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Maximum AggressionBritish (Tom) had the balance, which didn't really affect the game due to a malfunction on the first MMG role, whilst the Japanese broke its MMG twice in two shots.

The British got all 4 VC points required but couldn't hold on to the last one during the last Japanese player's turn - but to be clear Tom didn't nothing wrong and was unlucky to lose his AFV to a lucky snakes on the street fighting attempt from a Japanese half squad. Tough on the British but not impossible if they roll well in either the initial CC or in the closing stages. (VASL Log)
Strangers in a Strange LandA classic scenario, and rightly so. I reckon that the game probably depends on whether the Germans can get their reinforcements into the victory building. Here, the French got their tanks (but no infantry) in a position to intercept on turn 4, but then faced with the prospect of DC, ATR and CC attacks had to pull back on the following turn, which allowed me to eventually get all my reinforcements into the building. It was then a case of pulling back one hex/location per turn, not allowing the French any good defensive fire shots. I then had enough troops to cover all three stairwells, so the French - despite having created two heroes - could not make sufficient progress to clear the building by the final turn. Exciting and close though. Andy_Bagley
A Belated ChristmasVASL jrwusmc
A Belated ChristmasConceded in turn 5. VASL wwillow
Oh Joy! Danno
No Time to BleedI chose a hard eastern attack, sending my infantry to scout ahead for the two guns, with a MG force behind to make Russian repositioning difficult. I was halfway across the board by Turn 3, having just knocked out the two tanks that were HD behind the walls. but had to commit an inordinate amount of attention to my eastern flank to guard against reinforcing Russian tanks. I sufficiently scared them from entering too close to me, and next turn I continued my push under cover of lots of SD-generated smoke. The AA gun had shown its face slightly out of position, only to have its crew blasted to bits. The squad that assumed gun duty certainly wasn't prepared, x-ing it out soon after. Other than an annoying 9-1 and 4-5-8 rallying directly in my path, Turn 5 went very smoothly for me. I knocked the rallied Russians back to the dirt, eliminated the two T-34s that were in my path, and dealt with the few remaining infantry standing between me and the goal line. With only a sole squad/mortar on that part of the board (with a Panther in its face), the Russians threw in the towel. buser333
End of the Rope... Stoffey18
Cocktails for Molotov cscottk
The Cossacks Are Coming jacelm
The Cossacks Are Coming atomic
Ivanovskii cosarara
Confusion ReignsThe American assault started out well by breaking one squad with mortar fire and a half squad manning the German HMG. The Americans advanced slowly using the advantage of time. The Germans slowly withdrew to building 24V4/U4, unable to withdraw with the American overwatch in Building 1X2. When the American mortars broke and the 9-2 leader, HS, and MMG moved downstairs, the Germans made a dash for the board edge. However, the Americans were able to exact enough casualties that the Germans had to return or accept a loss. With enough CVPs for the win, the Americans fell back and the German conceded. Heloanjin
Confusion Reigns dmareske
Operation NatzmerYeah...pretty tough on the Russians if you don't hurt the Germans early, which I did not. Germans DC'd me and then rolled up on me in Close Combat. I kept ELR'ing which ensured my destruction. And then to cap off my misery, my 8-0 and 4-5-8 with the MMG go Berserk and run to their deaths. It's games like this that make me dislike ASL from time to time. Germans were able to take every building for extra style points. grumblejones
Fury On The Logging TrailLots of Japanese infantry they just keep coming but the US are well equipped with squad firepower, SWs and the Gun. In our playing they just ground down the Japanese forces to only a few squads who were unable to achieve the required VCs. Plenty of action on only half a board Simonstan
Fury On The Logging TrailJapanese beat their heads against an American defence line in jungle, taking point blank shots all the time. Excellent defence by my opponent, and the second session turned into a car crash when his dice absolutely smoked me. Conceded on turn 5, nowhere near any
VC and with almost nothing left.
The Last RoadblockA challenging scenario for both sides. Mud makes movement slow and good lines of sight should allow both mortars and the German HMG to dish out punishment at long range. French broke their mortar on Turn 1. German reinforcements were effectively held up and contained for long enough for the French/Norwegian force to push up onto the hill although they did take heavy casualties and were difficult to rally when broken. French artillery came to the rescue and cleared the hill of defenders which allowed a last turn rush to capture enough hill hexes for a narrow win. Nicho11
Exit PlansMy opponent forgot their OB-given concealment counters, unfortunately, which gave me a rather unfair advantage. Some great rolls on their parts, and some good positions for their guns really forced me to consider my moves. Tough for the defender nonetheless, and my two CHs against armored cars put a lot of pressure in return.

Definitely worth playing, leaning towards giving the Russians the balance.
Fuller's FollyA very nice scenario. The setup as the Germans and the options get you a little bit of a headache. The boards are very cluttered. Stone
Shielding MoscowI had considered an attack on one of the factories before the game started but quickly changed my mind. The game ebbed and flowed with the Russians considering conceding around turn 4 - both of their tanks MA malfed on turn 2 with one immediately disabled. The only MOL the Russians tried was available but unsuccessful landing back on the thrower. Turn 5 the second T35 fixed its main gun and immediately killed my 9-1, hero and broke my fanatic MMG squad. This let the Russians grab the required number of buildings - just. On the last turn I only needed to recover one building which I did for a close win!
The snipers did not like the cold. Despite many SAN rolls, the Russian stayed indoors with a bottle of vodka and mine fired 2 shots - one pinned a broken squad (ie no effect) and the other shot the only Russian leader in the head. With only the Commissar to rally troops (and shooting many of them as cowards) I soon collected a lot of prisoners.
I think the Russians are actually the attacker in this scenario.
Pte Parts
PatrolGerman vs Partisan April 1940 Campaign Game feralhuntsman
Audacity!Germans managed to delay the French long enough to prevent the capture of more than three buildings and the 9-2 leader with a squad and LMG on the hill inflicted a lot of casualties on the French. A lucky shot with an ATR immobilised a tank. The German ATG malfunctioned on its first shot and was permanently disabled when repair was attempted. Germans reached the 19 CVP cap when the 9-2 superman KIA'd a squad and leader with snakes in the German Prep on Turn 6. Nicho11
Kiss of FuryReal fun scenario. The Germans captured 2 buildings in the village but were unable to take out any of the Russian Guns or the T34. Kills on the lightly armoured German AFVs swung this one the way of the Russians Simonstan
Late for ChowWent up the American right and got bogged down. Americans generated a Hero who was a PITA. wwillow
Late for ChowA bit slow advance in the center made the game impossible for the germans. DrDryg
Audacity!An old classic, this scenario depicts an early war West Front action in muddy terrain. It has been recently republished as ASL238 in Croix de Guerre 2nd edition (without modification from the original design).

A full AAR of my game as the attacking French can be found at GameSquad forum in the following thread:

I had captured 14 of 15 building locations along with his ATG, his 9-2 and some other units and equipment, the sole German survivors being a 8-1/468. The game came down to the last CCPh and the last DR in which my opponent needed a 6 or less to bust my CVP cap. He conveniently rolled Snakes...
von Marwitz
No. 8 Platoon OverrunNick's defence started out initially well; however, I was able to get a key roll or two and then I trapped some guys upstairs and then the way to the victory area was open. Great replayability. Both sides had pretty effective artillery. von Garvin
Meuse - French Counter Attack Danno
Meuse - French Counter AttackVery quick game. My Germans couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat. And only got rate twice and in two turns MALF’d two of the guns. I immobilized one tank which then fired and destroyed a gun. I never had a chance. Dan exited 9 tanks with no trouble for the win. I roll too badly to be the Germans in this one. grumblejones
Yankee Pride residood
Take The CrossroadsI tried going behind the bocage and through the woods. It
was a big mistake! Rob set up all of his wire in the woods.
Instead of getting hung up on it, I had to move my attack across
the board and through the grain. This cost me two turns (of 6),
and the game was essentially lost at that point.

Rob's shooting left my attack in shambles. I couldn't get a decent
firegroup together with Gang Green.

I'd certainly play this again as either side. Rob's defence was strong as ever, and
my attack was disorganized.
Indy Lagu
To Have and To HoldLooked tough for the Germans early on as the initial on board force crumbled and clever positioning of the US forces meant they were denied the ability to set up on board. All routes to the bridge were covered by MGs. Greater squad numbers / their effect vs the unarmored Jeeps / CC advantage vs the 3-4-7 HSs and the hitting power of the StuGs prevailed in the end Simonstan
Going PostalWell what can I say - Full surrounded Post Office w/ a stack inside and two turns of opportunity to shoot (No flamers available - 2 lost to issues). Not one to complain about dice but 30+ rolls die avg of 9 and a 36 FP shot gets 11s so....Poles hold out as you cant advance into a hex with a squad in a fortified building location. That's a lot of holes on the Poles Post Office. Flamers are the key here. Boogaboo
The Amy HEvery one knows that against a Half competent British player that this Scenario is at least 75% pro British right? Indestructible tank with a 9-2 Armor Leader, No Cower, Hip MMC, Two mobile 36 Goliath like Trucks. Stone buildings to sit in, 8 ? counters and to top it off Bore siting and a SAN of 5.
Germans come from off board have to be on sidecars (they could move further with out them off road) - 8 squads vs 5 1/2 and 2 Crews to man 1 Gun so in essence 6 1/2 squad equivalents. The Germans have to remove all Good order British Infantry from 3 hexes of the middle of the Board- Roar has them closer but Roar does not tell you who is playing whom. This scenario should never see the light of day at another tournament. That is my two cents worth.
RagnarökI had to try this again, this time my defense forced the Germans to come up the middle of the board. It was close at the end with the Germans trying to exit, but the Russians had enough effective small arms fire to prevent the German win. dmareske
Confusion ReignsIt looked as if the german victory was won at turn 4. It turned out though that the german officer had misread the B...y, SSRs and VCs. After realising that, the retreating germans har to turn back into the enemy and now everything looked bleak, especially since german officers started taking stupid risks. The american tendency to roll 4 on every IFT roll also made the german victory crumble into defeat. DrDryg
No Shortage of DeterminationAnother great scenario from the excellent Poland in Flames pack. The Poles start with 14 or 15 squads and 4 tankettes, so getting just two of these across Board O and onto Board 17 doesn't sound too hard. But it's not easy against 8-morale Germans with a range of weaponry and (gulp) a 9-2 leader. I went for a concentrated thrust on the right flank with a handful of units on the left to stop the Germans shifting to reinforce. Very tough going with heavy losses including two tankettes, and my infantry basically failed to make it across. I won only because my remaining two tankettes were able to run the gauntlet of ATR and MG fire to reach Board 17, which was just enough. Those TKS's are poorly armed and armoured, but if they keep moving they're pretty difficult to hit! I was fortunate that none of my TKS's broke down or malf'ed their guns.
PS: After the game we discussed SBR1, which appears to allow Polish units to cross the water obstacle on the extreme left via row GG. Too slow for infantry perhaps but a possible route for the TKS's which could make life a little easier for the Poles.
Huns of Steel ChuckD
The Agony of Doom atomic
Confusion ReignsThe American player made a number of significant mistakes early on which resulted in early American casualties. Struggling from behind, the American advance was able to make some gains, but the Germans began a quick withdrawal leaving a few broken squads behind. However, after a late review of the VCs, the German player realized he left too many units behind and reversed course. The Americans were able to maneuver into good position causing enough German casualties leaving the German player with little choice but to concede. Heloanjin
Former FoesThe Viet Minh were eventually crushed between a vice of Japanese and British forces. The Japanese created the initial pressure with a quick rush from the north, but eventually stopped to become the blocking force against isolated VM units remaining north of the church. The British started a little slower due to the need to close for CC against numerous concealed units. Their advance was delayed by longer than expected melee combats, but once they defeat the handful of squad to the east of the church, they were able to close with two platoons of infantry and clear the building with one turn remaining. Eaglewso
Confusion ReignsAfter a good couple first turns of American progress, the Americans hit a wall with some good active sniper hits and IFT results by the Germans made it a much closer game. The Germans made a break with some of their squads but they ended up broken and the squads in the building V3 finally broke and we finally called it in Turn 6. The Americans put their 9-2 and both MMGs on level 2 on board 1...a risk that paid off as they go a fair amount of ROF. Great game, ready to play again. dmareske
Rearguard ActionThe German panzer rushed forward and met few resistance. An AT gun destroyed a Panzer before being destroyed and another was burned as a result of a failed overrun. The German decided to pay back, but most of the German vehicular guns malfed. Furthermore, the few broken Belgian turned Berserk and threatened a German crew that did abandoned his panzer. After the death of an entire assault engineer squad and the activity of the Belgian sniper, the German decided to stop the fight and exit the area for victory. Seven panzers exited but 4 of them with malfed guns. A strange victory with a bitter taste of defeat with too much casualties, giving away one VP. lt_steiner
Food FightI agree this started off ok, perhaps even skewed a bit unfairly to my side after I outright killed two squads during the opening moves. Despite a comfortable lead in VPs, by Turn 2 I was already feeling very overwhelmed, and was thankful to receive my substantial reinforcements. At our breaking point halfway through I was still feeling pretty good, but after looking things over before going into our culminating session that feeling had pretty well dissipated. I figured Scott already had enough buildings where he could sit back and search for food, while I was stuck across the western road unable to pose much of a threat. The SSRs basically force stacking to muster any sort of firepower, and facing a commissar and a 9-2 across the way I knew that was battle I did not like my odds in. Then the hot/cold dice kicked in and this this dicey little affair got blown all apart. buser333
A Frosty MorningThe British made a strong bid for exit, with both the 10-2 and the 9-2 leaders each going for it together with 3 squads, and covered by a rear guard around the airfield. The rearguard easily held the Italians at bay. The big mortar however got killed by a sniper and never fired a shot. The 10-2 stack lost one squad on its way across the valley in the middle but picked up a hero, performed a heroic infantry OVR against Sgt Fritz (8-1) who tossed a DC on them while they approached, surviving and managing to be ready for exit, while the 9-2 together with two squads tried to move around to the north, but had to take a 17-2 shot which only one squad survived. So only 9 possible exit points after round 5 and a concession. Great game! oybj
Clearing the Heights ChuckD
Rearguard Action Prairial
Confusion ReignsThe Germans suffered early with the American 9-2 and 2 MMGs covering the field from Building 1X2. The tide began to turn when the German sniper made good effect. The Germans tried to withdraw, but ended up in a last defense in Building 24V3. Once the last squads broke in the building, the German conceded. Heloanjin
Red ChurchillsI thought this was an excellent scenario. Some interesting equipment for both sides and a bridge crossing with enough options to keep the Finns on their toes.

Feels tough on the Russians but the Finnish player doesn't have it all their own way. As discussed on episode 41 of illuminating rounds. (VASL Log)
Belgian TigersLots of wild swings in dice. Went to the last turn. wwillow
PursuitGerman vs Polish. Oct 1939 feralhuntsman
Wildcat Strike etopp
Defenders of StalingradGerman need a lot of luck and rate for the mg's... and that's no the case in this game. Don played very well and I had no chance jesuspiebatlle
Asking for Trouble igycrctl
Pocket Panzers B-E Karlsson
Merzenhausen ZooCombined arms mayhem with high velocity guns, thick armor, flamethrowers, and infantry armed to the teeth, highly recommended. My defending Germans counterattacked John Stadick’s Americans on the last turn to squeak out victory by a margin of a few building locations. Since both sides have lots of good units, time is the real key to victory here. The Anglo-Americans need to gobble up ground quickly, even if it’s expensive while the Germans want to hold them back, even if it’s expensive. If the Allies can’t wedge into the board ten village by turn four, they are in real trouble.

My Germans placed key units as follows: Nashorn in woods at 10R9 with a southwestern covered arc, JgdPzIV beside the wall in 10Q5 facing west, 9-1 directing HMG on the upper floor of 43N9 in the central compound, the Stug IIIs in 43L9 and G9 with a cross fire on the southern field, both Panzerschrecks hidden in the eastern brush field on board 43. I wanted to set back far enough to prevent the fiery Crocodiles from
just rolling on and torching good units in the southern end of the central compound. I deliberately placed armor in brush and woods for concealment to keep the American guessing about the exact location of my Nashorn (lethal) versus Stugs (dangerous, but manageable).

The Allied southern force, 10 squads and nine tanks, entered via the southern brush field (43N3 area) in the blind spot of my armor deployment. They rolled ahead cautiously making smoke and using vehicles as cover for infantry. My 9-1 HMG combo nailed an American lieutenant and squad in their bore sighted hex at 43O3, where the brush field begins. The Allied eastern force, eight squads and three tanks, also proceeded with caution along the wood roads in the 10F4 area. They were clearly trying to discern where I had placed my Nashorn and JgdPzIV BEFORE making a risky rush.

So, John’s Americans put on a masterclass in advancing via cover for minimal loss by patiently overrunning the central compound and lining up their flame-throwing crocodiles around 10K3 for a blitz against the JgdPzIV position on my western perimeter. Around turn three, a spunky M5A1 popped out of the smoky compound to blitz the Nashorn (10R9). The HIP German 50L in 43O10 fired and missed, the Nashorn fired and missed, then the M5A1 crashed into the woods with the Nashorn, made its bog check, came out the other end and fired to kill the beast! A 5-4-8 advanced into close combat with that M5A1 and rolled boxcars to cut itself in half and then die when the M5A1 rolled 4 in CC. The M5A1 then rushed the JgdPzIV (10Q5) and got into its hex before a nearby Stug III killed it. Smoke from that wreck combined with ordnance smoke from Allied prep fire cluttered up the battlefield enabling the Americans and their Churchills to close in from the west, but also screened the JgdPzIV retreat from flamethrower shots. Meanwhile, a Panzershreck knocked out an Easy 8 (Sherman) by board 43’s eastern brush field and a Stug III clocked the other M5A1 before stunning a CE Sherman Jumbo with an HE hit.

By turn five the Allies had lined up mid-board for the assault on the board 10 village. My JgdPzIV was repositioned to 10V4 among friendly infantry with a Stug at 10U7. East of that, I had a German HMG with 5-4-8 and 7-0 in the 10V7 building and a host of German infantry in the 10Z6 building. The Allies tried and failed a bunch of smoke and white phosphorous shots before following up with equally bad prep fire by those disappointing tanks. Allied infantry closed in on the 10U5/U6 building. The crocodiles steered clear of the JgdPzIV preferring instead to scorch German infantry one-squad-per-turn. Fortunately, one of those monsters broke its nozzle to afford the Germans some relief. The JgdPzIV pivoted southward to kill two Shermans closing in from the central compound via column U and later used its sN to reduce an American squad in close combat before suffering immobilization from enemy fire. German small arms kept the American infantry at bay. The King Tigers and their infantry entered along the north edge and quickly deployed one big cat to the circular wall at 10Y5 and another behind the wall at 10Z2.

Soon after, the Allies dashed forward along the north board edge, around the 10W2. A comedy of German errors set the stage for Allied success. Two panzerfaust checks failed with 6 to pin the wanna-be tank hunters. Another squad fired its faust, but missed, got cut in half by back blast, and then rolled box cars on the 1MC for total destruction. A Panzerschreck carefully placed at 10Z0 fired and missed a fast-approaching Sherman Jumbo, as did a Stug, so the Jumbo overran a 5-4-8 with the Stug in 10Y1. The 5-4-8 survived and would later finally succeed in panzerfausting the in-motion Jumbo. American infantry swarmed the western half of the village; they were pressing up against that King Tiger in the 10Y5 stone circle.

On the last turn, the Allies rushed building 10Z6 from the south for a crack at victory. Their 9-2 and some machine guns provided devastating covering fire from the west (10U5/U8) enabling them to break and route all but one of the German occupants. A lone 2-2-8 with Panzerschreck denied the Allies building control, so they would have to measure progress one location at a time.

All German survivors, then about five squads huddled in the northeastern buildings, followed their King Tigers into the 10Z6 building. One big cat failed ESB and so broke down at the front door. That was good enough, he turned his turret to kill a Crocodile along the north edge at 10X1. Another big cat crashed into the foyer and blasted an adjacent 6-6-6 with a 3 to hit, thanks to the armor leader! A Stug came around the back to fire on 10Z7. German infantry funneled in via smoke left behind by the Stug in 10BB6. The Germans took half the ground floor back and their 2-2-8 persisted in melee against an American 3-4-7 to deliver the win by limiting the Allies to 33 of the 38 required building locations.
Food FightStarted off as a fun little scenario with Russian partisans grabbing some buildings (and a couple of food bundles) and hunkering down to wait for the Ukrainian reinforcements. However, it went south quickly because of my continued hot streak on the dice. (Four snakes on a single turn? Jeff rolling multiple 12's on MC/Rallies to CR away his forces?) A small scenario like this can't stand up to such a run of luck, and it quickly became a walk-off for the Russians. Would be an interesting scenario to play at FtF get-togethers or tournaments as it has some interesting decisions for both sides. sherersc
The Road to WarsawPoles passed a lot of morale checks and took out two armored cars while the the third one bogged in a semi useful spot. Ended up being a CC fest and it was over in German five. Poles need the balance. wwillow
Ratushniak's SacrificeA fun and interesting game against David who is a fantastic opponent. A lucky placement of the russian Guns turned out to be key. Most of the lighter, german AFVs got punched out early and the german smoke laying capability along with them. Mid game all the lighter AFVs were gone and the infantry were advancing slower. Then, both Tigers came driving and parked right in front of a HiPed Gun and managed to halt one of them be deliberate immobilisation. in the penultimate turn the last russian gun unconcealed, turned three hexspines and fired into a moving Tigers behind. The rolled snakes bit the butt of that Tiger and the germans had no chance of getting their VPs. It was time to call it. DrDryg
A Day By the Shore Danno
A Day By the ShoreRecommend using the German balance. The Brits put up a screening force on the east while making a grab for all the buildings and eliminating the Pillbox and western trenches. The German reinforcements met with stiff fire and only half of their troops made it on, and some of those were broken. British morale won the day and were extra effective in Close Combat. dmareske
To The RescueThis is an interesting game. The Russians have to prevent the surrounded Germans from escaping while also stopping the German relief force. Being my first time playing a RB scenario, the terrain took some getting used to. John played pretty conservatively as the attacking Germans, letting his kill stacks do their work. Turns out I didn't have the LOS I thought I did and my setup was sub-optimal. Believing he'd try an end run I had garrisoned my flanks too strongly and instead he came right through the center (similar to the mistake Matias made, below). The SSR preventing freedom of movement for the Russians hobbled my response, my reinforcements came on too late to make much of a difference, and it was basically over by the end of Turn 5. My analysis of it is the Russians have to set up basically on a north-south line and hope it holds as their setup restrictions prevent a defense in depth, while the German has only enough time for an up-the-middle attack. Agoldin
The Bitche SalientA great classic scenario with lots of possible maneuvers and high replayability. The scattered 3rd US Battalion suffered from the German OBA and ended quite slaughtered by the flanking elements of the Gebirgsjäger. When US reinforcements from 2nd and 1st Battalion arrived, they still had to wipe out the German troops from the higher grounds and free the rest of the road to the West. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to properly access their OBA and both M7 HMC were short on ammunition. The US succeeded in capturing the hills but failed to liberate the western road. Furthermore, VP casualties were too high for the 29th ID which suffered 54 CVP, whereas the Germans only lost 29 CVP. lt_steiner
Early Battles MoriQuessir
The FortressGerman vs Polish. September 1939 feralhuntsman
Ratushniak's SacrificeYikes. My support tanks all got blasted. This listing is a duplicate :)

von Garvin
Kampfgruppe at Karachev Danno
Kampfgruppe at KarachevLots of chess moves until Turn 3, when all hell broke loose and Dan's German let loose on my advancing Russians. Daisy chain immobilized one T-34, the 75L took down another and the Stug MALF'd it gun in intensive fire and was immobilized by the immobilized T-34. Dan and I traded bad rolls until Turn 5 when Dan got rate with nearly every weapon and destroyed my personal ELR. Dan would finished with 20 CVP and my Russians finished with 18 CVP. Good win for the Germans. grumblejones
The MartinofenDamn close for the Russians. In fact a lucky/not so lucky result (German 150 INF gun nuked the building - roles snakes twice in 3 rolls) rubbles the main stairway hex make access to needed German VP locations impossible killing both Russian HMGs in the process. May more close combats, flames attacks and other Stalingradish actions...could have went either way. Fun Boogaboo
Sunday of the DeadMoist conditions so no dust. Strong winds so no smoke. South Africans began well picking off my armour at long range. However, casualties don't count against me and Germans have so much that the tide slowly turned and the game was over on turn 7. Pte Parts
Red Horse ReconA spread out defence in depth made the advance just slow enough for the americans not to reach the buildings at the far right side. Also one heroic german squad managed to kill americans in CC and then dodge a persuing AFV, rushing back to the road on the left side to prevent the open road victory condition. DrDryg
Red Horse ReconI played this scenario twice, both times as American. Both times I lost (hard). Although I rolled not very well both imes I dont see how the Americans can win this scenario. Anyway it was fun to play and bocage makes this scenario very interesting. Stone
Going PostalPoles conceded at the bottom of Turn 4, after the flood of SS troops successfully opened the Post Office for German access. This scenario certainly captures the spirit of the actual event, but it ends up not making for a particularly interesting fight. Once the German descend on the Post Office, which isn't much of a problem given their overwhelming superiority in numbers and firepower, even the +5 TEM doesn't seem to be enough to keep the Polish last stand from collapsing. We played without the balance, but in retrospect absolutely should have given the Poles the balance. rosssssss
Going PostalPoles conceded at the bottom of Turn 4, after the flood of SS troops successfully opened the Post Office for German access. This scenario certainly captures the spirit of the actual event, but it ends up not making for a particularly interesting fight. Once the German descend on the Post Office, which isn't much of a problem given their overwhelming superiority in numbers and firepower, even the +5 TEM doesn't seem to be enough to keep the Polish last stand from collapsing. We played without the balance, but in retrospect absolutely should have given the Poles the balance. rosssssss
Recruiting TacticsRed army set up HIP defence in the central grain area... MG covering the centre road with 9-1 ldr and a squad ldr squad and other MG on right of grain... another squad covering road against the hedge and the lst hip squad was out on the left flank in the woods...

Red army stacked everything and used road movement to get the bait units into the defensive line... the KMT moved on a in a wider front mainly into the hedged grain fields... first red army shots at a squad on the road box cars and broke the MG.. returing KMT assault fire broke the squad in the middle and ther ed army fell back to the central woods... KMT created fire groups and eventually broken the last MG rushing a squad to claim it... last turn for the red army saw several squads run at the KMT with captured MG... KMT chose to vol break and the gun was retaken but not possessed....

KMT last turn saw a large fire group fail to break the key MG squad and a difficult charge by the last freee KMT squad was gunned down as he ran across the road...

Overall... a very cagey scenario, only 2cvp per side...with little incentive for the red army to stand, and a lots of HIP units it feels a hard one for the KMT unless the red army overcommits or shows the HIP units too early...

Turned Back at TyliczI played the Slovaks. I managed to take two VC buildings by the end of turn 5 and calculated that victory was unattainable by that point so conceded the game. Polish sniper rolls did contribute to their victory, taking out one of the Slovak leaders and wounding another, but the main reason was for sure my planning which wasn't the best this time.

As a scenario it's an interesting situation concerning an attack on a village surrounded by hills - these offer good LOS coverage and thus make this a good scenario to practice the variable-level LOS rules. Also, you get to brush up your cavalry skills as the Slovaks.
In Front of the StormQuick and sharp fight. The French were able to close with the Germans early in the game and take many prisoners. The 9-2 was killed by a critical hit and the gun crew was broken by the French MMG's. After that, the French had a clear path to take the bridge. grumblejones
In Front of the Storm Danno
War of the RatsGood game, very tense for the Germans attacking into the Russian line. Germans quickly captured the one building to the west, before stalling against the two eastern buildings. Ended with troops in both eastern buildings, but locked in melee and unable to gain control. Eaglewso
Pentecost Sunday Meeting The French strongly defended the two stone buildings adjacent to the east-west road on board 11a. Only the HIP AMD 35 with armor leader protected the southern approach, assisted by a 7-0, squad, and LMG. The Germans swarmed the southern approach, lost the PzIIa, but eliminated the French defenders in that area during the AFPh and subsequent RPh. A centrally located AMD 35 disabled it’s MA and the remaining one failed to pass a non-platoon movement DR. This gave the Germans a clear route to exit much more than the required 14 EVP. The French deployment could have been better. This is a fast playing scenario that has potential to be a nail biter. Tomkrny
Absolut Märkäjärvi Rindis
Ozerekya Breakout Tactical MissionThree-turn blowout win on the first scenario, when opponent realised the paucity of Tac Locs would isolate his entire surviving force. Presumably both sides must dig lots of foxholes ? CG appears broken. Gamer72
The Cross RoadsI slept on this one awhile b/c HASL solitaire missions using geoboards seemed a little bland. I was VERY WRONG. This is among the best HASL/SASL missions I've played. It's likely to be very swingy, but that's the nature of SASL. I actually prefer this to the historical map mission OtO-S1 in the module (though that is also quite a good mission.)

I ended up losing by a slim margin when the game ended exactly on the scheduled turn. Had it extended one more I very well might have pulled it out, and if it had extended two turns it would have taken very bad luck to have lost.

Since the starting force is company sized you might be tempted to use this as a substitute mission for your campaign company. I'd advice against this - you're going to have to spend the lives of your squads recklessly if you want to get a win. The force conservation mentality that goes along with SASL campaign games is incompatible with this mission.
Barking Monkey
Ozerekya Breakout Tactical MissionThree-turn blowout win on the first scenario, when opponent realised the paucity of Tac Locs would isolate his entire surviving force. Presumably both sides must dig lots of foxholes ? CG appears broken. Gamer72
Stand For New Zealand Rosebluepaint
Last Ally, Last VictoryDespite knocking out most of the Russian tanks the Germans lost through just not quite having enough time.
It just goes to show that the harrassing action of the Russian tanks, despite resulting in great losses to themselves, was a very useful tactic in that the German tanks could not all concentrate on infantry support.
The Guns of NaroMy Italians went for the upfront defense and I rolled terribly on my D-Fire and Dann was able to get onto the board and hit me hard in Advancing Fire. In two full turns, I would roll 5 boxcars and MALF one of the guns twice and eliminate another in Intensive Fire. Dan would take out two with direct hits. I did destroy both jeeps with my machine guns on Turn 1 and then managed to eliminate both half-tracks and Stuarts. Dan then boxcar'd a MC on the 9-2 and wounded him. I then managed to capture and eliminate a US squad which put Dan over the 32 CVP and gave the Italians a very improbable victory. grumblejones
The Guns of Naro Danno
The Road to WiltzDespite the Board 2 setup limitations (and believe me I stretched it to the absolute limit), things started off well for my Americans, with my MMG nest making the job of the Germans getting on board using the road difficult, and my TD cold clocking the first Panzer. By the end of the turn two German squads were dead, with three more broken. If Turn 1 went well, Turn 2 went very poorly, with an AT gun demolished with a CH, my MMG nest busted up with another, and my TD being knocked out with (I believe) yet another. The good news was that I eliminated the German sniper, so all those CE tanks of mine could breathe a sigh of relief. All my thinly-skinned HTs had been scuttled and stripped to add more infantry support. Turn 3 was relatively quiet, but still very disheartening. His 10-3 MG nest blew apart the remainder of my own MMG nest, but worst of all was him locating and dismantling my roadblock like it was a pile of matchsticks. Thankfully my much-needed armor arrived to bolster the scene. Turn 4 saw us trade a few more blows, while Turn 5 went my way again - knocking out a couple more HTs, 1.5 squads, and a leader. His radio operator had got into position though, and the next turn was able to bring down some dreaded smoke. Turn 6 was a mixed bag, with me knocking out two more tanks/two more squads, but he smashed up both my wire and trapped and eliminated my 9-2 and gang (there must have been another CH or KIA somewhere here because I lost an unplaced DC and a BAZ). I was really starting to be stretched thin by Turn 7, but still was doing a decent job of keeping him at bay. The majority of his troops were still only halfway across the first board, but Scott rightly realized that the totally cleared roads meant he didn't need to push the attack, and I could not afford to keep trading casualties in a 1:1 ratio. Eventually he would have his breakthrough, and this would happen on Turn 9. Normally I'd say my ML=10, but Scott made me feel like a 6+1 by the end of that turn. While I may have still had a theoretical chance of holding him off, he just had too many tanks and loaded up vehicles to start racing for the exit and I conceded on Turn 10. I think there could be some further improvements to this monster old-school scenario, but overall it was still a very fun play. buser333
Sherman Marches WestThis was a bloody brawl from beginning to end. The bulk of the Russians advanced along the West edge with the Shermans providing covering fire. However, the German AT gun was able to destroy 2 Shermans on Turn 1. The Tiger took out a 3rd while a 4th Sherman suffered a MA malfunction followed by a recall when the repair failed. Despite armor losses, by Turn 3 the Russians successfully controlled 3 of 4 victory buildings. However, the open ground to the 4th with a Panzer and a Tiger in the way left little room for success. The Russians miraculously killed the Panzer with the captured German AT gun and, then, after repairing the Sherman MA, achieved a CH on the Tiger. On Turn 6 the Russians controlled the 4 VC buildings. The Germans made a desperate assault on the Russian flank aided by the fact that a key Russian MMC was locked in Melee for 2 turns. The effort came down to a final CC die roll for control. CC ended in Melee leaving the building in Russian control for a Russian victory. (VASL Log) Heloanjin
Heroes at Leros ppalma
Defenders of StalingradReally hard for the Germans to mount any defense. Maybe a lone squad or two try to run and flank to drag Russians or have an off chance for a VP location steal? Boogaboo
A Bloody WasteNWASL Championship 2021 RJenulis
Tettau's AttackGreat scenario ..resolved at last turn..simply rules but strategic moves manzoliandrea72
Audacity! ColinJ
The Road to WiltzOld-school ASL...never played the original but this brought back memories of looking through the SL scenarios back in the 1970's! Absolutely diced Jeff...his mortars were nearly ineffective and I think I had at least 7 CH's to sweep the Americans off the hill. We quit around Turn 10 when nearly all American resistance was eliminated and the road to Wiltz lay open to the German panzers. sherersc
Totensonntag MoriQuessir
Audacity!Robert had a great defense as the Germans. He saw the places where he needed to be on each turn. His sniper screwed me a ton, haha. It felt tough as the French for me with the mud and the "tight" avenue to the buildings needed. I'd play it again. Porsche
Objective: MouenThe German attack began very well and I was confident that it would be an easy victory. Then, a PIAT scored a turret hit on a hull down MkIV and another MkIV fell victim to close combat reaction fire during an overrun. All of a sudden the game was in the balance. If it weren't for some late game expert marksmanship the game would have been lost. This scenario turned out to be much more fun than originally anticipated. Though the Germans outclass their opponents in every category the victory conditions are very tough. Tomkrny
Ten-Ton Tank etopp

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Twitch Stream coming up!
On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
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As a little thank you to patrons and regular donors to the site, the archive will now begin to recognise patrons by adding a small checkmark next to their names on various panels.

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Thanks again for all your support!
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Log your plays in the SotM (either the full ASL one or the SK scenario option) and you'll appear with a W/L record for all the SotMs during that "season".

Not only that - but I've also added the option to include your VASL log file directly onto the "Record a Playing" option on each scenario page, which is then linked to your playing so others can see the game, if you're happy to share the game.
More packs :)
The Kansas City guys have dug up some very old, very out-of-print packs for everyone who'd like to get their hands on them!

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Firstly, just visiting and using the site is great - thanks for being here. You can contribute in many ways, from simply entering data like logging your plays, or your collection - through to rating scenarios or writing reviews. The site does cost me about $100/month to host, which I've been happy to do for a number of years now, and will continue to do so. Don't worry - we're not going away! However, if you'd like to support further donations are welcome (and all donations go towards the costs of running the site) or you could become a Patreon supporter for all sorts of funky benefits! (More details on the Patreon page.)

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