pack
CH 172Winter BluesGerman (SS) / Spanish Blue 19/4/2Russian17/3/11942-03-19 Critical Hit # 7.3
Z22Winter BluesGerman (SS) / Spanish Blue19/4/2Russian17/3/11942-03-19 Rout Report # 5.1
NFNH 9Jackboot Woods5.00German (SS)15/10/2Russian60/6/01942-03-23 Waffen-SS III: Neither Fear Nor Hope
KGS19Back By NightGerman8/0/0Russian7/0/01942-04-13 Kampfgruppe Scherer - Player's Guide
SV8Through Mud and Blood7.00Finnish / Swedish12/0/0Russian19/0/01942-04-18 Swedish Volunteers
FT186TrappenjagdGerman10/14/0Russian12/14/21942-05-09 Franc-Tireur #13
KGS21Foiled For Flanking FireGerman19/4/0Russian16/0/01942-05-09 Kampfgruppe Scherer - Player's Guide
Scenario 2Minedog!Romanian/3/0Russian/2/01942-05-12 Rate of Fire #17
FT187Trappenjagd: The EndGerman19/7/0Russian17/8/31942-05-13 Franc-Tireur #13
SP124Expelling The GuardsGerman15/10/0Russian10/5/41942-05-14 Schwerpunkt #11
MP12A Worthy Adversary10.00German15/5/1Russian16/5/31942-05-14 Melee Pack II
PBP 4Driven to the BottleGerman0/4/0Russian0/6/01942-05-16 Paddington Bears '96 Pack
CH 56The "Stalingrad" of KurskGerman12/4/0Russian10/2/21942-05-16 Critical Hit # 3.1
S16-4Army Group BobkinGerman0/4/0Russian0/6/01942-05-16 Sweet 16 4-Pack 1
FrF81Across the Rio Grande5.00Swedish7/0/0Russian9/0/11942-05-16 Friendly Fire Pack 10
O63.2Prelude to Fall BlauGerman8/1/0Russian6/0/01942-05-17 On All Fronts # 63
KGS22Successful Second Time AroundGerman40/4/2Russian32/4/31942-05-18 Kampfgruppe Scherer - Player's Guide
ESG #59Speed KillsGerman4/12/0Russian12/8/01942-05-18 Dezign Pak 5
FT188NKVD NutGerman18/0/0Russian9/0/21942-06-05 Franc-Tireur #13
FT KGS14Regained in a DayGerman21/3/2Russian29/0/31942-06-08 Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm
MG#1First ProbeGerman8/1/1Russian6/0/11942-06-12 Maxim Gorki
MG#2Into The Valley Of DeathGerman32/4/8Russian28/0/171942-06-13 Maxim Gorki
MG#5Clearing The FlankGerman22/4/8Russian16/0/101942-06-13 Maxim Gorki
MG#3Pioneer PushGerman14/0/1Russian13/0/31942-06-16 Maxim Gorki
MG#8Race To The SeaGerman12/0/1Russian14/0/21942-06-17 Maxim Gorki
MG#9Maxim EffortGerman55/2/5Russian60/0/151942-06-17 Maxim Gorki
MG#10Fresh TroopsGerman26/0/9Russian18/0/81942-06-17 Maxim Gorki
JF 11Because It Was ThereGerman / Romanian/0/0Russian/0/01942-06-17 Jitter Fire IV
MG#7Left HookGerman6/0/0Russian6/0/11942-06-17 Maxim Gorki
MG#11The Last GunGerman12/0/0Russian10/0/21942-06-18 Maxim Gorki
HB3 Bonus 1Tin Pan HillGerman12/2/0Russian12/0/11942-06-20 Hell's Bridgehead 3
MG#12Into The Bowels Of HellGerman8/2/0Russian6/0/01942-06-20 Maxim Gorki
CH152Tin Pan HillGerman12/2/0Russian13/0/11942-06-20 Critical Hit # 6.4
TAC16Nettoyage d'EteSpanish Blue16/2/2Russian13/0/01942-06-21 Tactiques # 2
MM31Sevastopol By Sea8.50German19/0/1Russian18/0/01942-06-29 March Madness `13 - Commissar Pack
J129Mountain Hunters7.05Romanian/German18/2/1Russian13/0/31942-06-29 ASL Journal # 9
FT189Severnaya Serenade10.00German18/0/1Russian17/0/11942-06-29 Franc-Tireur #13
ASL 221Mountain Hunters7.75Axis (Romanian/German)19/2/1Russian16/0/31942-06-29 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
VV30PanzerkeilGerman9/14/0Russian8/9/11942-06-30 Vae Victis # 43
O87.3No Name Russia July 1942German12/8/0Russian14/0/11942-07-01 On All Fronts # 87
FrF21Cavalry Brigade Model6.33German11/2/0Russian12/1/11942-07-02 Friendly Fire Pack 3
BoF06Cavalry Brigade Model6.60German11/2/0Russian13/1/11942-07-02 Best of Friends
GD10Apple Sauce5.00German18/9/0Russian17/8/31942-07-02 Grossdeutschland Pack 2 - Forging der Stahlhelm
ESG #65OutflankedHungarian19/13/0Russian17/11/41942-07-03 Dezign Pak 5
RR-10Kiotzen, Nicht KleckernGerman14/3/2Russian18/1/11942-07-06 Russian Rarities 2
VB7NKVD Town HallGerman14/5/0Russian8/3/01942-07-17 Volfoni Brothers Pack
ASL 115 (AOO2)Huns of SteelHungarian20/16/0Russian19/9/11942-07-18 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
115Huns of Steel5.75Hungarian20/16/0Russian18/9/11942-07-18 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
FrF11Rostov Redemption6.93German10/1/0Russian9/0/11942-07-24 Friendly Fire Pack 2
131The Penetration of Rostov6.74German16/3/2Russian10/0/01942-07-24 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
A 17The Penetration of Rostov6.00German16/3/2Russian10/0/01942-07-24 AH:ASL Annual `90
DB114The Streets of Rostov6.33German (SS)19/14/0Russian38/0/51942-07-24 Dispatches from the Bunker #38
ITR-13To the Last Bullet5.50German16/4/0Russian11/0/01942-07-24 Into The Rubble 2
D3Storming the Factory6.50German (SS)20/4/0Russian23/0/11942-07-28 DASL 1 - Streets of Fire
FE 168The First Battle of UryvHungarian18/8/0Russian11/3/01942-07-28 Son of Oblivion Pack
GJ035At the Don's EdgeCroatian20/1/1Russian13/1/71942-08-01 Grumble Jones
FrF71Pulling Out7.64German10/14/3Russian10/8/01942-08-05 Friendly Fire Pack 9
43Hungarian Hammerhead7.00Hungarian18/0/0Russian12/0/01942-08-07 Dezign Pak 4
EP99Lords of the SteppeGerman15/17/0Russian14/4/21942-08-08 Euro-Pack # 5 - The Eastern Front
Aussie Bonus #5PowderkegGerman11/8/0Russian12/3/21942-08-11 Afrikakorps - Bonus Stuff
S16-12Fall WirbelwindGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-08-11 Sweet 16 4-Pack 3
PB-CH (B)PowderworksGerman11/8/0Russian12/3/21942-08-11 Critical Hit # 4.2
TM #3Fall WirblewindGerman11/8/0Russian14/3/31942-08-11 Lords of the Steppe
BMW 5.4End of the LineGerman13/0/1Russian15/0/01942-08-18 Single Man Publishing
PAD 2The Quick and the Dead6.20Slovak9/0/0Russian6/0/21942-08-21 Map Pad Pack
A 12Savoia!5.75Italian25/0/0Russian18/0/11942-08-23 AH:ASL Annual `89
VV 84Soeurs D'ArmesGerman10/13/0Russian10/0/41942-08-23 Vae Victis # 110
SFS 4You Dirty, Little, SerafimovichGerman/3/0Russian/0/01942-08-24 L.A. Tournament
WG10RepulsedGerman/5/0Russian/3/01942-08-25 Wargamer # 2.11
RBF 7Into the Cauldron6.00German20/2/1Russian18/0/21942-08-25 Recon by Fire! #1
CC98-5Into the CauldronGerman18/2/1Russian20/0/21942-08-25 CanCon 1998
GJ046The SteepleGerman11/3/2Russian16/0/01942-08-28 Grumble Jones
FE69Tiger WoodsGerman15/5/0Russian14/3/01942-08-29 Leningrad Pack
J130The Art of Dying7.42Italian11/5/0Russian15/2/21942-09-01 ASL Journal # 9
WO 25The Replacements6.57Italian19/6/0Russian13/0/11942-09-01 Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2018
FrF56Saluting a General6.14German11/7/0Russian11/6/01942-09-04 Friendly Fire Pack 7
PJ4.3The Leather FactoryGerman/5/0Russian/2/01942-09-13 Playtester's Journal # 4
CA!16Foreign InfluenceHungarian16/10/0Russian12/7/21942-09-13 Counterattacks 2
PJ4.1Fire on the Red LineGerman/5/0Russian/5/01942-09-13 Playtester's Journal # 4
O103.1Storming the Station7.67German12/3/0Russian23/2/01942-09-14 On All Fronts #103
VotG3Khopka's Crossing6.50German13/3/0Russian19/1/01942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
CH 84Every Man a Fortress6.00German/1/0Russian/0/01942-09-14 Special Edition '97 - Stalingrad
O103.2Confidence is HighGerman18/4/0Russian18/2/01942-09-14 On All Fronts #103
CG-GE1The Grain Elevator2.00German/3/0Russian/3/01942-09-14 Special Edition '97 - Stalingrad
PJ4.5Kuibyshev SawmillGerman/0/0Russian/1/01942-09-14 Playtester's Journal # 4
CH 84aEvery Man a FortressGerman/1/0Russian/0/01942-09-14 Critical Hit # 7.2
VV17Plus un pas en Arrière! German12/0/2Russian17/0/11942-09-14 Vae Victis # 22
VotG1The First Bid9.50German81/21/2Russian100/13/101942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG CGIVSavage Streets of Stalingrad7.67German0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG 18In Sight of the Volga8.75German23/2/0Russian15/0/11942-09-14 Operations Special Issue #1
O111.1RS3: Enter the DragonGerman13/3/0Russian20/0/01942-09-14 On All Fronts #111
O108.2To the FerryGerman12/0/0Russian15/0/11942-09-14 On All Fronts #108
VotG2Russe! Drown in the Wolga!6.76German15/0/0Russian13/0/11942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG CGIIDrive to the VolgaGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-14 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
ON1At the Very BeginningGerman4/0/0Russian4/0/01942-09-14 On Top Scenarios
5In Sight of the Volga6.95German25/0/0Russian20/0/11942-09-14 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
CH154The Central Rail StationGerman13/0/0Russian14/0/01942-09-14 Critical Hit # 6.4
MK1Devil's SummitGerman15/12/2Russian18/1/31942-09-14 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
VotG CGIThe Central Railway Station5.75German0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-15 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
AP44The Burial Mound5.75German17/0/0Russian16/0/21942-09-16 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
VotG7Storming the Station7.25German35/10/3Russian31/2/01942-09-16 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
PJ4.2The VerdunGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-09-17 Playtester's Journal # 4
BB 11.1Grain for the TakingGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-17 Coastal Fortress
VotG19Cellar Dwellers5.20German8/0/1Russian10/0/01942-09-17 ASL Journal # 8
MK4Scrapyard5.00German23/6/1Russian18/0/11942-09-20 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
VotG26Bad Day for the Luftwaffe7.75German5/3/0Russian12/3/01942-09-20 ASL Journal #11
O111.2RS4: The Nail FactoryGerman26/9/1Russian15/0/01942-09-21 On All Fronts #111
VotG10The Darkest Day7.67German38/7/2Russian27/0/21942-09-21 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
MK5The InfernoGerman20/2/3Russian21/0/31942-09-22 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
VotG21Defending The Voentorg6.00German12/4/0Russian12/0/01942-09-22 ASL Journal # 8
GD11Max and Moritz5.00German18/3/0Russian14/5/01942-09-22 Grossdeutschland Pack 2 - Forging der Stahlhelm
DB055Sturmgeschütz Forward!6.67German7/7/0Russian5/0/11942-09-22 Dispatches from the Bunker #23
MK CG IHill of BloodGerman36/0/0Russian32/0/01942-09-23 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
FE 169Helping HandAxis6/2/0Russian5/0/01942-09-23 Son of Oblivion Pack
VotG CGIIIBattle Along the RiverbankGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-09-23 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
VotG27Drama, The Park, and Deadly Things6.33German10/4/0Russian9/0/11942-09-23 ASL Journal #11
VotG22Bark You Dogs!6.00German6/3/0Russian4/0/01942-09-26 ASL Journal # 9
MK7Under Shell and BombGerman42/12/8Russian49/6/81942-09-27 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
FrF12The Fields of Black Gold7.75German (SS)12/6/0Russian14/6/21942-09-28 Friendly Fire Pack 2
SP140Red Valentines7.20German (SS)11/10/0Russian13/14/01942-09-28 Schwerpunkt #12
BoF07The Fields of Black Gold8.00German (SS)12/6/0Russian14/7/21942-09-28 Best of Friends
WG 1Boltenko's GunGerman9/2/0Russian5/0/11942-09-28 Wargamer # 2.09
MK8Fraught with DangerGerman/Croatian17/3/2Russian18/2/11942-09-28 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
MK9Hitler's Little HelpersGerman/Croatian9/0/0Russian7/0/11942-09-28 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
FT70Ride Across the Caucasus5.67German / Romanian15/0/0Russian12/0/01942-09-28 From The Cellar Pack #2
MK11Arisen Once MoreGerman/Croatian27/3/0Russian21/0/21942-09-30 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
GD12Herbstwind5.00German24/9/0Russian26/2/31942-09-30 Grossdeutschland Pack 2 - Forging der Stahlhelm
Mission r2BreakoutGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r3Hold the FactoryGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r4Assault on Red BarricadesGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
Mission r1Assault on the Assembly HallGerman or Russian/0/0German or Russian/0/01942-10-01 ASL Journal # 1
VotG24Raid on Rodimtsev8.00German48/0/6Russian54/0/61942-10-02 ASL Journal # 9
CA!7Vikings On The SteppeGerman (SS)27/24/1Russian16/10/41942-10-03 Counterattacks 1
MK12Ditch GhoulsGerman10/0/0Russian10/0/01942-10-03 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
MK13Ashes of VictoryGerman16/3/0Russian16/0/21942-10-03 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
PA#10High Price in BloodGerman17/4/0Russian12/8/21942-10-05 Panzer Aces #2
St3Dark MenaceGerman/5/0Russian/0/01942-10-06 Stalingrad: Valor of the 37th Guards
BThe Tractor Works6.82German19/0/0Russian38/0/01942-10-06 Classic ASL
CThe Streets of Stalingrad7.19German32/5/0Russian59/4/01942-10-06 Classic ASL
D4First to Strike6.00German24/3/0Russian27/0/31942-10-07 DASL 1 - Streets of Fire
StalPak9Zholudev's 37th GuardsGerman24/14/1Russian39/13/51942-10-07 Ivan's War
St9To the Banks of the VolgaGerman34/11/0Russian38/11/41942-10-07 Stalingrad: Valor of the 37th Guards
StalPak3Dark MenaceGerman21/6/2Russian21/0/31942-10-07 Ivan's War
St5Beer Cellar BoastGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-14 Stalingrad: Valor of the 37th Guards
StalPak7Panzer GraveyardGerman12/15/0Russian19/0/41942-10-14 Ivan's War
StalPak8Gonychar's Stand7.00German20/0/0Russian17/0/11942-10-14 Ivan's War
St7Metal GodsGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-14 Stalingrad: Valor of the 37th Guards
TW-AThe FortressGerman/5/0Russian/0/01942-10-14 Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works
CG TW IThe Volga CorridorGerman/12/0Russian/4/01942-10-14 Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works
StalPak5Burgerbraukeller BoastGerman20/0/0Russian14/0/21942-10-14 Ivan's War
CG TW IISeizing the FactoryGerman/6/0Russian/0/01942-10-15 Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works
StalPak6RattenkriegGerman15/6/0Russian15/1/21942-10-15 Ivan's War
xTW-1Knight's Cross SASL CampaignGerman/5/0Russian/0/01942-10-15 Special Edition '97 - Stalingrad
St6War of the Rats7.00German/4/0Russian/1/01942-10-15 Stalingrad: Valor of the 37th Guards
FE131Take that Damn FactoryGerman20/4/0Russian18/0/21942-10-15 Fanatic Pack 4
St8A Backwater of WarGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-15 Stalingrad: Valor of the 37th Guards
xTW-1aKnight's Cross SASL CampaignGerman (Friendly)0/0/0Russian (Enemy)0/0/01942-10-15 Critical Hit Online # 1
VotG14Pavlov's House7.31German16/4/0Russian13/0/11942-10-15 HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards
TW-BRattenkreigGerman/4/0Russian/1/01942-10-15 Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works
TW-DThe Housing DistrictGerman/2/0Russian/0/01942-10-15 Dzerhezinsky Tractor Works
ITR-14Between Rockets and a Hard Place7.00German21/4/0Russian14/2/21942-10-16 Into The Rubble 2
MM 47The Brickworks9.50German13/2/0Russian7/0/11942-10-16 March Madness 2018 Players Pack
RBMC1Zona MortalGerman8/0/0Russian8/0/01942-10-17 Alea #24
ITR-3Tough As Nails7.20German32/8/0Russian27/0/41942-10-17 Into The Rubble
RB1One Down, Two to Go7.33German 32/3/0Russian51/1/21942-10-17 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB CG 1Into the Factory8.40German/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-17 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
RB CG01Into the FactoryGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-10-17 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB 1One Down, Two to Go7.36German32/3/0Russian47/1/21942-10-17 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
RB CG 3The Barrikady7.21German/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-17 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
RB CG03The BarrikadyGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-10-17 HASL10a - Red Factories
RBMC2La FundicionGerman8/0/0Russian10/0/01942-10-18 Alea #24
J82Pavlov's House5.75German9/2/0Russian5/0/11942-10-20 ASL Journal # 5
TPavlov's HouseGerman9/2/0Russian5/0/11942-10-20 AH:The General # 29.6
RBMC3A Lo Largo De La ViaGerman8/0/0Russian11/0/01942-10-20 Alea #24
MRB 1The Deburring HallGerman12/0/0Russian8/0/11942-10-21 Internet
RBMC4La CadenaGerman8/0/0Russian13/0/01942-10-21 Alea #24
RBMC5Planta De TempleGerman10/0/0Russian11/0/01942-10-21 Alea #24
RB2Blood and Guts5.75German34/3/0Russian33/0/11942-10-22 HASL10a - Red Factories
SF1Pavlov's FortressGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-22 Stalin's Fury
RB 2Blood and Guts7.27German34/3/0Russian32/0/11942-10-22 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
RO CGIX-TagGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-10-23 HASL10b - Red October
RO1Blood on the Tracks7.00German23/2/0Russian29/0/21942-10-23 HASL10b - Red October
RO2Second Step7.00German19/1/2Russian24/0/11942-10-23 HASL10b - Red October
RBF-43Blood Factory3.00German43/0/0Russian37/0/11942-10-24 Recon by Fire! #4
RB3Bread Factory #26.33German14/0/0Russian14/0/11942-10-25 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB CG04Bled WhiteGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-10-25 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB CG 4Bled WhiteGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-25 ASL Journal # 1
(ASL 9?)¡Berserk!German19/0/0Russian17/0/01942-10-25 Alea # 1
SF2"Vorwart!"German/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-25 Stalin's Fury
RBF-32Mountain Crossmarch7.00Romanian/German23/6/2Russian30/0/11942-10-25 Recon by Fire! #3
RB 3Bread Factory #26.95German14/0/0Russian14/0/11942-10-25 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
D2Berserk!6.25German19/0/0Russian17/0/01942-10-25 DASL 1 - Streets of Fire
RB 4To the Rescue6.78German15/0/0Russian18/0/01942-10-26 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
RBF-44Steelingrad6.50German32/10/0Russian30/0/31942-10-26 Recon by Fire! #4
RB4To The Rescue7.00German15/0/0Russian18/0/11942-10-26 HASL10a - Red Factories
RPT7Romanian Hammers6.50Romanian / German12/2/0Russian9/2/01942-10-26 Rally Point # 1
RB8Fire on the Volga6.00German21/0/0Russian24/0/21942-10-27 HASL10a - Red Factories
AH 1Fire on the Volga7.00German20/0/0Russian25/0/21942-10-27 AH:ASL Annual `91
D1Guryev's Headquarters6.84German17/0/0Russian15/0/01942-10-27 DASL 1 - Streets of Fire
SF3The Fuhrer's PawnGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-10-31 Stalin's Fury
TH 10The GrainaryRomanian/3/0Russian/0/01942-10-31 Internet
VV51Le Maillon FaibleGerman/Romanian13/5/2Russian12/3/31942-11-07 Vae Victis HS #10
VV69Espoirs ...German / Romanian14/2/1Russian6/2/21942-11-08 Vae Victis # 94
RB10The Commissar's House7.00German25/0/0Russian25/0/01942-11-09 HASL10a - Red Factories
4The Commissar's House7.04German25/0/0Russian25/0/01942-11-09 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
AH 2The Commissar's House8.75German25/0/0Russian25/0/01942-11-09 AH:ASL Annual `92
SF4A Few Brave MenGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-11-10 Stalin's Fury
MK14Crater HillGerman21/3/0Russian20/0/31942-11-11 Hill of Blood: Mamayev Kurgan
RO4The MartinofenGerman19/0/3Russian18/0/11942-11-11 HASL10b - Red October
RB 5The Last Bid7.56German89/25/7Russian109/3/91942-11-11 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
RO5Men of Steel8.00German90/10/9Russian78/6/121942-11-11 HASL10b - Red October
RO CGIIOktyabr's HubertusGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-11-11 HASL10b - Red October
DB098Red Barricades Series #2: Sandbanks Of The Volga7.00German22/3/0Russian20/0/01942-11-11 Dispatches from the Bunker #34
DB122Prescription for the Kommissar5.00German31/4/0Russian32/0/21942-11-11 Dispatches from the Bunker #40
RF CGIRed FactoriesGeman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-11-11 HASL10b - Red October
RB13Sandbanks of the Volga8.00German22/3/0Russian21/0/01942-11-11 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB CG 2Operation Hubertus7.50German/0/0Russian/0/01942-11-11 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
RB CG02Operation HubertusGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01942-11-11 HASL10a - Red Factories
RB5The Last BidGerman90/25/7Russian111/3/91942-11-11 HASL10a - Red Factories
18Exceeding Expectations6.00Romanian12/0/2Russian9/0/01942-11-12 Dezign Pak 2
RB6Turned Away6.25German7/0/0Russian7/0/01942-11-15 HASL10a - Red Factories
CH 15aNo FartherGerman20/4/1Russian21/3/21942-11-15 Critical Hit # 7.2
RB 6Turned Away7.10German7/0/0Russian7/0/01942-11-15 HASL 1 - Red Barricades
Z 3No FartherGerman20/5/1Russian21/3/21942-11-15 Rout Report # 4
StalPak10Panzer PioneersGerman22/6/2Russian24/7/21942-11-15 Ivan's War
CH 15No FartherGerman20/4/1Russian21/3/21942-11-15 Critical Hit # 2
RB12The 138 of the 138th8.50German23/1/1Russian18/0/11942-11-17 HASL10a - Red Factories
DB085The 138 of the 138thGerman23/1/0Russian15/0/11942-11-17 Dispatches from the Bunker #31
MM 52Riverfront Property9.00German12/2/0Russian10/0/01942-11-18 March Madness 2019 Close Combat Pack
RBF-28Breakthrough!7.00Romanian10/5/0Russian6/7/41942-11-22 Recon by Fire! #3
RBF-29Blocked Escape6.00Romanian19/9/1Russian14/1/31942-11-23 Recon by Fire! #3
SP84Von Bodenhausen's Ride6.50German11/8/2Russian12/4/11942-11-26 Schwerpunkt # 7
FE60Nalchik CapturedRomanian21/0/0Russian16/0/21942-11-28 Fanatic Enterprises: Internet
VV24Freres EnnemisRussian/3/0Russian (Cossack) / German/3/21942-11-30 Vae Victis # 29
COI16Sowchos 79 (Crossus Ironsaurus 16)German18/12/2Russian29/26/11942-12-08 Internet
U28Sowchos 797.38German18/18/2Russian29/26/11942-12-08 Turning the Tide
A 70Wintergewitter7.54German4/9/0Russian7/3/01942-12-13 AH:ASL Annual `95 Winter
O3WintergewitterGerman4/9/0Russian6/3/01942-12-13 Rout Report # 1
Bonus #6Revolving DoorGerman11/24/0Russian15/37/01942-12-13 Afrikakorps - Bonus Stuff
atp2WintergewitterGerman4/9/0Russian6/3/01942-12-13 At the Point # 11-12
J83Bloody Nose8.00German / Romanian20/5/2Russian17/0/21942-12-16 ASL Journal # 5
ASL 222Bloody Nose7.00Axis (Romanian/German)21/5/2Russian21/0/21942-12-16 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
SR1Comienza El Crepusculo "Commence at Dawn"German13/8/0Russian18/5/01942-12-18 Sir Roger Mercenario Online Magazine
AL CGBridge Across the MyschkovaGerman/0/0Russian/0/01942-12-19 Playtester's Journal # 8
G38Castello Fatato8.00Italian20/0/2Russian9/0/01942-12-20 AH:The General # 31.4
BB8Castello FatatoItalian20/0/2Russian9/0/01942-12-20 Backblast # 1
FrF5The Valley of Death7.00Axis16/2/0Russian11/1/01942-12-23 Friendly Fire Pack 1
AP17The Valley of Death5.93Italian / German19/2/2Russian12/0/21942-12-24 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
BMW PL 1.1Tatsinskaya RaidGerman/0/0Russian/3/01942-12-27 Single Man Publishing
FT 83Go on to Kolpino!6.00Spanish Blue12/0/0Russian11/0/01942-12-29 Franc-Tireur #10
HEscape from Velikiye Luki6.69German5/0/0Russian13/0/01943-01-12 Classic ASL
V2Tebbe's TigersGerman12/12/0Russian12/12/51943-01-15 View From the Trenches # 5
V 297Tebbe's TigersGerman0/13/0Russian0/12/51943-01-15 View From the Trenches `95
AP20Victory is Life6.00Italian / German19/2/0Russian15/5/01943-01-15 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
RPT5The Horváth Interlude6.20Hungarian13/5/0Russian9/4/01943-01-18 Rally Point # 1
SP216Toothless Tiger7.00German11/5/0Russian10/5/11943-01-18 Schwerpunkt #18
AP22Ghost Riders7.26Italian / German16/3/2Russian15/3/01943-01-22 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
AP24Tridentina Avanti!6.00Italian / German17/6/0Russian17/0/21943-01-26 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
JAVA10Our Hopes are Alpini on You6.00Italian/German36/2/7Russian34/5/21943-01-26 ASL For Fun
AP25The Last Day of the Cuneense8.00Italian14/0/0Russian20/2/01943-01-27 ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned
WCW 3Tigers at Merefa5.00German (SS)3/6/0Russian5/8/21943-01-30 ASL Open `96 Scenario Pack
BMW 4.2Crosstown Traffic7.00German (SS)10/0/0Russian24/0/21943-02-01 Single Man Publishing
VV16Mala Zemlya (AKA Petite Terre, or Little Earth)6.50German10/0/0Russian6/0/01943-02-04 Vae Victis # 21
AD 3Back to School6.43German13/0/0Russian8/0/01943-02-04 AH:ASL Annual `89
OzB1Vines of Red Marines5.00Romanian10/0/0Russian3/0/31943-02-04 Ozerekya Breakout
WP 10Red Marines of Ozereyka Bay7.00Romanian9/0/0Russian5/0/31943-02-04 Winpak #1
KE 4Panzers to the Rescue6.67German (SS)9/7/2Russian6/3/31943-02-05 March Madness `97 Pack
OzB3By Fire and Flame6.17Axis9/2/0Russian8/0/11943-02-05 Ozerekya Breakout
OzB4Jackboot to the Rear7.25Axis20/3/0Russian10/0/21943-02-06 Ozerekya Breakout
AP60Nishne, Nyet!6.67German22/15/0Russian15/6/31943-02-10 ASL Action Pack # 6 A Decade of War
GD15Closing the Back Door5.67German7/0/2Russian6/6/01943-02-10 Grossdeutschland Pack 2 - Forging der Stahlhelm
RP17Tigers to the FrontGerman (SS)15/3/0Russian10/10/31943-02-11 WASLC's Rally Point! # 4.3
PA2Tigers to the FrontGerman (SS)15/3/0Russian12/10/31943-02-11 Panzer Aces
#8The Blowtorch Battalion IIGerman (SS)18/9/0Russian18/4/31943-02-12 Major Upham Scenario Pack
CC2012-2ndNovaja VodolagaGerman (SS)12/3/0Russian15/3/21943-02-12 CanCon 2012
DPoint PeiperGerman (SS)/0/0Russian/0/01943-02-13 SAGA 2001
LSSAH 17The Eleventh Commandment3.50German (SS)9/15/0Russian12/0/21943-02-19 Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!
DB117Killer Kloskowski6.33German (SS)6/8/0Russian9/4/21943-02-22 Dispatches from the Bunker #39
SP 267Death's Head Debut5.25German (SS)18/10/0Russian18/4/31943-02-24 Schwerpunkt #23
VV20PanzerschlachtGerman12/6/0Russian10/5/31943-02-25 Vae Victis # 25
FT258Panzerschlacht!6.00German12/6/0Russian8/5/31943-02-25 From The Cellar Pack #9
SP129Locking Horns at LozovajaGerman (SS)16/4/0Russian15/3/11943-02-26 Schwerpunkt #11
NEWS70Fallen LeaderGerman (SS)/5/0Russian/0/01943-02-27 ASL News # 32
RP3-7DecapitationGerman (SS)11/5/0Russian17/0/21943-02-27 Rout Pak III
LSSAH-18Sudden Fury5.00German (SS)6/10/0Russian10/2/21943-02-28 Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!
LSSAH-19The Tiger's Roar6.67German (SS)21/24/0Russian16/11/41943-03-06 Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!
TX-10The Middle of Nowhere9.00German (SS)7/12/0Russian18/13/01943-03-06 Dos Equis Scenarios Especial
RPT104Das Ritterkreuz7.00German (SS)15/14/0Russian12/6/11943-03-06 Rally Point #11
LSSAH-20Hood Ornaments2.00German (SS)8/11/0Russian14/0/31943-03-07 Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!
KBFS1Double Trouble8.00German (SS)12/10/0Russian16/5/31943-03-10 Kharkov: Battle for the Square
LSSAH-21The Brickyard5.00German (SS)6/9/0Russian10/3/11943-03-10 Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!
KBFS9Death Rides a Pale HorseGerman9/16/0Russian14/3/41943-03-10 Kharkov: Battle for the Square
DB045The Backhand BlowGerman (SS)13/7/0Russian18/4/21943-03-11 Dispatches from the Bunker #20
O92.2Kharkov #3: Fight for the Anti-Tank DitchGerman (SS)15/1/0Russian21/1/01943-03-11 On All Fronts # 92
O120.4Apartment HuntingGerman (SS)15/11/0Russian21/6/21943-03-11 On All Fronts #120
KBFS4A Walk in the GardenGerman17/16/0Russian17/5/11943-03-11 Kharkov: Battle for the Square
SP 269Retaking Kharkov7.00German (SS)13/7/0Russian11/4/11943-03-11 Schwerpunkt #23
LSSAH-22Usual Nerve5.00German (SS)18/8/0Russian16/3/21943-03-11 Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!
LSSAH-23"His Men"5.00German (SS)23/7/2Russian20/0/81943-03-11 Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!
O91.1Kharkov #1: Battle for the SquareGerman (SS)26/8/0Russian48/6/21943-03-11 On All Fronts # 91
GRE 07Block by Bloody BlockGerman (SS)16/6/0Russian14/4/01943-03-12 Grenadier '08
KBFS5Track MeetGerman13/8/0Russian17/5/21943-03-12 Kharkov: Battle for the Square
ASL AP94Show of Force7.25German6/11/0Russian7/4/11943-03-12 ASL Action Pack #10
CH 92Pioneer SpiritGerman8/0/0Russian14/0/01943-03-13 Critical Hit # 5.1
NFNH 10Aces High7.00German (SS)23/12/0Russian27/6/21943-03-13 Waffen-SS III: Neither Fear Nor Hope
DB061Housing Crash6.89German (SS)10/0/0Russian16/0/01943-03-13 Dispatches from the Bunker #25
KBFS8"I Hear the Deep Mournful... Urra!"German27/30/0Russian42/15/01943-03-13 Kharkov: Battle for the Square
LSSAH-24Peiper's Bridge6.00German (SS)15/13/0Russian18/3/71943-03-13 Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!
O91.2Kharkov #2: Collapse of the Tractor FactoryGerman (SS)24/4/0Russian31/0/31943-03-15 On All Fronts # 91
ITR-15Tractor Factory 1376.00German22/6/0Russian20/4/31943-03-16 Into The Rubble 2
PJ3.3Take Cover!German0/0/0Russian0/0/01943-03-19 Playtester's Journal # 3
AP46Red Comrades5.93German7/5/0Russian4/0/11943-03-20 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
MM 54Lump Holds The Line8.67German11/0/0Russian13/4/01943-05-28 March Madness 2019 Close Combat Pack
P1The DuelGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01943-06-01 ASL Digest # 2.09
PBP 23PanzerkeilGerman (SS)4/14/0Russian8/3/31943-06-05 Paddington Bears '98 Pack
LEG1Legend Issue One Scenario (no name)German0/0/0Russian/0/01943-06-25 Legend #1
SC1Somewhere, July 1943German0/16/0Russian6/3/21943-07-01 ASL Digest # 1.05
EP91A Taste of Things to ComeGerman12/2/0Russian9/1/21943-07-04 Euro-Pack # 5 - The Eastern Front
BFP-73Preliminary Move7.90German14/0/2Russian9/0/31943-07-04 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
BFP-74Coiled to Strike7.40German30/8/2Russian38/1/61943-07-04 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
AP66Cat's Cradle7.00German23/12/0Russian13/6/21943-07-05 ASL Action Pack # 7
BFP-77Burning Down the House6.78German25/25/0Russian18/5/81943-07-05 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
O116.3Tank Buster: Kursk revised4.00German0/0/0Russian0/6/01943-07-05 On All Fronts #116
BFP-78Operation Wheatfield6.50German19/11/2Russian13/3/51943-07-05 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
Ponyri #18Funk Lenken5.00German22/8/0Russian14/2/41943-07-05 Kursk - Devil's Domain
FrF23Elephants Unleashed6.79German9/6/0Russian8/7/01943-07-05 Friendly Fire Pack 3
BFP-79A Hard Push6.73German (SS)14/3/2Russian12/0/11943-07-05 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
KV4And So It Begins...German (SS)12/0/0Russian12/0/01943-07-05 Klementi Voroshilov Blog Scenarios
BFP-80Ratushniak's Sacrifice6.86German (SS)11/7/0Russian7/0/41943-07-05 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
PJ7.3Scream of the PantherGerman/7/0Russian/0/01943-07-05 Playtester's Journal # 7
D7With Flame and Shell8.00German26/6/0Russian25/0/61943-07-05 DASL 1 - Streets of Fire
O89.2Tiger HuntGerman8/4/0Russian9/0/31943-07-05 On All Fronts # 89
BFP-81Iron Coffins6.50German (SS)0/15/0Russian0/23/01943-07-05 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
GJ056Lucky 313German3/2/0Russian6/3/11943-07-05 Grumble Jones
TOT 37Breaching MaloarkhangelskGerman/14/0Russian/5/01943-07-05 Time on Target # 3
GD 4Fight and Die ForwardGerman (SS)6/11/0Russian10/0/21943-07-05 Gun Duel 2001
SP98Pesky PachydermsGerman18/9/0Russian14/2/41943-07-05 Schwerpunkt # 9
BFP-75Schreiber's Success6.00German (SS)21/3/0Russian16/4/31943-07-05 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
J118Elephants Unleashed7.09German9/6/0Russian8/7/01943-07-05 ASL Journal # 8
CH 8The Predators5.00German12/15/0Russian10/7/31943-07-05 Critical Hit # 1
AP 2Storm of Steel4.00German19/12/0Russian17/0/41943-07-05 ASL Action Pack # 1
BFP-76Trial of the Infantry6.00German16/0/2Russian9/1/21943-07-05 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
DL 24.3Cry of the ValkyriesGerman14/6/0Russian14/1/21943-07-05 Coastal Fortress
O115.3Tank Buster: KurskGerman0/0/0Russian0/6/01943-07-05 On All Fronts #115
O102.2Tactical Exercises: Tank BustersGerman0/4/0Russian0/0/01943-07-05 On All Fronts #102
LSSAH25Getting the Job Done!7.00German (SS)26/10/0Russian16/0/61943-07-05 Leibstandarte Pack 4 - Turning of the Tide!
CH164Cry of the ValkyriesGerman14/6/0Russian14/1/21943-07-05 Critical Hit # 7.1
SP263Snova Snare6.33German11/4/0Russian9/2/11943-07-06 Schwerpunkt #22
BFP-82Steamroller7.29German18/12/0Russian10/3/51943-07-06 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
BFP-83The Second Belt8.29German (SS)19/26/0Russian20/12/41943-07-06 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
SP233The Krutoy Log Roll9.00German21/10/0Russian20/4/31943-07-06 Schwerpunkt #20
BFP-84Kreida Station6.17German19/2/2Russian14/0/11943-07-06 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
O92.1Tiger's RoarGerman12/6/0Russian8/6/31943-07-07 On All Fronts # 92
BFP-86Panzer Regiment Rothenburg7.40German22/23/0Russian18/7/51943-07-07 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
Ponyri #1The Gully7.00German11/4/0Russian8/2/31943-07-07 Kursk - Devil's Domain
RetroPak#2Strachwitz's TigersGerman16/9/0Russian18/9/21943-07-07 Retro Pak I
OAF2The Tiger's RoarGerman12/6/0Russian8/6/31943-07-07 OAF Pack 1
BFP-87Fork in the Road5.67German13/5/0Russian10/0/31943-07-07 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
BFP-88The Bunkered Village7.30German16/4/0Russian15/0/21943-07-07 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
SP130The Tiger's Whiskers7.00German (SS)12/8/0Russian8/6/31943-07-07 Schwerpunkt #11
Ponyri #7Earth House9.00German13/2/0Russian12/2/21943-07-07 Kursk - Devil's Domain
ITR-4Clash At Ponyri7.75German23/11/0Russian23/7/41943-07-07 Into The Rubble
PJ3.6PanzerschlachtGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01943-07-07 Playtester's Journal # 3
RPT91The Tiger's WhiskersGerman (SS)10/8/0Russian8/6/31943-07-07 Rally Point #10
TM #4North to OboyanGerman12/5/0Russian18/6/41943-07-07 Lords of the Steppe
19By Hell's FlamesGerman14/4/0Russian15/3/31943-07-07 Devil's Domain Upgrade Kit
GoH#1Gubkin's 13th CommandmentGerman17/5/0Russian11/0/41943-07-07 Kursk - Gates of Hell
Ponyri #13Hill 253.17.00German9/6/0Russian8/3/31943-07-07 Kursk - Devil's Domain
Ponyru #1The GullyGerman11/4/0Russian7/2/21943-07-07 Metalgods of Ponyri Devil's Domain
GoH#3Little FriendsGerman15/2/0Russian8/1/11943-07-07 Kursk - Gates of Hell
TEF1-7Last Line Before Oboyan5.00German12/6/0Russian13/4/31943-07-07 Total Eastern Front Pack I
Ponyri #2Tank Hunters of Ponyri5.00German16/3/0Russian10/2/71943-07-07 Kursk - Devil's Domain
Ponyri #14Cornfield Boys9.00German12/4/0Russian7/2/41943-07-07 Kursk - Devil's Domain
GoH#4First Of May State FarmGerman12/2/0Russian4/2/31943-07-08 Kursk - Gates of Hell
KE 5Beyond the Pakfronts6.43German6/15/0Russian7/6/11943-07-08 March Madness `97 Pack
BFP-90Early Morning Action6.50German (SS)12/2/0Russian12/0/11943-07-08 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
WG 2Assault on the Teploye HeightsGerman37/22/2Russian28/3/101943-07-08 Wargamer # 2.09
BFP-91Death Roamed Freely5.67German30/0/0Russian21/0/21943-07-08 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
DB084Pot of Stew4.83German (SS)14/13/0Russian16/14/01943-07-08 Dispatches from the Bunker #31
BFP-92Trenches in Flames7.20German16/7/0Russian11/1/31943-07-08 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
Ponyri #11Maskirovka9.00German16/3/0Russian9/3/51943-07-08 Kursk - Devil's Domain
ASLUG 1Beyond the Pakfronts6.00German6/15/0Russian5/6/11943-07-08 ASLUG # 1
BFP-93Klein Stalingrad5.50German26/18/0Russian22/4/71943-07-08 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
BFP-94To the Last Shell8.00German (SS)18/13/2Russian19/5/71943-07-08 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
22Hill HellGerman20/10/0Russian12/6/01943-07-08 Devil's Domain Upgrade Kit
BFP-95Obian Highway6.95German14/5/0Russian11/5/11943-07-09 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
23Little StalingradGerman26/9/0Russian44/14/61943-07-09 Devil's Domain Upgrade Kit
Ponyri #15Bears on the Prowl3.00German48/17/0Russian44/5/121943-07-09 Kursk - Devil's Domain
BFP-96Hotly Contested Town7.33German23/9/0Russian21/8/51943-07-09 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
GoH#9The Devil's RoadGerman19/35/0Russian42/6/61943-07-09 Kursk - Gates of Hell
Ponyri #5The QuarryGerman12/5/0Russian5/2/51943-07-09 Kursk - Devil's Domain
132Hill 253.57.48German12/5/0Russian11/3/31943-07-09 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
Ponyri #9Cocktail Hour5.00German14/2/0Russian13/2/21943-07-09 Kursk - Devil's Domain
HG! 8Stampede at Hill 253.56.67German14/6/0Russian11/0/51943-07-09 High Ground!
TOC 2Eine Kleine BergGerman/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-09 Tournois Oeuf Cube `95
Ponyri #10School HausGerman11/3/0Russian8/4/31943-07-09 Kursk - Devil's Domain
T 7Hill 253.56.60German12/5/0Russian11/3/31943-07-09 AH:The General # 27.3
D8The Schoolhouse4.80German26/4/0Russian40/6/41943-07-09 DASL 1 - Streets of Fire
TOC 3Ponyri's DayGerman/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-09 Tournois Oeuf Cube `95
HG-10Stampede at Hill 253.56.33German18/6/3Russian12/4/51943-07-09 High Ground 2
T7.875Hill 253.5German0/4/0Russian0/2/01943-07-09 Hit the Beach # 3.8
CH 18Raging Furnace5.00German (SS)12/9/0Russian12/7/11943-07-10 Critical Hit # 2
BFP-97Renewed Pressure6.88German15/0/1Russian22/0/01943-07-10 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
HB 1Psel River Line / Last Line Before Oboyan6.67German (SS)19/0/2Russian13/2/31943-07-10 Hell's Bridgehead
J94Kempf at Melikhovo6.63German7/2/0Russian7/1/11943-07-10 ASL Journal # 6
#10Big Trouble in Little StalingradGerman52/13/4Russian56/10/191943-07-10 Major Upham Scenario Pack
HB CG 1Hell's Bridgehead CG 18.00German (SS)/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-10 Hell's Bridgehead
ON6Kempf at MelikhovoGerman7/2/0Russian7/1/11943-07-10 On Top Scenarios
MMMM 2Eve of Destruction8.00German (SS)15/24/0Russian12/21/71943-07-11 Kansas City ASLClub: March Madness 2000
BC18Ghosts in the MachinesGerman12/16/0Russian25/10/21943-07-11 The Aussie Battler Pack
MM16Eve of Destruction9.00German (SS)15/24/0Russian12/21/71943-07-11 March Madness `12 - Double-Blind Pack
TACCG1Stalnie ProstoriGerman (SS)/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-11 Tactiques # 5
BFP-98Place of Honor6.00German (SS)19/25/0Russian18/6/61943-07-11 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
HB 3Just Over the Highway?6.33German (SS)11/4/0Russian10/0/21943-07-11 Hell's Bridgehead
BFP-99Ivanovskii6.70German (SS)11/0/0Russian12/1/01943-07-11 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
HB 4Graveyard of SteelGerman (SS)4/9/1Russian5/18/11943-07-11 Hell's Bridgehead
BFP-100Tiger Vanguard5.50German15/5/0Russian14/0/31943-07-11 BFP 4: Crucible of Steel
J 53Setting the Stage6.43German (SS)12/7/0Russian10/4/21943-07-11 ASL Journal # 3
1002The Big OneGerman/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-12 Monster Pack # 1.1
B32-2Prokhorovka MeleeGerman (SS)7/18/20Russian9/0/21943-07-12 Breakout! # 32
1002.1The Big One: The Men Who Would Be Kings of the HillGerman/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-12 Monster Pack # 1.1
1002.2The Big One: The Aunt of All Tank BattlesGerman/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-12 Monster Pack # 1.1
1002.3The Big One: A Peaceful Little VillageGerman/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-12 Monster Pack # 1.1
O70.1Armor Leader: KurskGerman/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-12 On All Fronts # 70
1002.4The Big One: Into the WoodsGerman/0/0Russian/0/01943-07-12 Monster Pack # 1.1
CH 58Death Ride4.75German (SS)0/11/0Russian0/21/01943-07-12 Critical Hit # 3.1
HB 8The WoodsmenGerman12/7/0Russian11/0/21943-07-12 Critical Hit # 6.4
AP47Insult to Injury7.28German (SS)14/13/0Russian17/12/31943-07-12 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
HB CG 2Hell's Bridgehead CG 2German (SS)/0/0Russian/8/01943-07-13 Hell's Bridgehead
AP48Up Inferno Hill7.20German12/11/0Russian11/8/11943-07-14 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
ESG #72Brutality Alley9.00German22/23/0Russian21/17/31943-07-15 Dezign Pak 6
VV34Pas si Vite!German/14/0Russian/3/31943-07-30 Vae Victis # 52
SP142To No Avail7.00German (SS)11/5/0Russian9/2/11943-07-30 Schwerpunkt #12
TFAT02Fighting Along the MiusGerman (SS)0/8/0Russian0/14/01943-07-30 Tips for ASL Tankers
RPT92To No AvailGerman (SS)11/5/0Russian9/2/11943-07-30 Rally Point #10
FF13Death Ride6.50German (SS)15/10/0Russian12/11/51943-07-30 Waffen-SS II: The Fuhrer's Fireman
SP79The Mius Trap6.00German16/4/0Russian13/7/11943-07-31 Schwerpunkt # 7
FT263Summer DutyGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01943-07-31 From The Cellar Pack #9
VV55Nettoyage D'EteGerman14/7/0Russian14/1/31943-07-31 Vae Victis # 85
FT 11Double DétenteGerman15/3/2Russian22/6/21943-08-03 Franc-Tireur #3
SP78The Golovchino Breakout5.00German13/6/0Russian11/2/01943-08-07 Schwerpunkt # 7
VV48Furor TeutonicusGerman10/3/0Russian13/5/31943-08-11 Vae Victis HS # 6
D6Draconian Measures8.67German20/9/0Russian14/3/21943-08-13 DASL 1 - Streets of Fire
TOT 38Bridge BustersGerman6/7/0Russian7/5/11943-08-14 Time on Target # 3
VV12La GD Sort Ses Griffes!9.00German7/12/0Russian7/4/21943-08-15 Vae Victis # 17
U31The Front in Flames6.22German5/0/0Russian8/0/01943-08-22 Turning the Tide
W2The Front in Flames6.10German5/0/0Russian8/0/01943-08-22 Internet: MMP
FrF6A Hundred RoundsGerman6/7/0Russian6/19/01943-09-08 Friendly Fire Pack 1
B4Clear Up the Bridgehead6.00German10/4/0Russian5/0/01943-09-25 Battleplan # 9
KSM001Walloons to the Rescue5.00German15/2/0Russian25/0/01943-10-01 Grumble Jones
GJ020FoxtailGerman (SS)13/6/1Russian / Partisan11/0/21943-10-10 Grumble Jones
SP8The Getaway4.29German6/2/1Russian4/4/01943-10-15 Schwerpunkt # 1
VV35Les Griffes Du LynxGerman/3/0Russian/0/01943-11-09 Vae Victis # 55
B32-1Make or BreakGerman4/5/0Russian6/7/01943-11-12 Breakout! # 32
VV64Les Pompiers De TchernobylGerman16/4/1Russian/Partisan25/0/21943-11-16 Vae Victis # 90
DB037Night Assault at VodotyïGerman (SS)12/0/0Russian12/0/01943-11-17 Dispatches from the Bunker #17
FrF64No Time to Bleed6.33German (SS)9/5/0Russian11/8/21943-11-20 Friendly Fire Pack 8
ON16Tankoboyazan NjetGerman2/12/0Russian5/4/21943-11-21 On Top Scenarios
FT190The Land of Fire7.00German / Romanian24/3/0Russian17/1/21943-12-05 Franc-Tireur #13
FT191Romania Victor7.00Romanian15/0/2Russian10/2/11943-12-06 Franc-Tireur #13
FE194Crushing the DiversionRomanian14/2/0Russian8/0/11943-12-06 Fanatic Pack 5
GJ052Desperate YuletideGerman 14/16/0Russian14/7/01943-12-25 Grumble Jones
OA 6Mounted Extraction5.00German6/4/0Russian16/0/01944-01-05 Out of the Attic
IC 7Mounted ExtractionGerman6/4/0Russian16/0/01944-01-05 In Contact
SP87Fangs of the Tiger6.50German8/4/0Russian8/7/11944-01-21 Schwerpunkt # 8
YASL#6Hein Olshana7.33German (SS)12/4/0Russian9/6/01944-01-24 Nor'easter XX
LSSAH33Next Stop Lipovez Station7.75German (SS)8/8/0Russian5/7/21944-01-27 Leibstandarte Pack 5 - Scorched Earth
ON10Sovkhoz HaystacksGerman13/14/1Russian5/10/21944-01-28 On Top Scenarios
J119Sovkhoz Haystacks6.90German13/14/1Russian5/10/21944-01-28 ASL Journal # 8
KSM004The Road to Hell's GateGerman7/15/0Russian17/12/21944-02-01 Grumble Jones
JATK8Arctic StrongpointGerman7/0/1Russian7/0/31944-02-01 Jatkosota
RT 2Silni Tochka 858German/0/0Russian/0/01944-02-02 Internet
LSSAH34To The Cherkassy PocketGerman (SS)10/5/0Russian8/3/01944-02-04 Leibstandarte Pack 5 - Scorched Earth
KSM002Kalt's EscapeGerman7/3/0Russian / Partisan21/7/21944-02-10 Grumble Jones
A 98Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch7.00German20/13/0Russian16/2/21944-02-14 AH:ASL Annual `96
17Money's on the DresserGerman / Romanian20/0/0Russian / Partisan24/0/01944-02-16 Dezign Pak 2
JS 4Schwerpunkt!German0/12/0Russian0/22/31944-02-16 Internet
JS 5Nimm Das Jetzt!German (SS)12/16/0Russian16/12/31944-02-16 Internet
JS 6Ride of the ValkyriesGerman14/7/0Russian12/8/21944-02-16 Internet
Round 2Die Weisse HolleGerman10/5/0Russian16/4/21944-02-17 ANZACon 1999
JS 7Final DesperationGerman/0/0Russian/4/21944-02-17 Internet
GenCon1Crushing the BridgeheadGerman (SS)12/5/0Russian 13/4/11944-02-28 Ogre GenCon 1997
RR#7New EnemyGerman0/4/0Russian0/6/01944-03-04 Russian Rarities 1
LSSAH39Manstein's Lifeline7.80German (SS)14/3/0Russian10/3/21944-03-11 Leibstandarte Pack 5 - Scorched Earth
CC 2On the BreachGerman (SS)/0/0Russian/0/01944-03-22 Internet
DCRB 04Tigers on the Narva Line10.00German (SS)8/3/1Russian21/5/11944-03-22 Red Banner 2017 Q3
FrF41Romania Mare7.67Rumanian11/5/0Russian10/5/01944-03-25 Friendly Fire Pack 5
GRE 3Wikings Catwalk6.00German (SS)13/6/0Russian12/3/11944-03-29 Grenadier '08
RPT95Mühlenkamp's MiracleGerman (SS)8/4/0Russian7/3/21944-04-02 Rally Point #10
SP168Mühlenkamp's Miracle6.00German (SS)8/4/0Russian10/3/21944-04-02 Schwerpunkt #14
GHube's Pocket7.63German11/8/0Russian18/9/01944-04-06 Classic ASL
SP 266The Hohenstaufen Hootenanny7.33German (SS)10/4/0Russian9/2/11944-04-08 Schwerpunkt #23
EMounting a Big BlowGerman (SS)9/7/0Russian8/1/51944-04-09 Combat History of the Schwere Panzerjager Abeilung 653
NEWS 3Breakthrough Towards TarnopolGerman (SS)13/3/2Russian16/0/31944-04-11 ASL News # 1
EP 3Breakthrough Towards TarnopolGerman (SS)13/3/2Russian16/0/31944-04-11 Euro-Pack # 3 - Late War `44-45
O79.2Search and DestroyGerman (SS)6/0/0Russian3/0/01944-04-12 On All Fronts # 79
NEWS 5Search and DestroyGerman (SS)6/0/0Russian3/0/01944-04-12 ASL News # 1
ESG112No Beast So FierceGerman (SS)14/6/0Russian20/2/21944-04-12 Dezign Pak 9
EP 5Search & DestroyGerman (SS)6/0/0Russian3/0/01944-04-12 Euro-Pack # 3 - Late War `44-45
FT193En Force!7.67German / Romanian18/3/0Russian10/5/01944-04-12 Franc-Tireur #13
FT194Forgotten Soldiers6.71Romanian14/0/3Russian / Partisan16/7/01944-04-15 Franc-Tireur #13
FE 171Signs of Victory5.00Hungarian13/7/0Russian8/3/01944-04-20 Son of Oblivion Pack
SP231Galician Persuasion6.43Hungarian16/6/1Russian11/3/21944-04-20 Schwerpunkt #20
RPT120Galician PersuasionHungarian15/6/1Russian10/3/21944-04-20 Rally Point #12
TX-1Beware the Hare6.70German14/8/0Russian10/0/31944-05-10 Dos Equis Scenarios Especial
JATK3Back to the V-T LineFinnish15/14/2Russian16/6/31944-06-14 Jatkosota
17011th Company Counterattack5.73Finnish8/2/0Russian6/0/01944-06-23 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
SP161Federov's Incursion9.50German19/7/0Russian15/5/01944-06-23 Schwerpunkt #14
TTF4Tigers on The Balcony10.00German28/12/2Russian35/11/101944-06-24 Tigers To The Front!
SV11Swede Revenge7.00Finnish / Swedish14/0/0Russian7/0/01944-06-25 Swedish Volunteers
171Retaking the VKT Line7.00Finnish23/11/0Russian19/6/11944-06-26 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
TTF8Cats and BirdsGerman12/5/0Russian8/0/21944-06-26 Tigers To The Front!
172The Last AttackFinnish / German19/5/0Russian18/0/31944-06-27 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
OB6Hoffmeister's Charge7.75German18/12/0Russian11/9/01944-06-27 Onslaught to Orsha
OB9Oriola Force7.00German15/0/0Russian12/5/11944-06-28 Onslaught to Orsha
173Father Sunshine6.17Finnish5/8/0Russian5/3/01944-06-29 ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle!
Scenario 3Operation Bagration: CounterattackGerman/0/0Russian/0/01944-06-30 OCTOBear 1999
OB10Lapitschi Fit7.00German15/10/1Russian11/5/11944-06-30 Onslaught to Orsha
FrF30Bidermann's Escape6.77German9/2/0Russian6/2/01944-07-05 Friendly Fire Pack 4
2Swallowed Whole7.30German8/6/1Russian18/8/01944-07-10 Dezign Pak 1
FAW12A Bloody SlugfestFinnish12/4/1Russian12/4/11944-07-12 Finland At War Vol 1
ESG83Split the D!5.67Hungarian11/0/0Russian11/0/01944-07-13 Dezign Pak 7
20Feast of Horror5.33German0/26/0Russian0/30/01944-07-15 Dezign Pak 2
ESG #54Pulse of Steel8.00German15/9/0Russian14/7/21944-07-17 Dezign Pak 5
VV100La Chance du Diable [The Luck Of The Devil]German15/3/1Russian12/2/11944-07-20 Vae Victis # 126
FT103Slava!7.50German (SS)15/1/0Russian10/1/11944-07-21 From The Cellar Pack #3
RPT156Wiking Rescue6.00German (SS)18/15/0Russian15/6/01944-07-22 Rally Point #16
GJ031Ritter's ReliefGerman / German (SS)15/11/2Russian20/4/21944-07-22 Grumble Jones
117With Tigers on Their Tail6.00Hungarian18/16/0Russian22/29/01944-07-23 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion
TiSL#1Escape from Festung ThornGerman8/0/0Russian5/0/01944-07-29 Taktyka i Strategia #40
ESG115Dream Team8.00German15/6/0Russian14/3/21944-08-01 Dezign Pak 10
J 24Smashing the 3rd6.63German15/10/0Russian11/10/11944-08-03 ASL Journal # 2
BB 23.1Fields of ValorGerman0/7/0Russian0/0/01944-08-05 Coastal Fortress
134Counterattack on the Vistula7.03German8/9/0Russian10/1/11944-08-06 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
A 21Counterattack on the Vistula6.50German8/9/0Russian10/1/11944-08-06 AH:ASL Annual `90
47Shattered Bone & Burning Flesh6.00German16/9/0Russian9/3/31944-08-08 Dezign Pak 4
RPT109Krainov's Ambush7.00German12/12/0Russian11/8/11944-08-12 Rally Point #11
NEWS33Paper Tigers4.00German0/3/0Russian0/1/01944-08-12 ASL News # 19
EP33Paper TigersGerman3/3/0Russian1/1/01944-08-12 Euro-Pack # 3 - Late War `44-45
TAC62Panzers Marsch!5.57German9/6/0Russian6/2/11944-08-16 Tactiques # 8
D9Preparing the Way6.33German21/6/0Russian26/3/41944-08-16 DASL 1 - Streets of Fire
IDRAC `92Panzers Marsch!German9/6/0Russian6/2/11944-08-16 Journal du Stratège # 65/66
FE121Allies in a Few DaysRomanian28/11/0Russian16/7/21944-08-20 Oblivion Pack
WCW 7Eye of the Tiger7.22German (SS)10/5/0Russian11/4/11944-08-20 ASL Open `96 Scenario Pack
TAP #8Ghastly SojournHungarian19/4/0Russian12/2/21944-08-21 Total Axis Pack I: Eastern Front Firestorm
FrF74Out Of Their Element6.67German9/2/0Russian15/0/11944-08-30 Friendly Fire Pack 9
RPT4Transylvania 6-50006.95Hungarian10/4/0Russian7/2/01944-09-19 Rally Point # 1
3The Czerniakow Bridgehead6.41German15/0/0Russian / Partisan (AK)27/0/01944-09-22 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
RPT112The Bozsoki RelayHungarian10/8/2Russian14/3/01944-09-22 Rally Point #12
SP137The Bozsoki Relay6.50Hungarian18/8/2Russian14/3/01944-09-22 Schwerpunkt #12
Shellshock #3After the Disaster7.00German17/12/0Russian 15/4/21944-10-04 ASLOK 2008
OA22After the Disaster7.00German17/12/0Russian15/4/21944-10-05 Out of the Attic #2
SP175Tisza Tease5.67German10/6/0Russian8/4/01944-10-07 Schwerpunkt #15
MwT-30Slicing the ArteryGerman15/2/2Russian10/0/01944-10-09 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
CA17Brickhouse5.00German/Hungarian19/8/0Russian12/7/11944-10-10 Generic Playtesting Log
CHA1Who Surrounds Whom?German / Hungarian20/6/1Russian18/6/21944-10-10 Critical Hit Annual #1
CA!17BrickhouseGerman/Hungarian19/8/0Russian12/10/11944-10-10 Counterattacks 2
DB 124Death on the Eismeer Strasse6.89German13/0/0Russian8/0/01944-10-11 Dispatches from the Bunker #41
MwT-38Death on the Eismeer Strasse6.00German9/0/0Russian8/0/01944-10-11 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
MwT-26Leonov's HillGerman15/0/0Russian7/0/21944-10-11 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
FT156Leonov's HillGerman15/0/0Russian7/0/21944-10-11 From The Cellar Pack #5
MwT-27Here They Come AgainGerman18/0/0Russian11/0/21944-10-12 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
MwT-40Hunting Arctic HerosGerman19/0/0Russian13/0/21944-10-12 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
MwT-33Four Golden Stars5.50German15/0/1Russian10/0/21944-10-12 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
MwT-35Now Give'm BackGerman12/0/0Russian5/0/41944-10-12 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
MwT-36Fighting Over Food and Ammo8.00German7/0/0Russian6/0/01944-10-12 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
MwT-37Where Bears DareGerman19/0/1Russian13/0/41944-10-12 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
FT113Blood on the ShoresGerman11/2/0Russian8/0/41944-10-12 St Nazaire : Operation Chariot
RPT97Encircle This!German14/5/0Russian10/2/11944-10-12 Rally Point #10
MwT-39Harbor of HerosGerman27/0/4Russian19/0/41944-10-12 Petsamo-Kirkenes Operation: Monkeys with Typewriters Vol.III
SP180Encircle This!7.43German14/5/0Russian10/2/11944-10-12 Schwerpunkt #15
J 59Friday the 13th6.93German10/3/0Russian9/0/11944-10-13 ASL Journal # 3
TOT 41Tiger at the GatesGerman/7/0Russian/0/01944-10-20 Time on Target # 3
VV-107Les Cavaliers NoirsGerman (SS)0/0/0Russian0/0/01944-10-26 Vae Victis # 134
OA18Parry and Strike6.08German11/4/0Russian7/10/11944-10-29 Out of the Attic #2
PA5Parry and Strike5.25German11/4/0Russian7/10/11944-10-29 Panzer Aces
AP50Panzergeist6.23German8/5/0Russian10/7/11944-10-30 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
VV-92Pancelos Hodosztaly [Armoured Division]Hungarian14/7/2Russian12/0/41944-10-30 Vae Victis # 119
CH134Sturmtruppen7.00German9/2/0Russian7/3/01944-11-11 Critical Hit # 6.2
FE 136Impertinance RewardedHungarian24/5/0Russian15/0/21944-12-05 Budapest Pack
FE 138Tough as Old Boots!Hungarian / German17/11/0Russian12/0/11944-12-13 Budapest Pack
CA!13Toll BridgeHungarian12/4/1Russian16/9/01944-12-20 Counterattacks 2
FE 139The Highest Value5.00German21/4/0Russian18/5/01944-12-22 Budapest Pack
FT106Counterattack Along the DanubeGerman (SS) / Hungarian17/11/0Russian25/9/01944-12-24 From The Cellar Pack #3
OPT 2.1Extracurricular Activity8.00Hungarian /3/0Russian/2/01944-12-25 Point Blank # 1.2
122Extracurricular Activity6.21Hungarian14/4/0Russian10/2/01944-12-25 ASL Journal # 7
ASL 122 (AOO2)Extracurricular Activity7.33Hungarian16/4/0Russian10/2/01944-12-25 ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)
CA!14The CrossingGerman/Hungarian18/9/0Russian12/11/01944-12-26 Counterattacks 2
JW 10Les Monstres Attaquent (The Monstrous Attack)German (SS)18/22/0Russian46/6/71945-01-01 Assurbanipal
FE 144Hero of the Soviet UnionHungarian / German9/0/0Russian6/0/01945-01-01 Budapest Pack
CH166Bicske Brawl7.00German (SS)9/2/0Russian0/0/21945-01-04 Critical Hit # 7.1
BK 2.3Bicske BrawlGerman (SS)9/2/0Russian0/0/21945-01-04 Coastal Fortress
OPT 6.1Das Fort Der UnbeugsamGerman (SS)/23/0Russian/16/01945-01-07 Point Blank # 1.4
FE 146PestHungarian / German18/10/0Russian12/0/31945-01-10 Budapest Pack
SP136Orczy Square5.00Hungarian16/5/0Russian13/3/11945-01-11 Schwerpunkt #12
VV43Panzer Dans la BrumeGerman10/7/0Russian13/6/21945-01-13 Vae Victis # 66
FE 148Breakout!Hungarian12/1/0Russian24/0/01945-01-15 Budapest Pack
SP243Konrad Three7.00German13/9/0Russian9/3/21945-01-18 Schwerpunkt #21
SP88Race for the Sarvis6.50German0/8/0Russian6/6/01945-01-18 Schwerpunkt # 8
FE 149Arpad BridgeHungarian12/0/1Russian9/0/01945-01-19 Budapest Pack
FB 3Furor Hungaricus7.00German / Hungarian18/4/0Russian11/1/11945-01-20 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
OPT 4.1Charge of the BumblebeeHungarian/3/0Russian/0/01945-01-22 Point Blank # 1.3
FE 150Blue DanubeHungarian12/3/0Russian7/1/11945-01-22 Budapest Pack
RPT3Városmajor Grange6.50Hungarian21/3/0Russian12/2/01945-01-22 Rally Point # 1
FB19War BrotherhoodGerman/Hungarian24/8/0Russian16/0/61945-01-25 ASL Journal #11
FrF66Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea6.87German12/2/1Russian13/3/11945-01-27 Friendly Fire Pack 8
FB 6Came Tumbling After5.80German / Hungarian 18/3/0Russian10/0/11945-01-29 HASL 8 - Festung Budapest
BMW10.0Betrayed at Buchenau9.00German0/4/0Russian0/5/01945-01-29 Single Man Publishing
SP114Seizing Gyulamajor6.67German16/14/0Russian11/6/21945-01-31 Schwerpunkt #10
SP139Oder DareGerman12/4/0Russian10/0/21945-02-02 Schwerpunkt #12
ESG #76Nehring's Roving Cauldron5.00German20/12/0Russian12/5/11945-02-02 Dezign Pak 6
SP11Pomeranian Tigers5.67German (SS)12/5/0Russian6/3/11945-02-08 Schwerpunkt # 1
FF8"Send in the Sand Rabbits"6.67German (SS)6/4/0Russian10/5/11945-02-08 Waffen-SS II: The Fuhrer's Fireman
AP62Shouting Into The Storm7.61German (SS)16/8/0Russian10/4/31945-02-08 ASL Action Pack # 6 A Decade of War
FT 87Viva La Muerte!6.00Spanish/German12/8/0Russian14/2/31945-02-11 Franc-Tireur #10
FE12Once More into the BreachGerman (SS)15/2/1Russian10/2/01945-02-11 Fanatic Pack 1
FE133Handed on a Silver PlatterGerman (SS)12/14/0Russian8/2/31945-02-17 Fanatic Pack 4
CB 3Chasse A L'Ours (tr: Bear Hunt)German (SS)9/2/0Russian7/6/01945-02-18 Casus Belli hors-série # 13
FrF42Kiss of Fury5.40German4/18/0Russian10/1/31945-02-19 Friendly Fire Pack 5
FrF99Boy Soldiers7.00German16/0/1Russian8/1/21945-02-19 Friendly Fire Pack 12
JF 12Scheer TerrorGerman/0/0Russian/0/01945-02-19 Jitter Fire IV
DB088No Rest For The Weary9.00German21/24/0Russian26/15/31945-02-20 Dispatches from the Bunker #32
ON5Duel of Long BarrelsGerman4/3/0Russian3/3/01945-02-20 On Top Scenarios
MM06Rembertów8.00Partisan7/0/0Russian11/0/01945-02-21 March Madness `10 - Irregular Forces Pack
X13Acts of DefianceGerman20/2/0Russian15/5/01945-02-27 Rout Report # 2.2
135Acts of Defiance7.88German20/2/0Russian15/5/01945-02-27 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
CH 5Acts of DefianceGerman19/2/0Russian15/5/01945-02-27 Critical Hit # 1
A 68Acts of Defiance7.10German20/2/0Russian15/5/01945-02-27 AH:ASL Annual `95 Winter
SF-6The Three Companies7.00German8/13/0British Russian Italian Partisan7/0/11945-03-00 Special Forces
SP73Seregelyes Slug-OutGerman14/17/0Russian15/9/01945-03-05 Schwerpunkt # 7
CH 45Curtain CallGerman (SS)12/10/0Russian18/2/31945-03-06 Critical Hit # 4
SP45A Stroke of Luck6.00German12/4/0Russian16/3/11945-03-07 Schwerpunkt # 4
FE24An Unconventional AttackGerman (SS)4/14/0Russian4/0/41945-03-08 Fanatic Pack 2
Round 4Loser Takes AllGerman (SS)/6/0Russian/3/01945-03-09 SAGA 2000
GJ067Oh, It's only those Old ThingsGerman14/6/0Russian12/0/11945-03-09 Grumble Jones
SP229The Devil's Congregation6.50German (SS)10/10/0Russian8/4/01945-03-09 Schwerpunkt #20
RR-19Dominating DeghGerman0/0/0Russian0/0/01945-03-09 Russian Rarities 3
DB1Spring AwakeningGerman/0/0Russian/0/01945-03-10 Internet
KSM010The Mercy of von TettauGerman24/8/0Russian10/3/41945-03-10 Grumble Jones
G33The Awakening of Spring9.00German (SS)16/10/0Russian16/6/21945-03-14 AH:The General # 31.1
BB12The Awakening of Spring6.17German (SS)16/10/0Russian16/6/21945-03-14 Backblast # 2
KSM011Baltic BayonetsGerman16/5/0Russian10/0/11945-03-15 Grumble Jones
J 63Silesian Interlude6.89German12/4/0Russian8/4/11945-03-19 ASL Journal # 3
RPT68Assaulting Tes5.00German (SS)16/14/0Russian14/5/01945-03-21 Rally Point # 7
SP89Assaulting Tes5.89German (SS)16/14/0Russian14/5/01945-03-21 Schwerpunkt # 8
O109.3First ImpressionsGerman (SS)0/6/0Russian0/8/01945-03-23 On All Fronts #109
SB6Eviscerating Vienna5.80German0/0/0Russian0/0/01945-04-08 ASL Journal #11
TEF1-1Eye of the NeedleGerman10/7/0Russian7/2/01945-04-08 Total Eastern Front Pack I
MM98-ISacrificial LambsGerman (SS)7/7/0Russian / Romanian 6/13/01945-04-12 March Madness `98 Pack
ESG #56Cost of AllegianceGerman / Hungarian11/7/0Russian / Romanian9/14/01945-04-12 Dezign Pak 5
RPT8Well TaughtGerman (SS)16/6/0Russian/Romanian11/4/11945-04-12 Rally Point # 1
RBF16The Bitter EndGerman (SS)11/15/2Russian10/36/01945-04-13 Recon by Fire! #2
NFNH 14The Bitter EndGerman (SS)11/17/2Russian10/36/01945-04-13 Waffen-SS III: Neither Fear Nor Hope
AP52Into Vienna Woods6.62German (SS)11/0/0Russian15/2/01945-04-17 ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front
HP 9The MaelstromGerman (SS)11/5/0Russian14/4/11945-04-19 Hero PAX 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest
DTF-7Fast and Furious6.00German0/10/0Russian18/1/01945-04-20 Death to Fascism
DB142Road to DestructionGerman6/4/0Russian12/5/11945-04-21 Dispatches from the Bunker #46
SP202Fiery Finale7.79German6/5/0Russian13/7/21945-04-24 Schwerpunkt #17
16Into the Lion's DenGerman16/5/0Russian28/7/01945-04-27 Berlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich
BLT3Flanking the CanalGerman (SS)18/1/2Russian20/8/81945-04-28 Berlin: Tyrant's Lair
BLT15Counter-attack on the Friedrichstrasse5.00German (SS)11/0/0Russian12/1/01945-04-29 Berlin: Tyrant's Lair
BRV 1Tactical Doctrine5.33German (SS)10/1/0Russian12/0/01945-04-30 Berlin: Red Vengeance
TAC66L'Ultime Assaut5.00German14/0/1Russian14/2/11945-04-30 Tactiques # 8
12When Diplomacy FailsGerman (SS) / German21/4/2Russian18/6/31945-04-30 Berlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich
CHA #10The Dwindling ReichGerman17/0/1Russian15/2/11945-04-30 Critical Hit Annual #2
RPT36The Kings are Dead5.00German17/6/0Russian12/4/31945-05-01 Rally Point # 4
WP 5The Last AssaultGerman (SS)11/2/0Russian8/3/21945-05-01 Winpak #1
J146Ragnarök6.62German (SS)10/2/0Russian9/3/01945-05-02 ASL Journal # 9
15Breakout from HellGerman (SS)21/13/0Russian31/8/61945-05-02 Berlin: Fall of the 3rd Reich
8The Fugitives6.61German18/8/0Russian15/1/11945-05-03 ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition)
OF4Escape to the Elbe6.00German13/14/0Russian8/2/21945-05-03 Ost Front Pack
RBF-51Final GloryGerman16/18/2Russian17/11/21945-05-03 Recon by Fire! #4

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