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Kock StrongI almost got there with a hard push up the centre - but failed at the last to get to VC buildings macrobosanta
Gift of TimeThe Allied AFV quickly turned into burning wrecks from long range panzer attacks. The AT fought bravely until German OBA Smoked the Gun. Jason pushed it to get a clear shot but the crew broke from Defensive Fire. This allowed the Germans/Italians to exit enough VP to win. etopp
Ejected From EloiMy French suffered some early setbacks as the German 37L AT Gun performed some miracles by blasting my infantry and destroying a tank and immobilizing another before it went down. I would break multiple weapons as I struggled to push Dan out of the village. Then the dice gods smiled on me and I was able to win the game in the final close combat. grumblejones
Shklov's Labors LostWind started on turn two, which helped the Germans some by making drifting smoke. They were on the way to winning when the German sniper eliminated the Russian 10-3 to seal the deal. mtrodgers99
Ejected From Eloi Danno
The Dead of WinterThe Russian launched their assault with the T34s riding in the open snow and infantry slowly progressing through woods and buildings. The deep snow caused one of the T34 to bog and the hidden AT gun destroyed another Tank on a lucky TK roll. The infantry progression was better eliminating the German that tried to retreat and forcing the others to surrender. The defender only has his AT gun and the dug-in panzer left. The AT gun shot a critical hit that immobilized the still mobile T34. And the bogged T34 mired and freed itself too late to exit the area. Most of the Russia infantry exit through the victorious area but with lacking EVP. The Germans win helped by the extreme winter conditions and lucky shots from the AT gun.
A scenario that relies too much on DR results imho. Moreover, the feel of the scenario is that extreme winter is a serious advantage for the defender regarding exit victory conditions whereas we could expect in 1941 more a disadvantage to the Germans wich still have a very high ELR of 4. So a bad feeling with the design of this scenario.
Down the Manipur Road jwert02
Joseph 351The partisan units made a rush to try to help the oncoming americans and free French who did a strong rush on the eastern flank. The partisans took heavy fire and were almost annihilated which of course made the german option to retreat in accordance with SSR2 very appealing. The germans managed to get some accurate MG fire on the americans killing a few squads in total and the americans stalled when they got up the hill. A massive firefight leaving heaps of units on both sides broken but the americans didn´t manage to control enough hexes on the hill and then the germans could swiftly run away and evacuate. DrDryg
Joseph 351My opponent wrote this: "The partisan units made a rush to try to help the oncoming americans and free French who did a strong rush on the eastern flank. The partisans took heavy fire and were almost annihilated which of course made the german option to retreat in accordance with SSR2 very appealing. The germans managed to get some accurate MG fire on the americans killing a few squads in total and the americans stalled when they got up the hill. A massive firefight leaving heaps of units on both sides broken but the americans didn´t manage to control enough hexes on the hill and then the germans could swiftly run away and evacuate. " (I'm lazy :) PezBailarin
Midnight Massacre Danno
Midnight MassacreRough game on the Americans. My German flame halftracks would both MALF after only 1 shot and then be recalled. MALF's...seriously get old in ASL. But my grenadiers managed to break the Americans and sweep them off the hill for the win. grumblejones
Jungle FightersBrits performed a great withdrawal. My one Banzai ended with the loss of the leader (but killed the target squad - one of only three British squads eliminated for the game). I would like to blame the dice (Turn 3 I lost 1 squad to KIA, 1 to a K/1 from 2 residual, 2! CR/ELR from 1MC) but I think my tactics were more to blame - I got no benefit from the smoke I used or Banzai charges and could not get behind or even catch the retreating poms. The Jap sniper refused to activate despite several chances. The Aussie sniper fired twice but missed the 9-1 to reduce his MMG crew and a mortar squad instead. By the end of British turn 5, they had 24 VP poised to exit. I had only 34 VP left on the board (including 2 broken HS out of range) and no one in position to inflict further casualties. Still a fun game. Pte Parts
The Prize RJenulis
Strayer's StraysThe Americans pushed through the grain field on their right. Only one real German 236 was in there. Many reached the first woods on the first turn. mtrodgers99
Strayer's StraysI used the dummies to be the level two overwatch. I spread the rest to cover most open ground hexes. I deployed two 447 squads. I defended the grain field on the American right with extra units. The Americans attacked their and suffered a few breaks. Germans broke as well, but some routed back to a leader in the woods. Overall, the American losses and delay were too much to overcome. mtrodgers99
Ejected From EloiThe French attacked from the North with the support of Somua tanks. They quickly entered the town and eliminated a few defenders. But as the 3 French tanks progressed in the city, a hidden AT gun shot several shells at very short range maintaining ROF and destroyed two of them. The last Somua tried to overrun the gun without success and was finally silented by it. The French infantry without tank support anymore, progressed in Eloi but slowly as the Germans tactically withdrew in order with efficiency. At the end of the game, the German still held half of the town. A clear German victory. lt_steiner
Bread Factory #2At the start of turn 2 the Germans seemed further away from the victory buildings than at the start. However by the end of Turn 4 both victory buildings were under German control and the Russians were unable to take them back. The "crazy" 9-1 leader went berserk on Turn 3 and took two squads with him. Fortunately Paul read the scenario special rules (SSR) carefully as I had initially thought that they would all Battle Harden as there were no known enemy units in their LOS - the SSR make it clear that if there are no known enemy units in LOS then they should instead charge for the nearest Russian occupied location that is not in LOS. The berserk stack suffered a 2KIA result (which killed the leader and one squad, and "half squadded" the second), however the surviving berserk half squad went on an impressive rampage killing 2 squads and a 9-1 leader (through failure to rout) before succumbing. Note also that the railroads are embanked (see O2.1) I had initially thought they were ground level.
However the logfile (attached) revealed the secret to German success ... from turn 3 onwards the rolling average IFT DR for the Russians was just over 8 and for the Germans it was just under 7. So to win just make sure you roll low (VASL Log)
Raiders Along the Wall MoriQuessir
Pomeranian Tigers Danno
Pomeranian TigersI stunk it up pretty bad in this game. MALF'd a King Tiger and watched the IS-2's blow him to pcs. My infantry just couldn't get there. Tough game for me mentally. MALF'd machine guns and an 88LL remind me why I dislike this game sometimes. grumblejones
Bread Factory #2A fun little scenario. My russians held well for two turns but on turn three my sniper dried up mainly because Peter stopped rolling 5s and started rolling 4s, the German 9-1 went berserk, by SSR, taking a squad and halfsquad with him, all had been broken at the time. In the charge a halfsquad made it into G43 causing the defending squad to break, encirling the squad w mmg and 9-1 leader above to be encircled they subsequently broke and died for FTR, meanwhile the Germans successfully assaulted and captured F42 after a couple of rounds of cc. My remaining forces were unable to get back into to the G43 building and we called it in the German turn 6 PFPh. Paul Legg
The CloserTried to push everyone along the West edge. Got bottled up and had to do the end game gauntlet run. Lost the Puma and a PzIV to LOSs that I didn't pick up. wwillow
The Old TownSolo Partisan win. Certainly dicey but quite a good scenario. Builds a narrative for sure! Could be tough on the Germans if the pre game bombardment doesn't go well. TomAbromaitis
The Niscemi-Biscari HighwayGermans came in on their left. Lost the AC on turn one. They took no buildings. mtrodgers99
Commando SchenkeRussians did not break for the first half of the game which delayed the Germans too much. mtrodgers99
Ambush!Looks horrible for the Bulgarians who have to cross a lot of open ground. This made them advance a bit too slow and by turn 5 they were suddenly in a great hurry. A quick rush over the fields did of course yield some casualties but a surprising amount of men got close to the objective area, not many enough though. Partisan win. DrDryg
Over Open SightsI had hot dice all game. Gun were destroyed as reinforcements were arriving. TomAbromaitis
The Last Roadblock manzoliandrea72
Aachen's PallSPA did not get any WP, but Americans win in three turns. mtrodgers99
Schloss HemingsteinThe SS hunkered down in the victory building and survived a heavy barrage from the tank destroyers. My opponent suffered heavy leader casualties which left him with no leaders by about turn 5. His final push for the victory building collapsed in the face of the flamethrower and a timely snakes on a 4 -1 advancing fire shot that eliminated a hero and one of the few remaining good order US squads. Rich Weiley
TotensonntagSolo German win. A routing, MG wielding German squad HOB'd and made a hero and held up a whole flank. TomAbromaitis
Piano Lupo Danno
Piano Lupo grumblejones
The Vital HoursTough to say...our playing wasn't close at all. Rob claims he diced me to death. There
may be something to it...I lost almost half my force, and I wasn't giving Rob any -2 shots.
To be fair, I did lose two squad equivalents to 12 MC/Rally rolls. I would certainly give
this another shot.
Indy Lagu
Plum Pudding HillI played and lost as the British/American. Although my forces suffered the loss of only 1 (!) half squad, I was unable to clear the last of the North Koreans from the last 2 trench hexes during the final 1/2 turn. This was my first FTF game since before the pandemic, and I enjoyed the scenario greatly. I felt that this was one of the best balanced historical scenarios I've ever played. The British, if well played, would surely win if there was 1 more game turn. The length of the scenario as it is seems appropriate for balance. Yuri0352
Bad Moon RisingMy first playing of a larger Night scenario, struggled to strip Russian Cloaking / Concealment and hence lose those No Move counters. However Russian movement cautious and just ran out of time to capture the final building. Good fun we played on VASL way too much to remember (NVR, Starshells, Illuminated Locations etc.) for face to face play Simonstan
Best Think Again ChuckD
A Wave Breaking with the Tide ChuckD
L'Abbaye BlancheFun scenario. My hidden Yanks scored enough CVP that he ran short on enough units to exit. sushidog
Early BattlesThe Germans made great progress early on aggressively pushing his armor through the weak Russian defense. However, the Germans failed to consider the threat of the Russian ATRs, losing two AFVs by mid-game to them. The KV took out a third before being Recalled for broken MA. In Turn 5, after multiple hits with no kills, the INF Gun was finally able to destroy two more AFVs giving the Russians a hard fought win. Heloanjin
Bandengebiet Hide & SeekFun scenario. Danno
Bandengebiet Hide & SeekThe Germans swept into the village, searching the buildings and kindling fires. The Partisans had some early success killing German half-squads and quickly were up to 10 points with only the loss of a leader and squad. By Turn 3, all the Partisans had been found and the fight was on. My Partisans would exit only two squads as the German cordon closed around my survivors. At game end, the Partisans had 14 points and the Germans had 17 for the win. grumblejones
A Wave Breaking with the Tide ppalma
Regained in a DayThis was the third scenario from the pack we've played, and it was by far the best of the bunch. Things started quite poorly for me when the Germans overwhelmed my front line defenders and soon eliminated them because of my poor rout considerations. For some reason I also thought it'd be a good idea to HIP my mortar in the same orchard as my LMG crew. They were targeted next for an overrun and, while my crew survived to try their hands at some CC, they were reduced to a mere short term annoyance. Meanwhile my AT gun which was positioned to guard these men broke on it's first shot. I killed 2.5 German squads and a 7-0, but lost another squad which turned berserk. The next couple turns saw the Germans' inexorable march crush all before them, but my commissars did their best to keep my men in the fight. Turn 5 saw one of them fall, leaving my strong central position weakened, while a pesky German berserker caused havoc in the north. My radio had been fickle all day, but Turn 6 saw me blow up a gun and crew, and also knock out a StuG in CC. Meanwhile the battle in the south kicked off with immediate fireworks as my reinforcements poured on. I knew there was extremely little chance of me preventing him from taking enough real estate, and I really hadn't given much thought to hitting the seemingly unreachable CVP cap, so the bottom seemed to be my only hope. Hex PP19 was a constant battleground, changing hands like a seesaw. I had questioned Scott's apparent lightness on shoring up this part of the board, but in the end he had just the right amount of men and gun support to hold me off, his expertly positioned INF gun almost singlehandedly keeping me at bay. It would come down to the very last turn, and I would somehow snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. My last attempt to grab P19 was foiled, being tied up in melee with him in control, but in the center of the board I would get my revenge. A captured HS and commissar would revolt, killing their guards to rearm. This wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact they were next to an abandoned immobilized StuG, which they were able to capture in the last CC phase to push the Germans over the CVP cap. What a game! buser333
Regained in a Day sherersc
Hill 311Great scenario, if they're all like this then the Green hell pack will be well worth the money. Our game was really close; the French attacked along the length of the ridge, and took losses but just kept on coming.Main problem for the Germans is that the French tanks are virtually unstoppable. I managed to immobilise two of them with close-range AT Gun shots, before both my gun crews were overwhelmed, and eventually got a third with a snakeyes in CC. But by then it was too late, because another tank had got round the back of the woods on level 3, and my defenders had nowhere to fall back to. French achieved their victory conditions - just - on their sixth turn. Andy_Bagley
Trap by MishapVery tight scenario. The Russians pushed through on the left flank opening up a path through the woods. In the end, the Swedish leader and three Swedish squads that were huddling in the lumberyard in 19J6, were with HE. The leader battle hardens to a 9-2 and a hero is created. They averted a VBM lockdown by burning a Russian tank with PF and saved the day by breaking the last Russian squad needed for exit on the last turn. atomic
Trap by Mishap jacelm
The PrizeOur second try at this one...lots of learning with the tricky LOS. The Brits were able to take out all the SS armored cars and neutralize the Euling Division. The 3 in MTR never ran out of SMOKE and eventually the Brits got enough squads on the bridge to overwhelm the defenders. dmareske
L'Abbaye BlancheThe Germans lost too many squads to effective fire from a mmg and a gun. Conceded by turn 4. The Germans probably pressed on a little too hard. atomic
Visions of GrandeurWhat could be an interesting scenario is slightly marred by some tough victory conditions that should probably be lowered. Perhaps only requiring 2 out of 3 would be better? In any case, enjoyable if one wants some 1920s action with a simpler map. Jobbo_Fett
Few and Far BetweenGano en el último turno, por los pelos, gracias a que elimino al alemán en dos melees. Una partida muy igualada e interesante, donde los dos estabamos seguros de que no teníamos ninguna posibilidad de ganar :) PezBailarin
The Pouppeville Exit von Garvin
Gallant MogilevMy attack was pretty clumsy and not well thought out. Lost the infantry gun on entry to a foreseeable MMG shot and got no use out of the observer who entering east of the river failed to get a fire mission down until he was eventually dispatched by the Sniper around turn 6. In retrospect would have been better off entering both these assets on the west side of the river where they would have had good LOS's to the Soviet defences around the bridge. My main attack remained hung-up in the Soviet fortifications within about six hexes of the board edge for the first 5 turns, my opponent being happy to put forward a wall of bodies to deny me forward momentum. It was only about turn 6 that I managed to extricate myself from the wire and mines and thin out the defenders enough to generate any real forward momentum. I conceded in turn 7 when it was pretty obvious that I could not break through to the bridge. Rich Weiley
Rather Uncoordinated igycrctl
Twisted KnickersPlayed as a single scenario so Force composition was randomly drawn. Both sides received FB/Stukas with bombs. Stukas arrived first and took out a moving Grant with MG (fortunately during a predesignated bomb run so the bomb was wasted). The other bomb was a near miss that had no effect on the tank. My FBs did not arrive until the last turn, missed a halftrack with both bombs but shot down 1 Stuka with dog fighting. The halftrack was the decider with Germans winning 48 to 44 VP. I also had one Crusader recalled with disabled MA which could have given me the win if he was still on board. Pte Parts
The Volga is Reached!The Germans made excellent use of smoke to advance across the open ground. However, an MMC with FT and SMC were caught by an unexpected LOS from the Russian 76mm Gun which achieved a 2KIA. The Germans returned the favor by catching a Russian MMC with MG and Commissar in the open with a Stuka attack. Falling behind, the Germans made a critical error advancing into CC. This left a MMC with HMG and a -1 SMC locked in Melee for two turns. Without those forces, the remaining Germans could not muster enough force to push through the final line of defense. In addition, 3 failed rally attempts left the German left flank wide open for the Russian reinforcements. This was a decisive win for the Russians. Heloanjin
Dreil TeamMF FtF wwillow
North BankMF FtF wwillow
Skiing in LaplandDan elected to hit me on Board 19. I had my Finns defending right on the west edge. The Russians entered under intense fire and three squads were lost and by Turn 3, it was over and a Finnish win. West edge defense was the key. grumblejones
Skiing in Lapland Danno
Best Think Again ChuckD
Devil's HillAmericans had an effective assault slowly and surely eliminating the German defense. The Americans were able to get behind the hill taking out the option of a reverse slope defense. dmareske
Devil's HillA weak initial setup gave the Americans an opportunity to neutralize the German left flank on the German's first turn. With the left flank open, the Americans quickly maneuvered around and up the hill. The assault on the right flank was slower but effective. German reinforcements were able to counter attack and retake a foxhole, but the gains were short lived after a 2KIA against a German MMC and 8-1 SMC. Heloanjin
Stonewalling the Fuehrer Danno
Stonewalling the FuehrerThis is a new design from Tony D'Andrea. Dan and I gave it a playing and it really played out well. A nice, close, tight firefight with good combined arms action. My Germans struggled due to bad rolls, but slowly got into the village. The Wolverines went down a MKIV and to the Panther. Two MKIV's were recalled and another was destroyed by a bazooka. The Germans won in the very last CC. That is exactly the kind of battle you hope for. Highly recommend this scennario. grumblejones
Hickory Lickin'VASL's a funny game. My previous game was a scenario in which my 8-morale Russians couldn't pass any NMCs and fell like ninepins. Here though, my 6-morale Americans proved surprisingly resilient and repeatedly passed their MCs! This meant that I was able to press into the VC area early, and I was further helped by one German PzkwIV disabling its MA and the other falling to a bazooka shot. I thought I might have trouble with the final German stronghold in 46AA9, but by turn 5 I had this completely surrounded and it fell without my having to risk a CC. A fairly comfortable win for the Americans in the end, although I certainly had the better of the luck. Andy_Bagley
Tettau's AttackMF FtF wwillow
Guards AttackMF FtF wwillow
The Blood of LambsFirst recorded playing of this one from the recent HazMo pack, seems well balanced with the Germans winning in T8 of our playing and fun to play a larger scenario. The Russians weren’t able to delay the Germans quite enough on the hill / getting into the village. Also overall a few too many break / ELR / Disrupt results whereas the Germans when broke were able to Rally back and stay in the fight. Would happily play again with a tweaked setup Simonstan
The Blood of LambsThe Germans look strong in this, but the dual victory Conditions make it a close game. My opponent is too charitable to mention that I diced him with some extremely lucky rolls at key times, allowing me to neutralise his best units. Would definitely play this again. Gamer72
Sparrow ForceYet another AP16 scenario that appears to favor the defender. I had read the designer note somewhere that an upfront defense would fail, but I didn't buy into this at all and made entering for the Aussies as rough as possible. By the end of the turn there were 1.5 less squads running around and another 1.5 broken. My opponent sent part of his force straight up the gut from the north, part due east, and the other part flanking from the south. I think this is a wise plan, but I would've consolidated the bulk of my force due north, and he was perhaps a tad light in this area. The Aussies have some good leadership, and a fair share of their force is 8ML, so if they can survive the -1/-2 shots they can make hay quickly. Ultimately this scenario seems a bit too dicey, proven to the Aussie's detriment when a couple 458s and a 8-1 were encircled, broken, and eliminated for FTR on Turn 3. Had even one of these units survived it would've been difficult for me, as the southern flanking force had made exceptional progress due to me breaking both MGs over there and constant cowering. As it was their northern force was just too beat up to be a threat, and with Japanese reinforcements entering and a only a one-sided front to work with, they conceded. buser333
Rommel's RemedyTook out three vehicles in one CC phase to put the game out of reach. RJenulis
Aussie AlamoThe Aussies set up on the ridge line, and I could see no alternative strategy for the Japanese than to mass my forces for multiple banzai charges, which took place on turn 3. With better luck these might have got through, but the dice were against me and I lost two leaders killed (failed wound severity), with the result that many of my other units crumbled. Those that remained managed to take the ridge line, but Japanese casualties were far too heavy to make any further progress, so I had to concede. Is there another way for the Japanese to attack a ridge-line defence I wonder? Andy_Bagley
Overrun of the 26th ppalma
The Vital HoursFtF wwillow
Johnny 1 Danno
Johnny 1By Turn 3, my Germans were on the hill, but then the British ARTY just nailed me. So after 3 turns, with my boys getting whacked by ARTY, I gave the concession. The fire in the grain had gone full wildfire and there was smoke and flame everywhere. grumblejones
Empire's FallIn a game that took much longer than it should have (26 hrs. over two day), the Japanese were able to lock a British HS in CC on the last DR of the game for the forth point and the win. The Japanese had a hyper sniper and rained down OBA all but two turns. By contrast, the British only had one sniper and one OBA mission. The victory conditions seem designed to punish players who don't pay close attention to the VC. A couple of well timed snipers could end the game if the British don't garrison the victory areas with a little extra infantry. We played with the British balance. RJenulis
Dawn's Early LightAfter having several vehicles go up in flames on T1 during the assault of the board 11 hill, I decided to completely abandon the right flank and funnel all my AFVs over to the left flank and through the town center. This takes a long time, but minimizes exposure to the American anti-tank guns on the hill. The southern forces can just about clear Mortain by the time the first vehicles from the northern entry point reach the town, and the two forces can then combine to overwhelm the defenders covering the board 41 exits. Amselfass
Across the Border Igor Luckyanov
Born AgainMy opponent and I basically played this one twice, with the same result each time, albeit one by a much more scenic route. Our fist game didn't even last a half turn. After a sneaky HMG shot eviscerated a big stack of Canadians, my opponent failed his PMC and threw in the towel. So we hit reboot and started from scratch. This one went the distance, and was very tight. Though tight does not always equate to fun, as this is strictly a body-block scenario from the German perspective, and these are some of my least favorite types. Wire, mines, the hill, and rubble, will naturally funnel the Canadians through a small opening. Man the forts, break, fall back, replace, and recycle was a common theme. The biggest advantage the Canadians have are their tanks, If they can manage to get even one behind the German lines I think they win. In our game we had a ton of rubble. 15 hexes to be exact, and the southern route was almost completely cut off. Wire and my Panzer held down the middle, while my gun patiently stood guard in the north. Not to mention the ever-present threat of PFs and CC reaction within the narrow confines of the village. Turn 1 saw a very cautious Canadian approach, and this probably made the difference in the end since they were about a turn short. My opponent was overly concerned about mines and did a lot of searching. It didn't help that he lost his HMG for good at the end of Turn 1. I made what could have been a terrible blunder Turn 3 by allowing him a gap in my southern line that allowed his reinforcements safe entry up into the hills. Had I not been so lax I think the game would've been over far before it was. As it was, with the help of some tunnels, I was able to recover and plug the holes. I lost my HMG for good on Turn 5, but fried the Stuart as it tried to swing around up top. Had it made it it would've been curtains for me. The rest of the game was monotonously like each of the turns prior, until I was able to ring the three required buildings I needed to hold with a wall of bodies. buser333
Baptism of Fire igycrctl
Across the Border (VASL Log) LastViking
Prelude to Festung Brest TigerAce
Strayer's Strays von Garvin
Sake at SunrisePlay test. Danno
Trap by MishapVery close and exciting game. I started well as the Russians and broke through the woods line between the two ponds, though failed to completely clear the Finns from the central woods area. Thereafter things turned against me, and my 8-morale squads repeatedly failed to pass NMCs against low-odds shots. By turn 5 I had only three unbroken squads, and although these (plus an AFV) could probably have exited, it left me one squad short of VC requirements, so I had to concede. A scenario I'd play again though. Andy_Bagley
Disaster on the Dnieper LoopWhat a wild game this was. The Russian Wings landed as follow: 33CC4, 33Z5, 18F5, 48FF3, 33Q2, & 18BB3. Despite crazy drifts and many squads deploying on landing, the Russias had a pretty condensed landing and were able to launch one very large attack against the eastern crossroads, and two moderate size attacks against the western. A failed MC by the Armored Car crew left a single pinned Russian HS out of reach in a victory hex for the Russian win. A very fun VASL scenario to play. RJenulis
Use Your Tanks and ShoveThe initial American assault was stymied when one tank was lost to Heat from the German Gun. The German defense would not break significantly slowing the American advance. With reinforcements, the American used his tanks to shove his way into the village and finally make progress. But the initial delay left the Americans with little time. In the final CCPh, the Americans could only CR a German MMC leaving the Americans one building hex shy of a victory. Heloanjin
Stopped ColdTried to get together enough squads to launch a human wave in the east but withering fire from the Finns broke up my attempts. Conscripts break and stay broken. Too much open ground to cross. One Finnish half-squad remained ensconced in a hut on my flank for the entire game and managed to break any units I sent against it. My armour wasn't used to its potential and the best AFV with the flame thrower became immobilised and the crew abandoned it. Two more tankettes were lost to mines. Unable to get enough VP off board due to good play by my opponent and poor choice of attack strategy. However, that is how it played out for real. Also early war doctrine requires tanks to move first and use platoon movement. Interesting scenario. Difficult to make much of an impression on the Finns. Nicho11
The Grist MillThe NKPA's advance initially threatened to end the game early. But the Americans pulled together enough to wear the North Koreans enough to keep them from getting to the building. The Americans had trouble continually manning the .50 cal, so don't count on that if you're the defender. DatabaseDesignStar
Retaking ViervilleTeaching game. Brian played well. Got diced! TomAbromaitis
Pössl’s PosseRussians set up to attack the German left flank. An unfortunate set of pins/breaks let the Germans get chewed up too far forward, but they held long enough to let the reinforcements get into play. We were forced to call this with one turn left to go and the Russians having to gain 3 more buildings for the win against a fairly well positioned German defense. It would have definitely gone to the wire.

German players: don't fail your personal morale check early!
Village of the DamnedThe Russian won the day on the last turn. Two CC was the deciding factors. jacelm
Village of the Damned atomic
Insufficient ResolveA very nice scenario ! We were really entertained during the entire game. Initially, the German troops crossed the South half of the map unharmed. The HIP Russian troops with the commissar were wiped out and the ATR proved useless... In the second part of the game, the German were slow down and suffered slight losses. Their progression suddenly became more difficult. The last turn was epic and finally, the German player was short of 1 VP... A tremendous game until the end but resolution was barely enough to win... lechiquier94
ANZAC BoysPretty close game. The diligent use of the Banzai Charges and smoke almost game me a victory. I think it is only slightly pro German. slunts
Block Busting in Bokruisk Fiedler
Shoot-N-ScootI crushed the SS armor but was unable to hold the village once my radio broke and failed to repair. A lot of momentum swings in this affair and a lot of fun for both sides. SGT Mac

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