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Avanti GurkhasA hell of a battle.
The Germans were very effective at keeping the Gurkhas at bay and caused them some casualties. It all changed when the British HMG entered action and silented the MG nests. The Gurkhas progressed much faster capturing the key buildings one by one. When it came to the last building, they realized it was turn into a stronghold by the Germans and defended by hidden AA guns. Pushing forward and with the support of that damned HMG, the Gurkhas silented one gun and forced their way into the building. Alas routed Germans remained in control of part of the building. The victory escaped the British at the last moment. A hell of a game.
The Penetration of RostovIf one sets up the defence too near an evil shark like David, one gets eaten. DrDryg
Meuse - French Counter AttackRan off the tanks fairly easily - very tough on the Germans. Dave
Meuse - French Counter AttackCame down to the last dice roll - but the Germans rolled low enough. The French tanks dallied around a little too much and could have maybe run off a turn earlier. Dave
Simple EquationInteresting - went to the last American Turn. Not enough Germans left to stop the capture of just enough VPs. Good defense for 1st 4 turns then attrition hit Boogaboo

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Welcome to the new look and feel
Ok - finally, we're here!

There's still plenty of work to do in order to get the scenario page looking decent, but it's a start!

I've tested most of the code but there are certainly going to be minor issues as there's so much that I've not been able to thoroughly test, so if you do spot any issues, please drop me a note via the contact form.


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I've finally got around to improving the speed of the advanced search, going from 10-20 seconds to milliseconds. Enjoy!
Scenario Archive update!
Hi all,

So - it's been too long since the site's had an update, so work is beginning on a full revamp of the whole scenario archive! It's a big job and it will take me a few months, but it's something I enjoy doing and the feedback I get across the world from users and those who do so much work to keep the site updated means I know it will be worth it in the long run.

I'm not asking for anything, subscriptions, etc - there are a couple of paypal donators who make a small monthly contribution to the hosting costs and I'm grateful to those guys. If you would like to help, can I suggest taking a look at the Brave browser rewards, which reward content creators with tokens that you can receive for free. My referral link, for those who would like to benefit from this is and I'd also encourage you to look at the Brave browser, which is a streamlined browser designed to strip out adverts and tracking cookies. It's lightning quick, too. If just a couple of you sign up this will pay for a month or so of hosting and if you're not 'into' the cryto side of the internet, this is a nice introduction.

I'm targetting the end of the year for the new site's launch. I need to have a think about how we categorise scenarios that are slightly updated in new packs or reprints of the same scenario in others. If you have any ideas, drop me a note through the contact form or email and I'll take a look.

Until then - roll low!

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DBP16 Under Old BaldyChamps Elysees, French Indochina1954
LASSH 7 "Just in Time"South of Medzidli-Kenali, Yugoslavia1941
AK02 Get Going!Er Regima Pass, near Benghazi, Libya1941

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