Battle of the Bulge I

Published by: Critical Hit. January 2011
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Updated Euro Pak II . . . . Two new geomorphic maps, both depicting rivers, scenarios updated, all known errata input, plus the new layout and art. PLUS some additonal bonus BULGE scenarios AND a FREE copy of the Wingen-sur-Moder counter sheet providing vehicles and AFVs.

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BP1 BONUS #3: Across The Rapido00 Sant' Angelo, Italy MTOGermanAmerican3 hrsUnknown0%
BP1 #5: Beyond Baugnez00 Ligneuville, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American3.5 hrsUnknown0%
BP1 #7: Fuel Depot #200 Cour, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American4.2 hrsBalanced0%
BP1 #3: Skorzeny's Crossroads00 Malmedy, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American4.3 hrsUnknown0%
BP1 #10: Honsfeld Rush00 Honsfeld, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican4.4 hrsUnknown0%
BP1 #11: Warche Tomfoolery00 Malmedy, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American5.3 hrsUnknown0%
BP1 #6: Devils in the Graveyard020 Stoumont, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American5.4 hrsBalanced63%
BP1 BONUS #1: Code Name "Iron"00 Kannes, BelgiumETOGermanBelgian5.4 hrsUnknown0%
BP1 BONUS #2: First Crossing01 5.00Hummermuhle, PolandETOGermanPolish6.7 hrs80% German3%
BP1 #4: Leapfrog03 Diekirch, LuxembourgWTOGermanAmerican7.7 hrs67% American9%
BP1 #1: Last Gasp At Champs00 Champs, FranceWTOGermanAmerican8.3 hrsUnknown0%
BP1 #2: Down The Road00 Coo-Biester, BelgiumWTOAmericanGerman (SS)9.8 hrs67% American0%
BP1 #8: Red On White06 Thirimont, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican10.1 hrs67% American19%
BP1 #9: Hansen's Push00 Trois-Ponts, BelgiumWTOGerman (SS)American10.2 hrsUnknown0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 5.4hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 5

Total playing time: 88.3hrs

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