Rally Point #13

Published by: Sherry Enterprises. January 1990
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Rally Point Volume 13: The Yanks are Coming! is a collection of 10 all new scenarios, featuring U.S. Army Actions in World War II. These 10 scenarios were handmade by the Tampa ASL Group’s fine craftsmen and are presented in the Schwerpunkt easy-to-read format on high-quality card stock.

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RPT121: Fireball!016 5.80Elsdorf, Germany WTOAmericanGerman2.8 hrs60% American25%
RPT122: Let'er Buck!02 5.50Disotta, Italy MTOGermanAmerican4.9 hrsBalanced3%
RPT123: Holding Korte014 5.67Korte, Germany WTOGermanAmerican5.2 hrs64% American22%
RPT124: The Undaunted01 6.00Hambach, Germany WTOAmericanGerman3.2 hrs77% American2%
RPT125: Bazooka Butts05 6.33Höllen, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican1.8 hrs60% German8%
RPT126: The Steinstrass Funnel05 South of Steinstrass, Germany WTOAmericanGerman10.1 hrs80% German8%
RPT127: Saurians at Suggerath01 Suggerath, Germany WTOAmerican / BritishGerman5 hrs100% American / British2%
RPT128: Hubba Hubba One More Time018 7.80Noville, Belgium WTOGermanAmerican3.5 hrs56% German28%
RPT129: American Banzai02 Biffontaine, France WTOAmericanGerman3.4 hrs100% American3%
RPT130: Stumbling Through the Steigerwald00 Weigenheim, Germany WTOAmericanGerman3.2 hrsUnknown0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 3.45hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.18

Total playing time: 43.1hrs

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