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Koniev's Finest ETO (id:#63077)
(From The Cellar Pack #8 ID:FT219)
Designer: Jean Pascal Paoli
Starter kit scenario?:    Deluxe scenario?:
The Russian Army had been bordering the Vistula on its length, holding three bridgeheads on the German side. On the 12th of January, Marshal Koniev unleashed his first Ukrainian Front and cleared the German lines of defense. At mid-day, the first and second lines were breached and Koniev had seized his main axis of penetration. He immediately ordered the introduction of his tank units to exploit the gap in the German lines. The Germans tried a desperate action and immediately counterattacked the lead Soviet units.
Attacker: Russian (Elements of the 4th Guards Tank Corps, 3rd Tank Army, 1st Ukrainian Front)
Defender: German (Elements of Schwere Panzerjäger-Kompanie 614, 2 Kompanie of Panzerjäger-Abteilung 616 and 300th StuG Brigade)  
Turns: 4.5     Players: 2     OBA: None     Night: No
North of Chmielnik, Poland 1945-01-12
Unit Counts:
Squads: A:10.0 D:6.0
AFVs: A:15 D:15
Guns: A:0 D:0
Victory Conditions:
Exit VP: Building Control VC: Area Control VC:
Unit Based VC: LOS Style VC: CVP Cap:
Misc Rules:
Map Board(s): t 44
Errata (source)
German entry area is wrong listed, should be tGG2; also Elefants should be 3FP BMGFT gamesquad post
Correction: the entry zone for the German should read "on/between tW10 and tGG2"FT
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Latest Updates:
buser333 Added a playing2018-08-21 13:31:24
Tomkrny Added a playing2018-07-07 18:13:08
peacmyer Rated the scenario2018-03-21 23:53:31
Lionelc62 Uploaded a VASL file2018-03-01 05:50:45
Lionelc62 Uploaded the Board image2018-02-28 05:12:23
Last Played:
2018-08-21(D) Jeff B vs Magnus Rimvall German winWow, what a game! I am usually not much of a fan of mostly armor scenarios but this one came down to the absolute wire. There are just enough infantry on each side to make a difference too. The Russians made the mistake of moving their scout car too far forward on the first turn and it was obliterated by my Elefants that lined up one after another along the central road, daring Ivan to come after them. I moved my light-skinned Marders south into concealment terrain where they played guard along with a couple Panzers. The remainder of my armor moved behind the central hedge. My halftracks drove up to the big building in anticipation of stripping out the armaments to get a few more PF-capable units on board with a chance of knocking out some of the Sukas with the LMGs. The placement of these HTs caused me a little bit of grief midgame when they restricted some of my escape ability using bypass. The Russians were not scared at all of my line of Elefants and all four were gone by the end of the next turn, having only taken out one of the IS-2ms (who all came at them). Perhaps had I not put one in motion and broke the gun on another I may have been able to take one more with me. The middle and the south was mostly just a Mexican standoff, with me knocking out one T34 and smoking-in another. My smoke capability would be the saving grace for me by game's end. It was starting to look though like the Russians had cleared the path they would need in the north. My infantry started shifting to provide a goal line stand, while my turret-less tanks turned to hopefully get some side shot opportunities. Turn 3 saw all remaining Russian tanks (minus a Suka which was recalled) swing north behind the protecting cover of the IS-2ms, who had lined themselves up to pound my tanks which had moved into the trees the turn before. But my smoke saved the day as I used my Turn 4 Prep to shroud the Russians with it. All except for the one tank that could have used it the most - a lone Panzer who had maintained concealment in the central orchards but was now facing the barrels of three T-34s. This may have been a mixed blessing though because he was then forced to shoot his way out, knocking out two of the T-34s (burning one which further hindered the LOS of the other). All this smoke had the secondary benefit of allowing all my infantry to swarm in for some PF or CC kills. Things were looking good and if I were the Russians at this point I think I may have conceded. But my opponent stuck with it, saying he had seven tanks and only needed to get off five (possibly four if he could knock out two more of my tanks). I had made a big mistake moving one of my Panzers too far forward and one of his crews grabbed my abandoned PSK and toasted him. One of two down. He then made his run for the exit and, against all odds, NONE of my infantry found the mark with a PF. He led with the IS-2ms, who were hardly even worth shooting, and two tanks were off. They also each dropped smoke grenades en route to the exit, hindering my LOS. Two more tanks made their move and I overheated three of my guns trying to stop them. The only tank I had left capable of shooting was a Marder back at the goal line with a one-hex limited LOS. He missed the first, the second If the last tank made it the Russians would have five and a guaranteed victory, but this tank was finally blasted to a flaming wreck. But wait...not all hope was lost. During the turn an elite squad self-rallied and ran with his DC like a THH toward my central Panzer, surviving MG fire and even some MA fire. The DC was placed, the tanks exited, now all that was left was to see the result. Optimal placement (groan). The only hope I had was if it was a dud. You guessed it...dud city. Great game!
2018-04-20(A) Tom Kearney vs Tom Harper Russian winBitter Ender 2018
2018-02-10(A) Gordon Jupp vs Nick Holmshaw Russian winFun scenario with lots of toys! As the Russian I had a CH and a box cars in my first 3 TH attempts! Set the tone, mayhem all over. Nick had poor dice which didn't help his cause and by T4 it was all over with the majority of the German AFV'S destroyed...
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VASL setup file (FT219 Koniev-s finest.vsav)VASL SetupLionelc6287
(koniev correct counter.png)Imagehoxson176
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Estimated Play time: 7.8 hours
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