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To the Bitter EndYou have to cover a town with your assests
The ability to move unit sfrom one flank to teh other allows any penetrations to be plugged
No such luck for the French - Alex's Germans punched a whole and slowy exploited inside teh town with little chance of my plugging
Wooden HellFun scenario to get a taste of Inor. The variable fortifications give some options to the French player and there is room for both sides to move but the woods mean slow going for the German. My opponent pushed hard but had several squads break in turn 3 & 4 so I slowed him up enough to take the win. nebel
Early BattlesGermans had just one AFV left. The 76mm inf gun was deadly to the tanks the first few rounds til the crew was broken. Viking_CTO
The Katanas Come Out at NightThe Japanese were able to make fantastic early game progress thanks to the low NVR and ambushes claiming half-squads on the picket line. Few of the initial Starshell attempts were successful, leaving the remaining defenders in the dark. By the time this corrected itself, Japanese forces were already mixing it up with troops on Lvl 1 hill hexes, and every CC turned out to be bloody affairs for both sides. A large cloaked group was decimated by fire from HIP units, only for a 7+2 wounded leader successfully throw his DC and nearly wipe out two squads (broken only!) for little to no repercussion. By the end of Japanese Turn 5, and with still numerous out-of-view Russians unable to move, the game was called. There simply wasn't enough manpower with the capacity to move to impede the Japanese advance, much less reclaim lost ground... Jobbo_Fett
The RoadblockThe German choose to split the force between both side.
American got a hard time till the reinforcement gets in.
Attacker got 11VP on 17 needed.
Into the Fray GOUREAU
Commandos at Kaiapit igycrctl
Under the Noel Trees1 Hellcat broke MA on the very first attack role of the game. Eventually got it back working but not soon enough. Germans exited 4 AFV off map in the 5th turn. Viking_CTO
Hammer to the TeethAt the start, this felt very one-sided. The Americans set up a forward defense anchored by two MG nests on the central hill with the AT guns hidden around the square. The first three turns felt like no contest, the German line steamrolled their way forward, routing almost all the Americans and disrupting the plan for an intentional withdrawal.

At the start of turn 4, there was the start of a reversal of fortunes. The American center and southern flank were collapsing, but an American force solidified in R8 and S8. Those two stacks would prove pivotal to stalling and then breaking the German forces in conjunction with the American reinforcements, who managed to turn back the Germans coming around from the southwest.

All in all, a great example of how a battle can go either way.
Intimate WarWith the help of SMOKE and some good Prep Fire the Americans were able to get across the street and through the wire with only a few casualties and once in the buildings their fire power took over. Don't forget to HIP a couple of Japanese squads. dmareske
Shoulder to ShoulderI expected the German attack would come from the left American flank and through the center. Instead, it came mostly from the right American flank. In the beginning, there was not much to stop the German onslaught. Forward units of the Americans were rather quickly overwhelmed and beaten back. The German StuGs massed on one hill to break the US forward positions and to place SMOKE, then supported the Germans on the right American flank.

I played the Meatchopper conservatively, as there was no chance when getting near the StuGs where most of the German Infantry was. Instead, I wore down 1.5 German squads on the US left planning to bring this mean machine into action later, when it would literally be a PITA for German units.

Somehow, I "figured" that the M8s and the Infantry would come in on Turn 1, why the US right flank was rather weak initially. The Germans pushed hard and for a while I thought that my units in the Church area would not be able to stem the tide. But then, a US 666+MMG broke a German stack consisting of his 8-1, two 467s, and a MMG. This brought the critical respite for the US, so that the reinforcements could arrive just in time to strengthen the Church area before the Germans could capture the Multi-Hex buildings there.

As a result, with the remaining US forces I had bottled up the Germans pretty well, so that my opponent conceded. The dice helped me in some important occasions, otherwise the game might have been closer.
von Marwitz
Costly BaptismGermans pushed hard on the left. RJenulis
Before the BlunderA good scenario despite my shameless luck during the second half of the game. Everything worked for me and nothing for Lionel and of course he fell short to realize the victory conditions in the last turn...
Thanks to him and for keeping its good mood until the end of the game.
Hurricane Biak Bongiovanni
To Clear a RoadblockGood German defense from the heights kept my Partisans broken with every step they tried to take. Attack fizzled out by Turn 3. Kydder
The Valley of DeathTwo CHs vs a Russian 76L and a foxhole paved the way for the Italian advance. The snow fell heavy for most of the game, but cleared on the last couple of turns making an easy Axis Prep Fire and Movement against the broken Russian defense. A couple of notables beyond more than the Axis fair share of 2s, was a Russian conscript and 7-0 leader eliminating a tank in CC and Paul ended up with a berserk conscript in a foxhole that the Axis had to dig out for the win. dmareske
AnabasisCouldn't take the last foxhole on the hill. Finnish win Lorenzoknight
Round TwoSS conceded turn 6 with no plausible chance of victory. Poles placed two fortified buildings up front with a roadblock V7/W8 and this completely stopped the German advance on the north. Lots of extremely high and extremely low rolls. German radio missed contact twice before breaking. Pz IV malfed its MA first shot (later fixed), wind changed twice, and 5 heroes were created (including SSR hero) Final tally 34 to 23 VP with the German tally including 20 points for the rowhouses. Pte Parts
Dying for DanzigActually down to the last dice roll. If russians managed to blow the buiding into rubble, a 4KIA, where the rubble creation dr rolled a 6, they would make it. Some really bad DR early in the game slowed Russian offensive.
2 FT tanks and 2 FT were really invincible. Germans were gradually pushed out of their defense line. I set the 88 gun within the stronghold area, which didn't score any hit, and my little forces were divided into 3 individual parts by turn 3.
Advanced Squad Commissar
East of TortosaHonestly, the only thing to really say is that if the Nationalists dial in the artillery on the reinforcing Republicans, you might as well kiss your cool support weapons goodbye. Both sides were hyper aggressive and it only helped the Republicans as too many Nationalists died or broke early, never to truly recover. Jobbo_Fett
Vichy Strikes Back Bongiovanni
Signal HillPlayed in the final round of the Illuminating Rounds competition. Steve attacked along a broad front. One of his squads was wiped out in bore sighted hex on turn one and it all went downhill for the Australians from there. Apart from a couple of HOB battle hardening results, they were buried in a flurry of casualty MCs and broken weapons. Steve conceded when his flamethrowing tank was taken out by a HIP THH. Clearly luck was on my side but the scenario is an interesting one. The Aussies don't look as if they have too much ground to cover but the Japanese are tough to get past, even in an urban environment. Dougban
Hart AttackClose game Gamer72
Carnage in the NightNot a big fan of night scenarios, but this one was next in the queue. As the Germans, I got lucky with my starshells which really slowed down the American advance. With time running out, my friend was forced to rush his men through illuminated locations in an attempt to take out my forces and grab buildings. One by one they broke as they braved PB fire and resid shots.

The straw that broke the camel's back happened during that rush when my friend ran three and a half squads next to my stone building stronghold (the second building from the American start up area). The 9-2, three squads, and a hidden HMG, MMG, and LMG were in there. Knowing what I had, I held fire with them until the DFPh. A 30 flat spraying fire shot resulted in a 3KIA and rate for the HMG and MMG. With almost his entire force broken at that point including all but one leader and one turn left, my friend called it.

Kind of dicey in my opinion. I almost always got a starshell off, and they pretty much always landed where I hoped they would. The snipers could also be a game changer as all but the Panther are OT. Strangely, only one sniper was generated with no effect.

As far as night scenarios go, it wasn't bad. Slow due to the constant rules look-ups and constantly having to look at the Cloaking Display, but for my friend and I, that's pretty much how night scenarios go.
Flaming of the GuardSave for one Panther knocked-out in a flanking move around the Gully, the German three wing attack reached the Eastern side of the victory road relatively unscathed. Two more Panthers fell attempting to VBM freeze units in large Building adjacent to the central crossroads, but the third succeeded and the Germans got close to securing blocking positions but ultimately did not have enough time or men to push the British out of enough Building hexes Adjacent to the road. We then discovered that the British had too many squads at set-up - due to a not uncommon error of failing to delete the squad when deploying pre-game - and called it a draw. Great fun, including CC featuring two AFVs, 2 MMCs, 1 Prisoner! Thompsonmg(MGT)
The Long RoadFrench gave up on Turn 2 with all but one unit broken. Kydder
Chateau de QuesnoyIt swung back and forth many times. French managed to get the needed CVP in Turn 6 to prevent the Axis, who had the building under Control by that time their win. Kydder
Extracurricular ActivityVASLeague game.
Jeff is a great guy.
Glad he didn't troll the setup as this scenario is pretty well scripted on how it will progress.
I was the Hungarian. Loved the SSR with ML. If the players forget this, Russian win instantly.
If the Hungarian forgets he has PF, Russian win.

The VC are lacking as I started taking prisoners early on. The rules do not exclude prisoners from being anything but unbroken enemy units. Makes the VC kinda sketchy and the PT in question.

Regardless, the game progressed with fun and excitement!!
2 rolls determined the outcome directly as a whole. So, those that say small scenarios are dicey are full of shit. this is s Meaty scenario and it takes ONE roll to open up the map.

Fun game and it was close most of the way. Good weekend game with your buddy!!

The Liberation of TullePlaying solo without concealment for the germans probably makes it too easy for the partisans overall but it was enjoyable. Very evenly matched units. Viking_CTO
Foreign LegionsA fun scenario, weighted towards the Nationalists. Fortunately for me, the Nationalists didn't concentrate their armour. I kept my T26s together and attacked through the north of the town with some infantry support. The rest of the infantry attacked from the middle/south.

Only one T26 was lost to a Pz I early on (fortunately it had a malfed MA that I was reluctant to roll to repair), with 5 of the 6 Pz I eventually destroyed. The remaining Pz I malfed its MA, after running around the rear of my line DMing broken squads and generally causing havoc. Low breakdown numbers caused havoc on both sides - tanks, MA and MGs seemed to break every turn.

Turn 6 saw the T26s in the village sleaze freezing the Nationalists, allowing my infantry to close up for close range IFT attacks followed by CC. Fortune smiled on the attackers - no tanks were lost to streetfighting and the Republicans won all three CC on the first rolls for no friendly losses.

The VASL dicebot was its usual capricious self, first favouring me, and then the Nationalists. Luckily it swung back to me in time for the final assault. The Republicans held the church and 12 buildings by the start of Nationalist Turn 6. A timely Pin result stymied any chance of them retaking the Church, so the game was called.

A fun scenario - unreliable weapons, tin can tanks (that Intensive Fire at great risk). low morale for broken units. The attackers must push hard right from the start, and the defenders need to set up forward to thwart them,.
Encircle This! grumblejones
Encircle This!First to play and post. Danno
For Hitler, For AllahInteresting situation in that the Germans are trying to relieve their group in the village, surrounded by partisans i the hills. My plan was to position my Gun and MMGs in the hills to the west, trying to hold of the SS reinforcements, while storming the village with my remaining units. And just for a change, the plan worked! The reinforcing Germans came on from the West as I had hoped, and got bogged down trying to take out my gun and MMGs. Meanwhile my remaining partisans swept through the village, leaving no unbroken German units there by the end of Turn 3. Faced with a hopeless situation, my opponent resigned on Turn 4.
All this was helped by some very friendly DRs from my point of view, although I think this scenario is probably pro-partisan anyway. I reckon though that the German reinforcements should try coming on from the east, because even though the terrain their is slower, they will at least have cover even if the partisans set some units up on that side.
To No AvailFirst to play and post. Danno
To No AvailHard fought game on both sides. The Russians managed to destroy all of the German half-tracks and then proceedd to attrit the advancing Germans as they fell back to the factory building. As Turn 6 was wrapping up, the Germans were sitting at 34 CVP...and then the Russian sniper activated and KIA'd a broken 3-4-8 for the immediate Russian win. Highly recommended scenario. Lots of great close-up action. grumblejones
Road To Merdjayoun Bongiovanni
Bypassed LehrWith the Americans needing to capture 12 of 15 buildings in 6 turns, AND up against 15 FS (five of them 5-4-8s) with 7 MMG, 5 FH, 8 Dummy ? and being able to set up the rest of the OB concealed, not to mention all the +3 stone buildings and Bocage TEM ... this one was a pretty tall order for the Americans.

As usual, Ken played flawless defense, taking full advantage of skulking to take the edge off my overwhelming FP in his half of the turn while presenting me with multiple bad D1F situations in my half.

Still, the Americans managed to capture 9 buildings with at least a (long) shot at capturing 2 more in CC by the end of the game. The last building was a building too far as evidenced by all the GI bodies piled up at the doorstep on T6.
The Tractor Works antro
The Mubo DecisionI dropped some smoke on the AA gun down in the village, but he was easily able to push it to the net hut, where my mortar reacquired it in its sight. My plan was to contest the Jap reinforcements strongly, and thus I did. Some of them braved the northern approach (albeit slowly), while the rest sought a safer but slower route through the western jungle. This left me with a rather small force to try and squeeze him in the middle until the rest of my men could reposition. CC was not an appealing prospect to me and, even though we mostly traded bodies for the first couple turns, I felt I got the raw deal. I think we may have forgotten I was stealthy due to being ANZAC, and it probably would've made a difference in the final result. By the end of Turn 2 I had captured two huts, and this would be a stalemate for the next couple turns, despite a bloody Turn 3 for the Japs (losing four squads to my two). Turn 4 saw me get the sharp end of the stick, losing three squads to his half. Turn 5 finally saw me get my requisite four huts, but I would need to hold them all. I did a nice job of holding him off for the most part, but we conducted his best CC first (a 3:2 affair) that saw him prevail. Not my favorite type of scenario by any means, as most of the game was simply who got luckiest in PB shooting and CCs. buser333
Makela's EndLike many of what I thought were some of my favorite scenarios, a much different feel my second time around. I knew I was in for a long day when Steve conducted a well-orchestrated three-pronged attack. The mortar I felt was too strong of a threat to provide it many targets, and with massive FG possibilities on his end I just sat there concealed. With extremely limited AT options on my end, Turn 2 saw him envelope my men in the cemetery with his free-roaming tanks. Rather than sit and take multiple 12+2 shots, I evacuated to the adjoining trenches. It also didn't help that I misread the VC, thinking he needed to take three buildings rather than myself have to effectively hang on to three. So I poured all my infantry reinforcements up into the hill instead of making a move to bolster the cemetery. Compounding all these problems, my tanks came on a turn too late in my mind. Without MGs/radios and slow-moving, that's just too late to add much to the equation. It didn't help matters any when my attempts to move half of them on Turn 4 stalled, followed by an 11 on the stall role. But, more importantly, these same tanks stalled yet again on the final turn for me to attempt to retake the cemetery, so my infantry had to make a push on their own. A full hex of squads made it, only to be shot down to the man in DFPh by a Nationalist unit that should've been frozen by my tanks. Had they survived and made it Fanatic into the cemetery I think they would've been tough to root out. If all this wasn't bad enough, throughout the game I broke MG after MG. Needless to say this was not an enjoyable game for me whatsoever. buser333
Unfamiliar LandI rolled a 1 for the additional concealment counters, a bad start. The German mortars were hot, getting 5 critical hits. The Russian Sniper activated only twice, both times a 1, and both times only pinning the German sniper. The Germans played very aggressive and were able to exit more than enough EVP to win on the last turn. RJenulis
Schloss HemingsteinThe Americans attack along the southern flank with a smaller force on the northern flank. The tanks supported in the middle with two squads. The Americans took some early breaks in the middle and the northern flank while the southern flank progressed well and was able to take out the hmg nest covering the sunken road.
From turn three the American was extremely lucky and obliterated the German forces that had trouble getting any effective fire on the Americans. The German northern flank held quite well but had to withdraw to the church when the southern flank collapsed. At this point, with only two squads from Kampfgruppe Kuehne still standing, and a guaranteed large influx of Americans into the church, the Germans conceded the game.
Really fun scenario.
One Story TownGreat game. Come down to the last turn. Lorenzoknight
Medal of HonorAmerican defense crumbled quickly, they threw in the towel by Turn 6 with no more unbroken units available. Kydder
The Drive For TaierzhuangA roadblock placed well enough to prevent any and all movement for the vehicles and the subsequent need to spend so much in open ground really made the pre-designated killing fields from 3-rof 37L AT guns far too powerful. All of my vehicles met with flaming ends, or were immobilized, and thus couldn't exit for the necessary amounts of EVP I needed. Tack on your regular infantry losses and it was a done deal by about the half-way point. We forgot about Guns having to be revealed when not in concealment terrain AND LOS of an enemy unit, but that aside, I don't think we misplayed anything rules-wise. Jobbo_Fett
The Drive For TaierzhuangA roadblock placed well enough to prevent any and all movement for the vehicles and the subsequent need to spend so much in open ground really made the pre-designated killing fields from 3-rof 37L AT guns far too powerful. All of my vehicles met with flaming ends, or were immobilized, and thus couldn't exit for the necessary amounts of EVP I needed. Tack on your regular infantry losses and it was a done deal by about the half-way point. We forgot about Guns having to be revealed when not in concealment terrain AND LOS of an enemy unit, but that aside, I don't think we misplayed anything rules-wise. Jobbo_Fett
The Drive for TaierzhuangA roadblock placed well enough to prevent any and all movement for the vehicles and the subsequent need to spend so much in open ground really made the pre-designated killing fields from 3-rof 37L AT guns far too powerful. All of my vehicles met with flaming ends, or were immobilized, and thus couldn't exit for the necessary amounts of EVP I needed. Tack on your regular infantry losses and it was a done deal by about the half-way point. We forgot about Guns having to be revealed when not in concealment terrain AND LOS of an enemy unit, but that aside, I don't think we misplayed anything rules-wise. Jobbo_Fett
One-Man Wrecking MachineGermans won last turn, didn't exit any before that Viking_CTO
Mook PointHis arty came down just in time to break up the attack. von Garvin
Balkan BarbequeThe Flame Thrower was devastating. One H39 was destroyed by a Hero with a Demo. The other three tanks were bogged or immobilized. A first for me, my H39 crew abandoned their tank after being immobilized and were eliminated. The partisans captured and crewed the tank and started firing on the other H39 adjacent to it. The two fired at each other like two man-of-wars until the captured tank MA malfunctioned. Big fun! RJenulis
Ay CarmelaA terrible start where nothing went right for the attackers, the OBA failed to get anything and troops couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Conversely, the defenders kept rolling low on the IFT shots, never broke, and kept maintaining rate of fire. A bummer of a scenario that left me without 3/4s of my troops by the end of the 2nd Republican turn. A terrible match punctuated by terrible dice. Scenarios with an objective to grab stone buildings with no flamethrowers or means to advance safely are dogwater. Jobbo_Fett
Along the EbroA terrible start where nothing went right for the attackers, the OBA failed to get anything and troops couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Conversely, the defenders kept rolling low on the IFT shots, never broke, and kept maintaining rate of fire. A bummer of a scenario that left me without 3/4s of my troops by the end of the 2nd Republican turn. A terrible match punctuated by terrible dice. Scenarios with an objective to grab stone buildings with no flamethrowers or means to advance safely are dogwater. Jobbo_Fett
Pioniers Forward! grumblejones
Gardens Of Heaven Bongiovanni
Point To MakeAs the British, I took the extra infantry and artillery module on the basis that I was worried that the AFVs would provide juicy targets for the Germans to take me towards the CVP cap. The Germans took the heavy mortar, SS squad, and the killer HT. Basically I deployed everything that I could to cross the open ground towards the factory and, with the help of some smoke, managed to get there relatively unscathed. The artillery didn't do much but sheer weight of numbers overwhelmed the defenders with a turn to spare. Fun scenario with some replay value due to the various force selection options for both sides. Dougban
Pioniers Forward!First to play and post. Danno
Rage Against the MachineAlan and I played a rematch from 2021...this time
I attacked.

I decided to play a bit slow but steady. The platoon
of 447 and the 7-0 was sent towards the bridge
with a T34 and ISU-122.

Alans' German defenders were getting stomped rather
badly. He sent one 548 and a JgPz IV to the bridge
and the rest came in the north.

By the time the reinforcements were all in position,
it was almost over. I had captured the 2-hex building
and had most of my force in the vicinity.

I eliminated most of Alan's initial OB for FTR (NQ is
in effect for this scenario). I think Alan felt a little shell-

The first time we played, he was attacking and got
nowhere near the "HQ."

I think one difference is that I am a bit more aggressive
on the attack than Alan is. He seemed to fall back well
enough, but I had too much coming at him for him to

I think this one is a _bit_ tough on the Russians, but not
so much that one should give the balance...there needs
to be quite a few more playings to tell if that is necessary.
Indy Lagu
Broich BashForward defense by Germans in the tree line managed to slow down my attack & took out one of my AFV. Once the attacking force was rallied to push off once more the other AFV Malfunctioned it's MA ... Managed to Control only one building in the end. Kydder
Directive Number ThreeRussians moved first. Germans got hammered into spare parts with 8 of their AFV eliminated by Turn 3. Kydder
Harckocsi Assault Bongiovanni
Osastro BjorkmanFun OBs but impossible situation against a decent defensive setup.
All Along the Merderet Danno
All Along the MerderetTough battle, Dan's Germans went for the orchard victory hexes and just defended the causeway. I tried to advance a squad down the causeway, but couldn't do it. My 9-2 kill stack in the stone house by the orchard dominated the battlefield and kept the Germans broken. By Turn 5, the last German assault was turned back for the US win. grumblejones
Among the RuinsA big, fantastic and exciting game. I placed rubbles in a row to block tanks from breaking my center. So my PSKs HIP on both wings got 2 Shermans successfully. MG fire from high-rise stone buildings did stalled American offensive. Advanced Squad Commissar
Lash OutA good game and I almost broke my losing run against Martin.
I crossed the hedge and moved through the wheat. However in the end my squads were surrounded and broken by the Americans.

Learnt the hard way about the impact of laying down a fire lane.

Another good learning exercise and another defeat.
Loser Takes AllDown to last CC roll. Had a lot of fun. But tough on Germans. nebel
First MatanikauFun scenario using a historic map. My Marines got the better of several CC and squeaked out a CVP win. Jwil2020
Harckocsi AssaultFirst to play and post. Danno
Harckocsi AssaultThe Hungarians were successful in crossing the stream and assaulting the village. The Russian AT Gun would X out on an Intensive Fire shot. The Hungarians would lose two squads, but on the final turn managed to storm the hill top and take the victory. grumblejones
Balkan-KesselThe OBA was devastating. The Air support did very little. The Partisans made very good initial progress, but ran out of steam as the last of the German reinforcements came onboard. RJenulis
It's a BattlefieldHad fun but the Brits must get at least a 3 kills with the 17pdrs. Pretty tough to stop a cohesive attack. nebel
Buckley's ChanceLast half turn banzai to freeze one of my squad’s allowed 11EVP to escape. nebel
The Guards Counterattack igycrctl
Trust UsThe Mongolians are supermen. Stealthy, the ability to walk through walls, can declare Hand-to-Hand, fight like Gurkhas, and Assault Fire that makes them stronger after they move. The Chines took the Mosque and well, but make no progress against the buildings. Lost by exceeding CVP. RJenulis
Corking the Chambois BottleA big, exciting and quite chaotic scenario! I concentrated my attack in the centre and to begin with progress was slow, as I avoided MG and mortar fire straight down the road so had to cross the stream. Things speeded up once my reinforcements appeared, and I was generally successful in keeping the Allied MGs in upper level buildings quiet with smoke. Lots of crazy DRs producing unusual results, including a wind change DR of 12 on the final Allied turn, which blew away all the smoke! So his last-ditch stand in the steeple, where I was relying on an American IFT shot of 12 +6 being unsuccessful suddenly became a 12 +3 IFT shot, which broke most of my units on the level below! So those guys held out, but fortunately I was able to grab another building where the British defenders first went berserk then were eliminated with a couple of lucky HE shots. So I was able to move in to a fourth multi-hex stone building on my final turn to win by the narrowest of margins. Great fun for both sides! Andy_Bagley
Shklov's Labors LostThe Germans ordnance smoke and smoke dispensers were used with great effect, failing only once. Russian defensive fire was ineffective from beginning to end. But, the Russians were able to manage to maintain a defensive line, relying solely on the commissar to rally the many broken squads. The Germans made one mistake which cost a broken 10-3 and 3 MMCs, but this was very late in the game. For the first 2 turns the Russians averaged 7.43 IFT garning 1 German MC, which was easily passed. For the last 4 turns the Germans average rolls were 6.29, 5.61 on IFT while the Russians averaged 7.88, 7.67 on MC and 8.12 on IFT. Despite the huge difference between rolls, the Russians somehow managed to hold out until the German Turn 6 CC phase. Heloanjin
WintergewitterRussians managed to neutralize all the attacker's vehicles, thus preventing the needed firepower to push on to victory. Kydder
The Guards Counterattack antro
Here's Your Hat Rich Weiley
Lenin's SonsThe Germans pushed in force through the forest with a side force skirting the forest edge, forcing the Russians to use the slower forest terrain to maneuver. On Turn 1, a stack of Germans aggressively advanced moving adjacent to a HIP'd Hero and HS. The Russians DFF'd, with no effect. They SFF'd for a 1 MC. The stack turned into a Berserk 8-1, 3 Berserk MMCs 5-4-8's (one of which became fanatic), and a Hero. The Russian Hero and HS were quickly eliminated. The Russian forces remained largely intact as they slowly withdrew through the forest. The Germans continued to push hard using their 8 morale to shrug off any Def Fire forcing the Russians to the edge of the forest by Turn 4. The German attackers shifted their advance to the south side of the battlefield in attempt to flank the majority of the Russians. The Russians were finally able to inflict some casualties, eliminating 3 1/2 squads over the next 2 turns. However, the Russians suffered casualties in kind. The German flanking force was able to capture the buildings on the south side while the remaining Germans pushed through the center on the left. On Turn 6, the Russians were unable to inflict any damage using their DCs while the Germans either broke or KIA'd the Russians. The question was settled after the German Turn 6 AFPh. Heloanjin
88s at ZonThe 88s are really set up more to deter avenues of approach from the Americans than to effectively take advantage of their range, given the map. One set up center forward next to a German LMG nest effectively stopped the Turn 1 American advance, which would keep the center and eastern flank a non-starter for the Americans for the game. The main American thrust moved too cautiously in the face of the Germans (who set up the bulk of their force in the center of the western flank); the delay was costly as greatGerman rolls resulted in a lot of pins and regrouping.. By turn 3, it was clear timing would be tight, and an aggressive push each turn only got the Americans halfway by game end. Turuk
Shoulder to Shoulder wwillow
Devils in the Graveyard Bongiovanni
BlockbustersCome down to turn five with an American win. My sniper got her 9-2 leader on turn one. She almost lost her personal morale check but soldered on for the victory. In fact, my sniper also got the 8-1 leader also. Lorenzoknight
Armageddon Beginslearning tank and ordnance rules and probably the biggest scenario I played solo. Fun end run that made it happen. fun melees, lots of broken guns and some fixed, crazy shots hit and crazy shots missed. I think a competent german could crush the polish. Itinerant
Maczek Fire Brigade von Garvin
Samurai SunsetBeautiful map. The Japanese had the balance and were actually able to exit some units off the board. But this is all but impossible to win as the Japanese. The Japanese need to funnel through the Sand Split. The wire and American fire power are devastating. The end game score was Japanese 18, US 18. Perhaps if the CVP did not count against the Japanese, or if units exited were worth double VP, it may be more of a game. As it is, I am hard pressed to see how the Japanese win this scenario. RJenulis
Armageddon BeginsVery fun and very bloody game. The Poles managed to eliminate all the tanks and break a lot of squads, but by Turn 6, all the guns were eliminated and only two squads and the 9-1 and 8-1 were left. But time ran out with only 6 buildings under German control for a Polish win. grumblejones
China OneNot too bad a scenario, though particularly painful for the Chinese. Hard to say what to change, apart from perhaps adding smoke or giving some of the tanks radios. Reducing the number of fortified building locations (8!) available to the Japanese would also be a good change. As for the scenario, the Chinese Conscripts got mulched something fierce, and the snipers on either side were absolutely savage, acting a vast majority of the time (even though the SANs were 2 and 3). The Chinese also managed to get all of the ambushes in the game - the Japanese simply couldn't get their act together. The objective was rolled for, getting 4 of the victory buildings, and the game ended about halfway due to losses on the attackers side, having acquired only 1 of the 4 necessary buildings... Jobbo_Fett
Festung St. Edouard Bongiovanni
The Bunkered Village Lorenzoknight
A Polish RequiemGermans malfed 4 tanks and fixed none (including both PzIVs on the same turn). On the last turn Poles got a lucky shot to destroy one functional AFV with their MMG, and shocked the last fully functional tank with a FT-17C shot in the rear as it started to move. Managed (just) the 3 squads in the victory area but no tanks left with MA working. Pte Parts
Armageddon BeginsFirst to play and post. Danno
Ain't Running Away Lorenzoknight
Long Day of ConfusionQuite an unbalanced scenario and quite some bad choices defending the ground. The Gun made the difference, though; I woud've been slaughtered much faster without. I kept changing CA and gaining acquisition, but in the end the fate was sealed easily for the Germans. Enriqo
Turning Off the SpigotVASL w/JA balance jrwusmc
Courage of Cowan Bongiovanni
Turning Off the Spigot wwillow
Factory FodderA Schwepunktesque offering. No time for the Germans to dally or over come bad luck or bad play. Halfftrack 81mm provided a few rounds of smoke to cover the crossing sights which, Al chose not to interdict the crossing but his mandatory hipsters managed to bag some Germans. Lost the mortar to boxcar and both pz4 to bazooka after bad play on my part. We played on to the end but the Germans began their final turn with little hope so I called it. Hard to say where this one will end up from a balance perspective but it plays fast so should see a good amount of tournament play. SGT Mac
Rock of Chickamauga Rich Weiley

Latest News

March Madness 2023: 10th Mountain Division pack - now available for download
Thanks to the guys over in Kansas, and Encircled productions, the archive is now hosting the 2023 10th Mountain Division pack.

Price is $15 and the pack features 9 scenarios and a 4 scenario campaign which can be played as individual scenarios or as the connected mini-campaign.

Balance reporting
You can now add balance to reported games and view a balance report for scenarios. The balance range comes from assistance of Indy and is an implementation of the Wald Interval algorithm.
Quickly see the games you've played
On each scenario page where you've played a scenario, there's now a small "show" button that will list all of the games you've played that scenario - this one will stop me having to find my name in the "view all" section of the games played list!
Scenario cards
Just to be clear - any scenario cards that are uploaded to the user file sections of scenario pages must not contain copyrighted material (graphics, artwork, etc). I'll try to get in touch with the designers/uploaders to notify them but when these files are found I have to remove them.
A quick reply
If you wrote this message to me I couldn't reply as I didn't have a reply address: "May be you can help me. We play LN3-8 scenario. Japan has 6 pillboxes worth 1 vp each and 3 caves worth 2 vp each in the OB as start. US must earn 10 vp by controlling or destroying them to win. Can the Japanese use: G11.91 OB: The number of caves available to the Japanese is listed in their OB. However, each cave set up as an Upper-Cliff cave (11.113) subtracts three from the number of caves available for setup. Cave Complexes (11.2) are not listed in the Japanese OB. The number of Cave Complexes available to the Japanese side is not reduced by the setup of any Upper-Cliff cave(s). This eliminates many vp for the US hence limiting his chances to win. I don't think the scenario was built that way. Right or wrong? Thanks". My interpretation (without any specifying SSR saying otherwise) is that it's possible to swap and yes, probably an oversight by the playtesters/designer. It's probably worthy of a house-rule prior to selecting sides.

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03 The Czerniakow Bridgehead139 Solec, Warsaw, Poland1944
109 Dreil TeamSouth of Dreil, The Netherlands1944
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