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Kock StrongI almost got there with a hard push up the centre - but failed at the last to get to VC buildings macrobosanta
Hotly Contested TownInteresting start with the Fighter-Bombers softening up the Russian defence. Germans made steady progress but lost a number of tanks on the way. Highlight for me was knocking out a Panther and a Tiger in CC. Came down to the Germans' last turn and had to eradicate remnant Russian defenders in three locations. Luckily for Rob a Russian squad in a fortified building went berserk which meant they were no longer in good order. This allowed him to rush the building and enter for CC. Rob's rolls in CC for each of the three locations resulted in him eliminating all Russian defenders for the win. A very enjoyable scenario. Having played it I would probably set up differently and concentrate my best forces in the centre in fortified buildings and try to hold out. Nicho11
In Pursuit of the FrenchThe French made a fast dash for the board edge leaving a small delaying force behind. The Germans split their pursuit forces and became bogged down in the stone buildings, unable to catch the French. Add to that a fortunate French MA shot wrecked a German AFV leaving the German forces on their heals. The French exited most of their forces earning a lopsided victory. Played again, I would use the German balance. Heloanjin
Reaper's HarvestGerman poor choices aided by terrible dice gave the Canadians an easy victory. On Turn 2 the Canadians had already captured on multi hex building as well as building R2 and were in easy position to force the Germans out of two more buildings. The German player failed his personal MC with box cars and moved his Tiger into building R2 hex with a Canadian MMC and 9-2 SMC. The Canadians passed the Reaction Fire and wrecked the Tiger. The Germans conceded before Turn 2 was over. Heloanjin
Chasseurs at YvoirThis was my first game using the Dinant map. Not wanting to think too much I rolled randomly for the German Entry Areas. My AC and MTR entered in the north and everything else entered in the south. In hindsight, I think that the Germans should enter much closer to the bridge i.e. Entry Areas 2 and 3.

The Belgian rearguard tied up my German infantry for most of the game. Finally on turn 7, my German MG were in position to fire on the bridge. The last wagons Galloped (D12.4) towards the west edge but were cut down and John conceded.

This looks tough for the Allies as that 28 VP total is hard to achieve.
Villy Muss Fallen! EastThis turned out to be a very close and exciting game, although it didn't look like that early on. Any way they approach, the Germans have a lot of open ground, little cover (with a French mortar firing into woods) and many French MG fire lanes to cross. And when my OBA observer, who didn't have a great field of view anyway, got shot dead by the French sniper things looked grim!
Nevertheless, I pressed on with the plan of just a holding action on the right (East side) while my main force took the longer route round to the West where the French looked weaker. In fact the East side collapsed completely with the French moving forward and taking many prisoners! But I achieved my aim as they were not able to move enough forces across to reinforce the West, and - aided by a couple of heroes that I managed to create - the Germans took the last building they needed on the final player-turn (all building on/west of Row D = 58 VPs - just enough!). The dice graphs showed us pretty even, although I got some useful rolls at just the right time, with infantry smoke and particularly in clearing that last building with a snakeyes shots in my final AFPh! Overall I'd still say this is a pretty tough one for the Germans.
Debacle at KorostenInitial cavalry attack suffered heavy losses. I had just enough CVP to start exiting but needed to get everyone off and could not stay far enough away from the reinforcements. Highlight for me was capturing the AC and using it to whack a squad while driving off the map. nebel
Debacle at KorostenThis was a fun scenario. A good learning one for cavalry and halftrack overruns. The Russians lost a lot in the initial attack with some good DRs and even though the Russians captured the Armored Car they did not get enough off the board to seal the win. dmareske
Welcome Back Lehr
Fighting WithdrawalThe Finnish morale weighed heavily throughout their advance, regularly passing MCs and Rallying the few times they needed to. Spreading fires also helped cover the advance subduing the few available Russian attacks. In Turn 6, the Finns could exit more VPs unharassed than the Russians had within striking distance of the board edge. Heloanjin
Gotta Light?A fast-paced scenario, although it appeared to be Red Russian favored. This may have been due to the dice favoring the attacker but, potentially with a few tweaks, I wouldn't mind revisiting it to see how it holds up. Jobbo_Fett
Butchers and Bakers mcgallons
Grebbe EndThe Germans were just too much for my Dutch.
I had a couple of the Green squads forward to provide speed bumps and they were disrupted on the 1st turn w/o any effect on the oncoming Germans.
Concentrated German FP took out my HMG in the concrete building on turn 2 without it having caused any casualties.
The Dutch did stiffen after that drawing it out till turn 5 but we were on the ropes the whole time managing to take out one AC but the other played havoc with me in the end.
Fun scenario that a few die rolls might have changed the outcome
Not Out of the Woods YetMy Americans lost two tanks to a 50L AT Gun and MALF'd and Recalled a third. My boys ELR'd constantly and couldn't get good hits on the Germans. Managed to take two buildings but called at the end of 4 as my force was too depleted to carry on the attack.
Not Out of the Woods Yet Danno
Gallabat GrabThe British snipper won the Victoria Cross in this scenario. The Italians came in from three sides. Splitting the attack was not effective. The Italians made it up to the building, but never entered the door. Not much for the British to do except hold position and shoot. RJenulis
The Yelnya BridgeThe Germans went hard for the village with just 1 and half squad used for flanking.
Trenches in the hills in J3 and K3, the bunker in J3 and the GUN in K3 bore sighted in J4 proved an hard shell to crack.
B26.7 is critical in defending the village from this strong position.
German lost the AC to the mortar and ATR and the PzII to ATR in the end al came down to a CC in K4 that the russians won.
We both found this one well conceived but too much one dimensional and close for our tastes.
HKL 259Used Russian balance. Some nice CC results for Germans sealed the win. Kydder
The Crux of Calais jwert02
The Crux of Calais jwert02
Ranger StrongholdA bit spread out defence and a two pronged assault gave a good advancing speed at the beginning. The germans managed to remove two BAZ pretty fast at the cost of a few german halfsquads. The northern force was soon slowed down due to brokies but the southern force continued to advance in the center and south. A BAZ got a AFV trying to get up the center hill and the 10-3 american leader started to dole out some severe punishment with a squad and a MMG but thanks to breaking all BAZ-units the last german AFV could advance to point blank and then the german force could completely surround the american force in the woods on the hill and manage encirclement and the battle was over. DrDryg
Ranger StrongholdThe Americans set up primarily on the hill in concealment terrain. The Germans advanced on both American flanks. The American defense relied on the MMGs keeping ROF, one with the 10-3 leader, which did not happen enough. The Germans were able to maneuver behind the American defense, encircling, breaking and eliminating the American defenders one by one. The game was over before the end of Turn 4. Heloanjin
Reaper's Harvest (VASL Log) mcrstar
Aussie AlamoLike most scenarios in the pack, I thought this one looked very difficult for the attacker. I came on heavy south, thankfully dropping some smoke to cover my assault. I figured this would be the lightest defended side, the downside being that this was the furthest point of entry from the strangely-positioned P5 VC area. Taking nine huts figured to be easy, but clearing this area of Aussie MMCs I knew would be exceedingly difficult. Alex did a nice job fooling me with an 8-0 and two dummy counters into thinking there was more threat in my entry area than there actually was, possibly buying him just enough time to hold me off in the end. I poured my first batch of reinforcements after my initial entry force, and this may have contributed to me not having quite enough oomph at the end as well. He of course ran all his reinforcements to shore up the VC zone. I didn't grab my first hut until Turn 5, as we had a bit of a stalemate in the middle, but I had two big stacks swoop around west ready to grab a few more en route to the VC area. I had been averaging a flat 1.5 HS loss per turn, but still had all my leaders. I only needed to retake one hut on my last turn, which allowed me to focus most of my force running banzai after banzai as they attempted to get in close enough to get ride of the 3 Aussie squads left in the VC area. Unfortunately they were bolstered by two heroes and a slew of Aussies ringing the area as well. It was naturally a deadly situation, with me losing 4 more HS and two leaders, but I did get enough guys in close to have a chance. While my 2-1 shot managed nothing on the bigger stack, my follow-up 2+0 broke an elite squad. My other shots at the hard-to-reach bamboo occupants (the best being 8+0) accomplished nothing. So it would come down to two CCs, and I would be happy tying him up in melee (though with HtH in effect that seemed unlikely). When I boxcarred my first roll he was able to withdraw to another VC hex and preserve the win. I didn't particularly care for the scenario, as I still think it's too hard for the Japanese, but at least it went to an exciting finish. buser333
A Stiff FightCould make little headway against a solid defence and my own dice. Enjoyable face to face game as always. Gamer72
Hart AttackThe Allies concentrated their attack in the north. They captured the stone buildings but didn't threaten the wooden buildings south of the hill. I avoided a tank battle and didn't lose any panzers. Jason exited a couple of tanks but was still short of 7 VP. etopp
A Stiff FightMy second playing having cocked the VC last time. Early DR favoured the Gurkhas and saw 2 IJA squads KIA. Tanks Bogged on the wire slowing their progress. Gurkhas retreated in good order and kept their force in tact for the endgame avoiding CC until they had the ambush advantage. Went to the last turn with IJA needing to win final 3 CC which they couldn’t quite manage. Simonstan
Midnight MassacreUsed German balance. Very first WC increased NVR to 3 anyway. HIP Bazooka took out one FT AFV preventing it from getting off one shot. The Americans kept the Germans tied up either with DM & Melee to prevent them ever reaching final Pillbox.
Death at CarentanMy third playing of this scenario and my last. My Germans were simply walked right over. Dan smoked my boys in the P4 house and walked right up on me. I got a couple breaks, but the Americans took had taken all the building locations by Turn 3. The German sniper killed the 9-2 and the 8-1 officers, but the squads were hurt by this and one battle-hardened and created a hero. My reinforcements entered and got spanked hard and I rolled two casualty inducing 12's. On the second...I called it quits and gave the concession. Great attack by Dan won the game early. My dice did the rest. grumblejones
Brigade HillWhen Sgt Smith and 2 squads were killed on turn 2 in CC, the west flank was broken and the situation looked bad. However good rolls (good tactics?) allowed Sgt Skinner from HQ to clear Sgt Kiro and his MMG crew from hill 507. Stubborn Jap resistance pushed him off the hill after claiming it and the Japs reclaimed it on turn 6 with a mtr HS. Prep fire broke this HS however and allowed me to claim victory by advancing in unopposed. Pte Parts
All The King's EnemiesA pretty fast attack with a few broken ANZAC squads and a pin. A fantastic opportunity to kill loads of ANZACs appeared as a believed dummy was actually a japanese squad, advancing in on exhausted and broken troops. Despite almost impossible odds the japanese filed the ambush and got killed. That happened more times during this great scenario. The ANZAC noose tightened around the central hill where the last japanese survivors held out. In the end a lone japanese squad in a foxhole in djungle with the 9-1 leader held out against ANZAC fire from all directions and won the ambush and managed to infiltrate out into a unguarded victory hex, snatching the victory from the ANZACs on a single die roll. DrDryg
Partisan StrongholdWe didn't rate this scenario as highly as others seem to have. Early on, there seemed little the Partisans could do against the swarm of Romanian squads and HSs that I sent forward, and by the end of Partisan turn 2 they occupied just three locations in or near their stronghold (which was obviously in J7, out of LOS of my ART Gun). I then gradually surrounded the stronghold location, gained concealment in the woods, and on my turn 4 Advanced these concealed units adjacent to the stronghold from almost all sides. In the ensuing DFPh the leader and squad inside went berserk, and an unlucky later DR caused the squad to casualty reduce, meaning I could now get in. (I had used my DC - successfully - against a squad and hero outside the stronghold rather than use it to create a breach, because I didn’t fancy advancing in if he had a -2 leader and hero in there). We couldn't really see what else the Partisans could do other than concentrate their forces in the stronghold itself, and hope for the best with some lucky DRs, using their negative leader and hero DRMs. Andy_Bagley
Death at Carentan Danno
With Flame and Shell atomic
Hart AttackDuplicate to Eric's. Needed to be more aggressive with my tanks and attempt to knock out a panzer or two. Nicho11
Munda MashThe American attack was incredibly successful. The Stuarts entered the jungle with impunity and wasted my boys. It wasn't even a contest. My ATR broke on its first and only shot. My flamethrower ambushed but couldn't do much and Dan would create two heroes as the dice gods granted him a few snakes. His HMG rate of fired two of my squads to death. It was over by Turn 5. grumblejones
Grande Ferme de MeezPlayed over the last month on VASL. My defence wasn't optimum. Put the HMG and the 37* infantry gun in poor positions where they were easily overwhelmed by the attackers. Despite this it was difficult for the Germans to force there way up the northern re-entrant. The key moment actually came in turn 5 when the French OBA immobilized two German tanks in the re-entrant in a position where they could play no further part in the battle. This proved crucial in the final turns as combined with the depredations of the French ATG, armoured car and an unfortunate ESB roll, the Germans were left with no armoured support for the final assault on the farm. So with the attacker forced to charge over open ground and my average IFT roll coming out at 6.76 in our final session, the writing was on the wall and while he could get troops up to challenge for the forward two stone buildings the rear most wooden building remained just out of reach. Rich Weiley
Going To ChurchRefresher game - lots of mistakes both sides. Ended with CNDs in the church but not enough umph Boogaboo
Freebooter RelishI'm almost 100% sure we played the Mudflats wrong, and we both came away regretting playing this. I'm sure there's a silver lining in it and its better than we think, but it gets a hard pass if I ever have the option of playing this one again. Jobbo_Fett
Carnage in the NightThis scenario was our first time playing at night with vehicles and it was a learning experience. This scenario seems like an easy win for the German, so you can imagine my surprise when the American won by running up the CVP count. I was focused on the terrain while Eric was focused on killing my vehicles and squads, and that worked for him. Hot dice when he needed it made a big difference, too.

My plan was to set up my vehicles forward and pull them back to trade ground for time, with my final defensive line being around Delveinne farm. Ammo shortage and my bad dice meant that two of my Flk Wagens were recalled and two squads got quality reduced by boxcars on fire attacks. Meanwhile Eric's low odds BAZ hits knocked out another two of my flak vehicles. A lucky hit by his tank destroyer to the turret of my hull-down Panther knocked him out with a final TK of 20. Losing a couple squads and my best leader (again, to a boxcars on a MC) with the capture of two buildings put him over the top at 27 VP for the win on Turn 6.

Key lesson learned here is that you need massive firepower to get effects at night. Once I lost my 20FP vehicles, I no longer had it. The German probably has to stack a couple squads with an MG and a leader in buildings to support the vehicles, otherwise the defender doesn't have enough FP to get the job done against concealed or cloaked units.
The Horse They Never RodeI had my Chinese dig foxholes along the south edge and wait for the Americans to approach. There were some fierce CCs that went the Chinese way first then American, but created enough of a delay that the Americans had only a slim chance to exit, failing their first MC on the attempt. Good game, lots of concealment and movement. dmareske
The Horse They Never Rode Danno
Munda Mash Danno
Black Day in HattenGermans counterattacked in final CC at 1-4 odds to prevent the American win. Failure ensued. 7-0 duval
Help Our Troops OutEn lugar de intentar escapar, me dediqué a atacar al alemán. Su AT destruyó un Sherman nada más verlo. El otro sufrió un RECALL al quedarse sin su MA a las primeras de cambio. Aún así, a mitad del escenario virtualmente todos los alemanes estaban rotos o eliminados. Una vez asegurada la situación. cinco squads salieron por el sur sin más problemas. PezBailarin
Black Day in HattenI was very careful to keep my AFV as far away as possible. Kydder
Getting Your Bell RungA close game, which went down to the last CC Phase (although the Germans needed a fluke to win at that point). As I expected, the Germans fell back to a defensive perimeter based on the chapel and walled perimeter towards the north-west of the map. In doing so however they took losses, whereas the British/Canadian forces remained largely intact including all three tanks. I tried as far as possible to surround the Germans, with one tank going round the far north of the board whilst other forces pushed up the east edge. Around turn 4 the Germans made a comeback, with good shooting breaking many British/Canadian squads, leaving me short of manpower. This didn't last however: the two StuG's fell swiftly once my tanks closed, and once the last German points of resistance became encircled the writing was on the wall. An interesting and enjoyable scenario though. Andy_Bagley
Keitel and CoxAitor intentó enfrentar sus Shermans cara a cara contra mi Panzer. Duraron 1 turno. Su infantería tampoco consiguió ningún progreso, y cuando su bazooka fue eliminado, con él se fue la última posibilidad realista de acabar con mi blindado, causando la rendición de mi oponente. PezBailarin
Going CommandoEl avance de Aitor fue sistemático y ordenado, como una coreografía perfecta. Me obligó a refugiarme rápidamente en el edificio objetivo con todas mis tropas (excepto las que había eliminado).
En el turno 4 consiguió entrar en el edificio con un MMC británico, pero no sacó la tirada necesaria para ganar.
En su último turno no consiguió aproximarse a todos los hexágonos del edificio, perdiendo la posibilidad de eliminarme por completo. Al menos tenía otra tirada con un 33% de éxito para ganar la partida: no la consiguió.
Village of the DamnedWith a building ablaze on the East side of the town, the Russian approach was difficult despite the drifting smoke cover. The few Russian scouts were met with deadly accurate Italian shots. The Russian tankette entered from the South and tried to flank the enemy without much success. It was eventually destroyed trying to freeze the Italian LMG squad. Gusts made the smoke disappear at a critical moment letting the Russians without cover. The Russians captured two squads but the defense was still strong in the center of the town. With too much routed units and still too many good order Italian and German squads, the Russian resigned. lt_steiner
Defence of St. Oedenrode Danno
Defence of St. Oedenrode Dan's force came hard into the village and poor rolls in Defensive fire allowed the Germans to get into position. Then 12's rained down on both Dan and I with terrible effect as we casualty reduced our own troops. Turns 2-5 were each of us trading fire and beating up one another. But on Turn 6, the Germans managed to break the final three US Squads and thereby won the game. grumblejones
Deep Into the French FrontThe Germans played too aggressive on turn 1. Ended on French player turn 5 with 16 building hexes controlled, but not enough EVP in reach of the board edge. The French played a solid defense. RJenulis
The Commissar's HouseGreat game with plenty of ebb and flow in the battle. My Germans swept through the Russian opposition during the first few turns, reaching the namesake Commissar's House on turn 3 - only to be kicked out by a tremendous Russian PFPh and having to fight their way back in! In the end the German 838s were just too much, we ended with a German victory on turn 6.

Really liked the scenario, looks like there's a lot of replay potential here. Initially I had planned to blow up the fortified target building with Set DCs, as the Germans have so many, but due to the way the game flowed gave up on this idea. It would have been interesting to see though.

As a funny side note: According to A25.22, you can only replace Russian leaders with Commissars during or prior to 10/42. ASL4 The Commissar's House takes place in 11/42 and the OOB contains no Commissars. Therefore, amusingly, you can't have any Commissars in The Commissar's House.
The Commissar's HouseThe Russian central front collapsed on turn 2 due some bad rolls (boxcar for a key MC, bad roll for a 16+2 countered with the intended target making a good 6+2). This caused the Germans reaching the Comissar’s house already on turn 3 (not the turn 5 as I originally estimated). With some very good rolling on Russians managed to expel the Germans from the house on that first time, but failed to cause any failure to rout, so the Germans were back in 2 turns later and this time the Russian forces were already worn so thin that they could not sustain the firepower of stacks of 838s. I conceded on German turn 6 when the only good order unit the Russians had in the Commissar’s house was a 548 with 8-0 leader in a second level location breached by a DC and which was about the be advanced by two 838 with a hero and with five more 838 waiting their turn in the other locations.
The Russian sniper was rather active throughout the game but managed to hit only second-rate targets (no 838 or leaders). However, not a single boobytrap was triggered during the whole game.

Even if I got my a** kicked, I have to say that the scenario was good. Lot of tactical options, especially for the Germans, and lot of replay value. Just next time I would like to play the Germans.
Extracurricular ActivityRussians held steady in the VC building. Kydder
Khamsin von Garvin
Mantes Meet Up Danno
Mantes Meet UpThe German attack was very successful in the beginning, but both STUG's went down to bazooka shots. The initial American force was reduced to the 8-0 and one half-squad. The American reinforcements came on, but the 9-1 had two squads break and ELR. The Stuarts did fine, but one was destroyed by the German 9-1 firing a captured bazooka. On the final turn, a single 6-6-6 tried to get within 4 hexes of the bridge for the win, but was broken and giving the Germans the victory. Observations --- way too many support weapons and dismantled weapons are a pain...let the player decide whether or not to enter with dismantled weapons as the rules give the player option. Fun scenario. grumblejones
Retreat From BairakSee Steve's write up below. Scenario provided some really interesting options for both sides. The Russians seemed to have a lot to do in this one, and it always felt like they were a little behind the clock. I think I could have done better with the tanks. Really enjoyed the game. Thanks, Steve. acfe
Fresh GristChinese chose to solely defend the church and the accompanying two buildings. This provided them the opportunity to almost entirely conceal, but also allowed me to move up myself almost entirely concealed to be on the doorstep. I thought smoke would provide me enough cover to begin the assault Turn two, but one mortar ran out after its first shot, while the other broke. Without knowing where any guns were the tanks were not yet a viable option. Next turn both guns showed their faces on the front lines, but I did get some units into the northernmost building of the compound. But faced with numerous dare death and concealed units it would be extremely difficult to maintain any inroads made, and this opposition fed what would become a never-ending cycle of killing enough of my units each turn to guarantee themselves at least one batch of reinforcements from the way-overpowered SSR6. Did I also mention the existence of fortified buildings and/or tunnels? And the Chinese commissar? And the fact that they have a blind spot they can constantly regrow and conceal units? You get the picture. And, even though I managed to hang on at the end, this one is just way too difficult for the Japs. The last few turns almost solely consisted of who would be luckiest with their dice in the one or two hexes we'd be fighting over. Those types of games are just no fun. buser333
Reaper's HarvestMassacre (VASL Log) LastViking
Extracurricular ActivityExcellent defense slowed the Hungarians nicely... 7-0 duval
Prelim to Death NightInteresting scenario. I was to conservative with my approach to capture the buildings and ran out of time to meet the victory conditions of 12 or VC which equaled building hexes.
CanicattiFirst shot with the first Gun : DR12, breakdown. First shot with the second Gun : DR12, breakdown.
Game over.
Tenkitten-RiegelEnded up with Russian Balance for a couple extra armoured cars on the Russian OB, neither of which made an ounce of difference. With both the central and western defensive positions stopping the initial two waves cold - through a combination of A-T mines, HIP Shrek teams, and Boresighted Tiger shots - the entire Soviet advance was forced to cut through the heavy woods of Board 5 into the jaws of the waiting German forces with the combination of blowing Smoke from the burning wrecks and tight quarters of the forests held to give the better German gunnery the advantage as forces broke into the open ground. Andrew87
Tenkitten-RiegelEnded up with Russian Balance for a couple extra armoured cars on the Russian OB, neither of which made an ounce of difference. With both the central and western defensive positions stopping the initial two waves cold - through a combination of A-T mines, HIP Shrek teams, and Boresighted Tiger shots - the entire Soviet advance was forced to cut through the heavy woods of Board 5 into the jaws of the waiting German forces with the combination of blowing Smoke from the burning wrecks and tight quarters of the forests held to give the better German gunnery the advantage as forces broke into the open ground. Andrew87
Better To Sweat Than Bleed Danno
Better To Sweat Than BleedThe Germans quickly eliminated the western Partisan Force and established a heavy weapons platoon on the Hill and pummeled the Yugoslavss. The Partisan MMG hammered the Germans crossing the bridge forcing them to wade a fire land that broke many of them. Then the Partisan Sniper killed the 9-2 and the 7-0. Four German squads ultimately crossed the river and secured 4 buildings by the end of Turn 7, which was just one building short of the victory. The Partisans managed to get the win, but only barely. grumblejones
Try at TrentlehofThis scenario was a very tight match. My Americans had to cross a lot of open ground under small arms, MG, and 80mm OBA. A feint against the German right kept their troops in that area occupied for the entire game by only a platoon (+). The main effort swung to the German left. It was a hard slog with the OBA a constant nuisance. Fortunately the German armor was quickly neutralized but the US lost two M-10’s with another immobilized and abandoned. A US “Death Star” consisting of three squads, three MMG’s, and the 9-2 swung wide right and was able to get in position just in time to make a difference. Two consecutive KIA results opened up the German defense and the remaining GI’s rushed in. However, the Germans weren’t defeated yet. By the final CCPh the Germans had earned 22 CVP, two more and they’d auto-win. Two melees were resulted in two US wins with no losses and the victory.

This was a great scenario and I recommend it highly. Walt played masterfully. If it weren’t for several key “snake eyes” then the tables would have been turned.
In Pursuit of the FrenchThe French made a desperate dash for the board edge leaving behind a few sacrificial units to slow the pursuing Germans. The French made some fundamental errors early on, like forgetting you can't fire an RST MA when CE, which were exploited by the Germans. With some careful maneuver and fortunate die rolls, the French, while still behind, kept the game close. On the final turn, the French had 11 of 13 VPs in position to exit. They failed to rally a DM'd MMC needed for the final 2 VPs. The Germans conceded after the Turn 6 RPh. Heloanjin
Fire TeamsSolo German win. TomAbromaitis
Bread Factory #2 Danno
Bread Factory #2The German attack was strong up the middle. The German 9-1 went Berserk on Turn and took the squads with them. The squads died, but the leader got in for CC with a Russian squad. He would turn them into a half-squad and the German sniper broke the squad upstairs, which then died because the Berserk 8-1 was downstairs. The Russians managed to hang in there as the Germans broke their HMG and 3 of their LMG's. The F42 building fell on Turn 5 and then on Turn 6, the Germans were on the ground level of G43, but the Russian 9-1 snaked and battlehardened upstairs which gave the Russians the win. grumblejones
Liehr Launches FirstThis was looking great for the Americans until Turn 4 when the Germans made good progress and captured (& held) building I26 after breaking all defenders there. No German AFVs survived the battle, Americans kept two M10s mobile to the end. Final VC hex was captured for the German win in CC H-T-H, very exciting outcome when all units eliminated except needed HS left from CR. Kydder
Retreat From BairakThe Germans opted to defend along the main North/South road, and fall back to the two victory buildings. The main Russian attack came in the middle and along the South end. In German turn 1, the Panzer IIIs attempted an enthusiastic counter attack on the KV-1, along with a hardy 2nd line squad that joined the fray in CC against the KV. The result was a destroyed PZ III and an eliminated 2nd line squad. The 2nd PZ III was able to maneuver long enough to live another turn. The Russian reinforcements entered on the north edge, but were met with accurate defensive fire. The 5-2-7s and their leader had a tough go of it after that. The Russian infantry broke the German southern flank and moved across the road in force, but the German AT gun destroyed the KV1 with a side/hull shot. The Russians kept the pressure up, winning multiple close combats, pushing the remaining German units towards the southern victory building. In Russian turn 4 DFPh, the 50L AT gun scored a CH on a T34. The gun was malfunctioned and the crew eliminated by the last remaining T34 on the next turn. The game came down to the Russians rushing the victory buildings and forcing close combats in all of the contested hexes despite effective German defensive/residual fire that chipped away at the attacking units. The first CC roll did not go in favor of the Russians, securing a German win. A very enjoyable scenario that could have swung either way. (VASL Log) SteveB976
Clearing CollevilleGreg is a new player. That said, he played very well as the defender. It came to a counter-counter attack on my part, but I won on the very last dice roll.
The dice luck was about even between us, albeit as the US I had early fortunes. He enjoyed the game and I think we'll be gaming again.
von Garvin
Liehr Launches First 7-0 duval
The Baron's LuckA set of hot dice allowed the Red Russian 37mms to run wild on several stacks, pinning or breaking them at a crucial point in the game. The lack of defenders allowed more of my men to close in, and then the Mongolians showed up. Opponent felt forced to concede as I had at least 3 turns to play and had nearly encircled the entire enemy force, with plenty of men in reserve. Would suggest changing the AO height or even make him on-board instead. Jobbo_Fett
Rocket's Red GlareMy opening shot 30+1 took out the German 9-2 and a squad. That pretty much summed up the game with the Americans pushing through the middle as the dispersed defenders ran out of space too soon. ASLOK ‘21 nebel
The Red HouseRussian attack crept up through the dark and in close combat took out 4 German squads. They avoided the Red House and went after houses in the backfield. By Turn 4 they had the necessary houses and that was game over and a Russian win. grumblejones
The Red House Danno
Haase to Hold OnThe Soviet airborne troops fought tenaciously, aggressively pushing forward throughout the battle. The German's put up a strong defense, slowly pulling back, trading troops for time. The Soviets overran the Ugra station on turn 4 and were able to take the last building on turn 5. There did not seem to be a lot of room for maneuver in this one. A real slugfest that could have gone either way. Elite Soviet squads rolling well on their MC's can make for an unstoppable force. (VASL Log) acfe
Konrad ThreeASLOK 2021 jwert02
The Chernichivo ShuffleASLOK 2021 jwert02
Zon with the Wind Uncle_Duke
Devil's HillTotal dicing of the Americans led to a turn 4 concession. No fun in that. Would play it again though. wwillow
Hill 311 wwillow
Iron FistThe Chinese attack was slow and methodical and inexorably pushed me back into the victory location. But my Japanese held the building and got the win. grumblejones
Zon with the WindWas able to close rapidly as the Ami’s made their rally rolls every single time they broke…. German 88’s were placed well but weren’t able to make enough of a difference. ASLOK ‘21 nebel
Hickory Lickin'German fire KIA’d 1.5 sqds and broke 2 add’l US squads in Turn 1. Was able to get the halftrack back to chase the brokies but lost it in Turn 2.
Germans pulled everyone else into the hedgehog victory area and I continued to roll well stuffing the American attack. ASLOK ‘21
Unfamiliar LandFinally FtF, but another setup mistake (too forward... should have set up much nearer the German exit zone). Snow "light dust" kept voiding residuals. And, last but not least, more mistakes entering reinforcements. I would play this again, keeping the Russian side, but trying a different defence. Enriqo
Reaper's HarvestMuch historicity of fierce battles! (VASL Log) StolIB
The Guards CounterattackASLOK 2021 jwert02
Winter ForestA very interesting situation, that probably looks much better on paper than it plays. A really tough decision where the Partisans wish to make their stand, but eventually they will be found. When they are, I just think the Germans have too much muscle for the Partisans to be able to stand up to them. Other than a light exploratory force in the north, I came on heavy in the south under cover of the woods. With plenty of leaders to be had movement wasn't all that difficult. From there it was just a methodical grind forward until I found the Partisan camp holed up in the central clearing. This was Turn 4, so I still had ample time to clear them out. But by that time the CVP count was already 17-4 and there was really no need to do so. Once I crossed 20 the Partisans conceded. I think an SSR allowing the Partisans quicker movement through the woods would've possible been in order. I also think the ski rules are way too liberal in allowing units to don/doff them with relative impunity and, at a minimum, units on skis should be penalized on shots like units on wire. buser333
Tasimboko RaidCpt Truit (10-2) broke on the second mortar shot of game and died of wounds on his first rally attempt. This was matched by the Jap 10-1 breaking (of course) on his first MC but he survived the wound. Both sides suffered several malfunctions and the FB took out 2 gun crews on one strafing run (DR of 3 and 2 - the second shot also malfed the gun). Japs conceded after my turn 7 with few of their troops remaining (all crews dead, only 1 wounded leader left) and my troops in 12 of 13 buildings. Pte Parts
Urban NightmareUsed as learning tool for Night Rules. Germans put star shells everywhere. MP costs horrific.
Scenarios aftermath section proved strangely prophetic "The attack turned into a nightmare"
Richard Webb
Turned Away Danno
Turned AwayA hard fought slugging match. The early hand to hand close combats went the Russians as the German slowly encircled the HQ location in the center of the map. I would break my HMG...because I always break my stuff and then I rolled 11's as Dan's boys surrounded me. I was pinned in the lower level and Dan entered on Turn 7 and wiped them out in CC, but my good order half-squad upstairs was able to keep the Germans from winning this scenario. grumblejones
Welcome Back Lehr

Latest News

March Madness 2021 Three Player pack available!
The great chaps over at the Kansas City ASL club have made their 3 player scenario pack available for sale.

The pack features 6 scenarios, with Germans, Partisans, Russians, Belgians, Italians and Americans in the mix.

The pack is available for $15, from the publication page.
Twitch Stream coming up!
On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
Patreon recognition
As a little thank you to patrons and regular donors to the site, the archive will now begin to recognise patrons by adding a small checkmark next to their names on various panels.

I'm sure there are plenty of places where it would be useful that I haven't got around to yet (currently it's on the contributions table and the top rated players) - so if there's somewhere where you think it would be useful, just get in touch.

Thanks again for all your support!
Searching for specific scenarios
You can now search for scenarios that feature two particular maps. Want to know the only 2 scenarios that are played on boards 6 and 42? The advanced search can now tell you!
Scenario of the Month is back!
Stay tuned for episode 32 of IR for more details (or maybe Stew will explain more via one of his channels) - but the SotM is back and there's a friendly competition to go along with it.

Log your plays in the SotM (either the full ASL one or the SK scenario option) and you'll appear with a W/L record for all the SotMs during that "season".

Not only that - but I've also added the option to include your VASL log file directly onto the "Record a Playing" option on each scenario page, which is then linked to your playing so others can see the game, if you're happy to share the game.

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