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The BendGermans have to push hard. I think the American setup forced the Germans to go a certain direction which game the Americans opportunities to counter, if only they could make a MC. Germans came up a few hexes short of victory in the end even with American poor morale. dmareske
Big BonusLots of flaming tanks and missed opportunities (by the dice) from both sides. Germans had one intact panther at the end of the game. It was a very fun scenario. Steve played a cagey defense, but it started to fail when the Germans had the village surrounded and there was no place left to rout. It still took to the last turn. dmareske
The Commissar's HouseA tremendous game with a pleasant opponent. As Russian, my troops were almost completely wiped out of the board at the end of turn 5 and I conceded. The German assault was swiftly carried out. I've made two mistakes: too many stacks (which is lethal in a brutal urban confrontation) and I used too few the sewer movements... Thanks to Steve for this very entertaining game ! lechiquier94
Kebur ZabagnaA thoroughly rough go for the Ethiopians advancing on prepared Italian defenses. My guns actually maintained rate a few times and didn't break immediately, chewing up Gary's left ruthlessly. None of my bore sight hexes came into play, sadly, but the open ground made it a crapshoot regardless. Both of us neglected are artillery early on, and in most cases it was surprisingly ineffective. Shout out to Gary's dice netting him 3 or 4 heat of battles, two of which converted into Heroes. Both snipers were fairly active as well! Jobbo_Fett
Keber ZabaniaA thoroughly rough go for the Ethiopians advancing on prepared Italian defenses. My guns actually maintained rate a few times and didn't break immediately, chewing up Gary's left ruthlessly. None of my bore sight hexes came into play, sadly, but the open ground made it a crapshoot regardless. Both of us neglected are artillery early on, and in most cases it was surprisingly ineffective. Shout out to Gary's dice netting him 3 or 4 heat of battles, two of which converted into Heroes. Both snipers were fairly active as well! Jobbo_Fett
Poisoned BattleA thoroughly rough go for the Ethiopians advancing on prepared Italian defenses. My guns actually maintained rate a few times and didn't break immediately, chewing up Gary's left ruthlessly. None of my bore sight hexes came into play, sadly, but the open ground made it a crapshoot regardless. Both of us neglected are artillery early on, and in most cases it was surprisingly ineffective. Shout out to Gary's dice netting him 3 or 4 heat of battles, two of which converted into Heroes. Both snipers were fairly active as well! Jobbo_Fett
Spartan StylePlayed at July 2022 Paddington Bearz. Rich Weiley
Luchs on the LookoutThe Russian gun was a little ineffective, with the Germans pushing hard from the east. The halftrack was recalled after 2 failed MCs but with the first armoured car destroyed there was little in the way of anti-tank resistance. (VASL Log) Dave
Mountain HuntersRussians malfunctioned almost all guns and MGs to the end of T2. Romanians killed or broken everything with the first shot. Good game. MoriQuessir
Pulling Out igycrctl
Tiger of VitebskI found a way to loose and the Germans. RJenulis
Armored SamuraiThe Chinese took their opponent to the last turn, but lost in CC. The Chinese Guns and the HMGs did not perform well, but kept the Japanese at bay. Japanese truck use was great. Almost made the CVP cap, but fell short. dmareske
A Wave Breaking with the TidePolish obliterated the Germans RJenulis
Clearing CollevilleThis was my second time playing this scenario and the first time with the Germans. Having previously lost with the Americans, I could sympathize with the difficult challenge Eirc faced in attempting to clear (not capture) 11 VC buildings of GO units, while exposing his attacking squads to multiple OG shots from defenders well ensconced in stone buildings and having only 5 turns to get it done.

IMO, this one has a definite tilt toward the defender which is confirmed by the Archive's recoded plays. However, ROAR gives the edge to the attacker which indicates that Americans can triumph with perhaps superior tactical play.

I believe the key to the American attack hinges on successful opening prep fire, followed by successful advance fire and defensive fire in their half of the turn with the arriving reinforcements. Unfortunately, for Eric, those +3 stone building DRMs took a lot of the sting out the powerful American FGs with the result that it was almost turn 4 before he was finally able to get established in the first cluster of buildings. By then, the Germans had established a layered defensive line that denied the last turn rush for the final VC buildings with overwhelming D1F and SFF shots.

Still an enjoyable game. with an enjoyable opponent.
Sticks And StonesA fairly straightforward win - but the defenders weren't too sneaky with their trench placement and didn't take every opportunity to throw their sticks. They also rolled a couple of boxcars which hurts more due to the SSR, and by the end I'd racked up 6.5 squads worth of prisioners. (VASL Log) Dave
Kempf at MelikhovoGreat little scenario with plenty of action and stuff to do for both sides. Lots of skulking from the Russians in the first couple of turns, mainly trying to avoid his FT tank, which then fell to a rear shot from my hidden AT Gun. From turn three onwards I held my ground, forcing the Germans into several close-quarters gun battles and CC engagements. This made things quite dicey, and both of us won CC's where the odds were against us, including one that allowed the Germans to capture building U6. In the end though, the Germans just didn't have enough troops to finish the job, and building T4 held out for the Russian win. Can't complain about the luck overall: my KV tank didn't arrive until turn 4 but I had enough decent MC and TC DRs to hold the Germans up. Andy_Bagley
Mike RedContinuing to learn seaborne assault rules with Will. This one is tough for the Canadians. We tried to give them the balance but the math doesn't actually work out to have an extra LC without breaking the rules of PP distribution. The Canadians made it onto the beach without too much damage - a few stunned LCs but not much else, since Will was able to maneuver around my AT gun's CA for the most part. Once on the beach things got tougher, and with his tanks and mortars placing down lots of supporting fire he took out some of my key defenders, but it wasn't enough - he was unable to breach the seawall so couldn't exit enough VP, and would have needed some serious luck to clear out the pillboxes, and his last two turns were pretty devoid of luck on his part, but lots on my part, with multiple 2-3 TH rolls with my MTR, which probably took about 15 shots total in a turn or two. Will conceded in turn 6 after failing to breach the seawall with a set DC - needed <9 and got a 10. As always, a fun and gracious opponent. scottf2
88s at Zon Lele
PiecemealA slightly strange game where both Lee and I had pretty bad dice but the British seemed to get the worst of it. The close terrain and LV hindrance gives the German player a lot of options and the ability to push on. In our playing the German vehicles never put in an appearance but through being held in reserve kept a number of British defenders in place. A strong schwerepunkt through the woods and buildings to the east paid dividends and through a combination of advancing fire and close combat brushed the British defence aside. While no classic, it presents interesting tactical challenges for both defender and attacker. Both Lee and I felt this was a tough scenario for the British defender. Conall
88s at ZonA very tense scenario presenting a number of difficulties for both sides. The American forces entering at the start have a lot of open ground to cover and are potentially badly outnumbered. Later reinforcements change this but the clock keeps ticking.

The Americans managed to exit the required VP by turn five, thanks among other things to a providential malfunction of one of the merciless German 88s.
Siam SambalI had been looking forward to this one for a while and it did not let me down. It has a bit of everything in the PTO except Japanese. The fighter plane destroyed a truck as it unloaded, wounding the FOO. An AA truck then damaged the plane forcing it to withdraw. The FOO managed to call in one mildly effective FFE before being hit by canister, breaking and ELRing. The Vickers tank brought canister rounds but forgot to load any MG ammo.
Some low rolls by the French on turn 7 sealed the Siamese fate with the score at 41 -21 VP.
Pte Parts
Acts of DefianceI managed a speedy attack, greatly aided by a successful Encirclement maneuver in Turn 3. Down to a single unbroken MMC in the Russian setup area, facing superior firepower and with few ways to improve the situation, my opponent conceded the game after German Turn 4.

I was admittedly aided by some fantastic IFT rolls during Turn 4 and my rolls against the tanks – I destroyed a hull down T-44 with an AFPh PF shot (an 8+3 TH roll with hull hits discarded due to HD) and another in CC with a HS (getting Field Promoted in the process). I initially miscalculated the position of my opponent’s well placed OBA Observer due to some LOS misunderstandings on my part and as a result was pummelled with some 120mm FFEs in the 20S6 wooden house. My flanking force lost its 9-1 Leader and a HS but was otherwise OK, could have been a lot worse.

In the south I blew up one of the bridges with a Goliath and managed to keep the enemy HMG from joining the fight. The ISUs did get across along with some of the 628 infantry, partly due to my blundering of some Defensive Fire opportunities by using a Fire Group which happened to Cower in the worst way possible.

I really liked the scenario, it has a lot going on with the Goliaths, OBA, limited Sewer Movement etc. The situation is interesting, allowing for some intriguing envelopment opportunities. Hand-to-Hand mixes things up, making the scenario feel almost like a PTO one at times. Highly recommended and one of my favorite scenarios so far.
Le Hérisson igycrctl
The MartinofenUsed German balance. German Set DC "malfunctioned" and that pretty much describes the subsequent German debacle in a nutshell. Solid Russian Defense kept attackers out of the building, allowing them only to enter to die. Kydder
Three Story HouseAfter playing most of the scenarios in order, this was the first not perfectly formed.

On the CH forums (from 2011) there is similar confusion, which was never satisfactorily explained.

The German set up area seems off, they can only set up in WN66. However, this does not include the VC hex. The scenario description discusses the fight for this house, however the Germans cannot setup there, and indeed to setup to attack it would probably be a very foolish move.

The second iffy area is that the mines, which by setup instruction must also be placed in WN66, are specified by SSR to be only allowed to set up "in hinterland hexes" however, WN66 is entirely comprised of hinterland hexes, so this SSR is redundant and leads me to believe that some where, a part of the German setup instructions has been omitted, or the WN perimeter is marked incorrectly.

Unfortunately two forum posts and an email over 11 years have not elicited elucidation.

So based on the quality of the previous scenarios we decided to play the scenario exactly as it's written.

Don't bother.

The Americans cross the wall easily, they can eventually take the VC location and its very easy for them to pass enough VP across the seawall in the east to reach the HH hexrow.

Even with a German platoon shagging ass to cover the Eastern area, the Germans didn't stand a chance.

There is something missing in this scenario, which is a shame.

I will try to contact the scenario designer. If I get any updates i'll edit.


I found the answer,

I have the ATS version also, so I checked the scenario card, its identical except that

-The Germans may setup in WN66 AND WN68.
-The mines must setup in hexrows HH/JJ.
Faugh A Ballagh!Continued my learning with Martin. Was able to inflict significant damage to MB’s British squads by retaining ROF with my AFV.
The dice rolls were good to me and I was able to hold on to two buildings defended in strength and also send one squad behind Martin to retake buildings he had occupied.
MB resigned on turn 7 as had no chance of winnning
Sherman Marches WestSecond go-round with this scenario. This time it was my turn to try the Russians. Turned out I didn't learn a whole lot from Ken's attempt. My idea was to overpower his infantry blocking force with my Shermans, then get a foothold on the VC buildings before his crazy assault platoons arrive. I'll never know if it could have worked as I began to lose tanks starting at turn one when his HIP 50L took one out, followed shortly by two more having their MA MALF. I eventually managed to kill his PzIV, and his 50L took itself out by MALF (but not before it immobilized one more Sherman.) The last two succumbed to the Tiger which just drove up and destroyed them at PBR. A little discouraging to score multiple turret hits that have no chance for a kill.
In the end, I got control of one VC building, and almost another. But those six squads and two LMG posted up in one of the VC buildings forming one 24FP stack and another 20FP w-1 DR,M stack. By then, I had nothing to left to root them out. I conceded by turn six, but honestly, the game was over by turn four.

Nevertheless, it is a good scenario to work on combined arms maneuvers.

In our post-game analysis, we both agreed that probably the best way for the Russian to win is go all out for the Tiger as soon as it enters the board. If that AFV can be killed early, even at the cost of 3 or 4 Shermans, the Russians might just have enough FP left to help the plodding Russian infantry assault those buildings in the last couple of turns.
Kazina KlashThe Germans won on the final turn by knocking out the last two Polish Tanks. An Unconfirmed Kill resulted in a dead tank! Play this game! von Garvin
Merzenhausen ZooThe Germans face an immediately tough decision on how strongly they decide to defend the farm compound (worth 10VP). I chose what I would call a moderate approach, filling most building hexes with HS, with a dummy tank to boot. I setup fairly strong defending an eastern approach which never materialized, as my opponent came on strong just west of the main road, bolstering this force with his western reinforcements entering as far south as possible. Turn 2 saw him overrun my dummy tank as his men began pouring into the western end of the compound, grabbing a quick 4 VP. Turn 3 saw him use his tanks very aggressively in sleze freezing the remainder of my men in that area, losing two of them in process (including one of his two upgunned Shermans), but totally controlling the compound by the end (at a cost of 3.5 squads for me). Meanwhile my JgdPz was stunned by his HMG nest trying to make its escape and swarmed and eliminated the following turn, a move that could've easily been prevented had I kicked into reverse motion rather than forward. But the Allies made their share of mistakes as well, babying their FT tanks even after locating both my heavy guns. Meanwhile I was counting down the time until my precious reinforcements arrived. Turn 5 was costly for the Allies as they sensed the need for ugency, and also due to a fair bit of luck on my part. I was able to fry a Stuart trying to sneak up on my Nashorn from the side, and a Sherman was dispatched in CC. Then I knocked out his last upgunned Sherman with the Nashorn, and both King Tigers accounted for themselves by burning up two more. the Allies were down to only their Churchhills, and with the German reinforcements embedding themselves in the stone buildings and woods surrounding them on the approach it would be very difficult for the Allies indeed. At this point the Allied infantry losses began to escalate beyond the Germans as they needed to cross much open ground to assault the town proper. As their assets continued to dwindle the attack peatered out, leaving them raising the white flag halfway through their last turn moves. A very fun, swirling scenario that both lives up to its name and its reputation. buser333
Tiger of VitebskAnother attempt at playing the Russians with only moderately better results. Looking at the recent playings, it appears this scenario favors the Germans by a fair margin. I recommend using the Russian balance. That being said, it remains a fun scenario for both sides. Be sure to follow the SSRs exactly as written. The Germans may HIP the AFVs only in Concealment terrain and only 2 squad equivalents can HIP. Don't assume the designer forgot to include the usual SW and leader stacked with them. The German player does not need any more advantages than are provided in the SSRs. Heloanjin
Tiger of VitebskGood scenario, but a bit tough on the Russians! We had some discussion about the SSRs and the rules around HIP: Craig had played this a few times in the eASL tournament and some people had interpreted the SSRs/rules differently, but we decided to play it by the book - so the German AFVs could only setup HIP in concealment terrain (as dictated by the rules) and the 2 HIP squad equivalents were not allowed to have any SW/SMC stacked with them (since that's not specified in the SSR). After playing through the scenario I think this is the way to go - the Russians need all the help they can get. And... Craig wasn't getting any help from his dice, while I was getting a lot from mine. I had some lucky TH roles early on and took out a few of his tanks. He managed to maneuver his remaining tanks to deal with all of mine by turn 3 or so, and then set his sites on the buildings, but it was a bit too late, once my HMG nest and scattered LMGs started whittling away his units who couldn't seem to pass a MC (or, more precisely, 1MC or 2MC checks). I also had a few surprises tucked away in the form of HS in upper level building locations ready to maintain/take control of a few key buildings in the final turns, but Craig conceded on turn four since he didn't have enough units to get the buildings needed. Good game with a fun and gracious opponent.

Backs to the SeaI made it difficult for Loic; that said, he did get plenty of squads to my board, but was shy by one.

Great fun!
von Garvin
Whom Gods DestroyPartisan / SS win after EDES concede at the end of Turn 3. This was an unusual situation in ASL terms as the ELAS were in a very good position, although the SS were marginally ahead on points when the EDES player indicated they no longer wished to continue. Stumpy82
The Last Day of the Cuneense dmareske
All Down the LineGreat Scenario, always good to play Paul too.
almost, almost pulled it off, but Paul managed to ESB his flakpanzer to set up a covering shot down the forest road, and when my 9-1 failed his 1MC trying to cross on the last turn, I'd ran out of time. Great game! so closely balanced
Note to self should have used Smoke grenades from the other squads in the middle.
Richard Webb
Ninety Minute WarThe fully hip defence is a bit fiddly for FtF games but it's an interesting enough scenario. Although the tension is there for the Japanese player, it feels like an unstoppable push to victory for an aggressive player. In our game it came down to the last CC but in truth it was unlikely that the Guamanian's would hold off the Japanese. Dave
Ninety Minute WarMy second playing in a month this time at the Double One tourney, although with the same sides and against the same opponent! We both adjusted our game and I felt the IJA were behind the pace so T5 conducted a Banzai with pretty much every surviving Unit into the victory building. I was fortunate to get Smoke (a WP CH no less) to cover the Banzai and casualties were minimal on the approach. We traded squads in the ensuing CC but I could afford it more with my superior numbers. In the next Guamanian turn all his remaining Units were broken as they tried to hold on to or reinforce the victory building leaving my opponent no option but to concede. I led with plenty of HS until it was clear where the majority of his forces were positioned subsequently transferring the mortars to them or recombining to have more punch in FP / CC Simonstan
Ninety Minute WarAnother close game of this fine scenario, it seemed to be going well for me until Simon unleashed a well-executed Banzai which overwhelmed my defence for a deserved victory. Gamer72
The Bitwoded Gamble Rich Weiley
Up the Liri ValleyWon by CVP thanks to some CC capturing shenanigans.. Dave
The Last Day of the CuneenseThe Italian rear guard MMG broke on the first shot and squads frequently ELR reduced. By the last turn the Italians needed to exit 9 VP and had 9 VP remaining. Four VP broke attempting to exit. This scenario is very hard on the Italians. Danno
Panther CullPlayed a quick learning game. Dave
Clash at Borisovka BravoCo
Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay Danno
Beachhead at Ozereyka BayDan's Russians successfully smoked one gun on Turn 1, but then had no more smoke. The Russians made good progress and rolled up the advanced Romanian Positions and eliminating all the Romanian officers. But by Turn 4, things had changed and the Germans and Romanians began to break up the Russian attack. Both Stuarts were knocked out by the guns. Then both crews were killed trying to man the 82 MTR. The 105 Guns basically blunted the Russian assault. With time fading fast, Dan exited 10 VP's of infantry and leaders off the board. But the remaining Russians were unable to knock out or capture either gun. The guns were simply too dominant and secured an Axis victory. grumblejones
Clearing CollevilleThe Americans neglected to use smoke initially and made some risky moves in the open providing a few key opportunities for the German player which resulted in broken American leaders and squads. The Americans were able to wrest control of the central buildings from the Germans, but the Germans were able to withdraw and reinforce the final stone buildings with a nearly impenetrable force. The Americans attempted a final desperate attack to no avail. Heloanjin
Baron's CounterattackIssue of the game decided in the last turn... One building hex was missing for the Germans and it was finally an American victory. lechiquier94
Up the Liri ValleyGreat little scenario at Double One. Lots of decisions and interesting terrain for an infantry only scenario. Came up short on VP locations, due to some silly mistakes and Martin's cunning defense and never say die attitude Richard Webb
A Deadly LandscapeStrange scenario, CVP and High SAN (plus SAN VP) seemed to encourage both of to finding ways not to lose to do rather than trying positive things to win. came down to firing HMGs at each other in +3 and +4 terrain Richard Webb
Up the Liri ValleyMy third playing in a couple of months this time at the Double One tourney. We both bid German and my opponent got the balance. He went hard after the initial on board German forces but couldn’t get control of the Fortified J3 building in the early turns. The German reinforcements all came on the west edge and were able to defeat the majority of the 3rd Company troops and pick up the necessary VP for a win in T4. A good challenge for both sides this smallish infantry only scenario Simonstan
A Deadly LandscapeThe “blind” scenario at Double One we both bid Germans and with a roll off I got the Russians and the balance of an additional HS. The German right was defended by a platoon and “0” leader, no SW, so I decided to attack there with the 8 moral troops, DCs and HMG in support. It didn’t go well despite being Stealthy and / or concealed all the CC went against the Russians and the German HMG firing from Lvl 2 kept chipping away as well. Despite initially capturing a number of VP Locations once his reinforcements came on in that area it was all over with number to stop them sweeping into the Russian back field and mopping up VP so I conceded. Fun to play but dicey like any small scenario I would like to give it another go with more prep time to consider setup Simonstan
Up the Liri ValleyLost despite outrageous dice luck, rolling at least eight snakes. Got close to the CVP victory, but couldn’t quite seal it. Gamer72
A Deadly LandscapeCurious scenario, both sides looking to minimise casualties suffered while maximising casualties inflicted. I got a stroke of luck when Magnus malf’ed his HMG, and another when I broke a squad in a fortified building. When his FT-toting half-squad tripped a boobytrap, he conceded. Gamer72
New and UntestedI misunderstood the statement about the elevated road (it does exist but is not elevated...). Therefore, the Russian reinforcements took a (very) long time for coming in play. During this odyssey, the meager Russian defense was annihilated by the German offensive. In the antepenultimate turn, the bridge was for good in German hands... lechiquier94
Trapped Like RatsGood intro to the new PBs and the hazards of driving in sand. Very fast playing.

The German placement is more involved than it looks. Remember the 47Ls APCR TK drops off quickly at range. Don't necessarily place the guns where they were historically.

Remember the gun pits cannot be placed in the same hex as a trench. Short, fast fun and good education for the larger landing.

Fuck Boris Johnson.
Hill 621One of the best and I got to play with my best friend from High School when we played this as SL scenario back in the day. Did not disappoint with lots of twists and turns. It took to the very end to overrun and break a German position on one of the hilltops to win, but the valiant Russians were able to get the job done. dmareske
Massacre au ParadisThe British fell back in a good, orderly fashion defending the large building at their rear, not realising the SS didn’t need to advance that far. Dave
Brigade HillCame down to the last CC although the Australians had the better chances. Great PTO scenario for tactical choices. Dave
Four Hours MoreThe Japanese 10-2 and several squads successfully breached on Turn 1, but the other Japanese group never managed a breach. The 10-2 fought by himself against the Chinese defenders. The Japanese failed badly in the various close combats. The Chinese won or exchanged on all of them for a heavy loss of the squads available to the Japanese 10-2. With nearly half of the Japanese still under unable to enter the fight and the 10-2 down to 2 full squads and a crew had to call it quits at the end of Turn 5 for a Chinese win. grumblejones
Hill 621 Heloanjin
Slaughter at NanyaunA friendly game at the Double One tourney we took a roll for sides and I got the Chinese setting up wholly in B17 with the concealed guns broadly set back and defending the exit area. Luck was with the Chinese in the infantry fighting and also 2 of the deadly FT tanks were knocked out the game relatively early. The third managed to take out 2 OT AFVs in the same fire phase as I made an error in having them Stopped next to each other, kudos to my opponent for that move. However when it made a run for the exit area to suppress the 37L ATG (which had survived an artillery stonk despite being in OG) it was KOd by that Gun and my opponent conceded it being clear that the IJA could not now achieve the required CVP / EVP Simonstan
Beyond the SlaughterhouseA friendly played at the Double One tourney we had decided sides beforehand and exchanged setups. I was trying to prevent a first turn HW but left a single Conscript HS in LOS so the Russians piled forward in T1 albeit not to great effect. A battle of attrition followed, I defended Q3 but not too heavily as I concentrated most of my force and the Guns defending S9. The Russians got into one of the building Locations sacrificing armour for Smoke coverage but the 38L firing IFE point blank pushed everything away that came at it. The Russians therefore were unable to progress further and conceded with time running out Simonstan
Five-Oh-Sink Lele
No Greater LoveNo idea what the Japanese could have done differently but my Americans simply pushed hard for the big VC building that’s about 4 hexes away from the initial set up position and took all 10 locations within the first couple of turns. Including the CC victories and capture of the gun I was more than 30 points ahead despite losing a HT to some AT mines. Dave
Malignant Mahrattas Serge
Five-Oh-SinkSmall scenario, very tight on VC and set up.
In my opinion the best GUN position is quite obvious, as is the attack direction.
You can try some Jedi Mind Trick with you opponent, but sticking to the basic is always the best course of action.
Trapped Like Rats Ibncalb
Gavin TakeAnother American win. Came down to the last meaningful shot of the game on Turn 6 US PFPh when the last 747 was able to CR the broken HS in the foxhole in Q10. Strong American attack down the centre again, and some unlucky HoB rolls saw the German frontline evaporate and clear the way for the US advance. The plucky German defence was able to hold them back for a bit but was finally overwhelmed, with a single broken 447 in Q10 (foxhole) and a broken 8-0 in 2R5 as the sole remaining German forces on board. Best game so far for me. Ahriman667
88s at ZonThe Germans set up their guns in an orchard on the center hill and in the road in the center of the village. The Americans sent two squads around the east side while the remainder of the paratroopers fought through the village. The flanking force ended up being only a minor distraction for the Germans. In the center, the defenders ably laid down residual complicating the American advance. However, smoke was the American friend this scenario, with very few failed rolls. When the 88 in the road malfunctioned followed by a squad with LMG in the O6 building breaking, the village route was nearly clear for the paratroopers to walk through. Once again, though, the Germans were able to place residual in key hexes slowing the advance. Part of the American flanking force was able to enter into CC against the 2nd 88 gun crew and stayed in Melee for two turns before finally winning, after being reduced. On the American final turn, the outcome was not yet decided. Again, smoke saved the American dash for the board edge. In the end, the Americans met the VCs and then some, despite a well played defense. Heloanjin
First TimersAmericans pushed up the middle harassing on the German flanks and using HS, sM and infantry smoke to break German concealment and approach into CC.
Tanks protected the street to keep the Germans from crossing back and forth. CC rolls were mostly kind to the Americans with the odds advantage to the Americans. Sniper recalled one US tank but the Yanks were able to take out the German armor without any loss and keeping the Germans from protecting the flanks.
At the end of US 4, Americans had 10 buildings and 1 that was unoccupied for the next turn. In the German 4, tank shot pinned units that would have advanced back to front the American advance. This left it all up to the Americans getting 1 other building. Sacrificing the tanks for the infantry the US did a short hook and setup to advance into the winning hex.
Fun game, the Americans had a slight edge on the die rolls and the Germans have to defend on a number of fronts. However, the Americans can't linger as 5 turns is not a lot.
Wildcat StrikeAs Japanese, I deployed one squad at start and one early on to preserve forces and cover more ground. Americans tripped all three AP mined hexes in first village; missed the AT mines in same. American tanks kept well protected by infantry; no THH possible. Japanese were able to fall back slowly while breaking enough Americans to slow them. Six bonus VP were obtained, added to 8 infantry VP west of the road. Americans got only 13 infantry VP to there. mtrodgers99
Mountain HuntersGreat scenario with many options for both sides. After seeing Russian setup, Axis decided to abandon strongpoints and concentrated most forces on taking the village and the western hill. Romanian fire support group on the eastern hill was humiliated and totally destroyed by Russian fire during the 1st Game Turn. Romanian platoons made a breakthrough deep to the Russian rear, StuGs won some duels with Russian gun. The game was very dynamic and fluid. Can't recommend this scenario enough. MoriQuessir
Pössl’s PosseHigh Replay Value. Very good scenario. cosarara
Regained in a DayMy word, this was a bloody affair, for both of us. In the end, Will held on to enough blocks to hold out and got me to 37 CVP; had he got me to 40, it would have been an auto win. This is a great one to play if you get this pack! von Garvin
The Art of Dying hussar04
Plan TwoClose game. Closer than it should have been.

The Rangers can gain concealment in the Gambier Villa and then run concealed through the trenches, getting inside the minimum range of the mortars to clobber the Germans in CC.

Germans need to be careful not to fallback too much and end up overstacked.

Fun but not as cathartic as the same action when the Americans have just crossed the beach.

Perfect map to blow up and print off.

The RingThis one is a chess match, and much will depend on the German setup versus the Russian choice of reinforcement entry. I went with a completely unorthodox approach, choosing to go all-in defending the western part of the map and leaving all buildings in town unoccupied. The goal obviously was to survive the first two, maybe three, waves of Russian reinforcements and exit. Unfortunately for me the Russian choices turned out to be optimal to counter my plan. Cavalry entered Turn 1 from the east, flying in the face of my expected infantry-only entry, and quickly made their way into town and down toward my men - who by this time were scrmabling to consolidate and furiously began digging foxholes. The village was secure by Turn 3, and the cavalry turned their attention to begin their assault on my wood denizens. Two misconceptions played a part in plans for both sides. On my part, I had assumed units attempting to enter from offboard via detection would be bounced back and eliminated from play. On Scott's part, he had thought he'd be able to human wave from offboard. I didn't know what to expect on Turn 4, but when Scott revealed his infantry were to enter from the west I knew all hell would break lose. By the end of the turn there were 15 dead Russian squads and a leader, while the Germans lost 4 squads plus two leaders (including my 10-2). Besides the fact that my northern defense was hampered by his highly destructive mortars and my southern defense harassed by multiple MGs, I was very happy with the situation, The next couple turns saw the Germans dish out more than they took, completely eliminating the southern MG threats, but the Russians had little care for losses, and every German unit they took down with them would benefit them in the end. With bated breath I awaited where the first Russian tanks would enter, and I was more than a little apprehensive when it turned out to be from the south. MG pressure from here I was able to deal with, but I had very little answers for dealing with heavy armor which kept a respectful distance. When I lost my Tiger to a lucky bounding fire CH on Turn 8 I knew that was most likely the nail in my eventual coffin. That was a 16 point swing and, only able to exit 11VP worth of units, was too big of a deficit to overcome. The next couple turns were highly entertaining, and we could've played it to the end with many more exciting moments, but I decided to concede on Turn 10, with the score 87-11 at the time. Very fun game, that has the potential to be played much more than once with all te variables involved. buser333
Walker's OrdersAs the North Koreans, I used a massed push up the center through the light woods. Took too long to make progress towards the first VC building. Ended up with a lot of US prisoners and despite losing two T-34s (one to a BAZ 50, and the other to a long range 37L shot from the rearmost level two hill!), I had sufficient CVP for that part of the VC. Just didn't allow myself enough time to take the buildings - and exiting MMC on foot was totally out of the question. In our debriefing, Chuck and I both believe that you load up a HS on each T-34 and run for the exit. Then worry about the CVPs and ignore the two buildings altogether. Fun scenario, as always with a Shelling design, with multiple replay possibilities. Would be a good tournament scenario as it played reasonably fast. pensatl1962
Sudden DeathA pretty hokey little scenario, that I'm shocked went the distance. French bullied their way across the stream in the east, supported by a kill stack that soon kept the Germans away from the ridgeline. Thankfully my PB was a fair ways away in the west, so the French just methodically worked their way toward it as my Germans played a fallback defense. The difference makers would be the French DCs, and one was able to bust up my kill stack on Turn 6, and cause the first casualty (a German HS). This made my defense paper thin, but I still had enough troops to surround most of the key points with bodies. When an infantry overrun went wrong for the French on the last turn (trading a 9-1/HS for a hero) the count was 3-1 German. They did successfully clear the way for advances into CC vs the PB however, but when they failed to ambush there was no chance of them capturing the PB, and therefore no chance at victory. A tight game that wasn't a whole lot of fun, but thankfully played very fast. buser333
Cocktails for MolotovVery cunning defence. I gave up. DrDryg
88s at Zon BravoCo
The Valley of DeathJason lost both his panzers early. Without these in support, the Italians didn't have enough FP to break the Russian defenders etopp
Diggers at ChongjuThe dug-in tanks proved harder to kill than first thought, needing a turret hit, but lost two tanks to the last one, both flamers. Finally TK'ed it on my last BAZ shot, though I still had one tank to move adjacent and some infantry to try CC against it. Fun scenario with multiple objectives for the Australians to achieve. dmareske
Steel GardenTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Saluting a GeneralTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Euphrates ClashTexas Team Tournament dmareske
A Celebratory MoodAmericans entered hard east, and their tanks would most likely have to stay here as my roadblock cut off the road at the bridge. A rare allowance of kindling got my mind aracing, and I immediately started a couple fires in the buildings around the VC one. Americans approached very cautiously, wary of all the potential Japanese traps awaiting them. He exposed one of them with RBF, in the form of my AA gun. Both fires had taken, and in fact one had already spread to the VC building - a fact that worried me a bit as I certainly could not afford to leave this unchecked. I unsuccessfully tried to crush the flame a couple times, but when the Americans were already starting to jump off their assault on Turn 4 I changed my tune and hoped it would blaze up. A rogue tank tried infiltrating my backfield and was wrecked by my AT gun, while two of the others pushed forward to clear the way for the infantry, and the last went to assault my AA gun. My AA gun was eliminated by a CH, but the lead tank was flamed by a HIP THH. The Americans had bled bodies every turn, and were getting a bit weak for their narrow assault on the VC building. When a snakeeyes DF shot and a sniper brought down a stack of three leaders and three squads they threw in the towel. buser333
Audacity!Great game, in the end, I was able to pin a German squad to retain the win! von Garvin
Retaking ViervilleFirst play with Pere, he grabbed everything quite well and did some good moves, he managed to take a building hex but Americans won by closing in and ending the game in Melee. esparver73
Operation München igycrctl
Hart Attack Serge
Centurions Reverse!Texas Tournament 2022 Danno
Hart AttackAn excellent scenario with many possibilities. The issue of our game was decided in the last CC phase. Well played Serge ! lechiquier94
Retaking ViervilleSome very lucky rolls for the Yanks, including snake eyes twice on the IFT and twice again on rally checks. A last-ditch attempt by the Germans to enter one of the victory locations was thwarted by an unlikely fail of a pin task check. Fun game still, with quite a bit of close combat and plenty of emerging narrative. Doolan
Take TwoTexas Tournament 2022 Danno
Bloody NoseTexas Tournament 2022 Danno
The Guards CounterattackJacques is a new player, but he is quite good. His attack was deliberate and plodding and we saw it all. His sniper took my SAN down to 5. He had 3 squads (and a leader) go berserk. His commissar failed to shoot any of his own guys; however, he did direct some key attacks. His 10-2 ended up leading a successful Human Wave that saw my defensive shots at him do little (though I was aided by a sniper attack on him). In the end, he had 10.5 squad equivalents and I 3.5 squad equivalents, giving him exactly the 3:1 ratio needed. What a fantastic match! von Garvin
Reaping RewardsTexas Tournament 2022 Danno
Hueishan DocksTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Kazina KlashTexas Team Tournament dmareske

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Site updates
Hi all,

A few updates have occured this week. The first one is an improvement to the Publication page, where you can now see the balance and total plays, along with your own play count for each scenario. The threshold for 'Balanced' is 45-55, regardless of play count. I also found a bug that was throwing out some of the popularity scores, so hopefully this has been addressed now, too.

The second update is a simpler way to 'flip' through scenarios in a pack, with the [next] and [previous] links towards the top of each scenario, so, this makes flicking through a pack a little easier (rather than having to go back to the publication's page, each time).

The final one is the one I'm excited about the most, and doesn't add any additional functionality to the site but does improve the look and feel of some scenarios - this one though is only for Patrons, as a way to thank them for their support. As I've always stated, the archive will remain free to all users but I do need a way to thank and encourage users to support the site. The archive has served over 1.25 million scenario pages this calendar year alone! If you're really curious there's a clue on you 'My Page' that will provide a preview. Note this feature is still a work-in-progress and requires a lot more administration to get fully working so it'll improve over time.
March Madness 2022: Grumble Jones - now available for download
Thanks to the Kansas City Wargamers/Encircled productions the March Madness 2022 scenario pack is now available for digital purchase and download, for $15. Copies can be downloaded from the March Madness 2022 publication page and when purchased will appear on your 'My Page' and emailed to you also.
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I hadn't realised, but adding articles or publication reviews had been broken since the site upgrade. Thanks to Olivier who let me know, these have now been fixed. Review away!
March Madness 2021 Three Player pack available!
The great chaps over at the Kansas City ASL club have made their 3 player scenario pack available for sale.

The pack features 6 scenarios, with Germans, Partisans, Russians, Belgians, Italians and Americans in the mix.

The pack is available for $15, from the publication page.
Twitch Stream coming up!
On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!

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CH144 Fort KassalaFort Kassala, Monte Mocram Pass, Sudan1940
EP91 A Taste of Things to ComeButovo, Russia1943
FE110 Not So SupermenSalla, Russia1941
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