March Madness 2011 Texel Pack

Published by: Kansas City ASL Club. March 2011
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This scenario pack focuses on the rebellion of the Georgian 822nd Battalion against the German Army on the island of Texel in Holland during the last days of the war.

Texel Island was part of the Atlantic wall, and the key battles of this rebellion involve fighting for control of these strongpoints.

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MM08: The Northern Battery01 10.00De Slufter, NetherlandsWTOGeorgianGerman5.1 hrs100% German3%
MM09: Old Child Harbor02 9.00Oudeschild, NetherlandsWTOGeorgian / PartisanGerman6.9 hrsBalanced7%
MM10: Stutzpunkt XI01 8.00De Waal, NetherlandsWTOGeorgianGerman4.1 hrsBalanced3%
MM11: Kriegsmarine at De Koog01 6.67De Koog, NetherlandsWTOGermanGeorgian3.8 hrs100% Georgian3%
MM12: Texel Airport07 9.33Vlijt Airport, NetherlandsWTOGermanGeorgian10.1 hrs83% German23%
MM13: Texel Lighthouse04 8.17De Cocksdorp, NetherlandsWTOGermanGeorgian5.1 hrs75% Georgian13%
MM14: Going to Californie01 8.00Californie, NetherlandsWTOGermanGeorgian3 hrsBalanced3%

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Median length of scenarios: 5.1hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 8.45

Total playing time: 38.1hrs

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