Total Axis Pack I: Eastern Front Firestorm

Published by: Critical Hit. October 2007
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War on the Eastern Front engulfed small Axis satellites like a hungry wolf. None were spared. Hungarians, Romanians, Yugoslavs and Finns clashed with the Soviet giant and Nazi supermen, as well as one another in a senseless yet hellish struggle. Tanks of all marks, and outdated weaponry met the first futuristic MBTs as the miles and weeks ticked away until Gotterdämmerung in Berlin and the end of what was unleased with Barbarossa.

Maps are what CH is all about and TOTAL AXIS PACK I—EASTERN FRONT FIRESTORM provides More maps than any ASL Comp or official product ever. A collection of SIX maps, ranging in size from 24” x 36” to smaller sizes, are provided for use with the entire TOTAL AXIS PACK SERIES of scenarios.

This is not a complete game! Ownership of Beyond Valor and Armies of the Oblivion are required to use this product. Ownership of CH’s Jatkosota: Finland at War is also suggested. The 1st printing of this game originally came with 50 "bonus" counters while supplies last (not required for use). These counters are no longer included unless noted in the condition description.

• 12 scenarios playable on the six included maps and geomorphic boards
• Six maps on heavyweight stock
• A 4-color cover sheet perfect for your rules binder!
• VARIANT Rules card

Map board(s):

Board: MC1, MC2, MC3, MC4, MC5, MC6

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A nice pack, plenty of diversity
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The Total Axis Pack boasts an impressive 6 maps and 12 small to medium size scenarios. The situations range from Finnish-Russian hostilities in '39 through to Romanian-Hungarian action in '44 and the standard Russian-German late war '45 encounters. The largest of the scenarios is Balkan Suicide which is 7.5 turns long and has 24 allied squads with 12 AFVs attacking the Germans with roughly half ... Read full review...


TAP #1: Balkan Suicide03 Velika Kikinda, SerbiaETOAllied (Russian / Bulgarian / NOVJ)German (SS)12.4 hrs67% Allied (Russian / Bulgarian / NOVJ)11%
TAP #2: White Death00 6.00Along the Raate Road, near Suomussalmi, FinlandETOFinnishRussian9.6 hrsUnknown0%
TAP #3: Die a Bitter Death!03 Crimea, RussiaETORussianRomanian / German5.8 hrs67% Russian11%
TAP #4: Streets Afire00 Daroczi Road, Buda, HungaryETORussianGerman (SS) / Hungarian8.6 hrs64% Russian0%
TAP #5: Cross-Check03 Torda, HungaryETORussian / RomanianHungarian9.2 hrs100% Hungarian11%
TAP #6: Viku Baptism00 Honkaniemi, FinlandETOFinnishRussian4.4 hrsUnknown0%
TAP #7: A Vicious Melee00 Vlasotince, YugoslaviaMTOGerman (SS)Bulgarian6.7 hrsUnknown0%
TAP #8: Ghastly Sojourn00 Near Chernvitsi, UkraineETOHungarianRussian5.6 hrsUnknown0%
TAP #9: Edelweiss in Decline01 8.00Outside of Rovaniemi, FinlandETOFinnishGerman4.3 hrsBalanced4%
TAP #10: Bertalan's Bridge00 Near Verbasz, YugoslaviaMTOHungarianYugoslavian2.5 hrsUnknown0%
TAP #11: Pescara on the Bug04 9.00Pescara, RussiaETOHungarianRussian3.7 hrs100% Hungarian14%
TAP #12: Petrescu's Cadets00 Near Paulis, RomaniaETOHungarianRomanian5.5 hrs67% Romanian0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 5.7hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 7.67

Total playing time: 78.3hrs

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