Published by: Le Franc Tireur. November 2018
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This issue focuses on the Italians, from the invasion of France to the Greek mountains, from Eritrea to Abyssinia or Somalia, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, but also Sicily and even China. Also included, two countersheets and 32 scenarios, thus a thicker issue than regular LFT magazines with, this time, 104 pages.

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FT225: Blue Hell at P.A. Abries017 4.33Abries, FranceETOItalianFrench7.1 hrsBalanced4%
FT226: Veni Venezia!018 5.25Treni, GreeceMTOItalianGreek7.1 hrs100% Greek4%
FT227: Damsels in Distress010 5.67Limni-Konitsa, GreeceMTOGreekItalian3.2 hrsBalanced2%
FT228: Last Charge at Umbrega05 6.43Umbrega, EritreaE AFRFree FrenchItalian2.7 hrs60% Free French1%
FT229: A Push in the Bush019 6.15Near Bulo Erillo, Italian SomaliaE AFRBritishItalian2.5 hrsBalanced4%
FT230: Italian Behemoth031 6.09West of El Sod, AbyssiniaE AFRItalianSouth African4.1 hrs58% South African7%
FT231: Cub Cub Hills036 6.27Near Cub Cub, EritreaE AFRFrenchItalian2.4 hrsBalanced8%
FT232: Heart of Darkness023 5.00Near Jilib, SomaliaE AFRSouth AfricanItalian2.7 hrsBalanced5%
FT233: Surprised Gideon02 5.33Dembecha, EthiopiaE AFRItalianAllied7.7 hrsBalanced0%
FT234: 'Meat-Meats' Attack!06 7.00Gambela, EthopiaE AFRBelgianItalian5.8 hrs83% Belgian1%
FT235: Once More Unto the Breach07 6.00Djebel Roumana, TunisiaDTOGerman / ItalianBritish11.7 hrs86% British1%
FT236: Ethnic Cleansing08 5.60near Mitrovica, YugoslaviaMTOAxis (Italian/Albanian)Partisan6.5 hrs63% Partisan2%
FT237: Roma Victor08 7.33Tsarichanka, UkraineETOGerman / ItalianRussian9.1 hrs63% German / Italian2%
FT238: El Himeimat Ridge011 8.00El Himeimat Ridge, EgyptDTOFree FrenchItalian7.7 hrsBalanced2%
FT239: Armored Probe at Sidi-Nsir010 6.46Sidi-Nsir, TunisiaDTOGerman / ItalianFrench6.9 hrsBalanced2%
FT240: Commando Beach 103 6.50South of Pacino, SicilyMTOBritishItalian6.5 hrs100% Italian1%
FT241: Commando Beach 2011 6.67South of Pacino, SicilyMTOItalianBritish4.1 hrs73% British2%
FT242: That Bridge Again!029 6.50Ponte Grande Bridge, SicilyMTOItalianBritish4.3 hrsBalanced6%
FT243: Send More Pigeons II012 6.40Aviola, SicilyMTOAlliesItalian6.4 hrs73% Italian3%
FT244: Venturi Effect015 5.00Highway 123, north of Licata, SicilyMTOAmericanItalian6.4 hrs67% Italian3%
FT245: Ciao Cina!018 6.20Tianjin, China CBIJapaneseItalian6.1 hrsBalanced4%
FT246: Gladium Pro Patria e Rege026 6.69Bracciano, ItaliaMTOGermanItalian5.4 hrsBalanced6%
FT247: Roter Mann05 6.00Berat, AlbaniaMTOAXIS (German / Militias)ALLIES (Italian / Partisan)10.8 hrs80% AXIS (German / Militias)1%
FT248: Hunting High03 4.50Shaikovska Chuka, YugoslaviaMTOBulgarianGerman7.6 hrs63% German1%
FT249: Winter's Fury08 5.60Barga, ItalyMTOGerman / ItalianAmerican5 hrs67% American2%
FT250: Decimation09 5.50Tarnova, SloveniaMTOPartisan (Slovenian)Italian10.3 hrs67% Partisan (Slovenian)2%
FT251: The Last Drive07 5.22Torre Iussi, ItalyMTOAmericanGerman2.1 hrs74% American1%
FT252: Fratelli....04 5.20Ariano del Polesine, ItalyMTOAllied ItalianGerman / Italian7.8 hrs67% Allied Italian1%
FT253: Axis and Allies08 6.00Pontremoli, ItalyMTOAmerican / Italian PartisansGerman / Italian10.9 hrs75% German / Italian2%
FT254: Insurrection at Cividale034 6.27Cividale, ItalyMTOItalianGerman (SS)7.6 hrs61% German (SS)7%
FT255: Paper Tigers07 5.33Cividale, ItalyMTOAlliesGerman (SS)4.7 hrs71% Allies1%
FT256: Radio X-MAS032 6.64Leogra River, ItalyMTOItalianAmerican / Partisan6.1 hrsBalanced7%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 6.4hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 5.97

Total playing time: 199.3hrs

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