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Exhausting, But ProductiveInteresting scenario somehow gathering 3 mini-skirmish battles spread apart. The Germans fought well in Jurewicze and Byklewicze and managed to exit one squad along a road on boards w, x and y. However, they met strong resistance in Zuchowicze and were unable to exit a squad. The different German groups are too far to support each other efficiently. lt_steiner
Ride of the 200thChinesed charged on a wide front, using vehicular dust to screen the T26's and infantry following behind. Defender set up on both hills, with the 37mm gun on the topmost hill in a FH and a the mtr on the other. Japanes conceded slowly the central buildings while the TRs and gun decimated the enemy tanks. The gun was deadly.

A local counter attack took back a bbuilding and as the chinse forces were ostly broken they conceeded,
Going to New York!Sly Italians broke through on the wheat field from the west! They did not spare their own people and shot everyone who participated in hand-to-hand combat, both their own and others. Such cruelty and cunning allowed them to win... (VASL Log) StolIB
Retaking ViervilleOver three evenings this was our first ASL SK game. Great fun, overwhelming German victory after a mad dash of the Americans for the two southern VP buildings in round 4 ended in desaster. millenium_baby
The Shooting Gallery ppalma
Penny PacketsLight German armour was slaughtered from the start (hot American dice!) putting the Germans in a CVP hole they couldn't get out of. German infantry needed to be more aggressive and put smoke and 8 morale to work. Germans conceded in turn 5.
CASLO 2021
Boot's Scoot and BoogiePrep fire knocked out one sqd and lmg in a trench and I charged the back building had control of it in T3. nebel
A Long Way To GoThe germans just didn`t get past the american defence, and time ran out. Some very unlucky rolls from a German killstack, was the main reason they failed to advance. nslcole
Dingoes At Damour ppalma
DesesperesThe German AT gun setup South of the village guarding the flanks. The Russian entered in force from the North West pushing back the German defenders. Despite some inflicted casualties, the Germans were unable to stop the Russian advance into the village helped by a skilled tank/infantry coordination. The morale failed the Germans most of the time and their accuracy was poor. The reinforcements arrived too late when all the village was already in Russian control. Several Russian tanks were burnt but the infantry was still holding quite all the buildings. The 9-2 leader killed itself squeezed by its own panzer (voluntarily bailing out of his tank with a casualty MC and deadly wound). A complete Russian victory.
A very difficult scenario for the Germans with too many options of attack for the Russians.
Highway 5My original plan was to skulk as no losses would be a Japanese win. Then the dice came over strongly to my side: On the first turn 2 M3's malfed their MA including the Armour leader. His MA was immediately disabled and his tank destroyed before he could be recalled. Americans still scored hits that would not penetrate even against a HA-GO at range of 2. My Japs managed a CH with a HA-GO on an M3 that suddenly appeared through trees. The yanks were finally put out of their misery on only turn 3 when a second MA was disabled to recall the tank and my TH-Hero scored a kill - 5 M3 destroyed, one recalled. Final VP Japs 27, Yanks 15. Still, with impartial dice could be worth a replay. Pte Parts
Going to New York!Played as Italians. Close game. Made it to edge of woods near railroad embankment, but failed to break counter attacking Americans. My Italians then withered during American Turn 4 Prep Fire Phase and were unable to recover before game end due to continued American pressure. Log file of game is under User Files tab. BravoCo
Hill 200 - Gateway to RzhevThis scenario offers a number of different playing possibilities so replay value should be high.
I was the defender and the terrain makes choices difficult but i chose to place wire below the victory hill hexes and switch to AT mines along my right flank. The guns were all setup along the left flank with the 88 covering as much of the road and level 1 as possible.
I was luck in that the reveal didn't force any of my 3 guns out of HIP
Gene started a slow push up the middle forming up for a HW with his KV-1's on his far right coming around to face the hill. My sniper and mortar were very hot the first turn and i managed to take out 2 Russian leaders removing the HW possibilities and forcing the conscripts into a slog through the mud.
The KVs came to into the 88 FoF and i managed to burn both of them in successive Def/Prep phases. The 88 took out one T34 before the others settled in to pound my hill positions.
I kept getting guys DM in the foxholes and having to LC back to my -1 leader (who got whacked by a sniper). But the Germans managed enough firepower to keep DMing the Russian attack enough. Without leaders the Russians became scattered (even though Gene brought back a unit on almost every self rally attempt) and just couldn't mount a solid attack.
In the end there just weren't enough Russians to take all of the hexes on the hills.
The mud and gulley's make it a real slog for the attacker in this one.
Frivilligkompani BenckertI think Rob felt guilty for beating me last week...he still thinks it was dice.

I think it was a combination of his excellent defence and my too aggressive attack.
Rob suggested we give this one another go. His defence and my plan of attack were
unchanged. This time, I was much more cautious, and ended up winning in my last MPh.

It seems to me there are not a lot of options for either side. That's not necessarily a bad thing,
but it is good to keep in mind.

Rob rates this one a bit higher than I do, perhaps because I have such a poor taste in my mouth
from the debacle that was the first play on 5 May.
Indy Lagu
Penny PacketsCASLO RD 2. 4 Duds in one game. wwillow
The Vital Hours etopp
The Generalissimo's OwnThe first Chinese force is very strong. mtrodgers99
Penny PacketsAs Round 2 in CASLO XXV von Garvin
Paole ZionMy Partisans struggled early to take down trucks and Dan's infantry began to get into their grill. But eventually the trucks made a run for it and the Partisans destroyed the Armored Car and 4 trucks and immobilized 5 more trucks. But Dan got enough CVP to reduce the needed trucks to 3 and he successfully exited the three trucks on the final movement phase. Good, competitive game. grumblejones
Paole Zion Danno
Red Don manzoliandrea72
Encounter at CornimontWhile I recalled an armoured car and took out another in CC in the first game turn at the same time all three AA trucks were neutralised (one overrun and the other two abandoned by their broken or snipered crews). Game turn 2 broke and then X'ed out the HMG at which stage I felt I could have conceded as the writing was on the wall, but played on until turn 6 by which stage it was a mopping up exercise for the Germans and any coordinated French defence was impossible. Rich Weiley
Dash for the Bridge atomic
RagnarökDicey ChuckD
Terror At TwilightAttacked down the left flank. Made a mistake with the civilian interrogation rules which gave me a big advantage but we didn't discover until much later in the game. German reinforcements came on turn 3 but in an isolated position that I was able to overwhelm. At hat point my opponent conceded. Rich Weiley
Second Hand News Serge
Second Hand NewsAn interesting scenario while it's not easy for the Germans. The defense of Serge was smart. The captured units make the difference in CVP at the end. lechiquier94
Sink's EncouragementLooks like rebalanced version of this scenario solves several problems of original version. MoriQuessir
Legio Patria Nostra MoriQuessir
Round Two Danno
Round TwoThe Germans were able to break up the Polish defense with a loss of 4 armored vehicles. The others exited and then the German Schwerpunkt cleaned up south edge and pivoted to take buildings and then exit for the victory. grumblejones
Russian PurgesAbsolutely brutal Red Russian sniper activated 5+ times with a 1, breaking and killing units across the map. A turn that saw some 13 squads break and forced to rally by Commissar... is what I would've wanted, but the dice did me no favors. Hit the CVP cap with only two hexes needed. Jobbo_Fett
Vaagso VentureInteresting scenario with replay potential. Poms may have won with the British Balance (1 extra turn). As it was, the German resistance was practically overcome but the commandos still needed to reach 11 buildings on the last turn. With the added MP for elevation changes during snow this was out of reach (also still had to burn one building on board 8 - the other 3 were well alight).
The MMG squad was a menace generating 2 heroes before falling to CC on turn 8. I found it difficult to find a spot for the NOBA and Stokes mortar with reasonable fields of view – the multi story buildings on board 8 are an effective screen for the NOBA and the minimum range of 6 for the mortar was a pain. I never assembled it and finally abandoned it as too heavy to lug up hill.
Pte Parts
Going to New York!It was a bloody battle with two hand-to-hand fights. StolIB
The CloserThose Germans just keep coming with 3 waves of infantry plus the AFVs in T3. Canadians chose their shots carefully and the CVP count began to rise. The Germans were down the Tiger, Puma and a PzIV going into the endgame, they could still win but this had to include exit of the remaining armour (Panther with AL = 10 VP) but the Panther was undone by a DI IF shot which got the low roll leaving it stranded mid board. 1 Sherman KO when we called it. Fun game and good to help learn / practice armour / infantry in Bocage Simonstan
Kwajalein Crush wwillow
Operation NIWIGerman mortar managed to break the Belgians often along the west tree line. The Belgians were unable to inflict enough casualties or exit any squads, which gave the Germans the victory. grumblejones
Jungle FightersAn IJA "learning scenario" having never played PTO before. Thanks to Rob for the game, I suspect he was more intent on showing me the intricacies of the IJA than he was in winning the scenario. In the end he ran out of time to exit sufficient VP's. Mind you the Aussies and Brits put up stiff resistance and accounted for a fair number of Japanese soldiers during Banzai attacks. A good lesson in just how hard it is to break a Japanese squad. Nicho11
The Commissar's House von Garvin
Hill 253.5Used German balance. Germans attack was very effective in every sense and Russians were quickly beaten back & off the hill in a humiliating loss. Kydder
Fighting WithdrawalI had hot dice on the first game turn while the Finns had to try to force their way across the street and stacked up a bunch of casualties. This bought me time to withdraw to the middle of the board, where my rearguard slowed the Finns again. The foot race was on once again, so that by turn 5 I was ready to exit most of my force but stopped just short of the board edge to delay the Finns. A well placed LMG allowed me to put down a fire lane through which few Finns could pass and I won by exiting just a couple more squads than Steve. Great game, well played by both sides. Agoldin
Defiance on Hill 30The Germans pushed hard and had the village taken in T3 with all but one HS of the at start US forces captured or eliminated. The reinforcements came on T5 so an additional 3VP but they were met by concentrated German firepower which broke or KIAd 3.5 squads during the turn and with the German force largely untouched the US player resigned. Germans helped by some low rolls / ROF in the final Prep fire phase of the game Simonstan
Hill 253.5A very aggressive attack by the Germans from the Eastern side of the hill gained much ground. It was then just a matter of attacking targets of opportunity until the Russians gave up in turn 5. 7-0 duval
First Crisis at Army Group NorthUsed Russian balance. Last tank, for the "hail-mary", made it through for the win on Turn 5. Kydder
Downsizing the UprisingUsed German balance. Un- coordinated attack got mauled from the start. Allies never gained controlled of any VC. Kydder
Frivilligkompani BenckertOnce again, Rob had a stellar defence and shredded my German attack.

We misplayed an HIP rule. Rob felt very badly for that; he shouldn't. His
defence was excellent and the minor mistake was not enough of a reason
for my loss.

We will play this again, to see if I can do better.

Indy Lagu
Police Action feralhuntsman
First Crisis at Army Group NorthUsed Russian balance.A Russian victory at the top of turn 5. 7-0 duval
Downsizing the UprisingUsed German balance. German setup was sound. The Slovakians attacked melted away from the start. The sniper picking of the turn 5 reinforcements on the hill to the North was the last nail in the coffin. Germans were given the win at the top of turn 6. 7-0 duval
Sparrow ForceMark had lousy dice most of the game. He malf-ed the INF on its first shot then rolled a "6" on the first repair dr. He did get a CH with his MTR and a "2" on the subsequent IFT DR but all this achieved was KIA-ing a HS. My Aussies were able to threaten both of the VC buildings by turn 5 so Mark conceded. etopp
Crickets in SpringFor CASLO XXV von Garvin
Taking San StefanoGreat little all infantry scenario that really helped me learn how to utilize smoke and assault fire...but not well enough as my very able opponent was able to hold on for the win. My inept attempts to onboard my southern flanking force cost me two squads that broke as soon as they entered a half-hex, and subsequently died for FTR. Was able to make a bit of a fight out of it, capturing 17 of the required 21 buildings but unable to fully crack Mark's well positioned main line of resistance. I had some minor successes with Close Combat, but it didn't affect the final outcome. Congratulations Mark on the win! Jplott94
Kwajalein CrushCASLO XXXV (2021). Worse shellacking in my ASL career. VBM sleazes, no ROF, broken weapons, cowering and casualty reductions. The Americans deployed, deployed, and deployed more. I called the game before the reinforcement came in. They would not have made a difference in the final out come. Paul played flawlessly. RJenulis
Taking San Stefano mhlrsym9
Going to New York!The Italian breakthrough was quickly stopped and the initiative passed to the Americans for the rest of the game. Artem K.
Real SteelA bad plan and outing from the Germans. 9 Malf MA for the Germans and a real good Polish defence lead to a crushing victory for the Polish forces. jacelm
Ultimate Treachery etopp
Counterattack on the VistulaGreat scenario with lots of options for the Russians and the Germans. The Germans cleared 4P6 by turn 7 but lost to the casualty cap not far after that. atomic
Ranger Stronghold Danno
Ranger StrongholdDan's Germans came in hard and fast to my Americans that set up on reverse slopes further back. Bazookas took out both Tanks and the MMG's helped hold back the Germans up until Turn 4. Turn 4, the Germans started to inflict losses and pushed the Americans into the woods on the south part of the hill. The Germans pressed the attack, but were ultimately thrown back by the heavy US firepower. My Americans would hold out for the win. grumblejones
Through the Dragon's TeethI'm surprised this one hasn't seen more play. Perhaps people see the three boards and think it's too big; or perhaps they see the beach and think it's a landing. Neither is true. This one plays extremely fast. The Japanese don't have much, but they do have four awesome guns and some nice terrain to defend. Dense Jungle sure makes a big difference. They also have good leaders, 8 ML, and time on their side. The Americans were able to close fast on Turn 1, ignoring my dummy picket fences. By the next Turn they made it to the edge of the village, but here they were slowed down just enough that it probably cost them in the end. I definitely could see this scenario being dicey, as the Japanese are so thin that one bad set of rolls could clear a wide opening for the Americans. This happened to me on Turn 4, but thankfully it was in the east - the furthest from the VC area - and these Americans eventually all faced their maker when they ran into my guns. I wouldn't even consider taking out those guns if I was the American. Anything that gets in their sights should be absolutely shredded. I would think a gun that big would have no IF, restrictions on HIP, or limited range (Scott came up with that one), but none of these are the case. In fact they even have fast turrets, as they are remnant WW1 battleship guns. Turn 4 also saw me bring onboard both HIP HS to further shore up my thinning line around the 38/62 chokepoint. It was getting to the point where I had just enough of a force left to block the way with bodies, and my break and fall back strategy worked wonderfully to buy time. Scott also came under heavy fire from both of my flanking AA guns, and lost a nail-in-the coffin 3.5 squads and a 9-1 on Turn 6. Figuring if he could still eliminate a gun he had a mathematical chance, Scott valiantly pushed on. But when this effort failed it was game over. Fun scenario; definitely challenging for the Americans, but I would be happy to give it a go. buser333
The Penetration of RostovUsed Russian balance. Germans could not get their AFV on until Turn 8 and by then they had suffered a good old fashioned "diced" defeat. Kydder
The Penetration of RostovGot diced in a big way! 7-0 duval
Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch ppalma
Counterattack on the Vistula jacelm
Gift of TimeA fun game but the British Valentines need to be handled with finesse so as to buy that 'Time'. If they try and fight it out, even from hull down positions, the Germans will likely kill all three from long range. The M3 and M3 Lee tanks GMCs also have a problem with range due to the Red TH #s.

The Germans are pressed for time and need to move, move, move, especially with the need to cross two wadis. The VCs will likely mean the Germans need to exit at least a few vehicles so they cannot get held up in prolonged fight.

The Amy HThe Valentine had several shots on my HD tanks, hitting the wall each time! The Germans had time to root our the HIP squad and break everyone else, finally taking out the Valentine in CC on the last turn. dmareske
The Liberation of Tulle Stoffey18
The Story of Easy Company: Frères d’arme – 5Interesting scenario where two paratrooper companies (Easy and Item) need to join without suffereing too much casualties. It began well for the Americans when their light mortar critically hit the StugIII and destroyed it. However, the Tiger advanced and blocked the paratroopers from the easy company with success despite their higher number. The Tiger survived several CC attempts, bazooka shots and was finally immobilized while still threatening the progress of the Easy company. The Item company entered the outskirts of Foy but was stopped by stiff resistance from the Germans and an AT88 gun. With much higher casualties suffered and no possible link with the two companies, the American lost. lt_steiner
Pössl’s Posse igycrctl
Rebels Without A PauseTom and I took a break from play testing to engage in this short fight. It was a horrid display of shooting by both sides, but the German's managed to keep it together long enough for the win. Tom chose VC option 3, Overall a good scenario on the wonderful board 68. Recommended! SGT Mac
The Liberation of Tulle Stoffey18
Beacon of HopeAlthough not the most exciting of scenario's this small scenario is decent enough for a quick game. Looks tough for the Germans waynebaumber
The BendThe Germans made very good progress early on, then the wheels fell off. A mtr CH immobilized one Panther. The other Panther malfunctioned it's MA and was recalled. A MMG took out one HT and a Baz the other. A turn of bad CC sealed the Germans fate. RJenulis
Dayan to Meet You ppalma
Deadly Sleigh RideA very close game, coming down to the last turn before confirming via VP that the Whites were missing 1 LVP and could no longer move. Replayable, so long as you can wrap your head around Taczankas and sleighs.

White Russian sniper activated some 7+ times while the Red Russian was out to lunch. Ouch!
Aussie AlamoMay Bearz 2021 - Tried to go over the hills in the centre and then pushed to the right when I couldn't find away through the Aussie defence and as the reinforcements came on. Made a semi breakthrough but my casualties were far too high and the defenders were largely intact. Rich Weiley
Operation Schwarz Danno
Operation SchwarzGood little scenario. I ran my tanks up the creek and through a woods hex without bogging and got in behind the Partisan line, though lost one tank to a Molotov. The other got some independent movement and was able to overrun a building. The ACs came on the far road only to find the roadblock, but I had squads to help remove it, though it took a couple of turns; was able to get one AC off and enough infantry, capturing the last building on the last advance phase. Lots of options for attack. VBM is tricky with the Molotov capability of the Partisans. dmareske
The Crux of CalaisIt was tough going for the attackers. However, the British obligingly managed to have their vehicles wrecked at the bridge approaches, allowing the Germans some cover when moving across the canal. The turning point was when the blaze spread throughout the building that housed the main British resistance; forcing him to displace. Vic Danger
The Red WaveGreat scenario. Like the best, this one went down to the last CC DR of the game. A German HS and wounded leader held three 447 Russian squads in melee for two-and-a-half game turns . . . not player turns, game turns! In the penultimate player turn, Russians rolled boxes---letting the HS move into an adjacent and empty victory condition building, leaving the leader behind. Finally, in the last CC, the valiant German HS and leader, each in different VC buildings, succumbed to overwhelming CC odds. Had either held on to stay in melee the Germans would have won. Wow. EJ1
Vilnius BreakoutTough game that was beyond my abilities. Caught between two forces, I was decimated. grumblejones
Vilnius BreakoutNot sure how this will get recorded, but I was the partisans and I could not prevent a Russian victory after the Germans were decimated between our crossfire. Getting the Germans across one of the bridges is key and stay ahead of the Russians. I might have tried to recapture a bridge, but the hour was late and Paul had a pretty solid Russian force, though one highlight was getting a Partisan hero, picking up a German DC and blowing up a Russian/British ASL moment that keeps you playing the game! dmareske
Elephants Unleashed ChuckD
Sparrow Force jwert02
Rock the KasbahOpponent alternately used the platoon tanks maneuvered to freeze my shots and armoured assault to let his infantry safely move forward. BAZ broke on the first shot. Just barely enough infantry passed a pair of 4 flat shots to exit with the tanks. nebel
Gotta Get OutMy Shermans smoked the German positions relentlessly. The GIs moved up and CC-ed the VC buildings. etopp
BreakoutI managed a 23 to 22 win playing as the Soviets. This was only due to luck; I scored a 10-3 in my starting forces and managed to get three extra turns (ending on turn 10) which was JUST enough to evacuate the bare minimum for the win. I suspect it would only be very slightly easier to win as the Germans since you don't have to fight through the fortress that is the 'Kindergarten' to get out (and it's two hexes shorter of an evacuation path.)
S? Placement is a little unclear on the mission sheet. I ended up placing them in successive clockwise concentric "circles" incrementing the radius by one hex after each circle was complete. This means there are plenty of S? that will never be activated, but trust me, you won't lack for foes.
Barking Monkey
Dingoes At Damour hussar04
Bedburg BiteGermans set up a very 'up-front' defence, with everything except the HIP mortar in hex numbers 3 & 4. My initial approach was cautious and went OK, but then I saw a risky opportunity to run my Kangaroos through his lines and capture building 64L5 early. Turned out to be too risky however; I dodged the panzerfausts but overlooked how powerful his ATMMs could be if he successfully rushed my Kangaroos, which he did. So all three of them fell to CC attacks despite being in motion. I then lost a couple of other close CCs and found an A-T mine with my flamethower tank, and it was all over. Very interesting and enjoyable scenario, even though I lost. Andy_Bagley
Point D'AppuiIlluminating Rounds Tournament Round 1 - PBEM - I played the defending Americans and Tim was the Germans. I decided to play aggressively with the Americans and this paid off early with the destruction of a number of half-tracks. A missed bazooka shot at point blank range at a H/T on the right flank might have finished the game earlier. The +2 moving, +1 size and +1 LV modifiers reducing the To Hit number to a 5. Missed it by 1 so blamed the LV!
Tim managed to push into the centre of town only to have the H/T destroyed by the 9-2 leader and the MMG. A last ditch effort saw him capture the Victory hex by withdrawing a squad from CC. This was then supported by one of the turretted H/T's but neither side could do much damage.
It all came down to the final turn where I reinforced the melee in the Victory Hex with two full squads and the 9-2 leader. I needed to wipe him out as he had controlled it last. A squad had also advanced into CC with the H/T and destroyed it. The final CC resolved in the Americans' favour and they snatched a narrow win.
Thanks go to Tim for a good game and for his patience with my constantly forgetting to apply the +1 LV hindrance. A very enjoyable scenario. Log File submitted to IR.
The GovernorSetting up as the Vichy, I decided to put most of my units in the south close to the I6 building. The most frustrating issue was finding somewhere to put the MTR. Even using a Spotter (C9.3) was not going to help much.

John attacked in the north. I was hoping that I could regroup my units fast enough to stop the Aussies short of the VC target of nine multi-hex buildings.

John's attack plan was sound - strip concealment with a "run and bump" by leaders/HS then win the Ambush dr. The Vichy defenders were gobbled up by the Aussies in H-t-H CC.

But time was short for the men from Down Under. Stout defence of the O4 and V4 buildings meant they didn't have enough time to grab the last buildings.
Another Summer's DayJakobs final SK-scenario before we´re taking off. He whooped me as expected despite a somewhat shake beginning. The germans chose to bring in four groups on turn 3 so when they got in, there was nothing I could do with 7 ML troops surrounded. Still a very fun scenario. DrDryg
Unhorsed Todforce ppalma
Dorset Wood in the Rain ppalma
The GauntletWe used the German balance, but the Norwegians still won. I made a few mistakes attacking (not enough HS, a couple risky moves that didn't pay off). It was also one of those games where every time I took a risk, I paid for it. Fun scenario, worth replaying. sushidog
Belgian TigersA very close and enjoyable game. The Germans got hammered early but managed to get everybody across the river eventually, taking 7 buildings in their last turn, but getting stretched thin though this and the Belgians took back 2 buildings in their last turn to clinch the win. oybj
From Villebaudon to ValhallaFirst off, I would like to thank my friend Steve for humoring me as we played this scenario. Both sides get a ton of heavy metal and toys, which makes it fun from that perspective. Although it may not seem likely I managed to get a win as the Germans.

This scenario is designed so that the Germans have limited options other than driving straight down the road (I have noticed most of this designer's scenarios are similar in this pack). Board BFPE has some options for the German to go north or south but to get on the next board the German must go over at least two bocage lines (and pass the bog checks) or go straight up the middle into the teeth of the American defenses. To get to that point, the attacker must first work his way through the intersection at BFPE-N6, which Steve had very shrewdly placed under observation from his OBA observer in the steeple on the other board. He spent the first four turns of the game calling in harassing fire from his 105mm OBA which made it too risky for my tanks to drive through and suicidal for my open top halftracks. In total I lost 2 Panthers to the arty (one immobilized, one knocked out) and a AA HT immobilized also. Mainly it cost me tons of time so that at the end of turn 6 I had hardly reached the next board. I easily shot down both of his fighter-bombers with my AA umbrella (have you seen the FP on that Sdkfz ht?) so that the "Jabos" didn't really do anything for him.

Luckily starting at the beginning of turn 7 the dice gods were with me and my Panthers hit every AFV they shot at (needing 5s and 6s to hit). And I was finally able to bring my infantry up for close-in fighting which proved to be too much for the Americans. This enabled me to run up the body count so that by the end of turn 8 I had well over 90 CVP, securing the win.

This scenario is fun to play a couple times. For sure, both players need to have a sense of humor to deal with all the crazy stuff that's going to happen.
Battle for the Warta LineAnother remake from the days of Crescendo of Doom and tghe Squad Leader days. This scenario is a challenge for both players as the Poles have plentiful Wire and good quality troops. The Germans, extremely well led and equipped must cross two maps and exit 16 VP off the opposite map edge.

The terrain forces some hard choices on the Germans as they can really only make use of their OBA and In Inf gun if they attack across the open ground,... with the obvious risks to their infantry. An attack through the Board 5 woods is slower but makes either side's OBA difficult to use and the Inf gun an afterthought.

This playing came down to a last turn German attempt to exit in the face of Polish 2 and 4 FP attacks with -1 and -2 DRMs. Just enough German infantry pinned or break for the Poles to win.
Prelude to BodangeTodd smartly pointed the weakness of my defensive setup with the first German wave. As soon as the German reinforcements arrived I felt that the Belgian troops were at risk of being overwhelmed...And I was right, at turn 6, it becomes hopeless for the lonely Belgian MMC ! lechiquier94

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U Chance D'une AffaireNear Chehery, France1940
NEWS15 The Pursuit100 km west of Bir Hakeim, Lybia 1942
BBH12 The Capture of Santa Maria InfanteSanta Maria Infante, Italy1944

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