March Madness 2020 Full Rulebook ASL Pack

Published by: Encircled Productions. March 2020
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This pack is for those who like scenarios with a little chrome. Not specifically in the form of scenario special rules, but instead for the lesser-used sections of the ASL rulebook. We have rules from Chapter E, F, G and H; plus, lesser known rules for walking wounded, elevated railroads, interrogation and cavalry and the obligatory night. The scenarios take place in a range of environments, two Pacific theater, two Mediterranean theater and two eastern front. There are three large scenarios and five medium sized. Three would be good scenarios for tournaments.

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MM 60: Liberating Loznica05 6.50Loznica, YugoslaviaMTOPartisanGerman3.3 hrs57% Partisan8%
MM 61: Sandeman's Charge04 7.60Toungoo, BurmaCBIBritishJapanese2 hrsBalanced6%
MM 62: Five-Kopeck Bridgehead05 6.33Dubrovka, RussiaETOGermanRussian6.6 hrs60% German8%
MM 63: The 26th At Troina03 8.00Troina, SicilyMTOGermanAmerican7 hrs67% American5%
MM 64: Galician Getaway03 7.33Near Iasenivtsi, RussiaETOGerman (SS)Russian15.3 hrs75% German (SS)5%
MM 65: Dieulouard Bridgehead02 9.00Dieulouard, FranceWTOGermanAmerican21.3 hrsBalanced3%
MM 66: Brazil's Here07 6.71Camaiore, ItalyMTOBrazilian / AmericanGerman4.5 hrsBalanced11%
MM 67: Urdaneta Ambush010 7.09Urdaneta, Luzon, PhilippinesPTOAmericanJapanese3.1 hrsBalanced16%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 5.55hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 7.32

Total playing time: 63.1hrs

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