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University CityA very tense game that went the distance. The Republicans have a real conundrum in trying to wait out the artillery and punishing the required movement in open ground, or ceding territory early and hope to make up for it in bloody CC and PBF shots. Rootin did a tremendous job at weathering the storm, taking attack after attack on the chin. Sadly, a squad or two that won't come back in 3 or more turns ends up hurting the defenders position more than one might appreciate. Periods of encirclement and cc, overstacking and murderous artillery punctuated a stiff fight. One I could see being played multiple times, or perhaps a tournament scenario.
Home By Christmas? Rich Weiley
Hill 200 - Gateway to Rzhev Bongiovanni
Sabres CrossedASLOK 2022. Over in NK 2. Poor play on my part. wwillow
Sake At Sunrise Danno
Sake At SunriseJapanese made great progress through the jungle under cover of darkness. It took them 3 turns however to overcome the Marine Roadblock. The dogs sniffed out three squads of Japanese, which helped the Marines hold out longer. The Japanese killed many of the wounded Marines in the camp, but the majority became walking wounded 4-5-8's and held the line as they did historically. The Japanese launched two Banzai charges, which were both cut down by concentrated 50 CAL and 30 CAL Machine gun fire. By turn 6, the Japanese attack was broken and an American win. Very tough on the Japanese, once the sun comes up. grumblejones
Dombrowski's StandA very tense game that went the distance. The Republicans have a real conundrum in trying to wait out the artillery and punishing the required movement in open ground, or ceding territory early and hope to make up for it in bloody CC and PBF shots. Rootin did a tremendous job at weathering the storm, taking attack after attack on the chin. Sadly, a squad or two that won't come back in 3 or more turns ends up hurting the defenders position more than one might appreciate. Periods of encirclement and cc, overstacking and murderous artillery punctuated a stiff fight. One I could see being played multiple times, or perhaps a tournament scenario. Jobbo_Fett
Sticks And StonesThis one came down to the wire, and although there were some misplays (both rules wise and tactics wise), it was an incredibly tense scenario that saw it come down to the wire. The heroic defenders passed just about every morale check and pin check they needed, although I may have been a little too hesitant to reveal my Steeple troops and my MMG, but all the same it was a great fight. Rootin did everything he could to gain territory, and it could easily have swung in his direction had the dice been more favorable. Definitely a scenario that, barring minor tweaking, could be included in many a tournament run. Jobbo_Fett
Tiger TrapRussians came sweeping across the plains. The Germans rolled poorly through Turn 1, but after that began nailing the T-34/85's with all manner of AT Devices. By Turn 3, all the Russian tanks were knocked out and it was game over and a German victory. grumblejones
Tiger Trap Danno
First CounterattackA very nice and quick scenario. A multidirectional French attack fixed the German units in their defensive position. The main offensive effort coming from the East, it was therefore uneasy to resist for the German troops with less than half of their resources. In the fourth turn, their defense finally cracked and the French units took enough building hexes for securing the victory at the end. Thanks to Serge for this great game ! lechiquier94
First Counterattack Serge
A Long Way To GoAlthough I've played most of the SK1-3 scenarios by now, this is one of the few I had skipped over. It turns out that it is a tightly balanced (IMO) and challenging scenario. I highly recommend it be tried at least once.

As is evidenced by a quick glance at the starting OB, the Americans are not only outnumbered 2-1, but also quite under-gunned. The only SW of any impact is the 60mm mtr with its enticing 3 ROF that promises (in my case, empty ones) exciting rate tears. This is another scenario where the designer saw fit to give the Americans a couple of bazookas. With no AFVs in play, and only a couple of buildings to possibly target in the first turn or two, these iconic weapons are all but worthless. But the Americans look cool toting them around!

SK11 is a standard "Attacker has to exit VP points to win." An important twist is that if the Amis can eliminate 11 German VP, they win. This little detail helps keep the German player from bull rushing the thin green line: he has to avoid too many of the dreaded -2 low odds shots.

The other compelling thing about this one is the terrain. The Germans enter on the north edge cluttered with buildings, woods, and two hills, and have to ramble 17 hexes to the finish line on the south edge. Once they clear the few buildings and two hills in the first third of the map, they essentially have two main routes to victory: one that requires crossing a large swath of OG before hitting a hindrance shelter grain field (the eastern path). And one that provides a grain field cover at first before forcing the attacking squads to make the final sprint across OG.

The American is eventually forced to garrison a thin strip of woods separating the two paths running north to south down the final third of the board.

Bob did an excellent job of driving me out of the first third of the board. I managed to break a couple units and picked up 3 VP. When my mortar scored a hit and broke a squad on my first shot, I had hopes that it was the start of something good. Unfortunately, on its next shot it Malf'd, and on its first repair dr, it X'd.

Bob decided to send forces down both wings with a nice leader led MG FG sitting back providing overwatch. At one point I had only 2 GO MMC. But after a fortunate RPh, the Americans pulled themselves together and got into a semblance of a defensive stance ready for the final onslaught.

Again, Bob executed the dash to the finish perfectly, and I really did not think I could stop him from getting the 9 VP off the board. After a flurry of DFFs he had 8 VP off and needed only one of two squads to make it. The game came down to two crucial attacks that I needed to win: a 2FP +1DRM that resulted in a Pin, and a 6FP +1 that resulted in a Break. The game literally came down to the last roll on the last turn.

Bob played an excellent game that could easily have gone his way. I see that Roar has this as tilted to the American side. Based on how close this one was, and especially how much depended on a few fortunate Ami DRs, I guess I would agree.

Still, if you are looking for a scenario to help bulk up your defensive tactics-toolbox, don't skip this little gem.
Legion of Doom Bongiovanni
Among the Ruins von Garvin
Chances Are Slim Bongiovanni
Szczuki Bongiovanni
Through the Summer GrainA short but interesting game. The Russians did not fight for the buildings. After placing a roadblock on hex Y10, the Russians set up on hexrow T and retreated in front of the forest. Before the Germans could reach and strike, they dug in several Foxholes. They destroyed the German vehicles with ATRs and escaped in the fifth turn. Ireneusz
Breakin' Into the SlammerI didn't put a single body in either of the two forward buildings. Instead I setup two PBs to lay FLs down the two allowed streets the Americans would be approaching the station from, the guns to protect them from marauding infantry, the other two PBs flanking the station on the north and south, and a small outlying force to the north to slow down that approach. The rest of my troops were jam packed into the station. This made for an exceedingly boring game of shuffling skulk city. My northern force proved inept, with a HIP crew breaking his MMG on the first shot, then rolling boxcars during FPF. The next stage of my northern defense fared no better as the Americans swept through them easily. Meanwhile the American force closed in on the station, with tanks clearing the path by wiping out two wire counters. The next turn they dipped their toes into a head-on assault, only to find that the entire front of the building was mined, and a Sherman was fried by a THH. The Japanese were desperate for their reinforcements, and thankfully there was one rubble hex not yet on fire they could run through in their approach from the west. They would have to survive a stack move vs. the mortar HT however, but did so easily. One of the guns came on board to knock out a Priest, and a Sherman bogged trying to remove yet more wire. Turn 6 saw their HT recalled and the Americans nearly complete their sweep of the north, just in time to pave the way for their Turn 7 reinforcements, but they would be too little too late. With nearly every location of the station still packed with concealed fanatic defenders, the Americans decided to call it a day. A much more boring game of Commissar's House. buser333
Entre le Marteau et l'Enclume IIAn excellent introductory night scenario featuring urban fight with both sides having to attack and defend. Germans attacked first and quickly overwhelmed Russian infiltrated units. The defending German group stood against the Russian cloaked counterattack, but could not prevent flanking units to move forward. Nevertheless, The German took position around the objective building. And despite extreme winter toll on German MGs, Russian were unable to breakthrough and reach the key building. A festival of starshells illuminating a bloody night. lt_steiner
21 Nations at La CañadaAn interesting scenario that gives you a few toys per side, some OBA, lots of time and even more distance to cover. There's a real game of maneuvering at play that I enjoyed, and that forces the defender to shoot & scoot frequently. It does suffer from some terrible LOS issues that can hamper the defender's Gun placement more than intended, but with only a handful of T-26's, that might've been the goal. My artillery came in at just the right time, scoring two(!) critical hits against units in trenches. Frequent losses in manpower made the defender fail their morale check, although I would've liked to have continued the match. Definitely one to pore over instead of simply glance at, even if it suffers from a little bit of confusion with required capabilities chart and its abnormal rules. Jobbo_Fett
The Commissar's HouseRob's attacking troops were just too good for the Russians who couldn't pass their MC's. We had nearly finished the game when Rob noticed we had forgotten the snipers. My bad! Probably impacted me worse as my SAN was 6 and the German SAN was 3. Nicho11
Ten-Ton TankI think there were some poor tactics on both sides for this one. I squandered my tanks with all three out of action by turn 2 and the Swedes failed to adequately protect the southern flank where the FOO was hiding. I rushed almost everyone south and in the end I had 4 1/2 squads reach (not cross) hexrow X. Swedes had 1 squad covering the area and needed to break one squad for the win. Pte Parts
Through the Breach, Into the FireJapanese held 4 VP buildings at the end of the game. RJenulis
Use Your Tanks and Shove mcgallons
Liberating LoznicaPartisan stack all went Berzerk on Turn 2 and caused havoc on the German defenders. It was tight match to the last Turn CC. Kydder
Bizory Loves CompanyUsed American balance. Americans did well at begin by knocking out all German vehicles quickly, but the tide kept moving to exit VP & CVP needed by Turn 7.
Chapelle Ste. Anne GOUREAU
No Farther GOUREAU
Romania VictorOutnumbered and with indifferent dice, I was never really in this one and conceded during turn 4. Gamer72
The French Decide to FightMy opponent didn't like his chances at all; I thought it would be extremely tough for me. That's usually the sign of a good scenario, though I do not think my opponent took full advantage of the potential severity of the VC. Much will obviously depend on the order the US forces arrive to the fight, and I can hardly complain about mine. I started off with Group 1. Many would probably say that Group 2 would be the ideal, and I tend to agree, but Group 1 would be the second best in my mind. The best thing about Group 1 is the immediate use of the three AFV, and I fully intended to use these to scout for hidden guns. To my mind this is where my opponent's defense faltered, as I would strictly place the guns in inaccesible places with LOS to the airstrip and never reveal them. Even with vehicles clearing the way, there are still plenty of buildings and woods that the guns can hide, and these will really only be able to be cleaned up with infantry. The rest of my troops advanced cautiously onto the board, keeping concealment in almost all cases to limit the potential damage from the OBA. The mortar stayed 17 hexes away so as to retain concealment even after firing. He almost paid immediate dividends when he delivered a multi-level CH on the watchtower, but the only result was the MMG HS breaking. Next up for me was Group 3. Again Group 2 would've been ideal, but this was by far better than the observation plane. Once again my troops came onboard mostly concealed or hidden from Level 2/3 eyes. This would be a game of patience for the Americans. While they only had 9 turns to get the job done, they could afford to wait for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together. One of the AT guns revealed itself to blast one of my Stuarts, and the big AA gun came onboard to scare my Turn 2 reinforcements, but every gun revealed was one less I'd have to bug hunt for. Turn 3 finally saw my northern troops enter the battle. They carried with them a lot of toys, in the form of a .50 HMG, another mortar, and a radio to finally get some OBA of their own. My eastern troops survived a couple potentially game-breaking shots. This is where the floodgates finally opened, with the Americans able to put pressure on the watchtower from various angles. The 9-1 leading the MG kill stack was wounded and broken, along with the phone operator and the MMG HS. The HMG HS survived, ducking down to Level 2 where he was shortly eliminated with a boxcar MC. Finally the Americans were freed up to move, and move they did, quickly converging on the airstrip. The other AA gun was brought onboard to try and stop a flanking American HS, while the last AT gun revealed itself trying to stop the Stuart, which it shocked. But the writing was on the wall at this point, and with five turns left to go the French felt there was no way they could weather the storm and conceded.
Danica AirI like infantry-only scenarios. To me that's ASL at its finest. I knew the defense would be tough here with the enemy approaching from three sides. Things started off fortuitously enough in the north when I CR a squad and killed the 6+1 with a mortal wound. I thought I had placed enough defenders guarding the south to dissuade a strong approach there, but this was where Scott sent the bulk of his force (despite the slower going up into the hills from offboard). I probably should've picked on his leaderless band of men in the north, but they were sitting behind the wall, and every positive TEM addition to the DRs was enough to shift my focus elsewhere. Besides, I had to try and deal with his MMG kill stack up in the hills. They would do a good job in causing my western force to start to unravel on the next turn by busting my 8-1 and accompanying MMG squad before they had a chance to relocate to the PB they had waiting for them, turning my mortar-bearing HS berserk, and (in the east) busting my other mortar-bearing HS. The only units I had left that could touch them was my 9-1 and other MMG HS, and they did a piss-poor job. It was looking grim. If things started out with a bang, they really heated up on Turn 3 when the partisans finally got close enough to initiate some CC. I was proud of my men for dishing out more than they took, and by the end of the turn the partisans had lost 3.5 more squads (including a 527) to my 1.5 (0.5 of which was my berserker running to his doom). My western boys (sans MMG) managed to rally in the safety of their PB, but now it was my eastern MMG stack's turn to fold. The body count continued to pile up on Turn 4, with my western defenders managing to hold on to their tenuous hold in the PB by surviving CC with only a CR. My boys in the east bounced back and manhandled their MMG into the PB, where they would prove their mettle the rest of the game with some stellar shooting. Turn 5 saw me get the worse for wear as far as lost men went, but the partisan push in the west was severely rebuffed, with my men in that PB still able to hang on. The partisan equipment also began to show signs of extreme wear, with many weapons breaking down. I brought on the remainder of my HIP units to help bolster the ranks, and they did a good job of stalling. Turn 6 once again saw the Croats dish out more than they took, but enough lucky shots here and there by the partisans kept them in the game. Still, with all the continuous fighting that had been going on, they had only managed to grab control of a sole building so far. So Turn 7 was bound to have a wild finish. Scott finally was able to sneak a guy into position in the north to grab his 2nd required building, and squeeze enough units through all the RFP to grab two ammo dumps, but on the final move of the game to grab the 3rd for the win I was able to KIA his squad. A wild and exciting game no doubt. buser333
Prize For A Panther RJenulis
Danica AirAs Jeff mentioned, a fun, infantry-only scenario. Struggled in some CC's that really slowed my time-table down which led to the final rush. I was able to grab the second building and two ammo counters, but needed the third. I had men in position to make a grab at several, but none were able to get the job done. The final MMC in position to try pushed off, with all of Jeff's units have fired. He would have to survive a 2(-2) firelane, a 1(-3) residual attack in the ammo hex itself, and then not roll a 6 on the recovery roll with his final MF. Unfortunately, he died right away on the 2(-2) shot, thus ending my chances and giving Jeff the well-deserved victory. sherersc
Lehr Sanction wwillow
An Unorthodox Situation RJenulis
Scots Fusiliers' Assault RJenulis
A Lesson for Lehr Rich Weiley
War of the RatsDecisive German win. Played solo. The Russians left a gap in their coverage of the left flank which was instantly exploited by the Germans, The flank crumbled with the Germans moving quickly left-to right towards the big factory. By the last turn the Germans had moved next to the garrison of the O building, which consist entirely of broken squads, some having escaped from the large factory. The German advanced in and took up residence. Game over. With everyone under DM, the last Russian rally phase was a forlorn hope.
(Played with full ASL rules.)
Black Day in HattenI played a poor early game, losing a lot of troops to the initial American attack. Then my Sniper managed to Recall a Hellcat and another one was lost to a PF shot, forcing my opponent to play quite conservatively with his last remaining AFV. After that, my 75mm went on a ROF tear, shattering the American advance on the left flank. My opponent did manage to recover from this extremely well and the game was only decided on the final CCPh on German Turn 6 - resulting in mutual HtH elimination, which left the required two VP Locations in German hands. I had no Good Order units left on the board at the end of the game.

It was a great game and a great experience. In all honesty my opponent would have deserved the win, as I needed the ROF tear and the Sniper results to get back after a poor start. He played a solid game and used the Hellcats and the American smoke/WP capabilites to great effect.

Really liked this scenario, it's one of those instant action urban combat type games that are often very intense. Small playing area, lots of action.
Ambitious AssaultGame played via VASL PBEM over a couple months. As reported, very hard for the US/British to track down all of the different pockets of Italians, who when finally caught, got the +3 stone building bonus. Americans probed the Italian left flank early and met stiff resistance and couldn't get any concentrated fire into the town. The 9-2 for the Americans couldn't stay in the fight. The Brits fared much better but couldn't get far enough in the time they had to turn the tide. I let an American half squad get behind me which nearly spelled disaster, especially when the Allies started making desperate dashes across open ground near the end and survived! Ultimately, too little, too late, but it was a fun scenario with some tense moments. Fanghawk
A Bright Red Scarf RJenulis
Use Your Tanks and ShoveUS fire was devastating, and Germans had bad times during morale checks. (VASL Log) MoriQuessir
Siam Sambal Danno
Siam SambalDan's Thai Mortar stopped my initial assault on Board 17. My Vichy took some heavy losses moving towards the Board 35 Huts, but Dan's plane failed to get good attacks and 12's did a Recall on the Thai tank. So after Turn 6, with Board 17 falling to the Vichy, Dan offered the concession. It had been a tough fight, but the writing was on the wall as the Vichy would quickly mop up the building in the backfield. grumblejones
Mourir a MadridA poor setup, with absolutely punishing and consistent poor rolls meant the republicans were attritioned as they broke and failed almost every morale check. I had a squad with my MMG and HMG and my best leader who only shot thrice in 4 turns, having done the spectacular, rolling boxcars on their first shot, and double drs for malfunctions, only to do it again after repairing both and shooting once more later on. It was truly a scenario where the dice conspired against me, allowing Putin to get too far ahead for me to contest the end of game VP score. Jobbo_Fett
Mourir A MadridA poor setup, with absolutely punishing and consistent poor rolls meant the republicans were attritioned as they broke and failed almost every morale check. I had a squad with my MMG and HMG and my best leader who only shot thrice in 4 turns, having done the spectacular, rolling boxcars on their first shot, and double drs for malfunctions, only to do it again after repairing both and shooting once more later on. It was truly a scenario where the dice conspired against me, allowing Putin to get too far ahead for me to contest the end of game VP score. Jobbo_Fett
Liehr Launches FirstAfter looking at the map, I felt that a push on the German right flank was the best option. Going right up the gut seemed to be a difficult path having to fight through all the stone buildings. So I sent the bulk of my force to the right with two AFV's, while the other two AFV's feigned up the middle and then also swung to the right on Turn 2. Only a token force of infantry was sent to the left to try to fix some American squads in place. The old saying about plans not surviving first contact with the enemy reared its ugly head as the two things I told myself to do at the start of the scenario (use the plentiful AFV smoke and don't get your AFV's out to far in front of your infantry) quickly went by the wayside. The German attack made pretty decent progress on the right, securing I26 by Turn 4 and all the buildings to the right of the main road were captured. But all of my AFV's were taken out...three by the hidden immobilized American tanks and the final one by the two reinforcing TD' I would have to try to capture two buildings on the other side of the road. With the Ohio State-Wisconsin game about ready to start, I conceded. It was probably a 95%-5% chance for the Germans to somehow miraculously pull this one out, but it would have been fun to try for the final push. sherersc
Last Minute WarHungarian guns wreaked havoc on the armour - the AA gun destroyed 3 in one ROF tear. One of my HS prisoners attacked its guard and won (created 8-1) then attacked the AA crew in CC and created another 8-0. In the end only the AT crew survived (but in melee) with 13/15 buildings in Slovak hands. Pte Parts
Resolute Defence Bongiovanni
Strangers in a Strange LandThe French assault was immediately stymied when the German MMG rolled snakes breaking 2 MMCs. One squad rallied and the French pressed the attack. A German LMG and Mortar subsequently broke 3 squads, with on CR'd. These losses in the first 3 turns greatly hindered the French attack. The Germans attempted a strategic withdrawal, suffering some losses on the right flank which provided an opening for the attackers. When the German reinforcements arrived, the French had all of the open ground approaches covered with at least 1 FP. The Germans were unable to advance as far as hoped, finding themselves cut off from the VC building. Luck struck the German defenders when a French AFV MA and the other AFV CMG malf'd. The German reinforcements crossed the road bolstering the building defense. With time running out, the French broke the German squads covering the northern approach and then moved in force into the building while one AFV was recalled. The Germans were able to pin two HS which were preparing to enter CC. On the German final turn, the Germans skulked as best as possible reducing the possible Def Fire shots to a minimum. The French took every shot they could, but the Germans were unscathed. Craig was able to garner his 3rd win against Dave's 12. Heloanjin
Totsugeki!One of Mark's first games in PTO. Banzai! and DC heroes galore. Sparafucil3
Released from the EastDan's SS rolled miserably all night long with a bunch of 11's and more 12's, which allowed the Russians to get in close and overwhelm them in CC for the win. Bad dice really decided this game. grumblejones
Released from the East Danno
Totsugeki!The Chinese had a decent set-up but made the critical error of taking Prep Fire across the first line in the first turn instead of falling back and maintaining concealment. The Chinese did manage to eliminate 2 of 3 Japanese leaders in an attempt to forestall Banzai charges, but DC Heroes abounded and remaining Japanese leader lead devastating Banzai charges to overwhelm the Chinese defenses and take all three guns. Thompsonmg(MGT)
Setting the StageGreat description by Jeff of a fun and enjoyable game! sherersc
Retaking Vierville GOUREAU
88s at ZonPlayed Bob on VASL. This SK version is modeled after the ASL classic "Zon With the Wind." Very similar dynamics at play: Americans must overcome a modest screening force backed by two HIP 88s in order to exit at least 7VP off the edge--and do it all in 6 turns.

I managed to clear the center buildings and capture the two hills on the American right by about turn 4. Bob opened up with both 88s about then. I was lucky in that he mostly rolled high on his TH DRs, and when he did hit, I only lost one squad to breaking.

This was highly fortunate for me, as those 88s, once they score a hit, attack on the IFT with a 16 flat. If they make rate a few times, they can send a lot of units to medevac very quickly.

Once the 88s revealed themselves, the classic American FP zeroed in on the guns and I was able to silence the main gun holding me up on my right.

Very fun game, very much worth a replay.

BTW, we both had brain-cramps and overlooked the last sentence of rule 1.2.6 which points out that only small target guns and AT/INF guns that are not large targets can set up in buildings. That definitely limits the hiding places for the 88s. Why that sentence is not under 6.0 "Ordnance," I do not know. Another example of the hunt-and-peck-connect-the-dots-system of the SKRB.
No Greater Love RJenulis
Cooks, Clerks, and Bazookas mcgallons
Autumn ApproachVery fun scenario. The main British force went up the left flank, breaking the defenders in the clearing in front of the village. Crossing the street was more difficult since the Germans manhandled the 75L into the crossroads, and the TD killed all three British tanks trying to swarm it. No tanks left meant a British concession. oybj
Under the Noel TreesThe American defense was lined up nearly exclusively along the east side of Board 19, blocking all the exit routes. The Germans advanced quickly along the north side of the boards, using the hedges to block LOS. The infantry offloaded just before the woods in the center and moved carefully forward hoping to break a couple forward American units and to flush out the American AFVs. The American picket broke early and an American AFV revealed itself with a shot that turned a Panzer into a burning wreck. The Germans continued along the north side hoping to bypass the bulk of the defenders who were rushing to cover the exits on that side. The Germans were touched with a stroke of luck when a wind DR resulted in a mild breeze blowing East. This gave the Germans a perfect chance to lay a sizable smoke screen. The American AFVs reacted by moving just East of the smoke. But one AFV was Stunned with infantry fire and the other bogged. In CC, the Germans wrecked the Stunned AFV and in the American MPh, the bogged AFV Mired. See that the Germans were free to outflank the infantry to the south and exit easily, the Americans conceded. Heloanjin
Makin TakenClose and very enjoyable game. My plan was to clear the northern board first then sweep south to take the huts, hopefully inflicting lots of Japanese casualties on the way. The Japanese however put up stiff resistance without committing all of their forces, which slowed me down, and I felt I couldn't push harder because of the CVP cap. By the penultimate turn I had to gamble with a CC attack against the Japanese 10-1 leader and elite squad; I lost the ambush dr and got wiped out.
My opponent played this very well. Some of the Japanese troops stayed on the southern board and never saw action, but by keeping these forces intact and denying me the huts there, it is hard for the Americans to gain the required 40VPs. By the end of my 6th turn I had just 26 VPs (16 for buildings, 10 for CVPs) with no chance of reaching my goal on the last turn, so I conceded.
The Kings of BollersdorfYou don’t get many chances (aside maybe from the desert) to play a scenario where tanks are firing at each other at ranges around 20 hexes so this was good fun. Those Tigers are lethal with the “LL” gun particularly CE and with an AL. Russians had lost all the IS-2s by the end of T3 for no losses in return so the Tigers were broadly spread across B63 to deny the T34s achieving the exit VC. They came on cautiously (plenty of time in the scenario) but too often went down when they showed themselves. A good effort though taking out one of the King Tigers with an APCR CH and another with a “snakes” IFT roll on an HE hit vs the CE crew (+2) for a K/ result and thus Recall. However with the Russians down to only 2 T34s the remaining German infantry, of which there weren’t many (sacrificed too much early on up front I think), protected the last 2 Tigers and a final effort to knock out a Tiger from the rear ended with another blazing wreck. Simonstan
Clash at BorisovkaFirst time pushing around AFVs. Definitely got some rules wrong! Key moments, though, were the T1 events on the left hand side of the board, as a Tiger saw its MA malf (and X on repair attempt) and a IVF2 get blown up by a CH as it hid in one of the buildings in the south-west. Though the Germans did take out 5 Soviet tanks, they lost another two (both IVF2s; a Tiger and a IVF2 were left on the board at the end), with there just not being coverage or firepower to stop the other Russian tanks escaping - equivalent 8-5 to the Russians. owenedwards
The Kings of Bollersdorf Gamer72
Defence of St. Oedenrode This scenario is quite static for the US force defending a bridge against a German assault coming from both sides but, in my game, the wild dice rolls made it exciting for the US with two heroes generated and one hyperactive sniper. In the end, the US barely won by passing its last moral check roll. A nice way to spend a couple of hours. Djord
Stovepipe FuneralJapanese were tired down quite a bit during the initial maneuver phase of the battle: 8 of 12 squad became HS or striped to the Turn 3. On the Turn 3 Japanese shouted Banzai and assaulted isolated Marine strongpoint with 9-2 leader. After causing some casualties, Marine stack broke during the FPF, so Japanese were able to consolidate some ground in the victory area. Marine reinforcement had to assault solid positions, so they withdrawn to fight another day. (VASL Log) MoriQuessir
Fighting Withdrawal igycrctl
French Aggression Bongiovanni
French Courage Bongiovanni
French Determination Bongiovanni
Tiedusteluoperaation [Recon Operation] Bongiovanni
Arsenal of Communism Bongiovanni
Osastro Bjorkman Bongiovanni
A Counter Offensive Denied Bongiovanni
Objective ExodusA tough battle for the Germans and my 6 12s did not help. All the Germans ended up breaking giving the victory to the British. Well played Matt! dmareske
Big Tuol Pocket Danno
Light 'em UpMuseumfest wwillow
Haenert's LineMy Russians swept through Board DW-4a with both tanks. The Germans pounded me relentlessly, but my OBA and some luck allowed my boys to keep moving. Turn 3, I launched my human wave against the X5 location. MY 10- Commissar was KIA'd on the field along with his stack as the 9-2 drilled them. One tank was immobilized by a 75, but flames in the grain would destroy it. By Turn 5, The Russians had one last chance to win. The tank went on Hex CC9 and stopped. A CX 4-4-7 with a DC survived everything to get adjacent. In Advancing fire the tank fired in its hex and rolled snakes and then a 1 for a critical hit that broke the squad and gave the Russians the win. A crazy...crazy result. grumblejones
Haenert's Line Danno
It Don't Come EasyFirst time playing DASL on VASL; both of us found the tiny units on huge hexes quite disconcerting, but we managed anyway.
The Americans concentrated their defenders in a few large stacks rather than spreading HSs across the board, so I had to approach cautiously, and kept my tanks out of PSK range. I concentrated my attack in the south, and managed to run an couple of squads round the Americans to reach building bC4 on my second turn. The American reinforcements counterattacked and retook this building, but by then my other infantry was moving up towards the exit area of board c. So my plan worked, but whether it would have worked without the dice on my side is less clear - I got some good DRs when it mattered, particularly a snakeyes that killed his 10-2 leader moving to cut off my advance.
By the end of turn 4 the Americans had suffered heavy losses whilst the Germans were virtually intact. It seemed clear that getting the necessary VPs off the board would be quite easy, so my opponent conceded at this point. Good scenario though.
The Marco Polo Bridge IncidentMade a few tactical errors and wasted a Banzai charge that left too many holes on the last turn to resist a Chinese counterattack. Final score 9VP. Put too much effort into reducing his MMG kill stack and his (immobilised) truck. Had some bad luck too (lost a 4-1 CC, and one tank to CC on the last turn) Pte Parts
Pössl’s PosseA very enjoyable game coming down to the last CC DR with a Russian HS failing to take out a PzIV for the win. Germans perhaps set up too far forward and lost the Marder early and then the ATG Malfed. No initial HW from the Russians but the SU-76s were aggressive getting into the village T2 but fell to the ATG before it went down and a CC against which they are very vulnerable. Managed to get the reinforcements into the village and through CC / PF take out all bar one of the Russian AFVs. Kept the PzIVs back to work against the Russian infantry rather than try and take on the opposing AFVs. Happily play again as either side this looks nicely balanced Simonstan
Catching the BearHard fought game that came down to the final CC's. My Germans rolled poorly in the beginning and Dan's Russians rolled poorly at the end. But with one tank left, the Russians managed to get into CC with the last two German held houses. They would win one CC and the other would go into MELEE and a German win...but the thinnest of margins. grumblejones
Catching the Bear Danno
Blow That Bridge!The Partisans massed their forces on the West side of the bridge against the smaller number of Germans, and placed two squads with LMGs on the East side to interdict the bulk of the German force from crossing to the East side. The Germans broke a number of Partisan units on the West side probing the defenses, but were unable to hold off the Partisans from reaching the West side victory hex, placing 4 demos, and racing a few squads across the bridge to secure the East side victory hex (albeit in broken status after running many layers of residual). During their 4th turn, the Partisans rolled < or = 5 on their 3rd DC attack, bringing down the span and sealing victory - albeit at a heavy cost. (VASL Log) Thompsonmg(MGT)
No Greater LoveMuseumfest wwillow
Koniev's Finest Serge
Zon with the WindThe Germans effectively delayed the American advance while simultaneously retaining concealment. Also, a very lucky shot broke 2 American MMCs and a 9-2 leader on the east side costing the Americans a full turn to get off the board. The Americans rallied and thrust quickly on the east and west sides. The first German AA gun revealed itself and got a CH against two squads and a leader crossing a road, but did not keep ROF. The AA gun IF'd against another MMC crossing the road and rolled boxcars, eliminating the gun. On the final turn, a broken German MMC in a board edge building blocked part of the approach to exit. The Germans helped by making another DFF blunder offering a window of a chance for an American victory. The 2nd AA gun missed on its first shot and only pinned one MMC with IF. The last American stack with more VPs needed to exit, was forced to face a 6-2 shot. The Germans rolled a 2KIA ending any chance for an American victory. The dice on the last turn handed the Germans a victory despite a number of significant blunders. Heloanjin
Zon with the WindWell-played game on Craig's part. He did an excellent job of combining skulking and concealment in the early turns which took some of the bite out of my American FGs. Eventually, with the help of some good dice, I was able to drive back most of his screening force and set myself up for the sprint for the exit on turn 6.

There appeared to be a glimmer of hope when one of his 88s X'ed out on an IF shot. On the last turn I had to navigate a MMC w/LMG and his last 88 lining their sights up on my exit hexes. Game came down to one last all-or-nothing 6 down 2 SFF shot. Not great odds by any stretch, but his 2KIA result ended all doubt.

Great game, and I learned a thing or two along the way.
¿Cuàndo Te Vas?A difficult scenario to go up against as the Republicans. Mud seriously impedes one's ability to move around at any speed, and the distance one has to cover from setup to end of turn 2, at the very least, feels like dead weight that could've been cut, and the scenario shortened. Similarly, the vast amount of territory one needs to capture is similar to FT-23 Not One Inch, which we also thought was far too demanding on the attacking player. Perhaps the intention is that tanks would voluntarily abandon, as without it, the footsloggers may not have the time/speed to get to their assigned areas.

Notably, the one hip squad my opponent had was perfectly placed, as the Mud conditions made going uphill into a building far too demanding. Going around, and stacking in what I thought was out of LOS gave a perfect 10 flat shot that my opponent did not waste, killed my best leader (9-2) and reduced three squads. I don't care to remember if they ELR'd as well, it was simply a bad time. The dice never really favoured me, which was just another twist in an already deep wound.
Taking the Left TitFirst attempt at night rules and it showed. I used IR too early, thus helping the Germans to get rid of their No Move counters. The rest of the scenario was an uphill battle, both figuratively and literally speaking. By Turn 7 it was clear I had no chance to win anymore.

The night rules do change the game quite a bit and make for an interesting ASL experience.
A Night in a Sovkhoz RJenulis
Clearing CollevilleFirst time using VASL for this original SK scenario. IMO, this battle has three phases:
1st. Americans have to navigate some open ground to get a foothold in the western cluster of buildings. 2nd. Clearing the western cluster. 3rd. Closing in on the southeastern cluster of VC buildings and flushing out all GO German MMC (usually now defended by the T2 reinforcements).

The Germans' main weapon is their HMG. If this gun (perhaps directed by their 8-1 leader) can make rate a few times, it can really bog down the American attack. However, surviving the notorious American response FP might quickly put that weapon out of play.

IMO, the German player's best strategy is to play rope-a-dope in the western buildings and try to conserve force for the last couple of turn's slug fest for the final southeastern VC buildings.

Bob had a good initial set up but was betrayed by dice that refused to roll low in the early turns. Adding insult to injury, he had to abandon his HMG when its manning infantry broke. In the end, American fire power proved too much, and they were able to gain control of the final VC buildings with more muscle than the Germans could bring to bear to expel them.

Overall, an excellent game with a great playing partner.
Our Place In the SunPlacing the gun ( no smoke ) right was a bonus. Short fire range of the Ethiopians helped me too. Still a dash over open ground. Ended in a lot of CCs.
This is a scenario for good players, not recommended for new players.
Morgan's StandA few devious DRs combined with multiple tactical errors added up to a thorough drubbing for my poor Americans. Ken had a sound, methodical attack that wore me down. Game would have come down to a last turn low odds (very low) desperation shenanigans. I saved Ken some time, and myself further misery, and resigned on T6.

Nevertheless, a well-balanced and compelling scenario. Worth a replay.
Bullseye!! Rich Weiley
By Ourselves ChuckD
Encounter at CornimontThe original scenario was strongly pro-German. The revised version seems strongly pro-French. We went for a tweener VC of 15 buildings/32CVP cap. In the end I don't think it mattered, as the Germans rolled to an easy victory. It was all predicated on knocking out the three French trucks early with infantry, but this plan could easily backfire with a few lucky French rolls. German entry allowed the French no targets to shoot as their infantry moved into position in the southern woods, both hilly and non. Vehicles parked safely behind the wooded hill waiting. Turn 2 saw the next batch of reinforcements position themselves in the woods and small hill north of the wooded hill. All troops advanced into firing positions to hopefully blast the French trucks in DFPh. One truck was flamed and the other destroyed. The last truck was flamed at the start of Turn 3, and the French lost their HMG for good. This was as good of a start as I could've hoped for. From there it was just a matter of bulling their way forward, as the French had almost literally nothing to stop the ACs. Once the east bank was cleared, which took a few turns, it was easy enough for the Germans to bulldoze their way over and take the first 11 buildings in and around the small hills on the west bank. With 3 turns left to take the remainder, the French called it quits at the end of Turn 6. buser333

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39nathan wegener5831205
40Miguel Guerrero81203
41Seumas Hoskins621202
42Igor Luckyanov361199
43Robert Wolkey191199
44Enrico Catanzaro221198
45Sean Mitchell251198
46Darren Kovacs111198
47Mark McG101193
48Scott Hasson241188
49stan jackson311187
50B-E Karlsson1251187
51Rick White81186
52Raoul Duke1011182
53Chris Mazzei171182
54J. R. Tracy121180
55John Boyle381180
56Indy Lagu
57JP Laurio1991175
58Tom Weniger71175
59Federico Corso1241173
60Jim Thompson
61Mika Harviala151171
62David Reenstra251168
63Robert Brown241168
64Martin Vicca181168
65Are Erlandsen221166
66Juhani Bonsdorff111166
67Greg Barsness491165
68Don Lazov861163
69S. Slunt301161
70Stephen Frum111160
71Vilis Pavulans1491160
72Rami Saarinen821160
73Björn Lorenzen141159
74Scott Fischbein1061158
75Ian Daglish91158
76Spencer Armstrong561158
77davide galloni1101157
78Michael Faulkner111152
79Fabian Balkwitz181152
80Joe Steadman91150
81Damon Norko251150
82Sebastia Hummel151149
83Fermin Retamero41147
84Steve Bowen441145
85Jim Fardette91145
86chris olden121143
87Eric Michael101142
88Scott Romanowski51141
89Martin Mayers801140
90Laurent Tinture101139
91Kevin Graves91138
92Melvin Falk51137
93Simon Staniforth
94Tom Mueller171135
95Davide Bendazzi881134
96Rich Domovic331134
97Kevin Sanders1091132
98Louis Langdeau451130
99Rick Reinesch131128
100Gerard Burton1851125

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CH151 Race for FreedomKock, Poland1939
LSSAH30 Swept CleanIstra Peninsula, Yugoslavia1943
VotG24 Raid on RodimtsevCentral Stalingrad, Russia1942
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