Published by: Le Franc Tireur. December 2012
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This issue focuses on the Crimean campaign, from the German invasion to the Russian counteroffensive of 1944. Also included, a Berlin Red Vengeance strategy guide, as well as 17 scenarios and an overlay, thus a thicker issue than our regular 80 pages LFT mag.

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Articles and Resources:

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ASLOK XXVIIReview10-11
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10 Questions to... Tim HunsdorferXavier VitryReview13-15
Vanatorii de MuntePhilippe NaudReference Material18-28
The Crimean CampaignXavier VitryReference Material29-36
The Red Army Retakes the CrimeaPhilippe NaudReference Material37-44
Berlin Red Vengeance Strategy GuideLegion and JPAnalysis45-65
Sweat Saves BloodLaurent ForestAnalysis66-74
The Catanzaro Balance SystemEnrico CatanzaroRules and Strategy79-85
Broken Bamboo AAR or its Military AnalysisPierre Prod'hommeAfter Action Report86-98


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FT180: First Soviet Lost01 1.00Ninggang, Jiangai Province, ChinaCBIRed ChineseGMD Chinese6.9 hrs100% Red Chinese0%
FT181: The Bet021 6.71North of Trogstad, NorwayETOGermanNorwegian4.1 hrs59% German7%
FT182: Rolling Thunder024 7.60Ishun, CrimeaETOGermanRussian2.6 hrs60% German8%
FT183: Partisan Stronghold028 5.45West of Feodosia, CrimeaETORomanianPartisan2.4 hrsBalanced9%
FT184: Chapel Hill03 7.33Near Sevastopol, CrimeaETORussianAxis7.4 hrs57% Russian1%
FT185: StuG of War014 4.59Parpach, CrimeaETOGermanRussian2.2 hrs62% Russian5%
FT186: Trappenjagd02 5.33Near Uvarove, CrimeaETOGermanRussian11.3 hrs83% Russian1%
FT187: Trappenjagd: The End04 6.00Hornostaïvka, CrimeaETOGermanRussian11 hrs100% German1%
FT188: NKVD Nut02 7.50Schulzbacher Hill, east of Balaklava, CrimeaETOGermanRussian5.4 hrsBalanced1%
FT189: Severnaya Serenade05 7.83Near Sevastopol, CrimeaETOGermanRussian5.4 hrs67% Russian2%
FT190: The Land of Fire08 7.58Eltigen, south of Kerch, CrimeaETOGerman / RomanianRussian8.5 hrs58% Russian3%
FT191: Romania Victor016 6.43Eltigen, CrimeaETORomanianRussian4.6 hrs60% Romanian5%
FT192: An Improvised Crossing01 6.50Southern Bug River, near Alexandrovka, RussiaETORussianGerman7.7 hrsBalanced0%
FT193: En Force!04 7.00Krasnovardiske, CrimeaETORomanian / GermanRussian6.2 hrs82% Romanian / German1%
FT194: Forgotten Soldiers019 6.50Near Alushta, CrimeaETORomanianRussian / Partisan5.7 hrs68% Romanian6%
FT195: Repair Shop at Dangeul Castle015 7.00Dangeul, FranceWTOAmericanGerman4.4 hrs100% German5%
FT196: Spittelmarkt074 6.35Berlin, GermanyETORussianGerman (SS)5 hrsBalanced24%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 5.4hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.28

Total playing time: 100.8hrs

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