Fateful Stand

Published by: Critical Hit. October 2013
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8 scenarios, 2 pages rules, 6 12" x 18" light cardstock map panels, 2 countersheets with 482 die-cut counters. This product was released in two versions: one in which the map panels are folded in half and one in which they are flat.

Map board(s):

Board: CH: BourcyRoad, CH: Noville

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1: Bourcy Probe01 3.00Noville, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican2.5 hrs67% German1%
2: Houffalize Road Probe01 8.00Noville, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican4.2 hrs100% American1%
3: Fateful Stand00 Noville, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican36.4 hrsUnknown0%
4: Fanwise Forward00 Noville, BelgiumWTOAmericanGerman24 hrsUnknown0%
5: Back Through the Fog00 Noville, BelgiumWTOAmericanGerman8.4 hrsUnknown0%
6: A High Price to Pay00 Noville, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican6.4 hrs100% American0%
7: Back to Foy00 7.00Foy, BelgiumWTOAmericanGerman5.4 hrsUnknown0%
8: Into the Gap01 5.00Foy, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican2.3 hrsBalanced1%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 5.9hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 5.75

Total playing time: 89.6hrs

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