Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov!

Published by: Lone Canuck Publishing. January 2002
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Eight scenarios that follow the 1st SS Panzer Division, Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler through early 1943 on the Eastern Front. This is the third of six scenario packs following the 1st SS Panzer Division. These scenarios are compatible with MMP’s Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) System.

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LSSAH 17: The Eleventh Commandment07 4.67Ziglerovka, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian9.3 hrs86% Russian7%
LSSAH-18: Sudden Fury037 6.00Olchovatka, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian5.3 hrs74% German (SS)35%
LSSAH-19: The Tiger's Roar015 6.75Sneshkoff Kut, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian18.6 hrs64% Russian14%
LSSAH-20: Hood Ornaments07 5.00Valki, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian6.5 hrs57% German (SS)7%
LSSAH-21: The Brickyard020 4.00Kharkov, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian5.1 hrs65% German (SS)19%
LSSAH-22: Usual Nerve014 5.00Kharkov, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian8.8 hrs71% Russian13%
LSSAH-23: "His Men"05 5.00Kharkov, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian13.8 hrs60% Russian5%
LSSAH-24: Peiper's Bridge06 6.00Kharkov, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian14.9 hrs100% Russian6%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 9.05hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 5.3

Total playing time: 82.3hrs

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