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The Commissar's House ETO (id:#55969)
Multi-Man Publishing (ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition) ID:4)
The Gamer's Armory stocks this product!
Buy it Now for $82.00 Click here for a direct link
Prior Publication: AH: 1st Edition/MMP: 2nd Edition
See Also: The Commissar's House by Avalon Hill The Commissar's House by Multi-Man Publishing
Designer: Steve Swann
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
The Sixth Army was being bled white amidst the ruins. The rifle strength of whole companies was often reduced to little more than a squad in an attempt to take a single house. The battle lines were now drawn through the hallways of individual buildings rather than by street or city blocks. The Germans decided to bring in fresh specialized units for the final assault; five battalions of elite pioneers specially trained in street fighting and veterans of the bitter street battles of Voronezh were summoned to take the last stubborn outposts between the machine shops of the Barrikady Gun Factory and the Volga. However, the pioneers of Major Rettenmaier had never seen a battle the equal of that for the “Commissar’s House”.
Attacker: German (50th Pioneer Battalion / 577th Infantry Regiment, 305th Infantry Division)
Defender: Russian (118th Rifle Regiment, 138th Rifle Division)  
Turns: 8.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
The Barrikady, Stalingrad, USSR 1942-11-09
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:25.0 D:25.0
AFVs: A:0 D:0
Guns: A:0 D:0
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: D: BT, FB, Sewer
Map Board(s): 1 20
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
In SSR 3, the Russians should have Level A Booby Trap capability — not Level C.MMP
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Scenario Comments
Latest Updates:
buser333 Added a playing2019-12-09 19:28:33
krutkowski Rated the scenario2019-11-29 23:09:00
krutkowski Added a playing2019-11-29 23:08:32
RJenulis Added a playing2019-09-03 00:54:30
Pte Parts Rated the scenario2019-08-22 01:32:43
Last Played:
2019-12-04(A) Jeff B vs Timothy Davis German winRussians had three primary setup areas they stocked heavily: northern buildings, eastern buildings, and the House. With the exception of a couple kill stacks in the middle, I completely ignored the north and brought in all my forces heavy east. I know my opponent would say he got diced, but it's hard to put that label on my 8-on-the-dot average rolls. The trouble was he was probably averaging at least that himself and, when you're dealing with a lot of 30+2/24+3 shots against 7ML troops...well you get the picture. By Turn 3 I was already on the doorstep of the House with all my troops and heavy weaponry intact. We called it a day.
2019-11-27(A) Ken Rutkowski vs Bill Thomson Russian winWasted too many turns getting to the fortified building. As a result probably 80 percent of the Russian squads were in the building on multiple floors. There are a number of things I would do differently next time.
2019-02-08(D) Jeff B vs Phil Wentworth Russian winGermans got pasted pretty good on the opening turn, losing 2.5 squads (including an engineer) and their 9-2. Had a 6-2-8 not gone berserk across the street from a gaggle of Germans the Russians would've only lost a HS. Turn 2 saw the Germans close in on the House, killing a squad and taking another 1.5 squads captive. The next three turns were relatively blood-free as the Germans mostly spent their time consolidating their positions to assault the House en masse from three sides. Unfortunately for them they still hadn't dislodged the outside MG nests, who were covering the streets with FLs. Turn 7 saw the fireworks fly again. At one point while FPF the Germans created two heroes. As heroes are wont to do though, one would be dead by the end of the turn. Further excitement was added when a Russian HS prisoner killed its guard in CC, creating a conscript in the German backfield. The Germans did manage to gain a foothold in the House. The three turns of consolidation proved to be too much of a luxury though as, at game end, the Germans only managed to take the ground floor. With encirclement in effect and a relatively strong force yet (though both FTs flamed out early after being saved for the House assault), I think with one more turn they would've had it. Fun game as always.
2018-09-25(D) Scott Sherer vs D. Bruce Weston Russian winCame down to one hold-out hex on the second level of the Commisar's House. The Russians had the stairways effectively blocked on the last turn so the Germans couldn't get into position to break the units in the final hex going through the building, and a desperate German flank attack around the building was broken, thus giving the victory to the Russians.
2018-08-03(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Holland, Donald Russian win
2018-06-30(D) Michal Bonaventura vs kandelabr German win
2018-06-02(D) Michal Bonaventura vs In progress
2018-05-21(D) Louis Langdeau vs Lee M Russian winAnother close run on this scenario. Lee mentioned he's played it a lot, and I can see why. There's a lot of room for different approaches on both the offense and the defense. On this run, I set up with reasonably strong deployments on both my flanks. I also deployed two 447s and a dummy in FF7, Z7, and R7. My intent was to make the Germans deploy slightly backward, push them into the center to rob them of safe rout paths, and buy as much time as possible before Lee got a full surround on Z3. The first turn or two went reasonably well. I broke some units, and my one 628 squad in the chemist's house held out for longer than I thought he would. Around turn 3 though, my left collapsed pretty hard. Troops still managed to fall back in reasonably good order, but Lee snagged a lot of prisoners. Around turn 4, there was another big collapse, this time on my right. Lee maintained his characteristic aggressiveness, and by turn 5 there was a lot of German troops on both sides of the road looking in at the Z3 line of buildings. Unfortunately, over the next two or three turns, Lee's attack stalled out. There were a few clutch rolls on my side that I managed to make, and a few on Lee's that went very badly. It wouldn't have been so crushing, but it was right on the turn before a bunch of sewer troops found their way into Z3, reinforcing what had been a pretty weak ground floor. After a few more turns of assaults, Lee called it.
2018-05-06(A) Louis Langdeau vs Lee M German winLee set up with a good amount of forward positions, with all his MGs in the 20Z3 house facing the main street out front. I set up with the intent to lay down a base of fire from the two story building on board 1, and then push in from the flanks to meet up at 20Z3. I over-committed troops on my left flank, and didn't have a clear plan on how to use them. Because of that, my right flank hit 20Z3 on his own. Despite some good shots and a DC getting laid in one of the hexes, I got thrown back. At this point, my left started to move once I realized I'd need the troops soon, and by turn 6 I was knocking on 20Z3 from my left. My dice heated up at this point, and Lee had some unfortunate rally rolls the turn before my big push. He rolled at least two 12s, and with my rallied troops and new reinforcements sweeping in, I managed to seize and clear the building. Lee had a last ditch attempt with a HIP squad that ran to the 20R7 building, but I was able to kill him with the remainder of my garrison troops in CC. A fun scenario, and the Germans get a lot of gear to play with. I feel like without my run on turn 6 I wouldn't have been able to pull this one off, but still a great time.
2018-02-01(A) Pieter Van Innis vs Danny Peeters Russian winTook me too long to cross the streets due to bad smoke availibility checks. Still enjoyed it though!
2018-01-01(A) Max Malm vs Lee Russian win
2017-06-12(A) Shane Pask vs German winBy turn 2 I had taken the first objective for the loss of only 1 man - the ranking officer shot by a sniper. By turn 4 the Russians had some luck counterattacking but I was at the West side of the Commissar's house and had captured the Russian HMG. All over by turn 7 with the Russians annihilated. Dice were on my side but an easy win.
2017-05-11(A) Dan Best vs Mike Bistodeau Russian win
2017-04-22(D) Jeff B vs Bronson Barnhart Russian winGermans spent too much time shooting rather than moving and, even with their monster kill stacks, tended to underperform. Their HMG spent half the game on the disabled list. When they did make a move toward the House they got ripped to shreds by the machine guns.
2017-01-26(D) David Garvin vs Jeff Buser German win
2016-10-07(D) Tom Abromaitis vs German win
2016-06-23(A) Jeff B vs Ryan Ellett German winGermans just had too much muscle for the Russians to handle.
2015-04-29(D) Andy Waller vs Jeff Luce Russian win
2015-01-09(A) Ed Bonilla vs German win
2013-11-04(D) Jeff B vs Ted Wilcox Russian winForget the chemist's shop and stock the House full, protected by MG trenches on the outside. A brilliant use of HIPs helped swing the balance.
2013-08-17(A) Davide Bendazzi vs Daniel Takai German win
2013-01-27(A) Richard Agnew vs solo German winThe Chemist's Shop fell easily, but the Germans were unable to breach the fortifacated Commissar's House. Of course, they didn't really need to after securing the Chemist's Shop, so the game was really never in doubt after turn 6.
2012-10-07(A) Michal Bonaventura vs In progress
2012-09-20(D) Luke Sineath vs Matt Pavone German win
2012-09-20(D) Luke Sineath vs German win
2012-07-22(D) Richard Carter vs Stephen German winExcellent game. I could have set up better. I think I spread out too much trying to cover too much ground. Germans overwhelmed my center. My right held out a bit but was eventually overpowered. I set up my HMG out of com's house and had to abandon it early in game. Still came down to last 2 turns though. Great scenario!
2011-08-07(D) Martí Cabré vs Eloi Soler Russian winA very exiting game. The German player took too long to assault the Commissar's House and he was a turn to short to control it (I had also HIP one squad there). Sewer movement, DC breaching, killer MG, lots of CC... everything was there!
2010-12-22(D) Nathan Beddes vs Jamey Cribbs German win
2010-10-18(A) Fred Ingram vs Jeff Coleman German winGerman won on turn 5 - just plainn overpowered the Russians
2009-10-04(A) Jeff Waldon vs Pierce Mason Russian winASLOK-Awesome game. The Germans could not clear the C-sar's House!
2009-05-09(A) Andy Beaton vs German winExcellent down-to-the-wire fight
2007-10-30(A) Martin Sabais vs Russian win
2006-09-09(D) Jan Rychetnik vs Alistair Gibson Russian win
2006-07-08(A) Nathan Scott vs JB Russian win
2004-06-15(D) Steffen Knippel vs Jeff Fisher Russian win
2001-11-17(D) Fred Ingram vs Chris Edwards German win
2001-05-21(D) Jason Wert vs Michael Spinks Russian win
1998-07-22(D) Alan Peterson vs Jeff Skidmore Russian win
1998-04-09(D) Keith Colins vs Shawn Collins German win
1995-10-01(A) Richard Jenulis vs Don Clouse German winASLOK 1995 [exact date unknown]
1991-05-01(D) Kermit Mullins vs Scott Waites Russian win
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The Commissar's House [Confirmed]
[A] German 151
[D] Russian 148
Saturday 14 December 2019 08:20:09 AM  (c)dramsey 2019