ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition)

Published by: Multi-Man Publishing. October 2018
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Counters note: We are not including in this reprint the German, Russian, British, and Italian counters that we printed in the original ARMIES OF OBLIVION. We printed the corrected counters for prior modules in BEYOND VALOR 3rd Edition and in FOR KING AND COUNTRY, or will include them in the reprint of HOLLOW LEGIONS. The counters for the German Sturmtiger and SdKfz 10/5 came with prior historical modules, and we printed them in HAKKAA PÄÄLLE!, along with all the new Russian (mostly lend-lease) counters. Instead, we are using that space to print new First Fire counters for optional use that indicate which specific weapon(s) have fired, e.g., First Fire-Inherent, First Fire-MG, First Fire-MA, etc. We hope players will find these useful.

• one box and lid
• four 8" x 22" geomorphic map boards (48-51)
• overlays Hi8-Hi12, Rv1, Wd12, Wd34
• six countersheets
• Axis Minor Chapter H (pages H143-H172)
• errata pages A51-A62; D21-D26; S27-S34 (Note that pages A51-A62 and D23-D26 were updated in HAKKAA PÄÄLLE!; these updated pages are included here)
• two SASL Axis Minor (Generation and Random Event) cards
• 32 currently out-of-print ASL scenarios, updated and rebalanced as needed

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27: The Liberation of Tulle0151 6.67Tulle, FranceWTOPartisan (FTP)German5 hrs67% Partisan (FTP)8%
28: Ambush!019 6.00Thrace, Bulgarian-occupied GreeceMTOBulgarianPartisan5.2 hrsBalanced1%
29: The Globus Raid067 6.00Copenhagen, DenmarkETOPartisanGerman2.8 hrs72% Partisan3%
30: Sylvan Death094 7.33Bessarabia, RomaniaETOGermanPartisan4 hrsBalanced5%
31: The Old Town0100 6.71Warsaw, PolandETOGermanPartisan4.6 hrs63% German5%
32: Subterranean Quarry083 7.90Kerch, CrimeaETORomanianPartisan6.5 hrsBalanced4%
33: The Cossacks Are Coming068 7.40Palesnik, CroatiaMTOAxisPartisan8.6 hrs71% Axis4%
34: A New Kind of Foe056 5.75Seirijai, LithuaniaETOGermanRussian / Partisan10.7 hrs80% German3%
111: Balkan Sideshow039 6.33Szenttanas, YugoslaviaMTOYugoslavianHungarian13.8 hrs62% Yugoslavian2%
112: Out of Cowardice080 6.88Senta, YugoslaviaMTOHungarianYugoslavian4.8 hrs84% Yugoslavian4%
113: Liberating Bessarabia0137 5.50Branzeni, BessarabiaETORomanianRussian7.8 hrs56% Romanian7%
114: Cautious Crusaders027 Lipovic, UkraineETOSlovakianRussian14.5 hrs100% Russian1%
115: Huns of Steel053 5.00Uriv, RussiaETOHungarianRussian17.2 hrs100% Russian3%
116: The Sixth Blow038 6.50Skopce, PolandETORussianAxis15.5 hrs67% Axis2%
117: With Tigers on Their Tail027 7.00Saturnia, GaliciaETOHungarianRussian24.7 hrs69% Russian1%
118: Downsizing The Uprising027 7.00Vrutky, SlovakiaETOSlovakian / PartisanGerman12.5 hrs100% German1%
119: Ancient Feud068 6.83Cluj, TransylvaniaETORomanianHungarian14.4 hrs60% Romanian4%
120: Return to Sender021 5.67Kocane, SerbiaMTOBulgarianGerman (SS)15.7 hrs100% German (SS)1%
121: End Station Budapest028 8.00Budapest, HungaryETORomanianHungarian14.1 hrs67% Romanian1%
122: Extracurricular Activity0135 6.79Buda, HungaryETOHungarianRussian4.6 hrs67% Hungarian7%
219: Blood Enemies0100 5.88Mostar, YugoslaviaMTOYugoslavianCroatian5.4 hrs67% Croatian5%
220: They Fired on Odessa...062 7.33Grigorievka, RussiaETORussianRomanian4.5 hrs66% Romanian3%
221: Mountain Hunters0127 7.56Novo Shuli, CrimeaETOAxis (Romanian/German)Russian6.1 hrs56% Russian7%
222: Bloody Nose074 6.67Kransnokutskaya, RussiaETOAxis (Romanian/German)Russian8.1 hrs63% Axis (Romanian/German)4%
223: Reaping Rewards054 8.00Kruzhilin, RussiaETORussianRomanian6.7 hrs83% Romanian3%
224: Beachhead at Ozereyka Bay054 7.00Glebovka, RussiaETORussianAxis10.7 hrsBalanced3%
225: Paole Zion022 6.67Warsaw Ghetto, PolandETOAxisPartisan3.8 hrs60% Axis1%
226: Operation Schwarz06 7.43Cajnice, CroatiaMTOCroatianPartisan (NOVJ)4.3 hrs63% Partisan (NOVJ)0%
227: Danica Air030 6.67Koprivnica, CroatiaMTOPartisanCroatian4.8 hrs71% Croatian2%
228: Break For Hungary041 6.00Koprivnica, CroatiaMTOCroatianPartisan3.4 hrs67% Croatian2%
229: Retrained and Rearmed044 5.00Banska Bystricka, SlovakiaETOGerman (SS)Slovakian6.3 hrs67% Slovakian2%
230: Prelude to Dying038 6.00Celje, SloveniaMTOCroatianPartisan5.3 hrs100% Partisan2%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 6.4hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.63

Total playing time: 276.4hrs

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