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Closing the NetAmericans opted to start with group B on board in the hope of approaching the HMG pillbox from the rear and taking it out. However, I have discovered previously how vulnerable a pillbox is to CC when approached from the rear so set a highly successful trap on the path for him. In the end the 10-2 and HMG did more damage from the front. I could not resist CC though and these usually went poorly - I did not achieve ambush once. My snipers also slept through most of the scenario. In the end I won by maintaining concealment and slowly backing away from the marines. At game end I had 50% more VP in the victory area and only 2 HS had exited the map. Pte Parts
CanicattiIt took me a while to figure out that Glen chose a 'reverse slope' defense. While that granted me (largely) freedom of movement to the hill, I ran into a buzzsaw once I got there. Cautious play resulted in the loss of only one tank but my infantry had a heck of a time dealing with his MG point blank fire. Glen's sniper KIA'd two of my leaders, making it tough for me to rally troops and send them back up the hill. I couldn't clear the bunker at 2-1 odds in CC, which left me vulnerable to his reserve hiding in the woods behind the crest. In the end, I got my tanks and some infantry to the hilltop but couldn't clear it in time. German win. Agoldin
Fuller's FollyIf all goes well the Germans should prevail. They have a decided advantage in ML and terrain. But the Americans have the numbers, and the Germans a large front to protect with limited troops. They are a turn away from an American breakthrough with either one bad round of shooting, one broken MG, or one unlucky sniper hit. Our game saw the Americans have an extremely tough time crossing the G3-R8 lane. Being caught broken out there led to 1.5 squads surrendering, on top of the 3.5 other squads eliminated by German fire (at least a couple by KIA). With the numbers evened up, and the Germans having a decisive advantage in defensive position, the Americans called it a day after Turn 3. Somewhat entertaining, but way too small and dicey to be taken too seriously. buser333
Venturi EffectDavid chose the Sernovente M41M as his variable OB choice and camped the exits with his AT guns. I chose the additional M4. In an interesting twist, he tried lighting the woods-road on the right side of the hill (50U7) on fire before I could pass through it and nearly succeeded. My radio broke and later repaired but that didn't give me enough time to get the observer in position, so my artillery fired zero rounds. That is not a winning formula. Although I had some good fire attacks with my MGs and took out one his 47L ATGs in an infantry assault, my troops had to run a gauntlet of direct and indirect fire to exit the board. Had my artillery been reachable, I could have broken up his troop concentrations, but... David's terrible dice rolls turned at the right time -- just as I was trying to exit. The gauntlet of fire through which I had to drive drove up the CVP, resulting in an Italian win.

Important safety tip: the SSR which prohibits the Italian player from Emplacing guns also prohibits them from setting up HIP. Had we checked that rule before playing, it would have had a big impact on the game. Not sure this playing should count for the win/loss tally in light of that.
Show of ForceA slight delay in the german offensive when the AFVs waited for infantry running to the village may have swayed the balance to the russians. the hideous rolling on the russian side swayed it back. Malfed the Gun on the second shot, malfed a tank MA, hit with a 76L into a building and then dudded the shot and so on. It came down to the last turn where a close combat against a pinned russian squad didn´t succeed and the russians won this time. Taxing on morale and several personal moralechecks resulted in pin for the german player who was ready to throw in the towel at least five times during the game but stood as the victor in the end. DrDryg
Red DonSet up as the Italians rather far back with only a few units overlooking the river. Once the Russians had crossed the rivers the Italians has a magnificent bashing hitting the Russians hard. OBA was tough. After finally gaining radio contact the access chit was red and the next turn the second red chit was drawn. The leader got mad and threw the radio at the Russians.
Quite a few weather changes came about with snow increasing twice after which it disappeared. The Italians has some good luck not only with rate on the mortars but also with IFT rolls and although rolling the Russian SAN quite a few times, the Russians did not get payback through effective snipers.
In the final turns the Russian 9-2 rolled for HoB and became berserk.
All in all a very nice scenario.
Boxcloth dmareske
BoxclothAmericans came from both island crossings. The HMG killed two squads with snakes, one on each crossing. The south group was then wiped out in CC. The north group was pinned before it could get adjacent to the building in the last turn. Japanese win! Danno
Might Makes RightVASL WO rd3 wwillow
The Queen's PrequelPretty dominant German win...dice heavily favored the Germans and the Brits did not get close to capturing the VC building. Quick-playing scenario good for a short FtF session. Played at January CAASL meeting. sherersc
Gavin TakeI played American Attacker. Defender set up a multilevel defense in center to cover as much in LOS entry as possible. German fire Broke several paratrooper squads on entry turn. But they rallied quickly with 10-3 leader influence. German player did not roll well when his broke squads tried to rally and had trouble recovering from it. I had a HOB Hero creation, I was able to effectively use him to get close and DM his broken squads by moving adjacent. I was able to charge the Entrenched squad at the exit point on Turn 5 with a HS and 2 Squads - he broke his squad due to a FPF MC miss. One squad in the charge survived and took the entrenchment. Enough paratrooper good order squads/leaders were in reach to exit on turn 6 so he conceded last part of turn 5. Robert7721
The Niscemi-Biscari HighwayThe Americans held off the German advance, taking out the armored car as it came up out of the gully. Keeping concealment and limiting the German fire is key. The mines ended up being well-placed slowing the advance even further. dmareske
Ace in the Hole Danno
Ace in the HoleHarsh game for both sides. The Pershing went down to a long range panzerfaust shot and then the tank battle went to the Germans with all of the American tanks ultimately destroyed. The Germans then still had the Tiger and the MKIV beside the center building on Board 4. The American mortar then went on a rate tear with criticals that wiped out the defending German 9-1 and MMG at that location. From that point, Dan's dice were blessed by the dice gods. He would roll so many snake eyes that I lost count. The effect was devastating as my tanks were eliminated and all of my squads, except for 2 in the J7 building on board 46. But with 9 squads and a now Heroic 9-2, Dan easily broke the and eliminated the squads for the win in the top of Turn 8. The momentum shift at the end of Turn 4 resulted in a strong win for the Americans. Despite losing all of his tanks, Dan was able to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat. grumblejones
11th Company CounterattackI set up a fairly up-front defence, with just the 9-1 leader, 6-2-8 squad + DC back in CC8. The Finns attacked this aggressively, taking some casualties but catching two of my squads in CC and making it hard for others to retreat. So the Russian "withdrawal" was quite shambolic (I should probably have avoided setting up in foxholes), with voluntary breaks and units enduring interdiction, but somehow I managed to get a few units back to defend the eastern buildings. It wasn't enough though, and the Finns sealed it with a 114mm shot into a melee, which broke my last units and gave them the win.
This looks a dicey scenario, with SANs of 5 and 6 respectively, but neither of us got a successful sniper shot in the entire game! A couple of other DRs could have been game-changers had they gone the other way though. Despite losing, I still rate this a fun little scenario.
ANZAC BoysAs the data suggests, this one probably favours the Germans slightly. I was happy with my plan as the ANZACs though, sending a couple of squads to take and hold the southern buildings while my main attack approached the main village area from the north and east. The dice gods didn't agree with me though; I couldn't get an ambush, lost two CCs where the odds were in my favour, and repeatedly failed MCs with my 8-morale squads. I also couldn't try the Banzai option because all my leaders were scurrying round trying to rally brokies! In the end the Germans outnumbered me and were counterattacking, so I threw in the towel at the start of Allied turn 4. Andy_Bagley
The Bridge of Verdalsöra von Garvin
BridgeheadPlaying Hans Mielants SASL HC Barbarossa campaign, which uses this mission. Hans' MSR stipulates that the EN gets three Artillery Strikes upon the first GE unit that lands on the enemy side of the river. If RNG goes against you, you will likely lose this mission before you even get started. (VASL Log) Ahriman667
Under the Noel TreesI managed to pull out a win in a 'squeaker' of a game against George as the defending Americans. Based on my read of the terrain and his setup, I came in on the center and right (north) of the map, with the idea being the woods and hedge would mask my movement. Instead, George chose to position both of his Tank Destroyers forward, knocking out one of my STUGs on Turn 1 and immobilizing a Mk4. It could have been much worse had he made rate. Luckily his dice didn't help him and I was able to move most of my vehicles out of his line of fire, leaving only the immobilized Mk4 and his wingman moving far behind. Since my AFVs had to be mobile to exit, he chose to engage the moving Mk4 and... missed. My immobilized Mk4 which had range by that point then hit and turned the TD into a burning wreck.
George then sortied his remaining TD to get a rear shot on one of my other Mk4s. Although he missed, my tank gunner did not and by the end of Turn 3 George was out of TDs. What could have been an easy exit was stymied by aggressive play with is three Bazooka-toting squads which defended the eastern treeline and a fourth in the center. George's Americans managed to kill a Mk4 in CC (which didn't have enough points to exit). Another of my Mk4s got attacked on the woods road on its way off the board and, by firing with every weapon on board, managed to pin a BAZ team that came up the woods-road (which then missed), break another BAZ team and kill a squad and leader in CC. At that point I had 3 AFVs off the board and a lead in CVP. George failed his Personal Morale Check and conceded. That was a very close game!
March on MarcheVery exciting, with the Germans taking the final victory building on their last turn to win it. The Germans are mobile, but have a huge distance to cover so have to keep moving - one of my motorcyclists didn't dismount until turn 7! On the other hand, there's no CVP cap and the French tanks are not much of a threat - poorly armed, platoon movement and can't control buildings if the Germans occupy. Even so I thought around turn 5 that I would probably lose, because the last two (westernmost) victory buildings are on the southern side of the village and most of my forces were towards the north.. But I threw everything at the defenders on my last two turns, aided by a VBM freeze and successful CC; the French couldn't shoot everyone so I was able to get people where I needed to. Last defenders broke in my final PFPh, allowing me to move in. Good game. Andy_Bagley
Faugh A Ballagh!The Irish attack made good use of smoke during the initial assault, maneuvering a heavy force on the German right with a flanking force sprinting to the left. However, an early mistake placed an AFV within striking distance of a German HS with PSK. The Germans did not let the opportunity pass leaving the Churchill a burning wreck. The Irish pressed on making good progress. The Irish suffered steady casualties without inflicting any in kind on the Germans. The German HS with PSK, now with a Hero due to HOB, took out another Churchill before finally succumbing to superior forces. The Germans carefully fell back while the Irish were regularly Pinned, slowing the advance while the Jagdpanzer IV wrecked the last Churchill. The outcome seemed certain when the Germans made an error skulking out of a VC building relinquishing control to the Irish. With few forces remaining on Turn 7, the Irish captured the final required buildings for victory, but needed to hold them to the end of the Game Turn. The Germans counter attacked, retaking an undefended building while smashing the Jagdpanzer IV into a building with an Irish MMC and leader, followed by a German MMC and leader. The CCPh ended in Melee. The Irish made a last desperate charge, surviving DefF, and entered into CC in an attempt to again take control of the 6th building. At the end of the Allied Turn 8, there were two Melees which would determine the victor. The Germans had the upper hand, only needing to win one. But the CC odds were slightly in the Irish favor. The Germans tried and failed to reinforce a Melee. In the final CCPh, the Germans rolled low, regaining control of the mistakenly lost building. The Irish won the other CC, but it was no matter. The Germans secured the Victory. (VASL Log) Heloanjin
A Less Peaceful ChristmasThe Filipino's built up a healthy VC lead with building control , but suffered heavy losses to the Japanese Banzai charges, but a KIA result on the last Banzai sealed the deal and gave the Filipinos the win. grumblejones
Armored Probe at Sidi-NsirWent to the last turn. VASL WO RD1. wwillow
Over Open Sights angelito
Trapped!Fun, 2-phase game. Read and track those VCs---carefully! EJ1
Insufficient ResolveGreat combined arms SK scenario! MoriQuessir
In Sight of the VolgaNorth was too lightly defended so the Germans attacked hard here, with enough units in the south to prevent mass Russian repositioning. Two German kill stacks softened up the Russian middle, while the rest of their force made a strong sweep around the top. By the end of Turn 2 all but one Russian unit on Board 1 was eliminated (and this squad was broken). Russians lucked out and got one reinforcing squad on Turn 2, but he would be unaided the following turn and hard pressed to keep the German horde at bay. The INF gun HIP in the factory made its presence known eviscerating a HS, but these two units were easily overrun by the Germans, and the factory was secured by the end of Turn 4. The only high point for the Russians was their sniper. I must have rolled at least a dozen 7s on Turns 3/4 alone. buser333
Strangers in a Strange LandThis was for the 2nd round of the virtual Winter Offensive. My first shot of the game was an IFT 2 DRM -5 shot and the target was the French's best leader and 3 squads. It was a tricky LOS, but as Scenario Defender, I was of course sited into it as a bore sighted hex. Unfortunately (for me), all I did was break a single squad. Shortly after that, I did KIA a squad, but in so doing, I hit his SAN. He rolled hot and of course the sniper took out my 9-1 leader. I thought I was doomed. I then un-HIP'd my 468s that were off to flanks and started filling the building, holding out for reinforcements.
I knew things were going my way when one of his 458s jumped into CC with my mortar HS. No ambush, he gacked his roll as did I. I was happy with the melee.
Of course, I fired into the hex, k/2. Random Selection was the French squad, who was pinned due to the MC. I rolled 1,1 and generated a hero. The melee survived all fire at it and of course this opened up his flank.
My reinforcements came in and I added 3 more squads to the objective building. The kicker was when he got into the building with 2 squads. This was after his 9-2 rolled 6, 6 on a 1MC. He survived the wound check, but it was all over in the subsequent CC phase. No ambush, he rolled a 5 to KIA my squad. I shot back at one of his squads, getting a 4. By now I outnumbered him and I held the objective building with 5 squads, 2 LMGs, 1 MMG and a DC.
The dice just got hot for me at the right time.
von Garvin
BoxclothA tricky scenario for the Japanese: they only have 2 1/2 squads to hold off the USMC.

A poor setup for the Japanese can lead to their losing this scenario. Rob and I agreed
that Rob's setup was less than optimal. A couple of luck rolls for the USMC (including
creating an 8-1 in CC) certainly helped.

I would have given it a 4 or 5, Rob said 5, so that's what we gave it. Perhaps after
multiple playings, I will change my view on this one.
Indy Lagu
The Culling at Xiang RiverIt has the setup for a good scenario, but I would honestly cut out the provision for HIP and give the Red Army concealment and plenty of dummy counters, otherwise the Red Army player may have a boring first few turns.

Special mention goes out to our cursed dice, breaking all our Machine Guns in near as many rolls!
Bridge of the Seven PlanetsWent to the last turn and the French melted away in the VC hex. Germans never got their OBA and suffered only 16CVP. The tank was immobilized early and in a spot that precluded it from being effective for the end game. The French just didn't shoot well enough. wwillow
Soldiers of DestructionSmall, fun scenario. The German 88LLs dominated the game. oybj
Clearing Colleville BravoCo
Soldiers of DestructionSmall, fun scenario. The German 88LLs dominated the game. oybj
Here We StandSome rate rolls by mortars early paved the way. Left side rush and a middle hold won the game pretty easily for the Germans. Boogaboo
Cendriere’s FarmWe both reckoned this is tough for the Germans. Assuming we understood SSR3 correctly, the German smoke disappears at the start of their turn 2, when they still have a lot of ground - most of it open - still to cover to reach the victory buildings. In our game the German Assault Engineers and 9-2 leader set up close to building xP7 and captured it very easily. Other German troops entering from the north however were raked by IFE from the HIP AA gun in xH2 and look heavy losses. Other German troops approaching from the East also found the going tough, but eventually took building 72S2 after a series of failed French MCs. By turn 5 it looked as thought they had a chance to capture two more buildings as well, but some good French shooting (plus a deadly sniper shot that killed the leader accompanying the German turn 4 reinforcements) tipped the Germans over the CVP cap during the last French turn. We were left wondering if there is a better German attacking strategy that we failed to find. Andy_Bagley
The Niscemi-Biscari HighwayThe Americans were fully expecting a German attack through the woods rather than up the gully. That left a majority of the defenders out of position for the initial turns, especially one gun which was well out of the fight. A quick shift helped stem the tide, but when the armored car got an open ground overrun eliminating a squad and leader, the American fate was sealed. (VASL Log) Heloanjin
Dutch TrucksAmazing and fun scenario! (VASL Log) LastViking
BridgeheadRetry of Mission: Bridgehead from the SASL HC Barbarossa campaign by Hans Mielants. His MSR (not in original mission) has the EN receiving three artillery strikes on the turn that the first GE unit lands on the EN side of the river. My luck, I rolled 3 x 120+ OBA (24 FP column), and all three were target rounds effectively and decimated my company. Final mission tally was 30 CVP for the EN, 0 for the FR, and the bridgehead recaptured by the Russians. (VASL Log) Ahriman667
The Dead of WinterLast die roll gave the Russians the victory
A Promising StartWell kinda as expected. The 2 TDs never stood a chance. The infantry got some ok results and the AA guns rolled poor or the loss would have been far greater. Used the No of the map to avoid open ground and ran. Got 17 pnts off (lots of luck in that). Any moderate US set up and luck will equal a German loss. Boogaboo
Task Force Faith BreakoutThe Americans were able to break the forward defenders by turn 6 carefully advancing the convoy each turn. Even so, the Americans lost 4 trucks and both armored vehicles to MTR fire. The airpower proved to be able to pin down the defenders and the Americans were able to drop one Napalm bomb with the help of the forward observer. Great scenario to learn some new rules. dmareske
Unfamiliar LandGermans made a run along the north edge and managed to slip past a single 4-4-7 with an LMG. The Russian reinforcements came in on top of my escaping Luftwaffe boys. I managed to break 2 squads and then one last squad entered into CC with my pinned 9-1 and got stuck in Melee when they just wounded the 9-1. My boys made a final run for the exit and got 14 off for the win. grumblejones
Unfamiliar Land Danno
Strayer's StraysGermans deployed dummies as Level 2 overwatch in Chateau and as blockers to attack in center, and dispersed remaining units throughout board. Americans made consolidated attacked through grain in West defended by 1 4-4-7 and 1 4-6-7 and were able to reach woods, but 4-4-7 broke 1 HS and with risky FPF broke a squad and eliminated 8-1 leader. Most of the German OOB never made it into the fight, but a CX'ing 8-0 with 2 4-3-6s and 1 4-6-7 reached a good firing position on the Southern edge and prevented the exit of a HS, squad, and Hero with snake eyes on a 12 FP shot, KIA'ing the HS, breaking the squad, and wounding the hero. The die rolls were very unkind to the American smoke attempts, which may have been the difference in the game. Thompsonmg(MGT)
Under the Noel Trees manzoliandrea72
A Greek TragedyThis was a fun scenario. Both sides were rolling low on the IFT and not on the MC.
Italians brutalized the initial Greek attack. 2 units KIA and 4 more broken along with a leader in the initial assault. The Greek attack formed into an attack from both flanks on the Italians who lost 1 building on each side to continually breaking units.
It developed into a fight for the 2nd building of the pair in the middle and the Italians just ran out of units. Even with successful bypass freeze the Italians were blown out of the building (leaving only 2.5 Greek units in the defense but the 1.5 Italians couldn't take the building back.
The mud slows the attack but also keeps the Italians from having too mobile a defense since the buildings are spread out so far.

This was a fun one.
Emergency SurgeryHad the German defender in this one. Bought mines (all converted to AT mines), roadblocks and some wire to supplement the defence. Started off badly when the M8 manoeuvred around to 79W2 and broke the 8-0, LMG and squad in W4. The unarmed jeep with HS passenger then went on a recon and found the first of my AT mines in R1 Meanwhile most of the soft skin vehicles entered via Y10 and were able to drive through and laager in the central orchard.

This suited me as the infantry gun was set up in Q2. In defensive fire and the subsequent Prep fire phase it knocked out a half track and truck, eliminating the two squad passengers. I then got greedy and malf'ed the gun on an intensive fire shot at the M20 and promptly disabled it in the the next rally phase.

US turn 2 a Hellcat bogged trying to cross the bocage hexside at U2/T1 and the second Dodge tried to force the minefield and failed.

Whereas I'd been on the receiving end of a few snakes in my last game, I dealt a few out in this game, the first coming on a 4-1 when the 347 carrying the flamethrower attempted to dismount from the M20.

Turn 3 my opponent tried to go for broke to get across the river. The bogged Hellcat extricated itself and drove across the bridge and an empty half track managed to thread its way through the minefield in R1 and head for the bridge. It survived one shot from the MMG (in N1) when it reached Q1 but the MMG retained rate and fired again at it in Q2 for a hit and a snakes on the To Kill roll to leave it a burning wreck. When the M8 endeavoured to negotiate the minefield and was immobilised my opponent conceded.
Rich Weiley
Victory is LifeGave the Russians the balance but that was not needed as the Russians totally diced the Italians. atomic
A Long Way To GoExtremely bloody on both sides. KDz
Zon with the WindFor Virtual Winter Offensive. von Garvin
The Beleaguered Capital Danno
The Beleaguered CapitalThis was a great scenario; it had a great flow with the Nationalists attacking and then having to hold off a substantial counter-attack. Burning tanks, a successful use of a DC against a tank, and lots of HtH CC! The game came down to the last two CCs, Dan winning the one but only CRed my final squad with the Nationalists able to eliminate all the Republicans in that melee, giving them the victory by a half-squad. dmareske
Heart of WildernessThis one was a brawl. Mike setup with bunkers defending the bridge and it turned out that is where he had both his INF and AT guns as well as the MMGs.
Russians through use of the HW got in position to assault the bridge in their turn 2 due to an effective HW. However, German fire was extremely effective breaking 6 Russian units in their turn causing a rout to the commissar who did his job brilliantly. Commissar never failed to rally a unit during this game.
I sent the whole of the Russian infantry reinforcements toward the town and had to bring the tanks/SMG in to support the assault on the bridge
Russians had the most effective HW i have seen to rush the town (meaning the dice gods frowned on Mike's fire at the HW). This gained me the one hex in the town with a substantial force.
It came down to the Russians launching a 3rd HW at the bridge defenders to soak up fire (all 6 units of the HW were KIA or broken in the attack but did their job. This allowed enough Russians to get in behind that they sealed off the bridge hex.
Both of the victory hexes required a German KIA to even get to a point where they could advance in and it didn't happen.
Surabaya SlugfestIRA heavily defended the east, densely packing about 3/4 of their force in the Q and R buildings. Brits in turn sent only a light exploratory force to capture the west, quickly grabbing two VC buildings on Turn 1. With all kinds of tricks up their sleeve, it would be tough going rooting the IRA out. With only the AA gun revealed as it attempted to shoot down some RAF, the Brits delayed entry of their tanks until Turns 2/3. They were desperately needed for smoke with the radio going out of commission early. Turn 3 saw the radio back in action, but without targets. The tanks dropped smoke to cover the kickup of the assault on R15, while the Brits continued to bully and slog their way up the gut toward R18 (a non-VC building that would take some time to clear). Brits sent a couple tanks west in preparation for possible IRA reinforcements, but thankfully they chose to enter in the east to bolster the defenses there. Turn 4 saw some severe IRA casualties, but they were still holding on to buildings R15 and R18. Considering no fortified locations were yet discovered, the Brits were starting to doubt their chances. The first one was unearthed in P15 and, considering this building was now enshrouded in OBA smoke, it would be some more time yet before those defenders could be unseated. Meanwhile the assault kicked off on O17 and O18, which both proved to be fortified. The first vehicle loss of the game was generated - the Dutch Braat - which was no match for a Sherman. The rest of the game would prove very bloody indeed, most of this IRA as they just could not match the might of the Brits. But with their fortified locations, guns, and vehicles it would still be very hard-earned gains indeed for the attackers. N14 proved to me insurmountable, so the Brits had to switch tack late in the game to try for P10. Luckily for them this ended up being manned mostly by dummies, with only a conscript squad standing in their way. Still it took to the end of the last British turn to close out the CCs there and in N17. Meanwhile in the west a HIP IRA squad assisted by the PLA Wagen made a move on the lightly defended W3. The Wagen was immobilized, but not before breaking a wannabe reinforcing British HS, and the sole British HS was able to tie up in melee the IRA squad. The Wagen was burned up by a reinforcing Sherman, and a replacement British HS was sent to bolster the defense. Going into the last IRA turn the Brits were solidly positioned in their minimum six buildings, needing only to break and rout upstairs in the weaker-defended ones if threatened. Really nice scenario; a bit of grind, but not in a terrible way. buser333
Oviedo 34A scenario that would require a lot of love to bring it up to par with many other scenarios. Requires extra charts/paperwork that is hard to get a hold of. Jobbo_Fett
Priority TargetThe game result was uncertain till the last DC blow. Allied solid defence line was broken after several anomal sequential 4 FP shots, which broken and casualty reducted more than half of Allied OB, but the last gun survived the massacre. MoriQuessir
Hammer to the TeethUS setup their defenses too close to the German initial line, so the mortar had a chance to clear the way for the flank assault, Germans secured the victory building radius before the US reinforcements could reach it. MoriQuessir
Sovkhoz Haystacks Danno
Sovkhoz HaystacksDan's attack came in hard and fast at the village. I was rolling poorly and pinned a squad, but nothing else. In my PREP Fire, I managed to destroy a MKIV, but then Dan's MKIII's smoked me and he rushed the village. He had complete control of the village by Turn 4 and had wasted all my tanks and infantry. On the downside for Dan, he had MALF'd two Tigers and both would be recalled in dr 6 Repair attempts. My reinforcements moved into the position and waited for Dan's exiting armor. I managed to destroy 2 X Tigers and a MKIV. But Dan would exit the half-track and both MKIII's for the win. The MKIII"s were the unlikely heroes of the scenario. grumblejones
One More Hedgerow KDz
Most Important Thing Danno
Most Important ThingThe Russian attack came up both board edges and got hung up on the barbed wire. The Germans would break both HMG's and then fall back to an Alamo trench in Hex D6. On the final turn, the Russians Rushed the Germans at the F7 area and locked three of the German stacks in Melee, but the German 9-1 and 2 squads were still good order in Hex D6 for the win. grumblejones
Hill 311 RJenulis
Hickory Lickin'ROAR currently has this 24-10 pre German so a tough test for the Americans and so it proved. The outer buildings were cleared by T3 leaving another 3 turns to assault the stone building VC area manned by those tough 8 moral troops, including the reinforcements. I had though largely kept the initial on board forces out of any main thrust up to this point (I figured if they go down early you are highly unlikely to win as the Americans) and as they came into the game, they were able to set up some limited encirclement shots to the Germans disadvantage. A slow grind in, lots of Smoke use helped by a mild breeze springing up, and decided in the final half turn with 2 Close Combats the Americans winning both although holding in Melee would have been enough. Always a good game when goes to the last CC. Simonstan
Sink's Encouragement KDz
Crown of ThornsI will say one thing about HazMo scenarios - they go down to the wire. All four scenarios I have played went to the bitter end. That being said, as I've mentioned before, close doesn't always equate to fun. Once again that's the case here. A bunch of ELR 2 Russians (almost half of whom are conscripts) against a horde of German infantry (most of whom have 8ML) and vehicles. With very limited AT options, the Russians will most likely sit on their hands hoping that their forts protect them (at least for a little while). The game started poorly for me when I lost a cupola on Turn 1 and an MMG on Turn 2. Both FLs would be sorely missed going forward. Turn 3 didn't start much better, with the Germans ripping through some wire in the south while taking out my last cupola (that had broke its MG) in CC. The only consolation was a lost German tank due to a lucky MG shot, and another immobilizing in some AT mines. One thing the Russians do have going for them are their three commissars. They were heavily relied upon throughout the battle. Turn 4 saw the Germans overrun both PBs and start to get their infantry in range to do some damage. The Russians just sat and waited, concealed as long as possible. turn 5 saw more Russian infantry bleed off, but a sniper managed to recall one of the ACs. Turn 6 was a good one for the Russians, as they were able to curb the German advance. More importantly they hit 15CVP, which reduced the German VP gained by one. But the Germans added yet another hero to the two previously generated, and considering two of them were with the 9-2, there were some ugly shots even against buildings. Thankfully the Germans managed to miss more than they hit, with a lot of 11's and 12's being rolled. Poor shooting would be a common theme for the Germans all game long. The body count kept trending higher and higher each turn as close quarter fighting developed, and the Russian tank was knocked out by a German ATR on Turn 7. The Germans would easily grab two more buildings on the last turn, bringing their count up to 7VP, but they would have to grab either the crossroads and Red Army HQ, or the Commissar's Office to stand much chance. This assuming they could exit 2VP worth of units (20 CVP). By this point it would be highly unlikely any German infantry would make it off board, so they started the exodus of the vehicles. One tank made it off (breaking its MA during BF, but an AC was knocked out by an ATR, while a HT was Stunned). At this point the Germans conceded. I wish I could say it was exciting, but it simply wasn't. I'd take the Germans every time in this. buser333
Morning MassacreVery astute defence by the Americans: they basically withdrew from two of the three victory buildings (although not without losses) to concentrate on the defence of building 53R6. By the time I was ready to attack this stronghold, his tanks had arrived in support and two of my tanks (the two that mattered) were out of Smoke. I had some good shots (and lots of boxcars, but mostly from the blaze in the orchard, which didn't matter), and advanced towards the southern side of this key building quite successfully. But I failed to establish any strength north of the building, meaning I couldn't bring fire to bear on 53S7. And I had taken losses too, so by the start of Turn 6 I had lost two tanks to his three; but I had only 3.5 unbroken squads remaining, and they were poorly situated, whilst a more powerful American force still occupied that building. A German win might have been theoretically possible, but it would have taken a miracle, so I conceded. Andy_Bagley
Another Summer's Day Lehr
Rapidement VaincuA wild game. A turn 1 sniper unhinged my defender's plan, and
half of my force was in danger of being surrounded. A combination
of aggressive play with a Panther and a bit of AFV unfamiliarity on
my opponent's part helped me salvage the match.

Our game split into two battles: one on each board. The French
were too weak on one half to extricate the Germans from the victory

The French player surrendered after turn 5 (of 6 1/2).
Indy Lagu
The Tractor WorksGermans moved first and got an early lodgement in the factory but were thrown out. Meantime KG Stahler was holding firm and keeping the counterattack at bay until T3 when some strong Russian Prep just about broke all of them allowing the Russians to HW getting 3 squads and the Commissar across to the factory. With the balance of this force comfortably able to follow next turn, and most of the original Fanatics still holding the Factory, I couldn’t see a German win from here so called the game. Old school ASL with mighty FGs led by -2 / -3 leaders blasting away at each other, great fun but a few good rolls for either side and the game quickly turns. Simonstan
Unlucky ThirteenthThe Germans ignored the bridge covered by the S35 and instead went for the less-guarded but wire-shielded bridge. The wire held up the infantry, the AT gun took out one tank and despite making some in-roads the carriers swung in to protect the final buildings. Always seems tough on the Germans but the combined balance on Roar and here suggests it's very doable. Dave
The Niscemi-Biscari HighwaySlow advance up the gully side of the map proved to catch the Americans slightly out of position. The armored car got an open ground overrun attack on a squad and a leader proving to be a turning point in the game. The Germans eventually broke the two of the American positions and leaving very little forces to make an effective counter-attack. dmareske
Backs to the SeaGetting started with ASL, my opponent did a fantastic work. The Germans had a few lucky shots on the right flank making advance there possible. Utilising the one flaw in defense, not having a rear guard. The Germans forces in the center could then swing around. Some heavy losses on the German side made it look hard to get enough units to the goal but a few lucky shots killed and broke a few American squads and after that the road lay open. DrDryg
Joseph 351I've got SSR 1 #1 with 15 VP, 3 x 6-6-7 and 9 x 5-3-6 squads. After seeing initial German setup, I've decided to rush for the hill control from the both sides, but was able even to disarm most German units around the hill. MoriQuessir
Shouting Into The Storm atomic
Italian Behemoth Serge
Guards AttackGermans just could not roll for a PF to save their lives. von Garvin
The Old TownThat opening bombardment was devastating. It wounded my hero and it crippled my HIP 9-1 with HMG. I didn't have to roll for it; its location rubbled!
But that wasn't enough, Will saw an opening and went for it. He kept the pressure on me, not giving me a chance to recover.
Best narrative? One of my 8-0 leaders survived escaping the northern building via Sewer Movement and ended up lost. Eventually he got his bearings back and ended up destroying a wounded enemy leader in CC, only to find himself next to a Goliath that pinned him and then saw him dispatched in the next CC Phase.
Great fun!
von Garvin
French Toast and Bacon Paul Legg
Fat Sparrows Atop Skyline DriveWent to the last turn. Good flamer shot breaks the last US hold out... Boogaboo
Bread Factory #2 rangercote
Sticks And Stones Danno
Sticks And StonesMy Nationalists made good progress up the hill and into the trench. I got hung up in Melee with a single 4-3-7 because I can't roll less than an 8. This would contribute to my loss. I managed to surround the fortified location after securing all the trenches. But Dan had a concealed 4-3-7 that managed to move into the fortified location. Dan had destroyed both tanks and was rolling 2's, 3's, and 4's a plenty which sapped the strength of my final attack. I couldn't break or pin the 4-3-7 and lost the game. Dan's dice were hot and kept his defense intact for the win. Good scenario. grumblejones
Autumn ApproachPretty drawn back defence from the germans which seems to work very well in the beginning despite massive british smoking. Knocked out the challenger AFV early and got into good position with the TD. Then all german guns broke. As usual when there is one Gun, the first shot was boxcars and the british tanks could go around the left flank. All PF attempts failed or missed. Then the brits hit hard rolling low for a whole turn and broke the last remnants of german defence. Horrible feeling. Felt I had a good defence and tactics but this time I got a bit diced. DrDryg
Island RetreatThe Americans advanced in force through the ditch, but took heavy losses as soon as they ventured out of the ditch. The southern attack fared little better, running smack into the German mine field. Had the Americans used smoke and coordinated the attacks, the outcome would not have been so decisive. Heloanjin
The Revenge of the GreysLearning AFVs on the british side. Pretty good advance in the first turn but the the infantry got a bit halted in the central woods by pinning. The british Shermans went the left side to take care of the mortar in the woods and to encircle the german infantry in the buildings. Good plan until the StuG unhipped from the right side and advanced towards the first british AFV which failed to kill it. Next turn it was destroyed by a critical hit. By that time the second AFV was also in LOS and another hit turned the second Sherman into a blaze. Since it was AFV practice, we ended the game in order to restart. DrDryg
Priority TargetReally tough game for the Allies, at least in our experience. Allies centered around building P7 and Bofars had terrible luck against a slow but steady German infiltration through wheatfield BB3, resulting in a captured gun and one breaking on it's second fire. Allies resigned. SeattleGaming
"Hunt The Hun"Interesting scenario but seems difficult for the British. The German set the wires on a SW/NE line to cut the Victory Area in two. Most of the units were on the south area. Bad rolls on the British rallies helped the outcome of the scenario. The mortar run out of smoke quickly and limited the ability to move of the British. Maurizio.Grassi
Long Day of Confusion Danno
Long Day of ConfusionFirst game of the year against my good friend Dan. Came down to the last CC which the Germans needed to win an ongoing Melee, which they did. The Brits got lots of SMOKE but their Turn 2 force fell apart coming into the village, but a late hero creation for the Brits turned the tables on the Germans. dmareske
Bogged DownGreat game! US steamrolled the German right flank but were unable to secure one last building on the German left. Three heroes generated during the battle and three squads went berserk! Lots of mayhem! 502Bull
Brazil's HereMy strategy was basically to ignore the bridge and try to force a passage across the stream on the western flank through the S10 bottleneck. Critical hit by one of the light mortars in the German prep fire phase of turn one followed by a yahtzee on random selection eliminated the artillery observer and a squad in X4. There was a single german squad in T10 which fell back to S10 and survived numerous shots and managed to immobilize a Sherman in its hex and completely stymied my assault through turn 2. I was finally able to break and reduce the squad in my turn 3 prep but wasn't able to move out of T10, The same mortar, which had repositioned to P8 then hit T10 with a second critical hit. This time random selection was immaterial as he rolled snakes on the effects diceroll to kill another squad and the 9-1. Having lost two and a half squads and two leaders and with the German defence almost entirely intact I conceded. Rich Weiley
Final Victory Danno
Final VictoryDan's Partisans were not able to emerge from the sewers and suffered horrendous losses during defensive fire. The first attempt to enter the cellars resulted in the losses of 6 squads, the 8-0 and 8-1 along with 2 x DC's, an LMG and a Flamethrower. On Turn 2 a final attempt would be successful, but then all 3 x squads were lost in hand to hand combat. With that final loss, the Partisans were out of gas and Dan gave the concession at the end of 2 Turns. It's critical for the sewer emergence die rolls to be successful, otherwise, things can go south very quickly for the Partisans. grumblejones
Edge of ExtinctionIlluminating Rounds pbem tournament 2021. I set up with a tiger hulldown on the hill in the middle of the town, the other in the orchards to the north and a dummy tank in the orchards to the south. The infantry were then in a dispersed ring shield. Rob split his attack with 2 tanks, both halftracks and jeep coming in the northwest edge and the remainder in the south. The northern tiger fell in the first turn. My infantry were able to keep his agressive squads at bay and were able to take out 2 tanks, a halftrack and jeep, one tank was recalled following a sniper attack and the other halftrack also recalled after permently malf'ing his MA. The fourth tank fell to my tiger during his dance to escape the surrounding chaffees. With only a single tank, good order halfsquad and leader Rob conceded in the German 4th turn DFPh. Paul Legg
No Monumental AcclaimA great infantry-only scenario. It came down to the Advance Phase of the last turn. The Americans basically pushed through the center, with the idea of keeping as much firepower together. The 9-2 in a kill stack, and two leaders behind them rallying. The two street crossings were literally murder. But the Germans don't break and rally as much as just disintegrate with their ERL of 2. You have to wear them down, rather than expecting any breakthroughs or flanking. robertdelwood
Dreil TeamGood first turn of the brits, advancing all over the line. Then they started braking and their shooting went bad. The southern front more or less collapsed because of a few lucky germans shots which first broke and then reduced a whole stack of brits in the building near the bridge. The Panther was initially placed in the south part, by the bridge. The PIATs advancing in the south also got a beating. At turn 4 the only potential threat was the eastern front where quite a few brits along with the 9-2 leader advanced. Well placed resid around the bridge halted the advance and then the Panther could be brought up, stopping the whole british advance. On turn 6 there was no real chance to get VPs for the brits and still no real casualties for the germans. DrDryg
Go Big or Go HomeAs the French, my plan was to run away as fast as I could.
Jerry was unable to interdict my retreat, and I had too many
GO units on the other side of the stream.

The German balance is an extra DC. Perhaps they need an
extra HS?

If you have two people of unequal experience, give the newer
player the French.
Indy Lagu
ANZAC BoysGermans quickly established control of the village. My ANZACS struggled to get into position from the east. My northern group entered and banzai charged to take a building for 6 total taken by the ANZACS before I conceded on Turn 5. Tough game for the ANZACS in my opinion. grumblejones

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Out of the Bunker 146.32
G.I.'s Dozen 136.31
Schwerpunkt #19 126.31
ASL 14 - Hakkaa Päälle! 176.31
HSASL 1 - Operation Watchtower 176.30
Franc-Tireur #12 126.30
Dezign Pak 7 126.29
Tropic Thunder! 126.28
Rally Point # 8 106.28
ASL Action Pack #12 Oktoberfest XXX 106.26
Rally Point # 9 106.25
Schwerpunkt #21 126.25
Berlin: Red Vengeance 116.24
Schwerpunkt #15 126.23
Dezign Pak 8 106.22
Dezign Pak 2 126.21
Schwerpunkt #12 126.21
ASL Action Pack # 7 106.20
From The Cellar Pack #6 106.20
ASL 4 - Partisan! 86.19
ASL 2 - Paratrooper (2nd Edition) 86.18
High Ground! 86.18
Tactiques # 6 86.18
Dezign Pak 4 156.16
Schwerpunkt #18 126.16
Rivers to the Reich 156.16
HASL 10b - Red October 116.16
From The Cellar Pack #7 106.15
Franc-Tireur #13 176.15
Rally Point #16 106.15
Onslaught To Orsha 2 326.15
Out of the Attic 166.14
Franc-Tireur #7 116.14
Franc-Tireur #8 106.14
Paddington Bears '97 Pack 86.13
Critical Hit # 3 186.08
Schwerpunkt # 5: Medal of Honor 126.08
ASL 11 - Doomed Battalions (2nd Edition) 86.05
HASL 6 - A Bridge Too Far 126.01
SASL 1 - Solitaire ASL (2nd Edition) 216.00
Leibstandarte Pack 4 - Turning of the Tide! 86.00
Tactiques # 2 106.00
Rally Point # 6 106.00
Objective: Schmidt 176.00
ASL 8 - Code of Bushido 85.97
March Madness `97 Pack 125.97
ASL 15 - Forgotten War 165.97
ASL 6 - The Last Hurrah (2nd Edition) 85.96
Internet: MMP 65.96
Hero PAX 2: Eastern Front Hero Fest 85.96
Into The Rubble 2 125.96
Deluxe Pack #1 125.95
Schwerpunkt # 3 125.94
Waffen-SS I: No Quarter No Glory! 65.93
Backblast # 2 85.91
Recon by Fire! #1 85.90
HASL 3 - Kampfgruppe Peiper II 85.84
The Canadians In Italy 2: The Spaghetti League 125.82
Blitzkrieg in the West - Northern Campaign 65.82
Schwerpunkt # 1 125.81
Schwerpunkt # 2 125.81
HASL 5 - Blood Reef: Tarawa 105.78
Wacht Am Rhein 165.76
Dezign Pak 3 155.74
Southern Cross Scenario Pack `96 65.68
DASL 2 - Hedgerow Hell 85.67
ASLOK 2005 - 20th Anniversary Scenario Pack 105.64
Melee Pack I 65.62
Hell's Highway 65.59
ASL For Fun 315.59
All American I: Kellam's Bridge 105.52
The Long March 175.49
Panzer Aces 65.43
Leibstandarte Pack 3 - Clash at Kharkov! 85.40
Firefights! 65.23

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J 35 Siam SambalYang Dang Khum, Cambodia1941
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