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Backstabbing ParatroopersExcellent little scenario, great fun, plenty of options for both sides as well as the choices in OOBs. As the Germans, I advanced quickly with the aim of hindering the Russian reinforcements coming on close to hexrow Q. This was largely successful as the HIP squad didn't slow me down as much as it might have done. Although the Russians came on close enough to the northernmost building to contest in by Turn 4, those reinforcements could not get further south where I had by then - helped by so friendly DRs - captured three victory buildings. So my opponent conceded at the end of German Turn 4. Andy_Bagley
The Lawless RoadsThe British struck at the German right and center using the infantry to clear the way for the armor. The tone of the attack was set early when the lone British Mortar had no smoke on the first roll. The German attacks were very effective while the British regularly failed their MCs. The British IFT attacks were low, but the Germans answered with low MC rolls. Being a bit too cautious through Turn 2, the British moved aggressively on Turn 3. However, the German defensive fire was devastating, achieving Ks and KIAs across the board. A German HS struck out on CC-Reaction Fire. Needing a 3 for a Immobilization, the Germans rolled a 2, wrecking the British AFV. With the heavy losses, and the German forces virtually intact, the British conceded knowing their was no way to dislodge the remaining defenders. Heloanjin
Early Battles antro
Shoulder to ShoulderThe Germans massed their infantry and came right up the middle.

A well-placed US MMG and the M16MGMC chewed up the Germans
on the hill...

Alan resigned after five turns. He would have been able to get two
StuG off (the third was destroyed), but did not have enough support
to capture buildings.

I think Alan was a bit too aggressive and gave me a fair number
of -1 shots, and some -2. We will likely turn this around and play
it again.

Indy Lagu
The Liberation of TulleA very nice infantry scenario with modest troops adding flavor to the game. The partisans must dashed and dashed again... However it was a close game and the issue was decided in the very last turn with a lucky shot of the PSK. lechiquier94
Tanks in the Street von Garvin
Clearing CollevilleAmericans were repulsed early and offer. ROF of MG caused breaks and PINS. Good German rolls, poor US rolls. Played the scenario on D-Day BobMcKenna1966
Patton's PrayersGermans used PF to great effect but it was not enough to prevent Americans from steadily reducing the number of defenders. Kydder
Battle of the Barricades Bongiovanni
Doom Platoons Bongiovanni
Death at CarentanAmericans got diced. Went 6 turns. wwillow
Not Apt to Drag FeetIt it very hard for some of the Germans to get back and defend the village. The Germans knocked out seven US tanks, but once the infantry got close the defense could not hold up. It does take a good five turns to get the American infantry into the village...Don't drag your feet! dmareske
Sherman Marches West antro
Hungarian Hopscotch Serge
Hungarian HopscotchPlayed SK version. with initial concealments and armor leader. The Russian pushed towards the Northeastern buildings helped with the guns of the T34s and forcing German defenders to give ground. The Jagdpz IV entered the dance and destroyed 2 T34s while another fell on a panzerfaust shot. However, The Russian infantry forced the defenders to melee and was quite able to capture one of the key building. On the South, the German saw an opportunity to infiltrate and seize one of the rear Russian building. However, they were stopped and routed away. This opened a hole on the German defense and the Russian with more good order units was able to find a way to the final building needed. The Russian continuing play with the game already won could have lost on a move by carelessly abandoning a building to German control.
Still a final Russian victory !
Men of the MountainsEarly positive actions by the Italians were soon reversed when they lost AFV support due to elimination. Action quickly concentrated in & adjacent to the Gun preventing Italians from ever effectively firing the weapon. Kydder
Nocturnal AttritionAllies initial push was successful in silencing the Italian Gun on the hill. But dogged defenders kept up murderous fire throughout DFPh & continued in same fashion with their PFPh breaking most of the attackers. Desperate to save the situation remain able bodied units rushed in to their doom. All attacking units were DM at end of T2 ;( Kydder
From Matilda with Love Lorenzoknight
Blazin' ChariotsStarted out as a long rang duel. Then after the field was thinned on both sides we ended up swirling around, four of the remaining six tanks has malfed MA. German lost a certain victory earlier by rolling a dud on a side shot. Mark IV with HEAT was a highlight. Good introductory scenario for DTO cinnabar
A Stiff Fight Rich Weiley
LatecomersThe Italians attacked into the buildings. They captured six and exited a tank. The French could not muster a counterattack on the last turn. it helped that the Italians rallied frequently. Danno
Better Than NothingHaving just played a scenario where I ran away from the enemy the entire game dictated how I would set up my defense as the Germans. I was going to go mano a mano with the Russians. I put everything in the woods stretching from T0, through the leading edges of the grain, and in the two orchard clumps in T8 and U9 with interlocking firelane opportunities. I chose the AT Gun because if even one tank got past me, I'd have trouble trying to run back and make up the exit points from it.

The set up worked out. The 50L destroyed one Sherman and drew a Human Wave to try and take it out. Lots of resid and firelanes broke up the attack and all my squads held firm. After a few more turns, with too many broken and CR'ed Russian squads, we ended this one early. All that open ground, despite the Shermans getting three smoke rounds off, was too difficult for the Russians to traverse. The range disparity was also an issue as his men were always just out of range for full FP. It was a pretty decisive German victory.
Latecomers dmareske
Tennis, Anyone? Rich Weiley
Stranded CatsJunoBear 2023 Rich Weiley
Bertoldo the BraveAn exciting scenario. Actually we only finished Turn 3 in our weekly f2f play. My armor assault with a Panther on right wing orchards was hit hard by hellcat and some infantry, giving all 3 hellcats a chance to perform a dance of death to knock out all my panthers.
In the center and left wing, my infantry battalion pushed hard and eliminated the majority of GIs, because they deployed a forward defense line. I should have concentrated all my force here. Hand to hand CC was so bloody, resulting in either "kill'em all" or "be killed by them all" lol, 2 of 248 and a 447 failed to HtH kill 2 US 666 squads by ambush, were easily wiped out by them :(
I still held 3 Sdkfz 251 and 3 squads in my hand, while Gregory still had 3 hellcats and a hidden 57L. With 3.5 turns to go, it definitely would be interesting to finish the game.
Advanced Squad Commissar
Stranded CatsAs a scenario, I think this is exceptional. Japanese have plenty of strength, but have to push forward quickly. Indians have mix of troops and a selection of MG carrying vehicles, and have to conduct a fall back defense to delay the Japanese. It produces a tense scenario with a lot of action and choices. Minedog
Tennis, Anyone?As a scenario this has a lot of appeal, but the Victory conditions make it very pro-Japanese.

JunoBear23 results (5 games) had 5 Japanese wins, with Japanese scoring at least 30 points,mostly 40+. Conversely, the Brits scored 1-8 VP. Highest British score was achieved by scoring a few CHs, and grabbing 2 Hill hexes.

My view is that if the Victory Conditions were simplified to controlling (or even occupation only) of the most Level 2 Hill hexes on Hill 526, that would achieve the intention of the scenario (i.e. to recapture the hill).
To The Rescue Serge
Ein Letzte GegenstossFirst to play and post. Danno
Ein Letzte GegenstossGreat fun scenario. Germans managed to bloody the initial Russian assault, but the Russians managed to secure two of the three Victory Locations. After losing two KV-'s, the Russians kept the final 2 in the rear to control the victory locations, which was very smart. The battle went all the way to Turn 6 Close Combat as the Germans counter-attacked and tried to retake the G12 victory location. They killed the Russian half-squad in the hex, but could not eliminate the KV in the location, which gave the Russians the victory. grumblejones
The Commissar's House hussar04
To The RescueAn interesting scenario. From the beginning to the end, nothing (IFT, MC) worked for the Germans whereas almost everything worked for the Russians . This added to the reinforcement entering on turn 3 and finally the Russian player won before the last turn ! lechiquier94
Peiper's Last GaspA nailbiter but I managed to exit 2 Panthers and a Halftrack on the last turn for the win. Crazy LOS problems made it hard for Stephen to call in his arty effectively but it still managed to knock out two of my halftracks. His 105 OBA caused plenty of damage but its last mission fired short, killing his exposed observer for the 80s. Only a second red chit stopped the fire, A well placed MG/667/9-1 hung up my infantry until I managed to get point blank fire on it. I did manage to destroy all his tanks with direct fire from my own tanks, with all racking up kills. The German balance-given 9-2 helped score a hit with a PSK on his 76L, taking his last tank out of the game. Major style points for Stephen, as he advanced an 8-1 and HS into CC, killing my King Tiger. What an insult!
Nonetheless, by Turn 5 I had killed or broken enough of his stuff to earn me some maneuver space to get around him while simultaneously forcing the road. The US90L is enough of a threat to make the German think twice about moving around the west, while the hilly terrain is slow going for vehicles in the east. I think the German player has to destroy enough Americans to get maneuver room and then move down the road while pressing a flank. A flank-only attack will be too slow due to the soft ground and hilly terrain.
Crippled TigerFirst to play and post. Danno
Crippled TigerInteresting scenario, but the dice determine how it will go down. The placement roll for the Tiger plays a huge role in determining which side has the best chance. For our game, the Tiger was righ in the middle of the board. But Dan's Russians moved easily in the dark right next to and on Turn 3 destroyed with a Flamethrower. Can't say that it was a fun scenario. I really didn't feel like I had any chance of success. grumblejones
In Front of the StormFrench entered map from the center of the West edge and made an aggressive thrust with their armor which cutoff a fourth of the German infantry from the bridge. The French infantry following up were tormented for several turns by the German MMG which was placed in a foxhole on the large hill north of the bridge.

The French were making steady progress early in the game, assisted by a successful civilian interrogation role which revealed the HIP German Pak36.

Also early on several German squads were routed by small arms fire.

The H35’s southwest of the bridge pushed towards the river but were stopped when the lead tank was immobilized by AT mines.

To the East of the bridge several French squads made a flanking move but were held up by a German squad in a foxhole.

Probably what saved the Germans was the poor French IFT rolls throughout the game which really hindered the otherwise well planned French attack.

The French knocked out the MMG across the river with a critical and though they got close to the bridge the AT gun took out another H35 and the Germans made most of their morale rolls. French conceded at the end of turn 6.
Belgian TigersAn interesting scenario wherein the German player begins the game with 70%+ of his OB on the wrong side of a canal and must rush a single bridge hoping that his engineer squads remembered to bring their smoke grenades.

Gary played an excellent game, and the game came down to a last-turn CC. He needed to roll a '5', but rolled a '6'.
Foreign LegionsThis was an interesting matchup of early war combatants (SPW, technically!) and the use of Russian Military Doctrine putting a fresher spin on tin can affairs. My Nationalist tanks held up the attacking infantry long enough to allow the infantry to fall back in good order making the Republicans pay for every hexrow the advanced. Nice scenario but felt a little pro defenders. Dave
Caza de ConejosA seriously lopsided scenario that I played fast and loose just to see what could be done and how it could be played. There are a bunch of added rules that didn't show up in this scenario and all the text was in Spanish. Several SSRs were unclear as to their meaning, which was a shame. SAN numbers of 7 and 5 and a surprising number of 1's and 2's meant the Snipers were something to be quite afraid of, the Nationalist sniper killing two Republican leaders, back-to-back which was impressive. If anyone else was to play this, my main changes would be to close up the scenario by having it be 4.5 turns, and give the nationalists MOL capability for everyone, but a +1 DRM (and they don't break on a 6) - with balance options as: Rep - add 1 turn // Nat - add 1 MMG to the OOB Jobbo_Fett
Unlucky ThirteenthThe Germans rushed the British left flank with the AFVs and half the infantry. The remaining infantry with MGs kept the British occupied in the center. On German Turn 1, the British were able to wreck one AFV with the ATR, but the Germans broke all the British defenders. In the center, the Germans, using spray fire, stripped concealment on one stack and revealed a dummy stack. The British withdrew as best as possible in an attempt to rally, but the broken squads remained broken. The British had faint hope when the SOMUA hit the German killer stack wounding the leader and breaking the squads. However, by the end of German Turn 3 the SOMUA was first shocked and then wrecked, the AT gun malf'd, and the only Good Order MMC was the AT crew. Post game the players realized the British neglected to place their Wire on the board, which influenced the outcome greatly. Heloanjin
Pink HillDifficult to learn much as my attack was completely blown up by the dice. Opponent had very hot dice while I could not pass any MC and lost my airplane to boxcars on its first attack. We quit in turn 5 as I had lost more than half my squads to CR or KIA. nebel
Across the Wire 7-0 duval
Kwajalein Crush Rich Weiley
Panther Cull Bongiovanni
An Unexpected Complication Bongiovanni
Shoulder to Shoulder Bongiovanni
Death's Head Debut Bongiovanni
Frivilligkompani BenckertAll of the Swedes were placed along the ridge line with Norwegian MMG squad HIP covering the exit zone. Swedes nicely held up the German advance until the German mortar lobbed a round into the trench, ELRing the 9-2 and breaking both squads with the MMG.
However, exiting was not going to happen so all remaining Germans charged up the hill. 2 squads reached the trenches on turn 5 but the 84 cleared both out with two hits (one with an intensive fire hit vs trenches in heavy snowfall). However, there was one squad that remained out of sight and was able to advance into a trench on the final turn for the win. (Another squad also survived to advance in)
Pte Parts
Battlin' Buckeyes Lorenzoknight
Hunting Gray WolvesEven though I won this scenario as the Partisans, I really did not enjoy playing this scenario. All I did was fall back, keep concealment, and hope for the best in the many CC's that occurred. The Russians are way too strong to stand up to. If any do break, the four(!) Commissars (and the 9 broken side morale of the NKVD troops) will have them back in action the next player turn. I was only saved by the slow initial movement by friend and lucking out in CC. After a few turns of probing, he got more aggressive. Moving PB next to my concealed guys, I usually kept concealment hoping to survive the AFPh shot and the inevitable CC that would ensue. If my men pinned, I broke them and ran away. Even so, my men were backed up to the edge of the board in the huts and strung out to the southwest by turn 4 (of 5.5). A few more ambushes on turn 5 and then declaring H-to-H (and winning them) by my guys held his forces back enough so that gaining 30 CVP was out of reach for the Russians. Both sides have to make hard decisions, but since the Partisans are basically just running away (and leaving some sacrificial lambs behind to slow the Russians down just a bit) and hoping the turn limit is reached before they get overwhelmed, I think the side to play if you want to have fun is the Russians. Jude
Road to RomeNice scenario, with some armored punch for the italians, as german I splitted my forces thinking I could invest the buildings in the upper part of the map and keep the exit option open with forces in the bottom part of the map, with hindsight it was a mistake. I should have gone for the buildings in forces and then try to exit near the buildings. My opponent left the bottom map wide open and I was able to download my paras having done all the road truck movement available, unfortunately I dispateched the 40LL and more important the mortar to assist the assault to the buildings. with those I could have won on the 4th turn, unfortunately I was shot of 1 VP, the italian reinforcements of 4th turn sealed my fate.
Make no mistake, the german is the favorite in this scenario, but he has to conserve his schwerpunkt. I didn't and paid dearly for it.
No Time to BleedSomeone else described this scenario as a chess match, and I can see the point. A lot of manoeuvring involved, especially if the Russians defend towards the northern side of the map and wait for the Germans to come to them, as my opponent did here (well, mostly). In this game however, I felt like I was playing chess without my queen, due to the dice being very much against me. My opponent rolled 10 snakeyes, several of them critical hits, while one of my Tigers needed five shots to kill a nearby T-34 (during which time it was immobilised) - not to mention several stall results with my Panthers at key moments. I threw in the towel after my Turn 5, as it was clearly impossible for me to achieve either of the VCs.
This scenario seems pretty tough for the Germans anyway, mainly because the Russian tanks can choose to stay out of the way and the German infantry has a huge distance to cover for Exit VPs. Would probably play better with German balance.
Death at the Cement PlantBasically a short range slugging match in the cement plant. Russian firepower (dice) prevailed. aiabx
Raff's OrdersI probably split my force 60/40 north/east, buying lots of smoke-making equipment to assist the northern assault. I laid a fair amount on Turn 1, but all but one mortar and one bazooka either didn't have any or ran out. One mortar outright broke. I managed to get a toehold across the bridge, and even take building R4, but Steve did a nice job of positioning his guns, and another nice job of leaving much in reserve to enter where needed on Turn 1. Between the two he covered a lot of chokepoints, and my lack of future smoke would make things extremely difficult. At this point I realized crossing the stream was a fool's errand, and wished I had entered my entire force east to make directly for the chateau. Of course this would allow him to simply converge all his men on this area rather than perform the masterful fighting withdrawal he ended up accomplishing, but would've put all my bazookas in more optimal positions. Turn 2 didn't see my northern force make much more progress, and with all the smoke cover gone and his guns and tank watching the streets they would pretty much be stuck in this position until after the possible game end positions passed. Meanwhile his meatchopper (and my lack of bazookas) diverted my path in the east north to the safety of the stone building overlay. I flamed up the tank at the end of Turn 4, freeing up my northern force to finally try and make the fight, but the rest of the game was mostly spent just positioning myself for the assault on the chateau. I had 1.5 squads safely standing at the gates, but with the building being fortified that's where they would stay. As mentioned above, a unified assault in the east would be what I'd try the next time, buser333
Welcome BackEnd game turn 4 andersb80
The GatewayExpecting (with reason) minefields and wire in the woods to the South, the German attacked frontally from the East but broke too easily under heavy fire from the Americans. Demolition charges and FT finally helped to enter the village. The Flamm-Panzer cleared the Southern buildings but the American defenders still held the rowhouse building. The final assault failed to clear the defenders in the 1st level of buildings and despite 3 HoBs providing a hero and 2 berserk units (unable to advance for CC... How lucky I am!) the German was unable to control even one hex of this row house. A clear American victory. lt_steiner
Raff's OrdersUS parachute Co attacks a mixed bag of Germans.

I chose a BAZ, 3xDC, .50-cal + HS, and entry on the east edge.

Alan chose the PzIVH, StugIIIG(L), and Battle Hardening for 1 squad.

He said he wanted the mobility, and was surprised by my decision to
enter half my force on the east edge, and half across the stream.

Initial WP salvo went well, and we were in the town with two buildings
on turn 1. Things bogged a bit from there. I didn't win using the sudden
death turns 3 and 4 conditions.

As Andy Bagley suggests, I think it's a bit tough on the US. By turn 3, I
thought the US chances were about 40%, but things turned on turns 4
and 5.

Very repayable. Worth the time.
Indy Lagu
Monte CastelloMy first scenario that I have visited in a trekking tour manzoliandrea72
Hold at All Cost!I was getting spanked. That said, his forces were too slow in bringing up the bridging. von Garvin
The Swedish Voluntary CorpsRussians used HW twice, second time in forest. Cold dice for the swedes in the forest helped the Russians succeed. mtrodgers99
Bread Factory #2 Lorenzoknight
Scorpions in a Bottle Rich Weiley
Shanghai by SeaThe Japanese easily made it to ground and forced their way on the eastern side to quickly capture two of the victory buildings. With the foothold, they made their way north and west to act as a stopgap against reinforcing Chinese, while also attacking the remaining victory buildings. A pair of sniper attacks and a stack of units that consistently rolled well weakened the Chinese defense enough to weasel my way into a victory building, and surround the rest to secure a victory. Jobbo_Fett
An Italian Civil WarDespite a good advance and enemy elimination, the Republicans failed to clear the last building. The BT7 was recalled with a disabled gun but the Nationalist artillery gun malfunctioned too. The tankettes were useful to interdict hexes around the last building. The last Republican assault was met by heavy small arms fire that broke or eliminate most of the attackers. Tough for the Republicans. lt_steiner
The Czerniakow BridgeheadOld school scenario, plenty of squads and a lot of turns. I played this scenario a few times (but with just a vague memory of it) when it first came out. I was the Germans and, depending on the first turn, there is plenty of time to achieve the victory conditions. I suppose there are two schools of thought about how to set up the Russian defense. One is to set up front, hope a lot of squads don't break because of SSR2, and contest all the bridges. The other is to be conservative and keep most of the troops near board 20 and adjust to how the Germans attack. My friend did the latter.

He set up strong to the south with not many squads defending the bridges, especially the northern two. With few troops defending the northern bridges, I set up all my men over on that side. He surprisingly made it through most of the MC's in relatively good shape, but the lone squad defending bridge X3 broke and the dash was on.

I ran my men up the northern side as he repositioned his men to stop the flood. My men brushed aside the token defense over there, but by midgame, it was still anyone's game. However, once I made it across the 20A6-C5 road, it was all but over. He had a few men in the B and C hexrows, but not enough to stop the mass of humanity rushing towards them. Hex 20B4 became the key to victory. I put the 9-2, two squads, and a HMG/MMG combo in there. It effectively cut off any hope of squads getting to the sliver of Board 8 I was going after. After a few suicide dashes by the Russians/Partisans trying to cross the double firelanes covering the 20C4-I1 road failed, my friend called it mid turn 7.

Decent scenario. I liked how there was a lot of time so I didn't feel like I had to constantly rush. It took two weekends, though, so it's not a fast playing scenario.
Smoke 'Em igycrctl
Stand And DieI played the defending Chinese in this one and diced the living sushi out of my opponent.

A full AAR can be reviewed at GameSquad forum under this link:
von Marwitz
Confusion ReignsEnfilade 2023. The Americans did not take a single loss, not even a pin check. Cleary the scenario is broken. Bill and I will turn it around. RJenulis
Confusion ReignsEnfilade 2023. Ok, after the first disastrous playing, we switched sides and played it again. This time, I did better, but after loosing with both sides, I determined the scenario must be balanced. The first playing, as the Germans I tried to make a run for the board edge to exit, denying the Americans CVP. The second game, Bill packed into the two hex building and made a stand. The Americans could not get enough CVP to win. I need to find an answer to Bill's combination of luck and skill. Apparently my current tactic of hoping he rolls high, breaks support weapons, fail MC and cowards while I move units in the open is not working. Stay tuned as I work on a winning strategy. RJenulis
Retaking Vierville Vince Eagle
Pavlov's HouseI crazily moved 2 of my IVF2 to X6 and X7. Not surprisingly, both were knocked out by 45LL, but they did provide some protection for my infantry to push into the Pavlov's House. Fierce CC happened everywhere in the building. When struggling for the location with the 45LL, my 9-2 and 2 squads managed to kill Sergeant Jakob Pavlov and his colleague, which definitely turned the tide! Some bold flanking maneuver also teared Russians defense line apart. In turn 5, Russian play forfeit the game to me.
If next time as German, I'd try to form some kill stacks and better use tanks lol.
Advanced Squad Commissar
Kempf at MelikhovoA dicey mini scenario. On T1 my IVH tried to fire a smoke but a boxcar MALFed the MA :(
Russian KV-1 entered just in time to knock out the IVH.
On T2 my flame III tank was knocked out by hip 45LL when crossing the street. Temporarily rate this scenario a 6, would like to see what will happen if dice roll were normal lol.
Advanced Squad Commissar
Without Thought of NumbersEnfilade 2023 round 2 RJenulis
Raff's DilemmaEnfilade 2023 Final RJenulis
Hell's HeadacheEnfilade 2023. I got cocky with the Russians and launched a turn 2 Human Wave that resulted in 5 squads surrendering. The rest of the game was an uphill battle. The final score was Germans 10 Russians 9. This is worth replaying. RJenulis
Good Night, Sweet PrincePredictably, the Danes placed the wire on the two bridges and covered each bridge with one AT gun and one MG. The 37L malfed on its first shot and the Nimbus bike also malfed its MA on its first shot then the crew broke. In the end, all three Panzers made it across the BB5 bridge followed by hordes of infantry for the win. Pte Parts
On the Road to HellBob's first game back in a while and he did a good job of taking out the panther but the Germans were able to pull back and secure a win. Dave
Bread Factory #2 Serge
Seldom PracticalEnfilade 2023 (round 1) RJenulis
Seldom PracticalEnfilade 2023. We switched sides and played again. RJenulis
Bread Factory #2The Russians held the factory despite some losses. The German troops tried to attack from the North but their progression was too slow. The 9-1 turned berserk with 1 MMC on turn 3 and both finally died in CC. With no GO German units left in the South keeping at bay the Russian reinforcements, the game ended at turn 5. lechiquier94
Collect Call RJenulis
The Lawless Roads usmcwo1
Unlucky ThirteenthThe German's almost failed their PMC when one 38t bogged try to clear the wire on the North side of the Western bridge, the other became stunned trying to VBM freeze the British LMG, and the majority of infantry remained hung-up on the wire, with 2 broken HSs and a wounded 9-1. Fortunes changed dramatically, and by their turn 3, the Germans had decimated the British infantry, Controlled all but two Buildings (with the remaining ones in easy reach), and gained positions to interdict the British reinforcements. The British conceded on their next turn, faced with the daunting task of re-capturing the Buildings with 3 squad-equivalents in the Carriers against the entire 10 squad German OB. Although it is a calculated risk, I believe the British must place their LMG and best leader in the building hex directly across the Western Bridge to lay a FL down the bridge approach hex, the bridge itself, and wire hex. This will cause tremendous problems for the Germans if these units are not taken out by a PFPh killer stack. Thompsonmg(MGT)
UnhorsedThe US have a tough slog through bocage defended
by ML 8 SS troops.

Rob's Americans attacked on a broad front and were
met by stiff resistance. As Simon said, there is a lot
for the US to do but they do have time. In our playing,
Rob simply ran out of time.

We think that his broad front was a decent idea.
Unfortunately for the US, their leaders were often
out of position and the US could therefore not
rally their broken units as efficiently as they might

Well worth a replay.
Indy Lagu
Morire in BellezaDon't be put off by this being a CH scenario, it plays pretty well. In our game the Italians had a tough time and were held up by the wire; they eventually got through but didn't then have enough time or resources to take the hill needed for victory. I'm sure it's winnable for the Italians but they need to plan and execute accurately (including placement of smoke, which will drift), and at least have a share of decent DRs. Andy_Bagley
The Monetake MamboThe Japanese suffered a few tooo many unlucky blows, capturing the Chinese HMG early but never getting to shoot it thanks to an X result from Captured Use. A spirited BANZAI! Charge after the right flank started to fall apart nearly captured a vital multi-hex building but came up short on the move and couldn't eliminate everyone in the building. The Japanese were targeted by the Chinese sniper three times, never got to use their mortar, and were whittled down consistently. Luck was with the Chinese this day, but the scenario is short and sweet and has a respectable amount of replayability. Good for a tournament or weekday evening. Jobbo_Fett
Hot ToddyOne of the worst scenario I ever played, basically the Allied have no choice on executing the fighting retreat, trying slowing down the attacking germans, no choice on Reinforcement that can come from one place and the changing mechanism is horrible and makes no sense. On top of that the germans have overwhelming forces and this scenario got not enough playtest. I loved the idea of small scenarios on a card, but they should have done more playtest (it was not that difficult to understand that it was unbalanced) cosarara
Moment of TruthNot impossible, but hard for the Germans. The Slovak HMG would run out of targets before losing rate. It did not break down until the last turn. The one gun that did fire obliterated its target. The Germans were ADJACENT to the last gun on the last turn, but couldn't get past the HMG. RJenulis
Down by the River Gamer72
Going Against the GrainEnjoyable game. For a change, all the traps worked - except the OBA, which never landed anything more lethal than a SR. Played over two sessions, the dice gods were definitely smiling on me in the second one. Gamer72
The Hedgehog of PiepskProspects were bright for the Germans in the early turns when OBA harassing fire broke, disrupted, or eliminated many Russian squads (mostly conscripts) and wounded their 8-0 leader and the HMG killed their 9-1. In the middle turns, the Russians successfully pushed into the village (aided by an uncompromising Commissar), skillfully firing and moving past and capturing isolated German units that in retrospect were probably too far forward or failed to heed the impulse to withdraw a turn earlier. Predictably, fighting coalesced around the 2 level building, which the Russians took on their last Player Turn. In an interesting twist, a successful German prisoner revolt generated 1 HS and 2 unarmed units close enough to a vacant single hex stone building to make a try, but all fell to -1 or -2 fire in the attempt, sealing the Russian win. An oldie, but definitely a goodie. Thompsonmg(MGT)
Trial By CombatAmericans never made much progress , finally conceding in the last turn. All tanks were gone. The m26 took out the tiger but was then knocked out by a panzer iv with a rear shot. Two mark iv’s were lost to bazookas several turns later. Viking_CTO
The Streets of ShanghaiAn absolute shellacking for the Chinese, getting massacred constantly by terrible Morale Checks and steady low rolls by Rootin. A good defense, coupled with rate of fire and tenacious Japanese fighters meant that getting anywhere was a massive chore. By the time we'd gotten to turn 5, it was obvious that my bid of 4 strongpoints was impossible. I don't think its possible to get all 5 strongpoints, nor is there any balance to this heavily Japanese favored scenario. Would like to see another take on this scenario, but hard to justify playing it twice. Jobbo_Fett
Fish to Fry Bongiovanni
Long Day of Confusion mcgallons
The Cauquigny BridgeheadFirst to play and post. Danno
The Cauquigny BridgeheadGerman tanks went zipping across the bride, while all the German infantry slogged it through the mud and evaded the US MMG fire lane down the road. US 9-1 and MMG attempted to relocate and were caught in the open at 1 factor down -2 and the 9-1 was eliminated. The US Hero and 3-3-7 couldn't hold the east flank and were taken out. The US reinforcements came on and managed to take out 1 tank before the Germans successfully took all the buildings for the win. grumblejones
Brigade HillJapanese only lightly defended the center hill. Used the other hills to cover the center. Japanese eliminated the Aussie reinforcements. mtrodgers99

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March Madness 2023: 10th Mountain Division pack - now available for download
Thanks to the guys over in Kansas, and Encircled productions, the archive is now hosting the 2023 10th Mountain Division pack.

Price is $15 and the pack features 9 scenarios and a 4 scenario campaign which can be played as individual scenarios or as the connected mini-campaign.

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You can now add balance to reported games and view a balance report for scenarios. The balance range comes from assistance of Indy and is an implementation of the Wald Interval algorithm.
Quickly see the games you've played
On each scenario page where you've played a scenario, there's now a small "show" button that will list all of the games you've played that scenario - this one will stop me having to find my name in the "view all" section of the games played list!
Scenario cards
Just to be clear - any scenario cards that are uploaded to the user file sections of scenario pages must not contain copyrighted material (graphics, artwork, etc). I'll try to get in touch with the designers/uploaders to notify them but when these files are found I have to remove them.
A quick reply
If you wrote this message to me I couldn't reply as I didn't have a reply address: "May be you can help me. We play LN3-8 scenario. Japan has 6 pillboxes worth 1 vp each and 3 caves worth 2 vp each in the OB as start. US must earn 10 vp by controlling or destroying them to win. Can the Japanese use: G11.91 OB: The number of caves available to the Japanese is listed in their OB. However, each cave set up as an Upper-Cliff cave (11.113) subtracts three from the number of caves available for setup. Cave Complexes (11.2) are not listed in the Japanese OB. The number of Cave Complexes available to the Japanese side is not reduced by the setup of any Upper-Cliff cave(s). This eliminates many vp for the US hence limiting his chances to win. I don't think the scenario was built that way. Right or wrong? Thanks". My interpretation (without any specifying SSR saying otherwise) is that it's possible to swap and yes, probably an oversight by the playtesters/designer. It's probably worthy of a house-rule prior to selecting sides.

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11 Defiance on Hill 30Near Pont l'Abbe, France1944
15 Trapped!Saint Come-du-Mont, France1944
D14 Buying the FarmLa Cambe, France1944
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