G.I.'s Dozen

Published by: Multi-Man Publishing. February 2000
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A collection of 13 classic Squad Leader scenarios, featuring the Americans, converted to Advanced Squad Leader Rules. Scenarios taken from GI: Anvil of Victory and the 300 series.

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U01: The French Decide to Fight039 6.60Port-Lyautey, MoroccoDTOAmericanVichy French10.2 hrs64% Vichy French6%
U02: Sweep For Bordj Toum Bridge053 7.42Bordj Toum Station, TunisiaDTOGermanAmerican16 hrs62% American8%
U03: The Factory046 5.78Aprilia Settlement, Italy MTOAmericanGerman9.3 hrs57% German7%
U04: Climax at Nijmegen Bridge014 6.22Nijmegen, The NetherlandsWTOAmerican / BritishGerman (SS)11.2 hrs74% German (SS)2%
U05: Point D'Appui091 6.50Bardenberg, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican2.9 hrs56% German13%
U06: Action at Kommerscheidt045 5.18Kommerscheidt, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican10.3 hrs62% American7%
U07: Han-Sur-Neid0125 6.21Han-sur-Neid, FranceWTOGermanAmerican4.5 hrs61% German18%
U08: Weissenhof Crossroads029 7.14Schnee Eifel Region, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican9.3 hrsBalanced4%
U09: A Belated Christmas024 7.13Bastogne, BelgiumWTOGermanAmerican7.6 hrs65% German4%
U10: Trial By Combat045 5.88Elsdorf, GermanyWTOAmericanGerman7 hrs71% German7%
U11: Thrust and Parry079 5.60Pfaffenheck, GermanyWTOGerman (SS)American3.3 hrs62% American12%
U12: Riposte084 5.93Pfaffenheck, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican4.4 hrs61% German12%
U13: The Duel02 6.00Pfaffenheck, GermanyWTOGermanAmerican8.8 hrsBalanced0%

 * Popularity is the sum of Roar and Archive reported playings based as a percentage of the parent publication's total games.

 (Dark) grey rows indicate Night scenarios.

Median length of scenarios: 8.8hrs

Average rating of scenarios: 6.28

Total playing time: 104.8hrs

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