Condor Legions - Spanish Civil War

Published by: Critical Hit. October 2011
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Board: CH: SCW1, CH: SCW2

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SCW #1: La Muela de Tuerel01 5.00Teruel, SpainSCWRepublicanNationalist6.6 hrsUnknown5%
SCW #2: General Solchaga's Orders00 Asturias, SpainSCWRepublicanNationalist11.1 hrsUnknown0%
SCW #3: Bayo's Columns01 6.00Majorca, SpainSCWRepublicanNationalist8.4 hrsUnknown5%
SCW #4: Sons of Abraham05 9.00Jarama Valley, SpainSCWRepublicanNationalist9.8 hrs75% Republican26%
SCW #5: University City07 8.00University City section of Madrid, SpainSCWNationalistRepublican4.9 hrs67% Nationalist37%
SCW #6: Guadalajara Offensive09 3.50Brihuega, near Guadalajara, Spain SCWRepublicanNationalist (Italian Fascists) 13.7 hrs75% Nationalist (Italian Fascists) 47%
SCW #7: Stand at Pozuelo Cemetery07 7.00Madrid, Spain SCWNationalistRepublican5.5 hrsBalanced37%
SCW #8: Along the Ebro05 2.00Asco, along the Ebro River, SpainSCWRepublicanNationalist12.2 hrs75% Nationalist26%
SCW #9: The Boys of Summer01 6.00On the road to Torija, Near Guadalajara, SpainSCWNationalist CTV (Italian Fascists)Republican11.8 hrsUnknown5%
SCW #10: Falangist Pride01 2.00Villanueva De La Canada, near Brunete SpainSCWRepublicanNationalist9.3 hrs100% Republican5%
SCW #11: Italian Brothers-in-Arms01 3.00Near Brihuega, SpainSCWCTV (Italian Fascists)Republican7.1 hrs100% Republican5%
SCW #12: Basque Citadel01 5.00Outside Bilbao, Basque Provences SpainSCWNationalistRepublican17.8 hrs59% Nationalist5%
SCW #13: Bridegrooms of Death01 5.00Badajoz, SpainSCWNationalistRepublican2.5 hrsUnknown5%
SCW #14: Interna├žionale Follies01 6.00Boadilla, SpainSCWRepublicanNationalist9.9 hrsUnknown5%
SCW #15: Convent of the Dead01 5.00Near Irun, San Marcial Convent, Spain SCWNationalistRepublican4.3 hrs100% Nationalist5%
SCW #16: The Devil's Island01 5.00Belchite, SpainSCWRepublicanNationalist7.2 hrs100% Republican5%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 8.85hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 5.17

Total playing time: 142.1hrs

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