HSASL 1 - Operation Watchtower

Published by: Multi-Man Publishing. January 2003
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Operation: Watchtower is the first of the Historical Studies, which is appropriate since Guadalcanal was the first American offensive in the Pacific. Hopefully, once a player has played through the sixteen scenarios within, they'll better understand the campaign and its outcome.


• 1 42x30 Historical Map
• 1 Countersheet of 1/2" counters
• 16 scenarios on cardstock
• Chapter Z Additions for the Edson's Ridge mini-HASL
• 1 Historical Writeup of the campaign

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Board: MMP: ER

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HS01: First Matanikau011 7.14Matanikau Village, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese4 hrsBalanced2%
HS02: War Without Quarter06 7.11Tenaru River, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese9.6 hrsBalanced1%
HS03: Tasimboko Raid04 6.38Tasimboko, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese6.8 hrs75% Japanese1%
HS04: High Water Mark05 7.00Lunga Ridge, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)11.9 hrs94% American (USMC)1%
HS05: Restoration011 6.20West of Lunga Ridge, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese2.6 hrs60% Japanese2%
HS06: Just Fighting Through04 4.80Lunga Ridge, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese5.4 hrs75% American (USMC)1%
HS07: We Know Where They Are02 6.00Lunga Point, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese2.2 hrs100% Japanese0%
HS08: Bailey's Demise09 6.64"The One-Log Bridge", Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands PTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese3.5 hrs63% American (USMC)2%
HS10: Government Property02 6.50Matanikau River, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese8.4 hrsBalanced0%
HS10: Ambitious Plans011 8.00Point Cruz, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)9.8 hrs73% American (USMC)2%
HS11: The Sand Spit03 8.00Matanikau River Mouth, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)10.1 hrs100% Japanese1%
HS12: Chesty's Turn04 5.50Lunga Ridge, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOJapaneseAmerican (USMC)7.1 hrs75% Japanese1%
HS13: The Ravine02 7.33Near Hill 81, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese6.6 hrs65% Japanese0%
HS14: The Christmas Gifu01 5.00The Gifu, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmericanJapanese4.9 hrsUnknown0%
HS15: Hill 27011 6.62Hill 27, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOJapaneseAmerican3.3 hrs67% American2%
HS16: Sims Ridge038 5.00Galloping Horse, Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmericanJapanese2.7 hrs73% American7%
OW CG I: Bloody Ridge Campaign Game04 5.25Guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsPTOAmerican (USMC)Japanese1.5 hrs67% Japanese1%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 5.4hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.38

Total playing time: 100.4hrs

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