March Madness 2009 Partisan Pack

Published by: Kansas City ASL Club. March 2009
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An expansion module for Advanced Squad Leader. Produced by the Kansas City Irregular ASL Club for the March Madness tournament in Kansas City, Kansas.

This module focuses in on partisan activity. From November '42 through 1945, these scenarios cover Greece, the Ukraine, The Crimia, Poland, and the Philippines.


• 8 scenarios
• 8 mounted counters

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Scenario Coversheet and Designer's Notes

8 Scenarios (Geomorphic / 1 Using the Included Overlay(MM03)
1 Special Terrain Rules Sheet for Scenario MM09 Cabanatuan
1 Approx 7.5" x 7.5" Overlay MM03
All the above printed on good quality cardstock.

A handful of mounted counters.

All copies of the pack are numbered for authenticity.

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PP01: Crushed Pride04 8.50Gorgopotamos Bridge, GreeceMTOGreekItalian2.9 hrs60% Greek6%
PP02: New Year's Party03 8.33Rozvazhev, UkraineETOPartisanGerman / Ukrainian7.3 hrs100% German / Ukrainian4%
PP03: Ukrainian Mutiny06 7.33Auschwitz, PolandETOGerman (SS)Partisan1.6 hrs69% German (SS)9%
PP04: Partisan Fight07 8.00Przebraze, eastern Galacia ETOUPAPolish3.2 hrs57% Polish10%
PP05: Hot Zemlyankas!010 8.71East of Angara, CrimeaETORomanianPartisan13.3 hrs56% Partisan15%
PP06: Sturmwind on the Sopot02 8.00Osuchy, PolandETOPartisanGerman12.7 hrs100% German3%
PP07: Cabanatuan05 8.67Cabanatuan Prison Camp, PhilippinesPTOAmerican / FilipinoJapanese10.6 hrs100% American / Filipino7%
PP08: No Simple Victory014 7.50Kurylowka, PolandETORussianPartisan8.9 hrs57% Partisan21%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 8.1hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 8.13

Total playing time: 60.5hrs

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