Provence Pack (MMP Download)

Published by: Multi-Man Publishing. March 1999
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This pack of 10 scenarios was never offered for sale, instead it is available for free via download in PDF format from the MMP website. Unlike many MMP scenarios, these are published in full color.

The scenarios all take place in the narrow window August 19-24 1944 and feature German units fighting against Free French, American and partisan units.

March 2021: Scenarios updated to include the Free French Counters from CdG2 and all known errata are integrated in a new released version at the Le Franc Tireur website:

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PP01: Cut the Road to Marseille05 7.00Camp Crossroads, northwest of Toulon, France, 1800 hoursMTOFree FrenchGerman6.5 hrs58% Free French2%
PP02: Supply Detail02 6.67Between Dardennes and Les Moulins, France, 1700 hoursMTOGermanFree French / Partisan (FFI)6.1 hrs100% German1%
PP03: Le Viet Relief01 6.50Le Viet Distillery, north of Hyeres, France, 1730 hoursMTOGermanAmerican / Free French / Partisan (FFI)6.6 hrs70% German0%
PP04: Peak Hour at the Golf Hotel021 5.60The Golf Hotel, northeast of Hyeres, France, 1815 hoursMTOFree FrenchGerman5.8 hrsBalanced9%
PP05: Today We Take Hyeres06 7.00Hyeres, France, 1830 hoursMTOFree French German11.3 hrs60% German3%
PP06: Under a Sky of Lead04 5.33Sollies-Ville, northeast of Toulon, France, 0845 hoursMTOGermanFree French4 hrs63% German2%
PP07: A Hunter in a Hurry014 6.00National Road, northeast of Toulon, France, 1030 hoursMTOFree French German8.8 hrs71% Free French 6%
PP08: A Little Bit Closer to Heaven06 7.38Hill 73.5, northeast of Toulon, FranceMTOFree French German5.6 hrs60% Free French 3%
PP09: Night Hodgepodge07 7.00Toulon, France, one hour before dawnMTOGermanFree French / Partisan (FFI)8.6 hrs71% German3%
PP10: A Cab for Ste. Anne016 9.00Sainte-Anne quarter of Toulon, France, 1100 hoursMTOFree FrenchGerman6.3 hrs69% German7%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 6.4hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.75

Total playing time: 69.6hrs

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