Red Banner 2017 Q2

Published by: DC Conscripts ASL Club. March 2017
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The Red Banner
The DC Conscripts’ ASL fanzine, The Red Banner, is loved and read around the world from the international and very loyal fan base of the greatest tactical game of World War 2, Advanced Squad Leader. Each issue is packed with scenario after action reviews, commentary, analysis and home grown scenarios created by some of the very best minds in ASL. Normally a person would expect to pay for such a treat, but we, the DC Conscripts, in the spirit of international fraternity and passion for the game, offer our labors of love to ASL players without charge.

Enterprising players who aspire to making greater contributions to our international cause are invited to share story of your last victory (or defeat)? Use the Contact page to send the Editorial Committee your great article, and you may earn a coveted spot in our fanzine!

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