Banzai!! # 29.1

Published by: Austin ASL Club. April 2024
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We have a real treat in store for you in this issue of Banzai!!. We are featuring a couple of scenarios designed by Dan Preston in memory of our good friend Craig Shinneman, who passed away just before the last tournament in 2022. Dan provides analysis for each of his scenarios and has included them in this issue for all to enjoy. We have a couple of great articles by Jim Bishop that he has graciously given us permission to cross post from his blog, The Bishop Says. The first is an analysis of fire grouping, with the result being some rules of thumb on when to split firepower from one large group into smaller groups. The other of Jim's articles is a look at the Americans in ASL. His article addresses the strengths and weaknesses of the American Army, the things that make playing the Americans unique and how these features drive decision making on the attack and in defense. And finally, I give a preview of the upcoming 30th anniversary of the Texas Team Tournament that will be held in Austin this June 13-16, 2024. All this and more await you in this issue of Banzai!!. Enjoy.

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