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In the Mouth of MadnessPlayed with only 2 players, and did what we could to automate/share control of the Red Army. We were too poised to killed eachother instead of working towards getting into the objective building first, made for an easy time defending the objective. Called it a draw as we didn't technically finish, and a 3rd player would've impacted the scenario quite a bit. Jobbo_Fett
Punitive ExpeditionI got diced extremely hard, with my opponent nailing almost every shot, and my Japanese troops failing almost every morale check they came across. We have some serious reservations about this scenario, namely the highly defendable terrain the Russians setup in, and the lack of tools available to the Japanese in attacking the objective. My least favorite in the FTC-4 pack so far... Jobbo_Fett
Ambush! atomic
Carrier HillPlayed this before as the Italians and realised that the key to victory is to push the Guns out of the deathtrap sangars on turn 1. Aussies were making good progress up until turn 4 when the AA knocked out four of the Carriers. Then one of the ART DI-ed a Matilda that had stopped in a hex with an Italian squad. And yes - we remembered the subsequent dr (British Vehicle Note 26). As a final insult, the squad knocked out the Matilda in CC. Losing that much OVR potential really hurt so the Aussies threw in the towel. etopp
Pössl’s PosseTexas Team Tournament dmareske
The Commissar's HouseTexas Team Tournament dmareske
All The King's EnemiesTexas Team Tournament dmareske
The FugitivesWe reversed sides and tried again. This time a lot faster german movement. Few casualties until they hit the canal. Then the first halftrack with passengers got hit without survivors. The germans focused on the right side which looked least defended and managed to get across with few broken. A smaller force went in the center but was bogged by the hedge and the infantry was cut to pieces there. So the main thrust went right and that´s where the russian reinforcements came in. They broke quite a lot of german infantry but enough swarmed by and managed to accumulate enough VCs without the last AFV getting off board. DrDryg
Városmajor GrangePushed hard along a broad front mostly coming on from the south. Solid defense but my FT brought lots of fuel and knocked back hard point after hard point. The Z’s didnt do much but threaten and the Hetzer got both Russian tanks. Once the FT was down the Russian D collapsed. TTT2021 nebel
The Liberation of Tulle Yarlis
Cooked HammanTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Fresh GristTexas Team Tournament dmareske
The Mius TrapTexas Team Tournament dmareske
The Beasts Have ArrivedTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Illi's BlockPlay test for a new pack featuring Grumble Jones scenarios. Thanks Bill for play testing. dmareske
Exit No.1 MoriQuessir
Forth BridgeAl and I had a great time with this older offering. The British reinforcements didn't arrive until turn 6, and the brits would generate 3 HOB DR to the German 2. We both rolled our fair share of Boxes as well, though mine was critical, the 75L guarding the crossing point he choose fell on the first shot and never repaired. It still came down to the last German turn which, wouldn't have been unnecessary had one of my squads not gone berserk and was therefore not GO and forced to charge which swung the VP in his favor when all was said and done.

I recommend this scenario, it certainly plays faster than most 9 turn scenarios and is a cool little tactical puzzle for both sides.
Currie's Favor cosarara
Red Horse ReconBold by-pass freeze and encirclement is the way to go in this One. Otherways tonnare bot going to break the german initian line and reinforcements Will Seal tour Doom. cosarara
Riding to the RescueGreat scenario with nerve racking tin can action. Fleeing Brits headed for the bridge. Only the ACs and one sqd to get past. All 3 Mk6 broke without kills. Germans closed in behind and sealed off the Brit Infantry wit the last couple squads succumbing to forest fires. TTT2021 nebel
The Niscemi-Biscari HighwayTT wwillow
The Pouppeville ExitTT wwillow
All The King's EnemiesTT wwillow
Well TaughtNot enough time for the attackers. I hit the Russian infantry hard in turn 1 taking out 2 big stacks. TTT2021 nebel
Over Open Sights Eaglewso
ANZAC BoysBloody hand-to-hand battle till the last Close Combat phase of the game. MoriQuessir
Coup de Main Serge
Cooked HammanWas disappointed by this one. Too many FT and vehicles to stop a good attacker. TTT2021 nebel
IvanovskiiCant stop the SS once they are in the buildings. TTT2021 nebel
Iron GreetingPolish infantry and armour try for buildings vs Russian infantry that gets mid-game reinforcements of infantry and armour. mtrodgers99
Forest of DeathThe Germans Need to push very hard in this One. The poles nave to ne kept off balance. Fabio all'ospedale me too much time to establish my defence line. cosarara
The Vital HoursBrits charged through the bridge and cut off the right Wing of german formation. The -2 leader was pivoltal in breaking through german lines. Afternthat It was a mopping up. cosarara
Gavin TakeTT Hot dice for me. wwillow
The GetawayDog of a scenario. wwillow
Return of the Black Company ppalma
PulverizedHummel missed its first 2 shots and a T-70 took it out. Was then able to storm the small hill with the rifle group. Used riders to flank the large hill of course losing the hero and FT. Remaining units took out the picket squad and pushed Germans back. Good back and forth game but was able to use armor numbers to gain advantage and win. nebel
The SpearheadGive the Poles the balance and maybe one more turn. Delete the 88. Fun early war scenario. mtrodgers99
Cooked HammanTT Flame throwing AFVs were the stars of the game. wwillow
Contested Settlement (VASL Log) Igor Luckyanov
Opening FireThe Poles green troops managed to slow the Germans but weren’t able to blow the bridge. Reinforcements arriving on turn three solidified the line for the win. Tomkrny
Pössl’s PosseI played a fairly strong upfront defense, including my gun and Marder, to try and hold the infantry off as long as possible. I was very worried about an immediate Human Wave, but thankfully this never materialized. The Russians had as bad of a first turn as possible, losing two squads to KIA, two more to FTR, and MALFing both tanks. I did lose my gun crew. Despite this start I was still feeling severe pressure. If Turn 1 was all German Turn 2 was the opposite. I lost two squads (including my precious 8ML), two more broken, had my Marder recalled. and broke a MG. The limited movement provided my reinforcements was a severe handicap. While making good use of their SMs, Turn 3 was yet another rough one for the Russians, losing 2.5 squads and their 9-1. Their presence on the hill was limited to a small toehold in the east. Turn 4 was a mixed bag, starting off poorly for the Germans (losing two squads to FTR and a HS and 8-1 to CC), but ending with a berserk HS surviving multiple point blank shots and forcing a broken gun on a T-34, allowing a Panzer to drive off next to it and blast it. Being outnumbered in infantry. and with a squad pressuring their backside, the Russians called it a day. I feel most of the scenarios in AP16 favor the defender, but I would definitely want to be the Russians in this one. buser333
Tangled Up in BlueMarauders didn’t pass many MC and struggled to inflict much damage on the IJA despite their high FP adjacent. The Japanese rolled them over for the loss of just 2.5 squads Simonstan
Ten-Ton TankA last turn, last first fire, Russian squad pinned to deny him the win. I agree with earlier comments about replayability value, and can be done in one evening.
Got to push AT guns for first time ( in deep snow) to get them in position for a last turn tank kill for the win as well.
Outgunned ppalma
Beaufort's Feast Fiedler
Beaufort's FeastHandy win for French. German play solid but overextended tanks, which probably should be kept back and do hit and run on infantry. Fiedler
Obian HighwayCounter-dense scenario but highly enjoyable. The Germans had lost all AFV by turn 4; one went down to the ATG, another to the dug-in tank, one in CC as CC RF when attempting to VBM-freeze, and the last two fell victims to one of the Valiants. Once the German AFVs were gone a Russian T34 was able to overrun some Germans. The Germans took two buildings but were never able to cross the street for the last. atomic
The Japanese are in DenverA RoF run with the two MMG and directed by the 9-1 cleared the Japanese off the board by the end of turn two. The Japanese reinforcements were wiped out to the unit by the end of turn 4. RJenulis
Saint-Médard After DarkA dicy game that swung back and forth. The Germans won with all 5 building at game end. RJenulis
The FactoryGood German rolls early on put the Americans behind the time curve. American had only barely broken into the village by Turn 5, conceded on German Turn 6 with a strong defense still intact and none of the fortified building locations taken. tommyl
Obian Highway jacelm
The Beasts Have Arrived igycrctl
Hickory Lickin'This scenario is another Andrew Rodgers design of Action Pack #16, which means that you are in for a close brawl with tough gut punches...

Set in Germany in October 1944, it pits the the attacking Americans vs. a mix of 548s and 447s with ample MGs that can dish out serious firepower against the GIs closing in on their 'castle' on the famously constricted board 46 town. Needless to say, to flush out the 'castle', the Americans have yet more firepower and are supported by no less than 5 Shermans in this 5.5 Turn tournament-sized scenario, but they are burdened by their lesser Morale while 'sucking it up'.

In our playing, we made a mistake by getting the German setup-area wrong, by allowing them to set up ON and south/east of the specified hexgrains rather than merely south/east of.

A full AAR can be found at GameSquad forum under the following link:
von Marwitz
First Trial-By-Fire ppalma
Opium HillSent the tanks and enough troops down the East flank for an Exit VP win and everyone else at the factory buildings. A couple of good shots by the mortar on the hill ruined my attempt at the factory (wounded the 10-1 and reduced his platoon to rabble) but the East flank progressed well with little trouble. Poms forgot to bring on their AC until midway through the game and then it was summarily dispatched by a tank. I managed one factory building (49N9) but could not get further (the wounded 10-1 reached a second building but could not progress) and when the ATR finally got an immobilise result on a tank my exit VP were not enough. I finished with 16VP but I believe the Japanese chances of victory are better than the stats suggest. Pte Parts
Retrained and RearmedMain assault came against the hill on board 58. I was able to knock out two halftracks relatively quickly and then took out a Hetzer with a lucky CCRF attack. However most of my infantry on this flank was broken and quickly mopped up by the Germans. The two surviving halftracks were threatening to exit but an advancing fire shot from the Croation ATR that flamed the half track containing the 9-2 leader and 548 put victory out of reach for the Germans. Rich Weiley
The Puma ProwlsWow, what a game? Loic is learning ASL and we are going through Beyond Valor. Before going into ASL 6 Red Packets, we did this gem.
Loic is a very fast learner. This game also showed that you can do the right thing and still lose. I swarmed a Puma with my forces. Loic didn't take the bait of the hull-down T 70. He did fire at the fleeting T 70 with at
least a net +6 TH DRM and got him nevertheless with a critical hit; but that just gave me a Russian Smoke Screen. LOL
I continued to swarm until I had 3 T 70s facing him from front and both sides. Loic had wisely popped an sD to protect his Puma and then I simply shot to acquire. I expected to lose one T 70 and sure enough, Loic tried for APCR (failed) so went with AP and hit with rate. That was to be expected. He then turned the turret 2 hex spines and fired against the hull down T 70 (miss, rate. Rate was going to kill me!), then hit, rate and set me on fire. Finally shot the last one, hit (no rate), but again, set me on fire.
That Puma got 4 (four) of my T 70s and that was game on turn 2. Still lots of fun!
von Garvin
Kreida StationDecided on the last die roll in CC. wwillow
Kreida StationVASL jrwusmc
Grebbe EndVASL - Atlanta ASL jrwusmc
Taste of Blood jwert02
Action at BalberkampGerman reinforcements arrived first but next turn the British turned up so no extra squad for them. Norwegian forces defended the board 5 forest (almost) to the end. The British dominated board 6 from the "chateau" and prevented the Germans from mounting an attack on the British units at the north end of the board. Magnus conceded on turn 13 when a British ATR knocked out his halftrack. etopp
Dingoes At DamourAfter several abortive attempts by myself to do a competent Vichy defence, John had a go. I ran out of Smoke with two MTR but the third did the job. With the help of the Smoke Hindrance and suicidal Carrier attacks, my Aussie infantry moved in. On the final turn, Advancing Fire broke the remaining Vichy defenders. etopp
Wise's War Danno
Wise's WarMy Americans advanced on a broad front and promptly ran into trouble as one M-10 was stunned and another immobilized. But after Turn 2, my Americans began a steady advance that eliminated the Germans up to the main building. On Turn 6, I managed to get into Melee with the only remaining Germans and since they were no longer good order got the immediate victory. Tough scenario for the Germans. Dan had no luck with his Panzerfausts and was not as successful in Close Combat as he usually is, which really helped the American cause in this scenario. grumblejones
Taste of BloodI found this to be a real struggle from the start. The Germans are faced with Russian occupation of the town after the sequential setup. The half-tracks cannot stand up to the tankettes and there is insufficient infantry to overcome the Russian defences. I probably made a mistake in splitting my forces and attacking from two directions, neither of which force had enough firepower to overcome the defenders. When my reinforcing armoured cars were also picked off I conceded. Nicho11
Yankee PrideI divided my force equally amongst all three VC areas. Magnus went heavy north to try and first displace me from the Level 2 square. The rest of his men aimed to knock me out of 60AA3. He would find the challenge of moving into the snowy hills difficult. The arrival of my tanks on T3 was a much-needed shot in the arm, and his attempts to take AA3 were rebuffed, T4 saw me finally try and reposition my Board 41 men after he pulled back most of the men he had on guard duty to prevent just such a maneuver, but they would turn out to be non-factors in the end anyway. I conceded the square VC area during my T5, but my attempt to create a wall of bodies fell one hex short. He tried to use his last three remaining tanks to knock out one of my guardian Panthers. One mired trying to navigate the icy roads, one was knocked out by my Panther, and the last was destroyed by a PF. He then tried the silly endgame rush, but all his reachable infantry came up short. Not one of my favorite scenarios. buser333
Workers Unite! Lehr
A Small Stack and a SchnappsPut the IS-2ms up front and despite achieving a few turret hits the Jagdpanzers couldn’t get a result against that tough armour. Once they were pushed aside the superior Russian infantry was able to advance through to the victory building and achieve the win Simonstan
Liberating BessarabiaWas impossible to tell who had the upper hand at any given time which made it very tense. It came down to last Turn & looked sealed for Romanian win, but a Russian HS Prisoner made the Escape TC & eliminated their Guards then on last Turn re-took 2 VC buildings to steal Victory! Kydder
Drama, The Park, and Deadly ThingsA fast and furious scenario. The Germans trampled and were crashed by the Russians. No AFV survived and barely 4 MMC were still in good order at the end game. A rude loss but a good lesson for me ! lechiquier94
Never On TimeI should've saved myself a bunch of time and conceded early as I knew those stone buildings would just be too much to take with all the British infantry and tanks. With Brits getting last move I really don't see the Germans standing much of a chance. A really boring scenario. buser333
The Commissar's HouseTraining game.. and something odd probably occured concerning the phase tracker. Good attack by the germans but the last russians held the second lvl of the building and denied german victory. DrDryg
Into Vienna WoodsHard times for the russians. Not even a minor dent on the germans when they were running up the hill and all russian defenders slaughtered when reinforcements came on. The counterattack from the russian side was too spread out and careful in the beginning and soon thereafter half of them were gunned down by accurate MG fire and then a few more squads when they tried to move up the hill. Game ended russian turn 4 because of heavy losses. DrDryg
Katyusha VariationsAs the Swedes, I spread out a _lot_ to avoid too much damage
from the Katyushas. I think Rob was a bit unlucky with the rockets:
I lost a half squad to a KIA and four dummies. The Katyushas also
generated a lot of shellholes that Rob could use later.

I think this is a bit tough for the Russians. They are attacking uphill
over a fair bit of open ground against 8 morale Swedes. The Swedes
reverse slope defence looked like a bad idea after they lost their 80mm
OBA with a 12 on a radio contact followed by a 6
repair roll.

If you are playing someone a bit less experienced, give them the Swedes.
As John Smith says, the Russians have to move quickly to win as they have
only five turns.

Our playing came down to the Swedish half of turn 5. Rob had 2 Russian
squads on Level 4, and I managed to break one in Prep Fire for the win.
Indy Lagu
Liehr Launches FirstI'm a great fan of Hatten in Flames and this scenario is no exception. The Germans tried a huge enveloping manoeuvre sending tanks and infantry wide round both flanks to reach the victory area from the rear. My response was to pull the Americans back slowly, covering all the approaches without conceding too much in the centre.
The luck swung both ways. I inflicted a few early infantry losses on the Germans, but my first HIP M10 failed on several shots to kill a PzkwIV, while he destroyed it with his first shot. Things then started to go my way: the PzkwIV malf'ed its MA, a critical hit destroyed one panther, and the other PzkwIV fell to a bazooka shot. Even so, the Germans made progress on their left flank (my right) and successful CC attacks secured the victory buildings on that side of the main road. The last American turn was very successful however, with fire immobilising the last Panther and multiple shots breaking most of his infantry. With insufficient forces lest to complete the task, the Germans conceded on American turn 5.
Debacle at KorostenUsed German balance. I was too slow getting my Russians into position which allowed Germans to recombine into squads which then proceeded to give as much as they were taking. Excellent use of German vehicles to prevent routing & keep placing DM was too much for the Russians. It was a debacle, just not for the side I had hoped! Kydder
Torment at Tormuagot held up on the road to the village by the Finnish speed bumps and failed to concentrate enough on village early. Attack on village faltered just as Russians were emerging from woods-road. A quick succession of Russian squads eliminated for FTR closed the deal for the Finns rangercote
Spain's CrusadersExcellent small infantry only scenario, initially the Spanish attack floundered but in the middle game it looked like they were going to win. A devastating last two turns when the Russian units passed their morale checks while the Spaniards didn't saw the game swing back to the Soviets. waynebaumber
Duel at Reuler jacelm
Slamming of the DoorUsed German balance. Was looking fair for Germans in first 3 Turns but reinforcements charging headlong into the rear facing of Russian AFV on Turn 4 did not pay off. Lucky Intensive Fire shots knocked out two for the win. Kydder
The Price of ImpatienceDisciplined and concentrated fire took it's toll on the Germans as the immobilized traffic slowed up the German advance preventing the needed exit VP. Kydder
Slamming of the Door 7-0 duval
The Price of Impatience 7-0 duval
Contested SettlementFull 6 turns, aprox 6 hours of playing.
We enjoyed the scenario, despite making some mistakes while playing.
Released from the East TigerAce
The Vital HoursBritish were too timid getting through the woods and into the village. aiabx
Per L'Onore Di Roma manzoliandrea72
In Sight of the VolgaAs always a fantastic game. I've yet to win this one as German, but I'd play it 100 times even if I knew I'd not win. Every match I had a chance to win and in this one it was no different. I was trying to balance my attack to keep his forces off balance and for the most part it worked.
That said, his reinforcements were timely, especially the player turn after I eliminated some 7 or so of his squads, mostly through failure to rout and also a very spectacular Close Combat.
Key event was his sniper activating and on a "1" hit a hex with my 9-2 and a kill stack that was slaying the Soviets and keeping them pinned up in various buildings. My 9-2 went down and the resulting LLMC saw the rest of the troops melting away. 10-2 "Muench" made it to the far edge with some troops and could have exited to keep a few reinforcements from entering, but there was nobody left to follow up.
By CVP count, the Germans suffered some 40% losses and the Russians were down some 70% of their starting force, offset by the 628s coming in from the other side of the Volga.

Great match!
von Garvin
The Vital HoursBritish were too timid getting through the woods and into the village. aiabx
An Uncommon Occurrence hussar04
The Legrew ManeuverInteresting and challenging scenario. Definitely not ordinary. mtrodgers99
Frontiers and Pioneers jwert02
TomforceI still hate carriers. Both sides started with attacks of snake eyes - Poms resist, Jap leader wounded and squad reduced. All carriers dismounted turn 2 and I reached a high point of 3 buildings. Then the reinforcements arrived and I slowly lost ground. Japs rolled another pair of snake eyes including a CH from the 57 (which I again shook off) but by turn 5 I only had 1 HS unbroken and no buildings under control so I conceded. 8-1 broke and ELRed around turn 3 and never rallied. Pte Parts
Cold Crocodiles RJenulis
Second Hand NewsDefinitely an intriguing situation. The Germans can completely overpower either (and likely both) opposing forces. However, doing that AND getting off the board is a challenge. I charged headlong and made great progress. A single picket squad and LMG remained behind and wiped out half the Italian force and another HS stopped a squad and a half.
However 3-4 squads and a leader got through and were able to get into position. The little mortar on the hill single handedly saved the game Killing 1.5 squads wounding a leader and breaking 2 others. I might still have made it, but the HIP MMC got lucky with his MOL roll and took down a STG.
Among the Ruins krutkowski
Morning MassacreCrazy dice gave me early advantage 4 American HS broken. Pz4 had no smoke but I got a critical hit on American 667+Baz and by GT 3 had eliminated all but 1.5 US squads. Armor battle made it close as the Shermans took out 2 Pz4 w no losses but PSK and PF stopped the Sherman threat. The remaining Pz4 got the 2 M20s and sealed the win nebel
Gloster HillManaged told the Chinese long enough to exit 7VP on turn 4. The remainder of the British force was all dead except for Drum Major Buss who was last seen still playing his bugle at the top of the hill as a wave of Chinese closed in on his position. Rich Weiley
Italian Brothers ppalma

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The pack is available for $15, from the publication page.
Twitch Stream coming up!
On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
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March Madness 2019 Close Combat Pack 88.59
March Madness 2017 Hollis Partisans Pack 108.14
March Madness 2013 Commissar Pack 88.03
March Madness 2018 Players Pack 107.90
March Madness 2009 Partisan Pack 87.81
Time on Target # 3 147.45
From The Cellar Pack #4 207.24
ASL Starter Kit #4 87.21
From The Cellar Pack #8 167.20
Friendly Fire Pack 12 87.18
ASL 9 - Gung Ho! 87.16
AH:ASL Annual `93b 127.16
Deluxe Advanced Squad Leader 387.14
ASL Journal #12 147.12
ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 87.12
Best of Friends 2 127.08
Battle of the Hedgerows - The Storm Broke 67.07
ASL Action Pack #14 Oktoberfest XXXIV 127.06
Friendly Fire Pack 1 87.05
Friendly Fire Pack 2 87.05
Grumble Jones 1107.03
Leibstandarte Pack 5 - Scorched Earth 87.00
Dezign Pak 9 107.00
Kreta - Operation Merkur 186.99
Friendly Fire Pack 9 86.99
AH:ASL Annual `93a 116.98
China-Burma-India: The Lost Theater Part 1 156.98
ASL Journal #10 196.97
HASL 1 - Red Barricades 106.95
From The Cellar Pack #3 106.92
Battles of Carpiquet 136.92
BFP 2: Operation Cobra 126.92
Operations Special Issue #3 76.92
Best of Friends 126.92
ASL Action Pack #10 86.92
ASL Action Pack #13 Oktoberfest XXXII 116.92
Paddington Bears '96 Pack 106.90
ASL Action Pack # 6 A Decade of War 106.90
ASL Journal #11 286.89
AH:ASL Annual `90 166.88
Friendly Fire Pack 6 86.88
ASL 1 - Beyond Valor (3rd Edition) 246.85
Schwerpunkt #14 126.85
Generic Playtesting Log 396.85
Grossdeutschland Pack 1 - The Early Years 86.84
Schwerpunkt # 9 126.84
Into The Rubble 86.84
Friendly Fire Pack 11 86.84
Turning the Tide 206.83
From The Cellar Pack #2 106.82
ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion (2nd Edition) 326.82
Friendly Fire Pack 3 86.81
Friendly Fire Pack 4 106.81
Quick 6 Scenario Pack II 66.81
Schwerpunkt #17 126.80
BFP 4: Crucible of Steel 326.80
From The Cellar Pack #9 176.80
Classic ASL 166.79
ASL Action Pack # 3 Few Returned 126.79
Schwerpunkt #22 126.79
Schwerpunkt # 4 126.78
Death to Fascism 86.77
Rally Point # 3 106.76
Race For The Meuse 66.76
Ost Front Pack 66.75
BFP 3: Blood and Jungle 476.75
ASL 10 - Croix de Guerre 86.74
AH:ASL Annual `96 146.74
Critical Hit # 2 156.74
Aussie `98 Pack 106.74
Beyond the Beachhead 86.74
Schwerpunkt #10 126.74
Hero PAX 4: Mediterranean Theater of Operations 126.73
Schwerpunkt #13 126.73
HASL 4 - Pegasus Bridge 86.72
Friendly Fire Pack 7 86.72
AH:ASL Annual `92 156.71
AH:ASL Annual `95 Winter 246.71
AH:ASL Annual `97 166.71
ASL Journal # 8 166.71
ASL 13 - Rising Sun 336.71
Friendly Fire Pack 10 86.71
ASL Journal # 1 176.70
Melee Pack II 66.70
Break Contact #1 76.70
ASL Starter Kit #3 86.70
ASL 3a Yanks (2nd Edition) 416.70
HASL 2 - Kampfgruppe Peiper I 66.69
Schwerpunkt # 8 126.69
ASL Action Pack # 4 Normandy 1944 126.69
HSASL 2 - Operation Veritable 176.68
Schwerpunkt #20 126.68
Winter Offensive Bonus Pack 2018 66.67
HASL 9 - Hatten in Flames 106.67
HASL 7 - Valor of the Guards 216.66
Dezign Pak 5 186.66
From The Cellar Pack #5 146.64
ASL 10a Croix de Guerre 426.63
Franc-Tireur #10 116.61
ASL Journal # 2 246.60
ASL Journal # 3 336.60
ASL Action Pack # 8 Roads Through Rome 106.60
HASL 8 - Festung Budapest 206.60
Schwerpunkt #23 126.60
Internet 1596.59
Blood & Iron 106.59
ASL Open `96 Scenario Pack 106.58
High Ground 2 166.58
DASL 1 - Streets of Fire 106.57
ASL Starter Kit #1 66.57
ASL Action Pack # 5 East Front 126.57
ASL 7 - Hollow Legions (2nd Edition) 86.56
Schwerpunkt # 6: Victoria's Cross 126.56
Rally Point # 2 106.56
Critical Hit # 3.1 126.55
BFP 5: Poland in Flames 456.55
Nor'easter XX 136.55
Corregidor: The Rock 216.55
ASL 3 - Yanks 86.54
Critical Hit # 6.4 246.54
Hero PAX 1: Hurtgen Hell to Bulge Nightmare 86.54
Dos Equis Scenarios Especial 106.54
Quick 6 Scenario Pack 66.53
ASL Journal # 5 136.52
Leibstandarte Pack 1 - Blitzkrieg! 86.52
Schwerpunkt #11 126.51
Operations Special Issue #1 66.51
Kampfgruppe Scherer: The Shield of Cholm 176.51
Friendly Fire Pack 8 86.51
ASL Action Pack #16 From The Land Down Under 156.51
ASL Action Pack # 2 86.50
Friendly Fire Pack 5 106.50
ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (3rd Edition) 246.50
Rally Point #11 106.50
Franc-Tireur #11 226.49
HSASL 1 - Operation Watchtower 176.47
AH:ASL Annual `89 156.46
Rally Point # 1 106.46
Schwerpunkt #16 126.46
ASL Action Pack # 9 To the Bridge! 106.46
ASL 5a - For King and Country 206.45
ASL 12 - Armies of Oblivion 116.45
ASL Journal # 4 136.45
ASL 5 - West of Alamein 86.44
ASL Starter Kit #2 86.44
Schwerpunkt # 7 126.44
ASL Action Pack #15 Swedish Volunteers 166.44
Onslaught to Orsha 256.43
Swedish Volunteers 146.43
ASL Journal # 9 256.43
Rally Point #14 106.43
Recon by Fire! #3 206.42
Leibstandarte Pack 2 - Barbarossa 86.42
Beyond the Beachhead 2 166.41
Out of the Attic #2 166.41
Coastal Fortress 536.41
ASL Action Pack # 1 86.40
AH:ASL Annual `91 166.40
Waffen-SS II: The Fuhrer's Fireman 86.40
Tactiques # 7 86.40
HASL10a - Red Factories 186.39
ASL Journal # 7 126.38
Dezign Pak 1 106.38
ASL Action Pack #11 29 Let's Go! 106.38
ASL Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1 86.37
ASL Journal # 6 156.36
Gembloux: The Feint 96.36
Witches Cauldron: Oosterbeek Perimeter 166.36
Blitzkrieg in the West - Central Campaign 66.36
Franc-Tireur #14 326.35
Critical Hit # 4 106.34
Franc-Tireur #12 126.34
Tactiques # 1 106.33
Out of the Bunker 146.32
ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle! 176.32
G.I.'s Dozen 136.31
Schwerpunkt #19 126.31
Dezign Pak 7 126.29
Elite Canadians 96.29
Rally Point # 8 106.29
Tropic Thunder 126.28
Nor'easter Scenario Pack II 156.26
Rally Point # 9 106.25
ASL Action Pack #12 Oktoberfest XXX 106.25
Berlin: Red Vengeance 116.24
Schwerpunkt #15 126.23
ASL 4 - Partisan! 86.22
ASL Action Pack # 7 106.22
Dezign Pak 8 106.22
Franc-Tireur #13 176.22
Schwerpunkt #21 126.22
Schwerpunkt #12 126.21
HASL10b - Red October 116.21
Dezign Pak 2 126.20
Paddington Bears '97 Pack 86.18
High Ground! 86.18
Tactiques # 6 86.18
From The Cellar Pack #6 106.18
ASL 2 - Paratrooper (2nd Edition) 86.17
SASL 1 - Solitaire ASL (2nd Edition) 216.17
Franc-Tireur #8 106.17
Schwerpunkt #18 126.16
Franc-Tireur #7 116.14
Out of the Attic 166.13
Schwerpunkt # 5: Medal of Honor 126.13
Dezign Pak 4 156.13
Critical Hit # 3 186.08
From The Cellar Pack #7 106.08
ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (2nd Edition) 86.06
Leibstandarte Pack 4 - Turning of the Tide! 86.00
Tactiques # 2 106.00
Rally Point # 6 106.00
Rivers to the Reich 156.00
Objective: Schmidt 176.00
HASL 6 - A Bridge Too Far 125.99
ASL 15 - Forgotten War 165.99
ASL 6 - The Last Hurrah (2nd Edition) 85.98
ASL 8 - Code of Bushido 85.97
March Madness `97 Pack 125.97
Hero PAX 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest 85.96
Into The Rubble 2 125.96
Deluxe Pack #1 125.95
Waffen-SS I: No Quarter No Glory! 65.93
Onslaught To Orsha 2 325.93
Backblast # 2 85.91
Schwerpunkt # 3 125.90
The Canadians In Italy 2: The Spaghetti League 125.85
Schwerpunkt # 1 125.83
Southern Cross Scenario Pack `96 65.83
Blitzkrieg in the West - Northern Campaign 65.82
Wacht Am Rhein 165.81
Schwerpunkt # 2 125.81
ASL For Fun 315.79
HASL 3 - Kampfgruppe Peiper II 85.78
HASL 5 - Blood Reef: Tarawa 105.78
Dezign Pak 3 155.74
ASLOK 2005 - 20th Anniversary Scenario Pack 105.64
Melee Pack I 65.62
Hell's Highway 65.59
DASL 2 - Hedgerow Hell 85.58
All American I: Kellam's Bridge 105.52
The Long March 175.43
Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov! 85.40
Firefights! 65.23

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TT 8 In the Heat of the NightVictoria Township, Labuan Island, Borneo1945
TT 9 Frogs in the Pocket"The Pocket", Lubuan Island, Borneo1945
TT10 Day at the RiverKlias River, Brunei Bay, Borneo1945
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