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The Bitwoded Gamble Rich Weiley
Four Hours MoreThe Japanese 10-2 and several squads successfully breached on Turn 1, but the other Japanese group never managed a breach. The 10-2 fought by himself against the Chinese defenders. The Japanese failed badly in the various close combats. The Chinese won or exchanged on all of them for a heavy loss of the squads available to the Japanese 10-2. With nearly half of the Japanese still under unable to enter the fight and the 10-2 down to 2 full squads and a crew had to call it quits at the end of Turn 5 for a Chinese win. grumblejones
Up the Liri ValleyWon by CVP thanks to some CC capturing shenanigans.. Dave
The Last Day of the CuneenseThe Italian rear guard MMG broke on the first shot and squads frequently ELR reduced. By the last turn the Italians needed to exit 9 VP and had 9 VP remaining. Four VP broke attempting to exit. This scenario is very hard on the Italians. Danno
Panther CullPlayed a quick learning game. Dave
Clash at Borisovka BravoCo
Trapped Like RatsGood intro to the new PBs and the hazards of driving in sand. Very fast playing.

The German placement is more involved than it looks. Remember the 47Ls APCR TK drops off quickly at range. Don't necessarily place the guns where they were historically.

Remember the gun pits cannot be placed in the same hex as a trench. Short, fast fun and good education for the larger landing.

Fuck Boris Johnson.
Hill 621One of the best and I got to play with my best friend from High School when we played this as SL scenario back in the day. Did not disappoint with lots of twists and turns. It took to the very end to overrun and break a German position on one of the hilltops to win, but the valiant Russians were able to get the job done. dmareske
Massacre au ParadisThe British fell back in a good, orderly fashion defending the large building at their rear, not realising the SS didn’t need to advance that far. Dave
Brigade HillCame down to the last CC although the Australians had the better chances. Great PTO scenario for tactical choices. Dave
Five-Oh-Sink Lele
No Greater LoveNo idea what the Japanese could have done differently but my Americans simply pushed hard for the big VC building that’s about 4 hexes away from the initial set up position and took all 10 locations within the first couple of turns. Including the CC victories and capture of the gun I was more than 30 points ahead despite losing a HT to some AT mines. Dave
Malignant Mahrattas Serge
Five-Oh-SinkSmall scenario, very tight on VC and set up.
In my opinion the best GUN position is quite obvious, as is the attack direction.
You can try some Jedi Mind Trick with you opponent, but sticking to the basic is always the best course of action.
Trapped Like Rats Ibncalb
Gavin TakeAnother American win. Came down to the last meaningful shot of the game on Turn 6 US PFPh when the last 747 was able to CR the broken HS in the foxhole in Q10. Strong American attack down the centre again, and some unlucky HoB rolls saw the German frontline evaporate and clear the way for the US advance. The plucky German defence was able to hold them back for a bit but was finally overwhelmed, with a single broken 447 in Q10 (foxhole) and a broken 8-0 in 2R5 as the sole remaining German forces on board. Best game so far for me. Ahriman667
88s at ZonThe Germans set up their guns in an orchard on the center hill and in the road in the center of the village. The Americans sent two squads around the east side while the remainder of the paratroopers fought through the village. The flanking force ended up being only a minor distraction for the Germans. In the center, the defenders ably laid down residual complicating the American advance. However, smoke was the American friend this scenario, with very few failed rolls. When the 88 in the road malfunctioned followed by a squad with LMG in the O6 building breaking, the village route was nearly clear for the paratroopers to walk through. Once again, though, the Germans were able to place residual in key hexes slowing the advance. Part of the American flanking force was able to enter into CC against the 2nd 88 gun crew and stayed in Melee for two turns before finally winning, after being reduced. On the American final turn, the outcome was not yet decided. Again, smoke saved the American dash for the board edge. In the end, the Americans met the VCs and then some, despite a well played defense. Heloanjin
First TimersAmericans pushed up the middle harassing on the German flanks and using HS, sM and infantry smoke to break German concealment and approach into CC.
Tanks protected the street to keep the Germans from crossing back and forth. CC rolls were mostly kind to the Americans with the odds advantage to the Americans. Sniper recalled one US tank but the Yanks were able to take out the German armor without any loss and keeping the Germans from protecting the flanks.
At the end of US 4, Americans had 10 buildings and 1 that was unoccupied for the next turn. In the German 4, tank shot pinned units that would have advanced back to front the American advance. This left it all up to the Americans getting 1 other building. Sacrificing the tanks for the infantry the US did a short hook and setup to advance into the winning hex.
Fun game, the Americans had a slight edge on the die rolls and the Germans have to defend on a number of fronts. However, the Americans can't linger as 5 turns is not a lot.
Wildcat StrikeAs Japanese, I deployed one squad at start and one early on to preserve forces and cover more ground. Americans tripped all three AP mined hexes in first village; missed the AT mines in same. American tanks kept well protected by infantry; no THH possible. Japanese were able to fall back slowly while breaking enough Americans to slow them. Six bonus VP were obtained, added to 8 infantry VP west of the road. Americans got only 13 infantry VP to there. mtrodgers99
Mountain HuntersGreat scenario with many options for both sides. After seeing Russian setup, Axis decided to abandon strongpoints and concentrated most forces on taking the village and the western hill. Romanian fire support group on the eastern hill was humiliated and totally destroyed by Russian fire during the 1st Game Turn. Romanian platoons made a breakthrough deep to the Russian rear, StuGs won some duels with Russian gun. The game was very dynamic and fluid. Can't recommend this scenario enough. MoriQuessir
Pössl’s PosseHigh Replay Value. Very good scenario. cosarara
Regained in a DayMy word, this was a bloody affair, for both of us. In the end, Will held on to enough blocks to hold out and got me to 37 CVP; had he got me to 40, it would have been an auto win. This is a great one to play if you get this pack! von Garvin
The Art of Dying hussar04
Plan TwoClose game. Closer than it should have been.

The Rangers can gain concealment in the Gambier Villa and then run concealed through the trenches, getting inside the minimum range of the mortars to clobber the Germans in CC.

Germans need to be careful not to fallback too much and end up overstacked.

Fun but not as cathartic as the same action when the Americans have just crossed the beach.

Perfect map to blow up and print off.

Walker's OrdersAs the North Koreans, I used a massed push up the center through the light woods. Took too long to make progress towards the first VC building. Ended up with a lot of US prisoners and despite losing two T-34s (one to a BAZ 50, and the other to a long range 37L shot from the rearmost level two hill!), I had sufficient CVP for that part of the VC. Just didn't allow myself enough time to take the buildings - and exiting MMC on foot was totally out of the question. In our debriefing, Chuck and I both believe that you load up a HS on each T-34 and run for the exit. Then worry about the CVPs and ignore the two buildings altogether. Fun scenario, as always with a Shelling design, with multiple replay possibilities. Would be a good tournament scenario as it played reasonably fast. pensatl1962
Sudden DeathA pretty hokey little scenario, that I'm shocked went the distance. French bullied their way across the stream in the east, supported by a kill stack that soon kept the Germans away from the ridgeline. Thankfully my PB was a fair ways away in the west, so the French just methodically worked their way toward it as my Germans played a fallback defense. The difference makers would be the French DCs, and one was able to bust up my kill stack on Turn 6, and cause the first casualty (a German HS). This made my defense paper thin, but I still had enough troops to surround most of the key points with bodies. When an infantry overrun went wrong for the French on the last turn (trading a 9-1/HS for a hero) the count was 3-1 German. They did successfully clear the way for advances into CC vs the PB however, but when they failed to ambush there was no chance of them capturing the PB, and therefore no chance at victory. A tight game that wasn't a whole lot of fun, but thankfully played very fast. buser333
Cocktails for MolotovVery cunning defence. I gave up. DrDryg
88s at Zon BravoCo
The Valley of DeathJason lost both his panzers early. Without these in support, the Italians didn't have enough FP to break the Russian defenders etopp
Diggers at ChongjuThe dug-in tanks proved harder to kill than first thought, needing a turret hit, but lost two tanks to the last one, both flamers. Finally TK'ed it on my last BAZ shot, though I still had one tank to move adjacent and some infantry to try CC against it. Fun scenario with multiple objectives for the Australians to achieve. dmareske
Steel GardenTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Saluting a GeneralTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Euphrates ClashTexas Team Tournament dmareske
A Celebratory MoodAmericans entered hard east, and their tanks would most likely have to stay here as my roadblock cut off the road at the bridge. A rare allowance of kindling got my mind aracing, and I immediately started a couple fires in the buildings around the VC one. Americans approached very cautiously, wary of all the potential Japanese traps awaiting them. He exposed one of them with RBF, in the form of my AA gun. Both fires had taken, and in fact one had already spread to the VC building - a fact that worried me a bit as I certainly could not afford to leave this unchecked. I unsuccessfully tried to crush the flame a couple times, but when the Americans were already starting to jump off their assault on Turn 4 I changed my tune and hoped it would blaze up. A rogue tank tried infiltrating my backfield and was wrecked by my AT gun, while two of the others pushed forward to clear the way for the infantry, and the last went to assault my AA gun. My AA gun was eliminated by a CH, but the lead tank was flamed by a HIP THH. The Americans had bled bodies every turn, and were getting a bit weak for their narrow assault on the VC building. When a snakeeyes DF shot and a sniper brought down a stack of three leaders and three squads they threw in the towel. buser333
Audacity!Great game, in the end, I was able to pin a German squad to retain the win! von Garvin
Retaking ViervilleFirst play with Pere, he grabbed everything quite well and did some good moves, he managed to take a building hex but Americans won by closing in and ending the game in Melee. esparver73
Operation München igycrctl
Hart Attack Serge
Centurions Reverse!Texas Tournament 2022 Danno
Hart AttackAn excellent scenario with many possibilities. The issue of our game was decided in the last CC phase. Well played Serge ! lechiquier94
Retaking ViervilleSome very lucky rolls for the Yanks, including snake eyes twice on the IFT and twice again on rally checks. A last-ditch attempt by the Germans to enter one of the victory locations was thwarted by an unlikely fail of a pin task check. Fun game still, with quite a bit of close combat and plenty of emerging narrative. Doolan
Take TwoTexas Tournament 2022 Danno
Bloody NoseTexas Tournament 2022 Danno
The Guards CounterattackJacques is a new player, but he is quite good. His attack was deliberate and plodding and we saw it all. His sniper took my SAN down to 5. He had 3 squads (and a leader) go berserk. His commissar failed to shoot any of his own guys; however, he did direct some key attacks. His 10-2 ended up leading a successful Human Wave that saw my defensive shots at him do little (though I was aided by a sniper attack on him). In the end, he had 10.5 squad equivalents and I 3.5 squad equivalents, giving him exactly the 3:1 ratio needed. What a fantastic match! von Garvin
Reaping RewardsTexas Tournament 2022 Danno
Hueishan DocksTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Kazina KlashTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Silent BayonetsTexas Team Tournament dmareske
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaA couple of Germans squads were lost in the early turns, and the Russians generated an 8-1 leader in CC. The JgdVs were left in motion after turn 2, then got chased down by the SU-85s, and were both killed. Without the TD support and down a few squads, this one was over pretty quickly. styson
Priority Target BravoCo
Grabbing GavutuTexas Tournament 2022 Danno
Tanambogo NightmareTexas Tournament 2022 Danno
Severnaya Serenade Gamer72
The Puma Prowls Enriqo
Priority TargetThe Germans were faced with a solid defense concentrated on the East side of the board. The Germans approached from 3 angles hoping to remove any rout paths for the British. The defense was able to initially hold off the attackers. However, one gun malfunctioned and another crew broke on a low odds shot shattering the flank. There was little left for the British to do as the attackers overwhelmed the remaining defenders. Heloanjin
I Don't Like RetreatingThe Germans outflanked the Allies, and the Cromwells were picked off one by one. The American 9-2 was wounded by the Sniper early, and the US infantry was bottled up in the area between the boards. The German halftracks were able to unload their infantry and HMGs, and really slow down the retreat.

In the end, there was not enough Allied infantry left to fight for the village, and the Germans cleaned up the town.
A Long Way To GoOriginally planned on sending the majority of my force to the west where there was some cover. But dice rolls opened up the East flank and slowed the West so swung in that direction. This did two things: eased the pressure to the west where my kill stack got past the house covering the wheat field, and decimated my troops racing across the open ground. However, by turn 4 the last Yank squad broke and the way was unopposed to exit. Yanks managed 5 VP. Pte Parts
Silent Night, Deadly NightAt the start of the game, Peter's Starshells landed on target and severely hampered the movement of my German infantry who wanted to keep their Cloaking counters. Unfortunately for Peter, his US infantry kept failing their MC. Even though my Germans were short of hexrow M, I still had enough VP to win etopp
Released from the EastA nice scenario played by email. As Russian, I decided to enter in the center of the map with almost all of the OB. With the middle building in control, I used some troops to keep the ground and shifted a large number of MMC to assault the second building (the one guarded with the lower number of German MMC). At the end of turn 5 it was impossible for the Germans to take back one of the 2 buildings invested by the Russian troops. lechiquier94
A Real Barn BurnerGermans lost 5 squads in 1:1 Melees, killing only one French HS trying to capture the barn. German delaying force didn't stood long under the "one shot - one break" fire. Good day for French. MoriQuessir
Simple EquationFirst time playing this FTF. It is easy to see why it is rated both here and on ROAR so heavily in favor of the Americans. Although the Germans start with only 2.5 less squads than the Americans, 5 of them are the dreaded conscripts: easy to break, hard to rally. In addition, the VC state that the Americans win as soon as they control 25 building HEXES on board Z- not buildings. And, by my count, there are at least 26 building hexes within 3 hexes of the entry side of board Z. So, the Americans don't have to push too far onto the victory board to gobble up those hexes. This, in turn, essentially forces the Germans to contest the American drive, and forego a probably safer fighting withdraw strategy.

I set up heavy on my left, with another strike force going up the middle. Using leaders and a couple of CXs, I had seven squads lining the eastern edge of the tree line by the end of the APh - ready to unleash massive FGs across the open ground on my DFPh during his first turn.

On the right I set up two squads, 2 MMGs with the 9-2 leader and they got into a multi-phase firefight with his own mini kill-stack HMG and 8-1 leader. In one turn alone, my gang made rate I think 5 or 6 times in a row and ran out of targets to pound.

Eric did a good job of contesting my advance. Perhaps he could have benefitted from a little more skulking, But, as I mentioned above, his maneuver room to the rear was limited, and so standing fast might have been the better idea in the end.

Although, I was getting a little worried that I might run out of time, his line began to crumble by turn 4, and by the end of my turn 5 I had captured the required hexes. A fun game, but a definite challenge for the Germans.

One closing comment: The scenario is titled: "Simple Equation." The designer explains that during the battle for Aachen, the Americans used long range MG fire to soften up defenders, then rushed in with FTs to finish them off. Hence, the 'simple equation.' Given the fact that the Americans are given only one FT, I didn't really see how the math of that equation was ever going to add up. In my case, after carefully creeping forward with my 3-3-7 with the FT and finally moving adjacent to a HS with a broken leader and broken full squad, my FT team melted down on his 4 +2 shot and fled the scene never to be seen again.

The dice give, and the dice taketh away.
Cut the Road to MarseilleA very interesting scenario. I placed half of the SW out of the VC area to cover the entry zones. It works well until the AFV were fully operational. The German defense had begun to crumble during the turn 4 and totally collapsed at turn 5... At this moment, I conceded the victory to Laurent. It was really a nice and tense game ! lechiquier94
Fire from the Hole jwert02
The Beleaguered CapitalYet another HazMo scenario that (almost) went to the very end. And yet another that's just not very fun to play. Nationalists pushed with all their might for a hold in the south, establishing a firm foothold, but not without losing 1.5 squads. This left many green Republicans scrambling to reposition in some nasty muddy terrain. On Turn 2, with the help of their unopposed armor, the N's were able to expand their hold to the northern edge of the church. By the end of Turn 3 most of the straggling R's were able to make it to the edge of the W road. Meanwhile their tanks came in from the south, unable to dispatch the elusive Panzer in the area after it kicked into motion, but staying out of sight from the many N MGs. A few infantry accompanied them, but most came on in the northwest, with a full stack of squads breaking from a lucky 2+2 shot. The two DC attempts on the other two in-motion Panzers failed miserably, but both would be dealt with via street fighting on the next turn while making their way along the meandering road. Meanwhile in the south the invading R infantry dealt with the few N's in their way, but at the cost of a squad and another HS broken never to return. The tanks moved up to the hedgerow, ready to pound the N's and risking their MG fire. On Turn 5 The last remaining N tank broke its gun, the R tanks inched up even further (while breaking two of their MAs), and the R infantry continued to push in from the north. By this time the N infantry were being squeezed into just a few safe hexes, and were forced to lose concealment due to the broken infantry overstacking on their routs. The next two turns I could feel my opponent gasping his last breaths as my anaconda-like force continued to inexorably squeeze him. His tank repaired its MA, but it was too little, too late as his last two good order MMCs broke under withering fire. buser333
Priority TargetUnknowingly played with Allied Balance when I discovered I had an extra Greek Squad on turn 3. Spread the guns out to force the Germans to spread out. This worked in my favour when a squad self rallied on turn 5 (all ANZAC leaders were dead) and recaptured a gun. Germans had to scramble to reach the gun (the other 2 were secure) which they did but then had to win the CC for victory. No result gave me the win. Pte Parts
A Real Barn Burner atomic
More Pitchers Than Catchers Rich Weiley
Released from the EastRussian rolled up the east flank and ceased a VC building.. The Germans re formed a defensive line and defended the middle building. A final attempt to reach the final building stalled. The Russian could only get one VC building in control. The game ended with the Germans holding the middle building. High morale troops tough to break on both sides. Russian was left with little room to maneuver. Fun scenario.
Cut the Road to MarseilleAfter Trudging through SSR7, which I STILL misinterpreted and still have no real idea of what it was supposed to do for the scenario, Kevin and I soldiered on.
I loved the placement of the Overlays in this one. They were placed with due purpose and have great importance for this scenario. Having no SMOKE, the FF need to approach with cover. Germans are widely dispersed on the boards.

I decided to leave all SW out of the village VC area, the buildings could be surrounded and the SW would simply fall into the enemies hands.
Frontal assault allowed some conservative firefights on the outset. A handful of armor rolled around the top of the map into an array of halfsquads and dummies. A couple of 81mm Mortars were semi-protecting the top approach and ALL MG's were in the trees or a building or two far from the village.
Most of the action seemed to take place on the top of the map. Flanking HT's and tanks found the MTR's destroying one vehicle and a 237hs destroy a HT with Passenger in CC. Retreating back into the bottom map, Kevin's MLF'ed tank follows suit only to get IMMOB by an 81mm Mtr. This caused the crew to bail in the same turn it 6'ed the Repair roll on the MA.

I end up eliminating the Crew and capturing the IMM MA(X) tank...not much but hey!!! Look at ME MA!! A Tank!
Canister ammo was plentiful and kept my infantry, what was left of it, at bay from truly being able to CA. Smoke depleted as usual so that left me with only one option...get in close and destroy as many tanks as possible.
Tank kills
HT - Mortar attack
HT- CC attack
Tank -Captured and destroyed when abandoned.
Tank - ATMM in CC
Tank - 1,1 at last turn of game by a crew...

Lots of different colored troops makes this rainbow of a scenario at least pretty to watch progress. Tough situations caused me to perform desperate actions even after getting 2 heroes in MC's!!

Tough fight that was stolen from Kevin's Victory Grasp (VASL Log)
Apples to Apples B-E Karlsson
Retaking ViervilleSolo game to refresh the rules. Very poor rally rolls plagued the Americans, even resulting in one leader dead and one wounded. The Germans took the town early and American reinforcements failed to dislodge them. Doolan
The Order Of WarNK has to stop the USA and SK leaders that enter from opposite sides from joining up. The UN has pretty overwhelming squad advantage and two M46 90L with little to stop them. The NK 120 mortar has very little placement options with minimum 12 range and LOTS of woods. Seems to me the only NK viable option would be to jump the NK entry and try to get the needed 22CVP quickly before USA can help. The VC conceptually I like but with this OOB not sure how it is balanced. nekengren
Three Bars of Chocolate fdapra
Grab and GoRound 5 of Roma 2022. I was the Germans and had a defense in depth, as I did not know which would be the direction of attack. The Russians attacked from the east, with only a few stacks in the center position to pin my units, but I stalled them using dummies. Each turn I managed to fight the withdrawal a little, losing some units but killing lots of Russians. The Russians never stopped running and did not manage to take any building, but managed to keep broken my MTR crew, while the AA MG crew managed to escape with its halftrack. On the last turn many units from both sides managed to exit, for a close score. esparver73
Three Bars of Chocolate cosarara
Criniti's EscapeAn interesting very early war engagement with some unique terrain and troops (candelabra trees?!?). By turn 2 this one felt like an easy win for the Italians, who were poised to exit a few vehicles and loaded trucks. One truck ran afoul of some Hammada, and one tank was attacked in CC, but the defense was a bit too scattered. Unfortunately, since we played this in two sessions, I forgot that my tanks needed to use Platoon movement when we started session two (turn 3) and so easily drove them off the board. Had I/we remembered that, it would have been a somewhat tighter game, though still probably a victory for the Italians (Noah graciously conceded the victory based on A.2, but it comes with a big asterisk!). Noah mentioned in our second section that he forgot about his Ethiopian human wave and tank flipping ability, which was a big disappointment since I really wanted to witness a tank flip. Given a tighter defensive setup and some tactical use of HW/Tank flipping, this seems like it would be a good tight scenario. scottf2
Forgotten YearsWhile the availability of a tankette with a big juicy flamethrower on it is nice, the lack of time and speed means you'll get to use it maybe twice, if you're lucky. The slowest ACs on the Italian side need 62MP (or all 6 turns) to get off-board, along with the tankettes, unless they choose to cut a corner somewhere - only having 10MP left over for any unexpected expenditures, like an overrun or a wreck crowding a road junction or turn. This one also punishes you for having the Italian infantry do anything other than immediately disembarking and advancing up the hill, which itself is a skulker's best friend.

The sun blindness should be remembered, as the +2 DRM is ready to bite the player in the ass at the worst of times. Special mention goes out to Gary's squad that took 5 NMC in open ground from a mortar, rolling 5 every time. Investigations have been started to find out how to modify my dice in VASL.
Tankette RampageWhile the availability of a tankette with a big juicy flamethrower on it is nice, the lack of time and speed means you'll get to use it maybe twice, if you're lucky. The slowest ACs on the Italian side need 62MP (or all 6 turns) to get off-board, along with the tankettes, unless they choose to cut a corner somewhere - only having 10MP left over for any unexpected expenditures, like an overrun or a wreck crowding a road junction or turn. This one also punishes you for having the Italian infantry do anything other than immediately disembarking and advancing up the hill, which itself is a skulker's best friend.

The sun blindness should be remembered, as the +2 DRM is ready to bite the player in the ass at the worst of times. Special mention goes out to Gary's squad that took 5 NMC in open ground from a mortar, rolling 5 every time. Investigations have been started to find out how to modify my dice in VASL.
East BankThis game was a close one. Jim and I played via VASL and there was plenty of ASL fun to be had. Early on I created a hero (and went HOB) on an FPF shot. Later, I made a commissar (who was about to exit) go berserk. But in the end, a very good shot ended up breaking my last hope. Great fun! von Garvin
Illi's Block Danno
Illi's BlockDan's British advanced in strength against Germans in the G Row locations. His first turn smoke blinded the German 9-2 and MMG. By Turn 3, Dan's British had killed 3 German squads but lost 4 themselves. Turn 4 was the pivot point as the Germans maintained their hold on the G4 Row and inflicted heavy losses on Dan's half-squads. By Turn 6, both British Shermans had fallen to Panzerschrecks and the Germans had units adjacent to all three victory locations and only one of those was not in good order. So the game would end a German victory. grumblejones
A Sisyphean TaskThe Greeks did not try to defend two of the buildings and consolidated their forces around the remaining two. The Communists ran through a wall of residual fire surviving -2 and -3 shots to close into CC and carry the day. A slow starting scenario with lots of end game action. RJenulis
Jackpot Jones fdapra
Never On Time fdapra
Late for ChowRound 3 of Roma 2022. I was the Americans and managed to stop the Germans on the edge of the map, by using some fighting withdrawal and well placed dummies. The Germans tried to conquer the southwest woods were I kept them in check for some turns, while moving both my MG to more center positions, to lay firelanes and look for good shots on open ground. The Germans did not push on the east so those troops slowly went to strengthen the line and near to the game end the Germans had not been able to cross the first board, so they conceded. esparver73
Fahrenheit 352Round 4 of Roma 2022. I was the Americans and progressed quite well against the center buildings, using Armored assault and a lot of smoke and WP. On the left I quickly dislodged the defenders, but managed not to kill them, and on the right there were mainly dummies and my troops there slowly advanced, carrying the MGs. I managed to capture both buildings by the closing turns but the tank battle went awful for me, with the Flame Tanks simply turning their powerful armor on my Shermans and burning them one by one. On the last turn I had control of all the hexes of both buildings with good stackd, but he simply moved the Flame Tanks by and flamed my units, breaking them and then got some luck with a MG attack and managed to break all the 9 American squad defenders in a single turn, the last one, for the win. esparver73
Gotta Get Out cosarara
Never On Time cosarara
Gavin TakeFirst of two play-throughs. Germans conceded on Turn 3, I think, after suffering too many losses due to an aggressive American attack through the village. German dice failed me and the 10-3/10-2 easily brushed off any 1 and 2 MC on their stack.
Gavin TakeSecond of two play-throughs of the scenario. Germans held off the Americans until turn 5, when the last hold outs were surrounded and destroyed due to failure to rout. Again, aggressive American play through village kept the Germans down, who were unable to roll well, except for a single snake-eyes on Gavin's stack in Turn 5. HOB generated a Hero and then the Americans were getting off 16 FP attacks in the AFPh with a -1 DRM against troops in a stone building. Not sure how the Germans win this one though apparently its 50/50. Ahriman667
First Timers fdapra
Black Day in Hatten fdapra
Ma Deuce DeliversRound 1 of Roma 2022. I was the Germans and felt the scenario quite difficult, with any error meaning defeat. I tried to go for the buildings (as clearing the road seemed impossible) and managed to get close but by the last turn I could only take one less of the needed so I conceded. I destroyed the 4 American GMC and lost 1 Tiger, but on one of the open ground crossings a lucky American ROF broke five or six German squads (that were not stacked), making it quite impossible. esparver73
The CloserRound 2 of Roma 2022. I was the Germans and decided to go west with the first two groups, using the bocage as cover and the board edge as protection. I had to do some attacks across the stream and I was stalled there. From the third group three vehicles went east to stop the Canadians from closing on the main group, I lost two vehicles but the third managed to exit for EVP. On the west side, on the last turn I managed to exit enough units for a win, after many close fire lanes, to hit rolls and broken morales. esparver73
Hickory Lickin' cosarara
The Beasts Have Arrived cosarara
Closing the NetJapanese started with HIP half squads deployed in the board 39 jungle. One US squad was taken out by the pillbox HMG position in game turn one. In turn two, two US squads moved into a position close to the Japanese lines and within two hexes of two HIP stealthy HS. One US squad opted for voluntary break rather than chance CC with a concealed Japanese unit and was eliminated when one of the HIP HS dropped concealment to cut off its rout path. The second squad was ambushed and eliminated in CC. At this point, the US conceded and we decided to replay the scenario and swap sides. Dougban
Closing the NetThis was our second playing of the scenario and ended quickly when the 10-2 directed HMG went on a ROF tear which wiped out the starting Japanese pillbox position on turn 2 with a series of deadly 3 up one shots (!) assisted by twocasualty MCs, one of which accounted for the 9-1. At this point, my opponent conceded as he felt that there was little that could now be done to prevent my troops from charging to the victory point area almost unopposed. Dougban
Savoia!A really bizarre scenario that can easily be decided on the 1st MPh - one way or another. I hid all my SWs and gun in the very few woods hexes available, planning to lay FLs with the MGs and assemble the mortars. The rest of my men would wait and shoot until I saw the whites of the enemy's eyes, and hope and pray for the best. My FLs were a failure, as all but one of them pinned on their first shots. At least they weren't breaks. My men standing their ground were much more successful. Rolling lots of 6's, I broke numerous Italian cavalry while maintaining my own good order. By the end of the first half turn there were 7 dead Italian squads vs only 3 Russian. I had further good fortune during my half of the turn as my two mortars kept their good order and wreaked a bit of havoc. By the end of Turn 2 all but one Italian squad and an accompanying 9-1 were good order, and they were encircled. They were broken attempting to move on the following turn. This put all hope on the Italian reinforcements. With the Russians having repositioned to many of the western foxholes, forced to cross lots of open ground, and facing sun blindness with their return shots, it was really only a matter of time before my opponent called it a day. He decided to do so at the end of Turn 5, not even close to taking a single entrenchment, and only accumulating 8CVP. An interesting scenasrio to play once for the experience, but a complete dice fest on Turn 1 will most likely decide the outcome early. buser333
Green Jackets' BridgeUsed GER balance (adding a 7-0 to German OB); this allowed the other two leaders to be more aggressive. Malf'd all three of my Pz IIAs' MAs - sigh; used them afterwards to drop smoke and to limit rout paths (well,except for the Pz IIA that was immobilized with a disabled MA; that one I abandoned). I pushed hard starting on turn three and got some SD smoke on the road and the bridge that allowed me to get across the canal with enough time to chase down all the British. worksp2018

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March Madness 2022: Grumble Jones - now available for download
Thanks to the Kansas City Wargamers/Encircled productions the March Madness 2022 scenario pack is now available for digital purchase and download, for $15. Copies can be downloaded from the March Madness 2022 publication page and when purchased will appear on your 'My Page' and emailed to you also.
Article and Publication reviews are working again
I hadn't realised, but adding articles or publication reviews had been broken since the site upgrade. Thanks to Olivier who let me know, these have now been fixed. Review away!
March Madness 2021 Three Player pack available!
The great chaps over at the Kansas City ASL club have made their 3 player scenario pack available for sale.

The pack features 6 scenarios, with Germans, Partisans, Russians, Belgians, Italians and Americans in the mix.

The pack is available for $15, from the publication page.
Twitch Stream coming up!
On Thursday 18th Feb, at 2pm UK time (currently we're in GMT) Martin and I will be playing Black Day in Hatten. Martin's taking the defending Germans and I'm the one trying to capture a bunch of VC locations and not lose my tanks.

The archive will host the stream (but it's probably viewed best directly from Twitch. Hope to see you there!
Patreon recognition
As a little thank you to patrons and regular donors to the site, the archive will now begin to recognise patrons by adding a small checkmark next to their names on various panels.

I'm sure there are plenty of places where it would be useful that I haven't got around to yet (currently it's on the contributions table and the top rated players) - so if there's somewhere where you think it would be useful, just get in touch.

Thanks again for all your support!

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