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Lenin's Sons ETO (id:#59651)
Multi-Man Publishing (ASL Journal # 7 ID:J103)
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See Also: Lenin's Sons by Le Franc Tireur
Designer: Xavier Vitry
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
German (SS)Russian
To the south of Borodino, the SS Das Reich was committed to several actions aimed at breaking the Soviet lines in order to rush towards the east. The Der Fuhrer Regiment, fighting on the southern flank of the Division, had regrouped and was to seize the village of Yudinki, whose forward defense consisted of some of the finest Russian youth - the Lenin Cadets.
Attacker: German (SS) (Panzergrenadier Regiment Der Führer, Das Reich Division)
Defender: Russian (II Battalion, Lenin Cadets)  
Turns: 6.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
Yudinki, Russia 1941-10-14
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:13.5 D:8.0
AFVs: A:0 D:0
Guns: A:0 D:0
50mm RM obr. 40 x 1
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules: Grain NOT in season; all buildings are wooden
Map Board(s): 42
Overlays: NONE
Errata (source)
Hexes D-Z are playable LFT
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Scenario Comments
King Billy's AAR (view)Dave2006-10-07 09:22:09
Latest Updates:
ppalma Added a playing2019-10-13 21:04:12
Rindis Added a playing2019-10-13 16:43:26
igycrctl Added a playing2019-08-24 15:36:03
TomAbromaitis Added a playing2019-07-04 18:41:01
igycrctl Added a playing2019-04-14 15:13:25
Last Played:
2019-10-12(D) James Lowry vs Mark Simon Russian win
2019-10-09(D) patrick palma vs Mike Ziementz German (SS) win
2019-08-24(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Schoenen, Rob Russian win
2019-07-04(D) Tom Abromaitis vs David D. German (SS) win
2019-04-14(A) Jonathan Kapleau vs Rosso, Victor Russian win
2019-04-06(D) Jonathan Kapleau vs Markham, Joe German (SS) win
2018-05-20(A) Michael Rodgers vs Paul Suderman German (SS) winPlayed without balance. Only 1 HS and an MMG covered the right side while the rest of the Germans pushed through the woods. Germans took most of there buildings on the second to last turn. Final building taken on last turn.
2018-01-23(A) X von Marwitz vs Stephan Jacobi Russian winA much played infantry only scenario which pits a crack German force vs. a crack Russian one. I had the Germans in this one. With regard to the general tactic, there's no magic in this one: Woods on the German left flank, open ground to the right, victory buildings in the back. The Russians must cover the open ground to deny the Germans any quick route and force him to punch through the woods. In the woods, the Russian needs to stage a classic fall-back defense and to prevent the Germans from piercing the line anywhere, while at the same time always have in mind covering the open ground even when he begins to take losses. With Russian elite troops and woods all around, the Russian 10-0 will stage as the "Instant-Rally" station. Following this plan, the Germans will hopefully run out of time to take all buildings. My Germans figured out the deployment of the Russian troops quick enough. As the general path of action is pretty clear in this one, the challenge lies in the order in which every single move is conducted and in instantly taking advantage of DRs that shift the game this way or the other. By this, the Germans might eventually prise open the Russian block and force him to fall back more quickly than planned. The Germans won't be able to avoid moving up ADJACENT to Russian units lurking to dish out punishment. Unfortunately for my Germans, they received rather serious punishment quite early in German Turn 2, losing 2 squad equivalents to K/# and KIA results and having a further 3 squad equivalents and the 8-1 Leader broken. This might have been ok, if the ensuing Advancing Fire would have provided some revenge, but until the end of German Turn 2 the Russian was unscathed execept for a loss of 2 squads due to a FT & DC & Advancing fire combo on a single hex. Instead of Rallying, my second best leader decided to roll boxcars and to round it off another HS did the same. Together with the previous run of events, this had me a bit annoyed, as it became forseeable, that the scenario had turned into an uphill-fight for the Germans very early, further burdened by the impact this had on the CVP cap. What followed was a bit of Germans having to move ADJACENT, Russians taking PB-shots, Germans hoping for some exploits by Advancing Fire, then Russians falling back to regain concealment and their brokies running for the 10-0 Commissar. Rinse & repeat. Eventually, the Germans were getting the upper hand in the Woods, but at considerable cost. The Russians taking a Prisoner HS did not help either. The German FT had X'ed out on its second shot. Before emerging from the woods, the Germans had already suffered 14CVP, so there was noch much leeway for fancy moves. While Russians had taken considerable losses, the Germans could not sufficiently outflank them to prevent escape. The Russians had their 10-0, their 8-1 and 3x628s left on the woods flank and a 228+MMG and 8-0, 328+MTR on the open flank. My Germans took 4 buildings close to the woods and managed to cross the road to the "open" flank where they took out the 228+MMG and two more buildings. Due to time pressing, I had to take the chances of a 1-1 Melee in the 7th building and was in position to reach the 8th one in my final MPh, though the odds were not exactly looking inviting. On top of that, one single more CVP would bring a Russian win. This exactly happened in the 1-1 Melee of the 7th Building which ended the game with a Russian win. Given the bad situation the Germans were in from early on, I can be content with what they managed to archive in the end.
2017-10-08(D) jon smith vs germans German (SS) winRussian defence was holding strong even if they couldn't stop the germans piling through the woods... but at a critical moment a snake eyes for an nmc on a ldr made him beserk and he took my HMG and MG team with him... removing me of all cover on the left flank and giving Germans the space to take the village... ouch.
2017-08-11(D) David Garvin vs Mark Kalensky German (SS) win
2017-07-08(A) David Garvin vs James Montgomery German (SS) win
2017-02-06(D) Paolo Cariolato vs Davide Galloni Russian win
2017-01-31(A) Milton Soong vs Mark Pandori Russian winIt came down to the wire, and the Ge lost by one building. The Ge made early gain through the woods, but then got stuck on the edge of the village. The Ge had a kill stack on the lvl1 bldg but did little damage, and finally lost the 9-2 leader to a sniper on turn 3. Later had two Ge squad broke out and went around and took two of the bldg, but timely Ru counter attack took them back by turn 5. By the end of the game the Ru had a kill stack (leader + hero + HMG) that defies any attack. Great scenario...
2016-10-05(D) Andy Joy vs Rich Domovic German (SS) winFun game with Rich. My first game played at ASLOK. Came down to the wire with the Germans getting control of the 8th building on the final turn with the last CC attempt... For the win!
2016-09-03(A) Dan Best vs Paul Lauger Russian winSioux City Tournament.
2015-01-25(D) Bill Brodie vs Malcolm Cameron Russian winCancon 2015. I played this for the win of a mini repocharge, after loosing the first game of the tournament. Boy was this one tight, the Germans just slowing forced the Russians back through the woods without loosing a man. On turn 4 I had to decide to skulk back from the forest or counter attack with the modest forced I had left. In they went! 2 player turns later I had smashed the Germans, killing 9 CVP and breaking 6 other squads. The German player conceded! Victory from the jaws of success!
2014-10-08(A) Michael Focht vs Andrea Pagni Russian win
2014-04-29(A) Lee Hyde vs Eoin Corrigan Russian winStruggled with this one. Wasn't aggressive enough for first two turns and then left chasing. Didn't help that Russian fire tended to miss or Kill. I was prepared for Rallying but just didn't happen. Tied up in Melees too despite 2:1 advantage or better. Russkies even managed a self rally under DM. The Russian Bear gave a mauling.
2013-09-28(D) Luis Felip vs R Russian win
2012-06-09(D) Frank Tozier vs LDavies Russian win
2011-10-15(A) Jeff Waldon vs Frank Tozier Russian winVASL
2011-09-24(A) Steffen Knippel vs Paul Suderman Russian win
2011-06-18(D) Jeff Waldon vs Dale Wetzleberger German (SS) winFtF ATL - I ignored the recommended Russians deployed forward in the woods set-up and paid the price. Good game with a well known SL & ASLer.
2011-04-22(A) Ian Willey vs MacRob German (SS) winGood game that luck gave me the inside track which allowed me to take advantage and push for the win
2011-04-16(D) John Van Natta vs Tycho German (SS) winI got schooled in this one.
2010-02-12(D) Andy Beaton vs German (SS) winLost a teaching scenario by a close margin - very exciting
2009-07-16(A) Allen Evenson vs Luca Adena Russian win
2009-03-20(A) Michael Rodgers vs Bob Tufano German (SS) winPlayed without the balance. Decided on last turn.
2008-06-09(D) Paolo Cariolato vs Claudio Corradini Russian win
2007-11-10(A) Dan Best vs Rick Reinesch Russian winOklahoma City Tournament.
2007-07-07(D) Slyvanian Frog vs Lizochek Frog German (SS) win
2007-03-08(D) David Ramsey vs Phil Draper German (SS) win
2007-01-27(D) Aaron Sibley vs Gerard Burton Russian win
2006-12-09(A) Allen Evenson vs Paul Hart Russian win
2006-11-30(D) Aaron Sibley vs Andy McMaster German (SS) win
2006-10-03(D) Bill Brodie vs Scott Byrne Russian winTight all infantry affair. Germans have to cover ground fast in the face of fire, but SS troops can do that. Watch out for the hidden half squds.
2006-09-13(D) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee German (SS) win
2006-09-13(A) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee Russian win
2006-09-12(D) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee Russian win
2006-09-07(A) Fred Ingram vs Dave McLee Russian win
2006-08-13(A) Michael Pierzchala vs John Richards Russian winExcellent scenario that cam down to the last CCPh, and could of gone either way. Plenty of chrome and toys, like Commisars and FT/DC to make it intersting.
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SZO Online AAR (opens in new window)Dave
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J.R Tracy's game vs Steve Pleva (LeninsSons.jpg)ImageDave826
Updated VASL Map (J103 Lenins Sons.jpg)ImageFre20741516
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J.R Tracy's game vs Steve Pleva
Updated VASL Map
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Lenin's Sons [Confirmed]
[A] German 78
[D] Russian 82
Friday 15 November 2019 03:04:04 PM  (c)dramsey 2019