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Welcome to the ASL Scenario Archive

The site for Scenario information, for Advanced Squad Leader.

Outgoing email working! 10th September 2013, 21:59Login to comment...
I think ;-)

I'm still looking at incoming mail, but should get that working fairly soon. Thanks also to some more donations, Paolo and Brian. Many thanks guys, much appreciated!

mtrodgers99 wrote on 2nd October 2013, 20:55
Dave, I tried to use the Advanced Search to find scenarios using board FrFA. I could not see that board in the drop down list. Michael. Rodgers
Dave wrote on 4th November 2013, 15:08
It's there, just under DW4..
Deluxe update 12th August 2013, 10:31Login to comment...
I've added the deluxe flag now to all scenarios that feature boards a to h. There may be others, but that's probably caught most of them.

Thanks also to Jeff, the Archive's first donor! I hope to use the donations to get the email back on line again. It's been too long to have that not working...

Deluxe flag added 3rd August 2013, 01:32Login to comment...
I've added a flag to show whether a scenario is deluxe or not, and pre-populated the Streets of Fire and Hedgerow Hell scenarios. I'm sure there are plenty more that need tweaking, so if you do come across any, please feel free to edit the flag. As usual, the search function has been updated, too, to support searching on these scenarios.

I was also asked whether I would accept donations, to keep the site up and running - which I'm happy to do, so there's now a Donate button over on the right hand side - although apparently if the donations go above $10,000 I have to explain to paypal what I'm doing with all the cash, so please keep the donations less than 5 figures! :-)

Thanks, Dave.

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Taking the Left Titbuser333 is looking to play this scenario19h 8m 4s ago
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Latest Games Played
Apples to ApplesLooking at the scenario card, this one has appeal. A lot of toys for the US and fancy Panthers complete with Armor leaders for each for the Germans. Viewing the playing area, interesting again. A rather open area on bd 44, restricting bocage terrain providing good cover on 54. The open ground in on bd 44 seems to invite the US for a mad rush, swamping the Germans in the process. But you have to get past the setup area of those freaking Panthers that will wreak havoc on such a ploy. For that reason I chose bd 54 to move through as it seemed a lot safer. Well, it was BUT even with Culin Devices to create breaches for the ht's, the going was very slow and the German could always fall back in time. To make things worse, the Panthers could just dominate those roads by just sitting there way back and out of range of any meaningful thread. Basically, I let myself get bogged on board 54 for the first five turns with only slow progress and unable to cause any serious losses for the German. I was confident that I would be able to wrest the bd 54 victory building from the German and would be able to eventually force open the easternmost road. However, I would not be able to exit enough stuff along it. So in turn 6 I eventually did what I should have done before: Put away with the Angst and charge the bd 44 Victory Building and trying to run past with some ht's at the same time. Moving aggressively, I did lose 2 tanks but I caught one of his Panthers on the left foot and was able to take him out with a rear shot in the AFPh. At the same time, I was able to break one of the 2 658s firmly lodged in the 44S8 building and eliminating it for Failure to Rout. With one 666+BAZ+8-1 in 44R7, a ht with 666+HMG in 44T7 and a CE Sherman in 44T6, suddenly it seemed that I might be able to overcome the 658+LMG in 44S7. In German T6, his remaining Panther killed the Sherman but missed the ht (who meanwhile made a successful motion attempt). That ht + 666 was luckily able to break the remaining 658 in the building which I could mop up in US turn 7 securing the 2nd building for 60 of the 100 required VP. Two hts and a Sherman were in a rather precarious position at the start of the US T7 MPh but were all in motion. I needed to exit one of these three to manage the required VP. The Sherman got blasted by a Panzerschreck. One ht managed to survive two shots by a MG first ADJACENT, then one hex distant. As another German unit was not able to find a Panzerfaust, the ht was able to escape for the win. If it had not, there would have been a chance for the other ht to exit, though it would have required an ESB attempt for 1,5MPs. Luckily, I did not have to rely on that any more. What I did wrong was to wait too long to charge. I am still not sure if bd 54 should be avoided for the slow going but on the other hand, you can be stopped cold in the open if those HIP Panthers happen to be in the right spot and get rate. I think both Victory Buildings need to be taken (and held!) because otherwise it is very difficult to exit enough stuff. von Marwitz
Counterattack at Carentanppalma
Road to Kozani PassVery interesting scenario, as other reports have mentioned, lots of maneouvering and time; Germans got held up by the Brit light armour (which pretty much got destroyed)early on, but the sacrifice allowed the AT guns to postion on high ground and they eventually took all the German armour out...Germans didn't make it... von_meyer
Shanghai by SeaJapanese managed to capture and then massacre enormous number s of GMD troops -- the Chinese No Quarter rule doesn't come into effect until a month or so later. Despite some heroic MMG use by the Chinese, they were unable to come back. Interesting scenario.markdwatson
The Bravest Thing I Ever Sawjacksonkwan

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A 31: On the Road to AndalsnesNear Dombass, Norway1940
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