ASL Starter Kit #2

Published by: Multi-Man Publishing. January 2005
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ASL Starter Kit #2 is a self-contained module which will let players start playing Advanced Squad Leader almost immediately. A liberally-illustrated rulebook teaches gamers ASL using a conversational style to teach the concepts of ASL. If you own and play ASL Starter Kit #1 you will be pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is to spot the new rules ASLSK#2 adds - we've highlighted the new rules so that you can skip rereading what you've learned in ASLSK#1 and get right to the new rules!

What does ASLSK#2 add? GUNS! Artillery pieces. Anti-tank guns. The famous and deadly German "88". Mortars and bazookas! ASLSK#2 adds the "to hit" procedure to the foundation you learned in ASLSK#1. And if you didn't get ASLSK#1? There are two "infantry only" scenarios to get you up to speed!

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Board: w, x, x

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A nice bit of spice
Klara Kundzicz: 7.0 out of 10. [Review score: 0] [Agree] [Disagree]

A nice addition and a small step into learning AFV's with SK3. scenarios are quite fun and my favourite scenario is here! S09, it consists of italians holding out an attack on both sides, it doesnt include ordnance that was included in the countersheets (a lot, and a lot of interesting ones!) so its more of a starter but i personally enjoyed it. Other scenarios all had atleast a piece of ordnance ... Read full review...


S09: Ambitious Assault080 6.09Avola, SicilyMTOBritish/AmericanItalian3.2 hrs75% Italian5%
S10: Paper Army0153 5.91Sarandoporo River Valley, GreeceMTOGreekItalian3 hrs72% Greek10%
S11: A Long Way To Go0139 6.46Biscari Station, SicilyMTOGermanAmerican2.8 hrs56% German9%
S12: Over Open Sights0349 6.50Skyline Drive, LuxembourgETOGermanAmerican4 hrs58% American22%
S12: Over Open Sights02 8.00Skyline Drive, LuxembourgETOGermanAmerican3 hrs88% German0%
S13: Priority Target0166 6.54Korinthos, GreeceMTOGermanAllied3 hrsBalanced11%
S14: 88s at Zon0233 7.11Zon, The NetherlandsETOAmericanGerman2.4 hrsBalanced15%
S15: Hammer to the Teeth0187 6.94Bleialf, GermanyETOGermanAmerican3.8 hrsBalanced12%
S16: Legio Patria Nostra0137 6.92Radicofani, ItalyMTOFree FrenchGerman3.1 hrs67% Free French9%

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Median length of scenarios: 3hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.72

Total playing time: 28.3hrs

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