Franc-Tireur #9

Published by: Le Franc Tireur. January 2000
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The 2006 publication from the Paris based ASL group. This issues primarily features action in Yugoslavia and contains a mini CG using 3 scenarios FT63, FT64, and FT65 which center on the actions of the 'Prinz Eugen' SS division trying rid the area around Mostar of Partisan activity.
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FT 59: War the Italian Way01 7.00Ocestovo, YugoslaviaMTOItalianYugoslavian4.5 hrs75% Yugoslavian1%
FT 60: Bloody Brothers01 8.00Kupres, YugoslaviaMTOPartisan (NOVJ)Croatian5.1 hrs100% Croatian1%
FT 61: First Cossack Victory00 Oborova, YugoslaviaMTOGermanPartisan (NOVJ)6.3 hrsBalanced0%
FT 62: New Model Army02 Gabela, YugoslaviaMTOGermanPartisan (NOVJ)9.3 hrs100% Partisan (NOVJ)3%
FT 63: Clear That Road!04 7.33Blacaj, YugoslaviaMTOGerman (SS)Partisan (NOVJ)3.3 hrs57% German (SS)5%
FT 64: Savnik02 6.00Savnik, YugoslaviaMTOGerman (SS)Partisan (NOVJ)4 hrs61% German (SS)3%
FT 65: Last Chance Breakthrough01 7.00Vojnik, YugoslaviaMTOPartisan (NOVJ)German (SS)5.4 hrs100% Partisan (NOVJ)1%
FT 66: Raid on Grohote00 Grohote, YugoslaviaMTOAmerican/BritishGerman3.2 hrs100% American/British0%
FT 67: Knin Pocket01 6.00Knin, YugoslaviaMTOPartisan (NOVJ)German/Croatian9.2 hrs100% German/Croatian1%
FT 68: Red Lightning00 Gradiste, YugoslaviaMTOPartisan (NOVJ)German3.2 hrsUnknown0%
FT-CG3: 7th SS Div "Prinz Eugen" Campaign00 YugoslaviaMTOGerman (SS)PartisanUnknown0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 4.8hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.89

Total playing time: 53.5hrs

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